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“Paris” and “Britney” Protest Dog Breeders

Written by PETA | August 3, 2007

Britney_Spears_dog_demo.jpgYesterday in Los Angeles, Paris and Britney look-a-likes took to the streets to lead a hilarious protest against pet stores and breeders at the site of our new ABC (Animal Birth Control) billboard. Obviously, this protest was meant to be lighthearted and fun, but the issue is deadly serious for the animals involved. For every dog or cat purchased from a breeder or a pet store, another dog or cat on death row at an animal shelter must be killed. Here’s what PETA’s Director of Domestic Animal Issues had to say about it all, “Forget jail or rehab; these selfish stars should do a stint in an animal shelter, where they would witness the plight of dogs who end up there after being bought on an impulse.”


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  • hawley says:

    it doesnt’ really matter what anyone thinks or doesn’t think here. the simple fact is this while you are no literally killing an animal if you get an animal from a breeder even if they are reputable that means another pet that has to go to death. breeding is a sad manipulation anyway if you have seen the history. bulldogs used to be healthy and stealth. now they are lovely mostly sick guys who find it hard to move. sure you can do whatever you want. but i agree if you love animals you will work toward ending the cycle of cruelty. that involves making breeding and certainly having pets in stores much rarer as it will not be lucrative. people will move onto another living means that’s no excuse to keep this practice alive. we have to start to see animals in the very new way humans are finally coming around to which is not as entertainment or for show but to coexist. it seems such a simple concept. there are a lot of calm lovely animals who have been given up as well as more challenging ones. as humans with circuses and the like our history of abuse of animals is so long and rich that we DO indeed owe something back.

  • Anonymous says:

    KnowitallpsychoJess save the ignorant blathering for those who care! TO DOGLOVER Why are YOU so IGNORANT?! …and just because you call yourself “retarded” makes it okay?! NOBODY IS FORCING YOU DO TO ANYTHING! QUIT BEING SO DEFENSIVE AND REPEATING YOUR VANE THREATS TO DO WHAT YOU WANT! If PETA’s causes and objectives are so contrary to yours and you refuse to be openminded to a better way so be it. Why the hositility towards anyone who took exception to your arrogance? Are you trolling? Responding to your retarded posts seems to be a waste of time because you obviously can’t won’t don’t get IT.

  • ReturnofDoglover says:

    Relax Monique! Life shouldn’t be so serious. I frequently refer to myself as retarded when I make a mistake and Im sure if you hang around any high shcool you will hear it used as well. Im not actually retarded. Nor would I use the word to describe anyone with any kind of learning disability or special needs. However if you can’t poke fun at yourself and human frailties than life becomes awfully serious awfully fast. Mr Serious Anon guy who types in All Caps Yes I saw that. There are shelter options for me I know. But if I do not choose to exercise those options that isn’t going to make me a bad person. Why are you so angry? And yes it is “retarded” to assume that people who buy dogs from responsible breeders are “murdering” puppies in pounds somewhere and equally so to put the onus on these dogs’ fate in the hands of the adopters or the breeders instead of on the people who FILL these shelters in the first place.

  • Jess says:

    Why does it matter where people buy dogs from? PETA YOU GUYS NEED A HOBBY OTHER THAN TRYING TO MAKE EVRYONE ELSE BELIEVE WHAT YOU THINK!! NAZI’S. Absolutely ridiculous. The president of PETA is like Hitler. I wear rabbit fur and got my dog from a breeder so what are you going to do spray paint my coat I’ll just buy another so more die. You going to kill my dog? I bet you guys drive around with leather in your car.

  • Michele says:

    To “matt thinks peta is gay” if you are reading PETA’s website then why would you dare suggest that we are “shoving” veganism down your throat? You chose to be on this site. If you don’t like it don’t read it. Oh and in case you don’t know it’s called freedom of speech. Isn’t that one fairly important component of the American bill of rights? I am Canadian so if I haven’t got it right please enlighten me. Also you might want to enroll in a basic grammar class you clearly cannot string together a coherent sentence.

  • Monique says:

    Yes the word “retarded” is offensive. It is a label and I have heard people say it to and about my sister all my life. It is dehumanizing. It implies that those who are “retarded” have less value. Less worth. Less value as a living creature. Shall we start breeding humans too? I am certain by having read the posts of the person we all know that neither “1984” nor “Brave New World” are part of his lexicon. And is a perfect example according to his own argument of the word “retarded” which in his case means a deliberate choice to be ignorant backward and offensive.

