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Paris Hilton Gets Faux-Fur Present From Mom

Written by PETA | December 24, 2008
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In the three years since Paris Hilton had a bouquet of flours (millet and plain baking) tossed at her—sorry, on her—by an animal rights activist, she’s come a long way. But, like some others who have graced PETA’s annual “Worst Dressed” list, Paris has gotten the message about the cruelty of the fur industry and now proudly proclaims her fur-free stance. For real! Even her mom is on board with the compassionate clothing thing:

“Nicky wanted me to get her this photograph. It is of a beautiful swan because she loves swans, so I got her that. And Paris, I am going to get her a very cool faux fur coat. Like a bomber jacket.”

—Kathy Hilton, discussing Paris’ faux-fur Christmas present

Bravo, Paris!

Based on these results, Lindsay Lohan’s mom can expect a fabulous faux to show up on LiLo’s wish list in the near future.

h/t ecorazzi and eonline

Written by Joel Bartlett

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  • Mark Jackson says:

    Well I have no patience with anyone wearing a skinned wild animal past 1980we should have moved onto leather and wool years ago. But when Hilton has older cows like Sharon Stone Liz Hurley and every model and ‘singer’ that does the same thing I’m not surprised. And for the silly person who said she don’t get her wearing an animal if she has dogs is like saying a child shouldn’t be starving in Ethiopia if we’re all wellfed in the West Hello Hilton has ‘designer dogs’genetically mutated inbred ‘toy’ animals to cart around like a handbag! Same difference even especially if said handbag was once a snake or a cow which it obviously was. People with money have the power to be sickso they use it! And we let them! So let’s not! D’oh!

  • Dawn says:

    Yay Paris! I know she has always loved animals and I’m so happy she was “educated” with the cruel fur trade. I’m very proud of her!! Hope she can do some work for PETA like Pam Anderson.

  • Tom says:

    Hating someone for their bad choices is much more pointless than encouraging their good choices. Even if it were some kind of publicity play we’ll ride it out and encourage the fact that it’s a good message to send. Good Choices make people good so what does not encouraging those choices make you? Plus SHE WAS IN HOUSE OF WAX. BEST MOVIE EVER.

  • bbr says:

    Fiona you must be oh so perfect. Since you hate someone you don’t even know personally. I’m sure you are able to walk around with your head held high and know that you are the most perfect person in the world. You never make mistakes. You better hope that when you do make a mistake which is never cuz you are perfect that no one will take notice. Because that would just mean you are human. Paris never claimed to be perfect. She’s human. Get over it. The only thing I don’t get isshe states how much she loves animals and has all those dogs. But she wore fur? It’s odd.

  • Jodi says:

    its great when anyone changes their views Behaviors however the world gives celebrities too much attention when they do something for the greater good and ignore the people who have committed their lives to the greater good its like the world follows celebrities and change when they do. The person who asked why Michelle Obama has more credibility then Paris my question for them is do you want the top 10 or whole list?

  • Tammy says:

    Alot of people are not educated in how fur is made. Sometimes after a person sees this horrific act they then relize just what goes on in making a fur coat and it changes their lives forever. I do not know why we would not give props to Paris if thats how she really feels now. Anyone that changes their views for the better on this issue is ok with me. The more people on board in stopping this senseless act is always better for the animals.

  • Joanne Marie Sevigny says:

    wAY TO GO gIRL!!!!!

  • Dyslogy says:

    I never thought I could possibly be proud of Paris for anything but this is a worthy effort and because of her popularity in Hollywood and abroad she could have a profound effect. I recently invested in a product and thought to myself if only Paris Hilton would endorse this I would make a fortune. I wanted to slap myself for even thinking that due to her undeserving notoriety. A couple weeks after I had that thought she endorsed it and the product made a substantial profit. So please don’t be also hesitant to applaud her actions because despite how you feel about her personally she’s a marketers dream. I have hope that she will rub off on some of these Hollywood blood sheders and prove that wearing dead animal carcasses is all a sick trend of the past.

  • roxanen says:

    Paris way to go. please speak to your frenemies on the cruelty of fur. They are skin alive. Poor innocent animals

  • Jackie Bolivee says:

    Paris Hilton… Why should we be giving her props if shes doing something she should have done long ago? I think we shouldnt. Good for her but this is outlandish.

  • Ana G. says:

    What makes Michelle Obama any more credible than Paris Hilton? I’ll take Paris’ change of heart anytime the animals aren’t choosey they just want to live in peace.

  • Antonio says:

    I used to hate Paris for some reasons but now I think she is getting it even if just for publicity is a good move. Good job Paris.and you no what I would love to see Paris in an antifur ad for PETA if she does that people may take her seriously

  • Saliana Rosenfield says:

    I used to think Paris Hilton was stupid but now I like her a LOT better! Go Paris!

  • Teri says:

    Sorry but these people are white trash born into money. If they do anything humane I believe it is for publicity. I will like it when we have a true lady stick up for a furfree wardrobe. Someone like Michelle Obama a real credible woman. Paris is just worn out her welcome with most of us.

  • John Carmody says:

    Yeah it’s good news it would be great if we could get Paris to do an antifur advert for PETA. But then again i am sure if you can do it you would of have. Fingers crossed PETA works wonders that i know!!!

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Let’s give Paris the benefit of the doubtsometimes “enemies” turn into strong allies. How about a photo shoot with Pam and Paris sigh?

  • Juliana says:


  • Fiona says:

    Wow. I was always one of the first to say that I hate Paris Hilton. However my respect for her might’ve increased. Just a little bit.