  • matt thinks peta is gay says:

    i agree peopleyou peta fags are gettin on my nerves.stop shuvin vegan bullshit down our throats.the stray populatoin would overun if we didnt adopt.every thing that happens is cruel to you tards.stop bein pussies and get dirty ya fags!word up to the redneks i live wit

  • Mitur Banisderty says:

    This is BS. I know thousands of people who prefer breeders instead of kennels because the animal coul be dangerous rabid amoung other things so how is it bad for people to buy from a breeder? PETA kills 23 of the animals that “save” so kennels have a lower kill rate then that.

  • Anonymous says:

    DOGLOVER For you to persist in and justify your thinking because of your friend’s one or two experiences and your determined mindset then you might consider the many lawsuits against breeders for selling sick and troubled animals. AS I MENTIONED IN MY PREVIOUS POST REGARDING “PURE BREED RESCUE SQUADS”… THEY TAKE IN SPECIFIC PURE BREEDS EVALUATE AND ALMOST ALWAYS REHABILITATE THEM BEFORE TURNING THEM OVER TO A NEW HOME THEREFORE CHANCES ARE STRONG THEY CAN GIVE YOU EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT which in your case is NO “challenges!” re your hang up on the word murder used by PETA I believe that if one has ears to hear the message and gets it instead of scrutinizing it they wouldn’t be getting hung up on a word no matter how strong or controversial it may be. However the INFERENCE of the word “retarded” in your post was loud and clear thus offensive and your excuse for using it is naive at best.

  • Maya says:

    R Doglover thanks And just so you know it can be a bit challenging adopting from a shelter. But there are many different types of shelters and I recommend finding one where the people are kind and patient. They can help find just the right animal for any type of home.

  • Maya says:

    Charli let me enlighten you. The shelter I worked in got 11500 animals each year. The first few months I worked there I decided to be really lenient with people. We did not do home inspections anyway. 1. Adopted a nice brown tabby to a guy in a business suit. He seemed really sweet. Cat was returned 3 weeks later with a URI and completely emaciated. The guy said the cat was a “snob” because it hid under the couch. We had to destroy that cat. 2. Adopted a sweet dalmation to a girl didn’t make her bring in her dog to meet new dog as we usually required. Adopter forced new dog into the face of dominant dog. New dog attacked dominant dog and was brought back to shelter. Had to be quarantined and destroyed. 3. Woman adopted stray and said she really wanted her own vet to spay the cat. We let her. Cat returned with URI and pregnant. Adopter said the cat kept breeding with other cats she didn’t want it anymore. Do you want me to keep going? Shame on you for saying the shelter staff are to blame. They didn’t drop off those animals at the shelter. They’re just trying to find them homes. Our worst nightmare was adopting a nice animal to someone only to have it neglected or abused. It haunts me forever to think of those animals that we gave to bad homes. Yes you may be a good adopter. But do you think we’re psychic? How are we supposed to know if someone will care for the animal and what do you have to hide?

  • ReturnofDoglover says:

    Maya Thanks for your post. I really dont think I used any such profanity in my post. The harshest I got was “retarded” which seems to have struck a nerve for some reason. Id like to commend you for this “I was one of the people who killed these healthy animals every day. We simply beg you and others please please consider helping us. That’s all. Anyone who calls well intentioned people murderers is just being over the top. Ignore them.” Which is the most reasonable thing anyone has posted yet. And of course 100 correct. I would consider adopting a shelter dog once Im confident Id be a good place for them to go and not just a temporary stop and off to a new shelter elsewhere. However if I choose not to I don’t think that makes me a bad person. I think that adopting a shelter dog makes you a great person. But its like helping with charities. If you dont contribute to the united way that doesnt mean that you are bad. Its an empowering thing helping the unfortunate and it should always be looked at in that light. Never as a “do this or else”. Thanks again Maya.

  • Charli says:

    First I must say that Paris and her friend are not even close to being on my favorite person list however I see absolutely nothing wrong with purchasing animals from pet stores or breeders and this is why I have several times tried to purchase pets from rescue organizations their standards are so high that virtually NO ONE is good enough for them to trust an animal to. They want to know where you work how long you’ve worked there how many hours you work how many hours the pet will be home along some will even ask income information if you have other pets their ages their immunnization records your vets info and some even do inhome inspections and if you don’t shine in every single one of these areasthey shut you down. It is THEIR FAULT that so many rescue animals die. They set the requirements bar so high that no real human being telling the truth can qualify. I am a retired house wife who is at home all day everyday with my pets people tease me because I spoil them so much. I recently lost a catit died whom I had for over 21 years and my previous cat lived to be 17 yrs so I evidently must have been doing something right yet these people who are on their high horse look for or create reasons to deny their animals good decent homes. Again it is THEIR FAULT these animals face death because they are so unyeilding with such impossible restrictions.So yes! I did end up buying two of my next pets one from a breeder one from the pet store and I did manage to get a third one by jumping through enough hoops and lots of begging to the dog shelter to grant me a chow that was past due to get euthanized. I tried very hard to do the right thing and was interrogated like a criminal then rejected and told I wasn’t good enouugh because of it so yes! I did take other avenues to get my pets. What was I supposed to do? Just go without? Would my going without have done any good to any animal anywhere? I purchased from a breeder and a pet store because I was backed into a corner and given no choice. If anything at all needs to be done the countless restrictions these rescue shelters submit us to should be eliminated. Some inquires are understadable but theirs go beyond that they are rediculous! A lot of rescue animals have problems that would cause most to feel they are not “prestine” pets to begin with so when you get someone who’s willing to overlook that fact and unconditionally accept the pet anyway they’re going to be punished for it? Rescue shelters should be held accountable for every animal who is euthanized because of their holier than thou attitude and denying so many helpless pets the loving homes that so many decent and loving people have not been allowed the chance to provide.

  • Anonymous says:

    ANA MARIA On behalf of all strays thank you thank you thank YOU!!! MELANIE Hallelujah!!! JOE BLOW You’re obviously trolling AND wasting your time. PETA is immune to crackedpots! But while you’re here why don’t you learn something?!

  • Maya says:

    Hi return of Doglover. Listen first of all a few mistakes here and there is nothing. It’s the comments that say “U R Fing idiot U murons duuuh” that are so dumb and offensive. Not simple spelling errors. In vet tech school we had a vet speak about breeding. She said that good breeders try to improve the health and temperament of the breed. That was the first time I as an animal caregiver understood the logic of breeding. Of course I want breeds that are gentle and well behaved. That’s totally understandable. There is nothing inheirently wrong with breeding animals in a responsible way. But if everyone used the logic you do in choosing a pet there’s more shelter lives down the drain. If everyone had high standards like you not a single one of the billions of unwanted shelter animals would get adopted. They’d all be destroyed. I was one of the people who killed these healthy animals every day. We simply beg you and others please please consider helping us. That’s all. Anyone who calls well intentioned people murderers is just being over the top. Ignore them. Pet stores horrible. They don’t even call vets to see if the new owner took care of their previous pets. Pet stores sell reptiles and marine animals with bogus information. I’ve seen hermit crabs who live 27 years die after just a few weeks when sold by a pet store. Reptiles end up dying after just a few months when sold in pet stores. This is abuse. No animal should be given to a human being without a screening process. When money rules so does neglect.

  • ReturnofDoglover says:

    Ok lot of comments to respond to Im paraphrasing so bear with me. 1 Yes my online typing skills arent amazing. However Ive seen worse here. But if you want to pick at my grammar or lack therof go ahead . 2 A good responsible breeder asks you a barrage of questions. They have long waiting lists because they only breed when the dogs are ready and not before. They take time and effort to early train dogs and ensure that the owners are going to be responsible. Some even do background checks. Im not sure where the concept of breeders churning out puppies came from. While I am sure they exist thats not what I would call “responsible”. Anyone who buys from a responsible breeder is ensuring they get a good well adjusted dog as a pet. Many breeders make you sign a form when you buy from them saying that if you dont want the dog you have to return it to them not to a shelter. 3 Whats wrong with these breeders making money? How else are they supposed to stay in buisness? Breeding dogs is a full time job. How are you supposed to pay your bills? They do a great service to us prospective owners by giving us excellent quality dogs while making sure we as owners are up to the task of dog ownership with all the joy and work it requires. 4 The over angry guy on the internet who wrote “So if you choose NOT to adopt a rescue because you don’t want that “challenge” that’s your problem and God forbid any pet of yours that doesn’t measure up to perfection! You may be entitled to your opinion but listen up!! NO pet should be loved so conditionally! ” You completely misunderstand. I have a longtime friend who worked at a breeding group handling dogs all day. He got a rescue dog….I dont think Id be able to handle it. The dog was willfull slightly spooked and had attitude issues which he was able to control and train out over time. Im nowhere near as pro as him. I just want to make sure the dog I get is a good fit for me. I honestly dont care if its a mutt or not. I dont intend on showing dogs the only dogs I want to have are for companionship. What I am taking issue with is how PETA is equating anyone who doesnt get their pet from a shelter to being a “murderer” or what not. When in fact many people go to breeders to make sure they have a disease free happy healthy not abused dog to have a life with instead of one with a questionable background. Now these questionable background dogs need love too of course. And by questionable I dont mean “their pedigree” im talking about how they were treated. However if someone wants to have a new dog without any of the baggage they are not “murdering” any dogs at all any more than a human child is “murdering” a child in a shelter somewhere in Africa. 5 The use of the word “retarded” is common vernacular and Im suprised it would be offensive. Its just a word and its not even vulgar. Thats all for now.

  • BullyDawg says:

    Melanie thank you! I know you bought your dog from a pet store but getting them shut down? Brava! For all of you who want to “rescue” puppies from pet stores by buying them what you SHOULD do is get the authorities involved the press your friends any and everyone! Get them shut down or at the very least get them to stop selling ALL animals and simply be pet SUPPLY stores! No need to sell fish gerbils etc. when you’re selling Kitty Condos for $250 a pop!

  • J D Power says:

    They dont even look like brit or paris!

  • Michele says:

    MIA the only time PETA staffers ever “kill” any animals is when the animals they have located are so horribly sick or injured that the only HUMANE thing to do is to EUTHANIZE them. The same can be said for the Humane Society and The Farm Sanctuary. And you may have the “right” to buy an animal from a breeder but if you really want to help animals then you have the “responsibility” to rescue an animal from a reputable shelter.

  • rigbit says:

    And let’s not forget to mention what happens to the poor puppy that isn’t up to the “standards” set for the breed… killed to protect the integrity. I’ll take a mutt any day dog or cat!

  • Jeff says:

    All these issues are just another pitiful example of the human race exploiting other living beings for their own selfish interests. It needs to stop and PETA does a great job of staying on top of these issues and bringing it to the attention of those of us who care. In any event I just wanted to add that although it is preferable to obtain an animal from a shelter I do feel that there are ethical breeders out there who are not as concerned about making a profit as they are about promoting a breed that they love and finding a quality home for them and that includes a thorough background check and an agreement to take the animal back at any timeage if it “does not work out”. I have three Bullmastifs from one such breeder that also has an animal rescue facility that she funds entirely on her own. By the way two of my dogs are what could be called “special needs” dogs that an otherwise profit conscious breeder may have elected to put down instead of saving them and finding a loving home for them. My point is there are a few compassionate ethical breeders out there that should be considered and sought out rather than a pet shop or one of the far to common unqualified unethical back yard animal farms!

  • Melanie says:

    My husband and I are very blessed to have two doggy companionsone from a pet store and one from a shelter. I love both of my girls equally! I would never buy another dog from a pet store again however I do feel like Lina my pet store baby was liberated from slavery thanks to me. Furthermore I worked very hard to have that pet store closed down and I was successful. I just hope that we can all remember to love ALL animals regardless of their origin. Thanks for loving!

  • Anonymous says:

    Doglover YOU NEED TO CHANGE YOUR NAME! Your feeble attempt to intellectually justify your hardline selfserving pompous argument and outrageous use of the word “retarded” is disturbing at best AND overrides the one good point you did have regarding more stringent laws andor requirements to get a dog! For the record nobody is making you do anything… but I don’t know any dogLOVER who has more inane reasonings than you and who are as adamant as YOU about BUYING the “perfect” dog when there are so many out there that are perfect and in need of a loving home! You’re obviously unaware that most pure breed rescue squads spend alot of time energy and money to rehabilitate their rescues and do a thorough research on potential owners unlike the pounds that usually don’t have the time or resources to do the same. But there are wonderful dogs in them as well that are not a socalled “challenge!” I KNOW. And since when is a little TLC which for the most part is all most rescues really need so challenging?!! Duuuh! Your assessment of PETA encouraging the public to rescue and not buy as a “guilt trip” and your arrogant remark about it not being your problem to run in and save a dog who needs saving is really NOT typical of a TRUE doglover! So if you choose NOT to adopt a rescue because you don’t want that “challenge” that’s your problem and God forbid any pet of yours that doesn’t measure up to perfection! You may be entitled to your opinion but listen up!! NO pet should be loved so conditionally! Too many dogs and cats end up in the pound because of socalled doglovers like YOU!

  • Ana Maria says:

    I must admit I was one of those people that I bought a dog from a pet store 2 years ago. I was so ignorant about suffering and the fact that I could have saved a life by adopting a dog from a shelter!!. I do love my dog and because of it I have learned to respect other animals. I thank PETA because now I understand how important is caring about animals… I learnt my lesson I have spayed my dog and adopted other two very nice and wonderful dogs from a shelter while helping finding homes to others from the street. I am doing my best to tell as much people I can In Chile what I have learnt from all of you PETA friends. MUCHAS MUCHAS GRACIAS!!!!!

  • Monique says:

    After having read all these comments I am a bit disturbed by the attitude that some people show toward others. “Retarded” certainly offends me although I don’t think that Doglover meant to offend anyone. Many people use that word and are completely ignorant of how hurtful it is. If we all had siblings who were challenged we would certainly be more mindful of the use of that word. I have a fifteen year old purebred Golden Retrieverinherited Mom’s dog and she passed away. HE was purchased from a reputable breeder but still has the health issues common to purebreds. He has hip displasia. I have to clean his ears daily and actually flush them twice a week because they are prone to infection. Now he is blind but still mobile but my dilemma has to do with whether or not to put him down…he is blind and in occasional pain we treat with medication but his quality of life…on the other hand I can’t bring myself to do it. For the most part he seems to be content he’s just OLD. And blind. I will not get another dog already have three cats all of whom were strays. If I did get another one however I would get one from the pound. Purebreds need new blood once in awhile just like people. Take a look at at the Royal Family has anyone ever seen an uglier group of people? Sorry I know I am off the point. But I agree that there is no need for a “specific” dog and I certainly have no intention of supporting breeders puppy mills or exploitation of any kind.

  • joe blow says:

    haha c’mon….this is by far the most ridiculous thing i’ve ever seen. i agree that paris and britney are retarded but the two females imitating them are twice as bad. please before it’s too late…protest something meaningful. like i don’t know human life. haha peta cracks me up have a fun life ya’ll. i’m sure this post won’t make it funny how you can’t take criticism even though that’s what peta seems to be based on.

  • kelly says:

    Mimmy you are just plain WRONG if you think that buying a dog from a pet store is “rescuing” it This is a common excuse by people who feel guilty because they supported animal abuse with their dollars All you did Mimmy was give your money to animal abusers and allow them to ABUSE MORE ANIMALS. You helped that pet store and those puppy mills abuse and kill more animals. And they are doing that right now while you try to make yourself feel good. With your money. For as long as the gullible and foolish and SELFISH keep buying from pet stores and websites and classifieds the torture at puppy mills will continue. And telling yourself it is OK does not make it OK.

  • PeaPod says:

    I’m a PETA member and have agreed with their policies up until now. However I’m extremely disturbed by the latetst attack on pet stores and breeders. At first I thought they were going after pet stores because the dogs are from puppy mills. This I would understand because of the unfair treatment of the animals at mills. The fact that they are going after pet stores and breeders and those that purchase purebred animals because they do not support animal adoption is RIDICULOUS!! They are destorting the truth by saying that a shelter animal is killed when someone purchases a purebred. If someone wants a certain type of bred that they cannot find at a shelter than they should be allowed to go to a pet store or breeder. That is NOT the same person that would be resuing a animal from a shelter anyway i.e Paris Hilton. I think PETA is way off on this one and needs to focus on animal cruelty. Why not spend the time and money BTW my membership dollars on rescue efforts nonkill funds and marketing campaigns for shelters. PETA is stepping into dangerous territory. If you pressure someone to get an animal they will not be happy with then you are just repeating the cycle where pet owners adopt and then give the animal back. Here’s an idea which offers a solution instead of just a fight encourage pet owners who buy from a pet store or breeder to get a friend for there dog from a shelter. Please PETA stop beating up on people who love animals and focus on those who are being cruel to them.

  • Maya says:

    Karen I’m sorry too. I’ve been home with the flu and I’m extra grumpy LOL. I completely agree with you about breeding. Believe it or not one of the dogs at my former shelter workplace had AKC papers and the person wanting to adopt the dog demanded that we call the AKC and the former owner to somehow verify the “purity” of the dog. Well we bent over backwards for this obnoxious adopter and the AKC were really difficult to deal with and were really snotty as though the dog could not possibly be “pure” if it was at a shelter. So I agree fully this kind of nonsense just objectifies animals.

  • Susannah says:

    Both of my Cairn terriers are from a local family breeder and I love them dearly but since the time that I got them I’ve learned that Col. Potter Network rescues Cairns and since I love Cairns I can get my next one from them. My Cocker Spaniel is from the local shelter. She is a wonderful sweet old girl and I can’t imagine why anyone would’ve given her up. There are thousands and thousands of dogs and cats who die each year just because no one wants them. The debate isn’t about whether or not a particular breeder is good or about freedom of choice which is a right in this country but about the simple fact that there are so many animals who need homes and won’t get them. I am not sorry that I got my Cairns from the breeder I didn’t know then that there were other options and I wanted a Cairn. But now I would always opt to adopt!

  • Nikki says:

    this is so fake and you did a very bad job at it.

  • Ariel says:

    My fight against “purebred” puppy mills began practically since I became an animal activist MANY years ago. Throughout the years I had written several articles in the paper to make the public aware of them. I have written numerous times to my goodfornothing Senator. I had petitions signed to send to him. His appeasing response was that he doesn’t like them either and is focused on shutting them down. Well does it take years and years and years to shut them down??? And several times I have signed nationwide petitions that were presented to our govt. The HUA has an annual protest in Harrisburg PA EVERY year in light of the fact that Lancaster PA is known as the “puppy mill capitol of the nation.” Reputable breeders from Lancaster are outraged that they are being classified along with the puppy mills and I suppose they have been trying to fight against them too. I have verbally told whoever I could about puppy mills. I know people who bought puppies from paid the hundreds of dollars never received the breeding registration papers ended up having to pay high vet bills then eventually had no choice but to have the pupdog euthanized. One local vet voiced himself to the govt. about puppy mills but it only fell on deaf ears. Yet somehow with all of this the govt. doesn’t recognize puppy mill owners committing crimes…not only with animal abuse but also with the pet store owners who are frauds. If this situation can be possibly exploited any more Gov. Rendell PA USED this issue for one of his campaign promises to close down puppy mills when he ran for reelection. He wanted to gain the animal lovers’ votes. It worked he won but the mills are still in operation. no surprise there Our disgraceful local shelters who end up with some of these pupsdogs remain useless on this issue. Law enforcement doesn’t make any efforts. I know that people from across the nation have also been strongly protesting against puppy mills for many years…and all of our efforts have been ignored including bodily protests in front of pet stores who are involved in this horrendous operation. It only stands to reason as usual that more than the “breeders” and pet store frauds must be making pocket money from these puppy mills. Where do we go from here?

  • DaliyVeg Editor says:

    “DogLover’s intentional use of the word “retarded” a word that is hurtful to so many people is I believe far more offensive to readers than my oversight.” DogLover’s abject fear of apostrophes and grammar offended me more than anything else. The “it’s not my problem because I should be able to have anything I want and damn the consequences” rhetoric is both boring and typical of most people who’ve never considered that their petty desires may not be the most important thing in the universe.

  • Karen Leigh says:

    Maya I apologize for addressing my message to you. I should have addressed it to DogLover for whom it was intended. To the anonymous person who pointed that out thank you. Also the only person who should have been offended by my oversight was Maya and again to her I apologize. DogLover’s intentional use of the word “retarded” a word that is hurtful to so many people is I believe far more offensive to readers than my oversight.

  • Geoff says:

    Here’s the thing. Having a pet is a luxury. It’s a wonderful thing I have two cats and they bring me so much joy. But it’s not necessary. You don’t need it to be happy. And if you do want to have a dog or cat for companionship there’s just no reason you need a certain kind of dog or cat. We have a human overpopulation problem but I understand a couple saying that they still want to have their own child rather than adopting. I get that. But that simply doesn’t hold water when you’re talking about animals. There is a massive fucking monumental pet overpopulation crisis in this country. Cats and dogs are dying by the millions upon millions in shelters. With just that piece of information in mind it is supremely selfish and irresponsible to decide that you’re going to bring an animal into your life and choose to get that animal from someone who is breeding them instead of saving one from a shelter. And as bad as that is it’s even worse for people to try to make money by breeding animals in the first place. No matter how “responsible” they are about their breeding practices and trust me the vast majority of breeders keep their animals in lousy conditions they are doing animals a disservice by bringing more into the world when there are countless cats and dogs waiting for a home. I simply cannot understand why anyone would dream of going to a pet store or a breeder to get a puppy when they know that means not just that another puppy who is hours away from being euthanized isn’t going to get a reprieve but that they are actively supporting someone who is bringing more animals into a world that has to kill them by the millions already because there are too many. No matter what excuses you have for it it is cruel and unethical. And sad as it is while you may think you are “rescuing” an animal from a pet store all you’re doing is giving those assholes an economic incentive to breed more animals into this horrible vicious cycle where they maybe not the one you bought but certainly most of her littermates will inevitably be neglected and die.

  • Maya says:

    Mimmylove your concern is a common one. If pet store animals are being neglected there are cruelty agents in your region that you can call. Pet stores are not by law allowed to neglect their pets. And just so you know handing 800 dollars to a pet store enables them to buy and abuse even more puppies. Not that I blame you you obviously care for your animals but you can buy all the pets from the pet store and they will just make more of them to neglect.

  • MIA says:

    There is NOTHING wrong with ethical breeding didn’t PETA kill a bunch of pound animals? You are one group to talk!!!! All my purebreds are adopted but one day if I had time and wanted to show I want the option to do so you don’t have the right to take that away from me. Why not concentrate on the puppy mills and pet stores not the ethical responsible breeders out there. Don’t lump them all together as they aren’t all the same!

  • Anonymous says:

    Karen The fact that you are addressing the wrong person is even more offensive. The commenter’s name appears below the comment not above.

  • MIMIMYLOVE says:

    I agree that getting an animal from a shelter is a wonderful thing to do yes you are saving a life but I also believe that purchasing a dog from a pet store…not a breeder is also saving a life my dog mimi is 6 months old we found her when we happened to walk into a shady pet shop in silverlake where the puppies were being fed once a day and were confined to a small glass box without so much as a dish of water and this is not the first petshop I have seen in this condision the man was starving them to keep them small. If i could I would have purchased all of the sickly little animals but mimi looked into my eyes and I couldn’t possibly leave her there to die we payed 800 dollars for her…she is supposedly a pomeranian but I beg to differ… she weighed 15 ounces when we got her at three months old and we brought her home that night and she almost died from diabetic shock she spent the next two weeks in the animal hospital with an IV stuck in her little arm she is now 6 months old and weighs 13 pounds she is the love of my life and I wouldn’t trade her in for anything in the world not everyone who purchases their dog at a pet store is a terrible person…paris and britney YES but certainly not all people. if your an animal lover you love all animals not just the ones in shelters…If everyone got their dog from a shelter what do you think would happen to the ppor animals in those overpriced petstores? I can asure you they wouldn’t keep them past a certain age and then what? I love peta but they seem to send mixed messages.

  • Cheryl says:

    I have to agree with many of the comments on this page. Breeding pure breed dogs is in no way an awful ordeal. Matter of fact it respects the breeds and maintains the continuance of the breed their history and if done by professional or smart breeders the health of the breed. Personally I own a pure breed Chihuahua. He is neutered and I dont care about the papers we love him so much. My cats were all adopted and we love them just the same. We searched for a dog through local shelters and sadly no dog was a match for my family. We are planning to adopt another dog here in the near future and will search newspapers local pounds and local shelters first. I understand that people desire a full breed dog for their history and profile even for their breaded abilities like working breeds and sporting breeds. However I do understand PETAs message as well Needless deaths of cats and dogs without homes seems so unfair and shame on the irresponsible owners. Again some owners die or move or have children and the dog can not cope. This is a situation that can be conquered for the better as long as the proper message gets out there. Dogs are not like a fad pair of shoes the coolest breed is in season. Instead they are lives no matter what the breed that deserve safe and loving homes forever. And in another direction the cost of sheltering these stray and abandoned animals is a great expense that will eventually fall in the pocketbooks of the unexpected. If we were smart and we all are dont put the blame on Paris Hilton and Brittney Spears lets work a more preventative measure. Put the blame on all those parents who buy pets as babysitters those who chose their pet in season and those who left them abandoned. Lets put out the message that everyone deserves a second chance and in this case why not the wrongly prison dogs and cats who only want a home and guidance and most of all love. Cheryl

  • Karen Leigh says:

    Maya to my knowledge nobody suggested that you are responsible for caring for someone elses dog. I Dont sic have a responsibility to take care of other peoples dogs. However it IS our responsibility as human beings to care for animals that other people have chosen to abandonneglectabuse. And while you have every right in this world to purchase a dog from a breeder please keep in mind that there are millions of wonderful loveable healthy animals that are in shelters not because they are vicious dangerous or unruly but because of unfortunate circumstances. For instance theres a dog in a shelter right now because her elderly owner died. Another dog is in a shelter because his owner moved into a new apartment and the lease didnt allow pets. I cannot comprehend wanting a pet to love and at the same time ignoring that so many are available and in need of good homes. These are living breathing creatures that are equally entitled to our compassion and to the same quality of life as a puppy that is bred to meet AKC guidelines they are not objects or materials to be customdesigned or special ordered. Also when a highprofile celebrity pays $3000.00 for a dog that she intends to use as an accessory until the novelty of that dog wears off and she decides to upgrade to something cuter smaller or trendier rather than to have as a pet a trend beginsan awful trend that DOES contribute to the homeless animal epidemic. P.S. Maya your use of the word retarded is somewhat offensive.

  • hugo pottisch says:

    GREAT CAMPAIGN!! Have you tried sending them some VERY SWEET VERY SMALL VERY DEAD HANDBAG dogs from ponds Or one could send them pics of sweets dogs and African children wearing signs similar to “would you take me if I were like really expensive and had ‘responsible ‘ origins..?” Imagine we were in China or India. Human overpopulation faces not only a local threat to the environment resources and stability but also on a global scale. There are hundreds of millions of foster children in shelters looking for homes but not enough places and food etc. The government rightly wants to intervene. It prohibits with tax penalties more than one child per family. Now there is one exception… Childbreeders are EVERYWHERE… childfactories as well as local momandpopshops breed and sell children for low to very high prices. The children are being removed from their mothers at only 12 months of age then the mother is often artificially impregnated again goes through the stress of bearing and cannot enjoy to see her own grow up etc.. No under these circumstances we must follow the Chinese and Indian example and prohibit any sort of breeding at least until the shelters are empty. There is no responsible breeding FOR PROFIT. THE BEST and IDEAL world would PROHIBIT the SELLING of ANY ANIMAL as much as selling children and slavery is prohibited today. If nobody breeds for compensation there will be less abuse. The southern States alone have more than enough strays to fill the few responsible homes loving and responsible are often two different things for decades to come. But the term “responsible breeder” is given the circumstances with 3 million animals killed in shelters and millions warehoused as disguising as “responsible slave heroin or toxinsdealer”? MomandPop can err too and miss the point when the hobby has become a deadly passion!!!! Any autonomous emotional intelligent animal “sold” is a historic disgrace to us all and really really stupid on top. STOP the make $ withanimal LOVERS!!! With friends like those…

  • BullyDawg says:

    I have to admit I’m somewhat on the fence on this one. As a kid we had purebred Scotties and I loved every one of them. We knew the breeder and she loved those dogs SO much. And I can understand why someone would want a purebred puppy I know someone who went that route because she has a sixmonthold baby and didn’t want to “risk” a shelter dog. But puppy mills are a totally different story and despite what some might think the pet store pups are sometimes sicker than the shelter dogs! My sister has three rescues one literally was rescued not from a shelter but an overflowing creek bed and they are all sweethearts! I think the problem with these um “stars” is that not only do they spend thousands on these dogs but they are discarded almost immediately as if they were a designer gown they wouldn’t be caught dead in twice! I think a more effective campaign would be protesting dogsasaccessories! I don’t want anyone saying “oh chihuahuas are SO 2006!” People should be licensed to have animals and frankly children but as it has been pointed out THAT issue is for another blog!

  • Michael says:

    Doglover you’re right. Of course you don’t have to adopt from a shelter. But the amazing feeling you get from saving an animal from a certain death is a feeling money can’t buy. A shelter animal for me every time.

  • Brianna Fritchey says:

    It’s a good start let’s hope we can make something out of it!

  • Maya says:

    Doglover you’re right there’s no law that says you are required to adopt a dog from a shelter. But at the shelter I worked at we got over 10000 animals a year. When someone gave up their pet we would ask where did they buy the pet from? 60 percent of people bought from a pet store 30 percent from breeders and 10 or so percent from “free kitten puppy” ads. Thats thousands of shelter animals given up by people who got them at the places you’re discussing. They were given up because the pet stores breeders and others do not screen people as well as they should. These pets were bred created only to wind up at shetlers. When you give money to these people you’re contributing to the homeless animal population with your dollar. As for special licenses AMEN! I agree with you and I think that the shelters do a good job of screening people. I have long maintained that shelters should be stray only so that people with pets can’t drop off unwanted animals at shelters like a McDonald’s drivethrough.

  • kelly says:

    The biggest source of income for the AKC is registering puppy mill puppies They have a business deal with Hunte Corportation of Missouri the biggest puppy mill broker in the US These dogs are raised in horrible abuse no vet care bred until they die. see video and photos at The AKC knows this. But all those puppy mill dollars pay for silly dog shows breed clubs and lobbying AGAINST breeder licensing and regulations the AKC protects their puppy miller friends! The AKC and its membership have blood on their hands from this torture.

  • DogLover says:

    Wait….so because I want a puppy or a dog from a breeder Im contributing to people who dont take care of their dogs? I Dont have a responsibility to take care of other peoples dogs. If I want a new dog and I get one from a breeder that I know and respect who I am sure does not overbreed and raises good happy dogs thats enough for me. I don’t need to deal with potentially mentally unstablestrange background dogs. If I want to take on that challenge thats fine but blaming people who buy new dogs for the ones in the shelter dying? Come on now thats just retarded. Dogs are in shelters because immatureirresponsible owners do not fully research the time and energy needed to buytrainkeep an animal. When they find out how much work it is they give up. These sad cases are very sad indeed but that doesn’t instantly make it my job to rush in and save them. The onus of your focus while admerable is misguided. Ownership of a dog should be harder to come by like being liscenced to own a gun or drive. Abandonment should have a harsher penalty. However noone should be forced or feel guilted into taking in a rescue dog.

  • Maya says:

    It should be noted that up to 30 percent of shelter animals are purebreds so if you “must” have a purebred you can still get one at a shelter. Personally I like “mutts” better but to each his own.

  • keith says:

    What would those two vain individuals care..unless they were a rescue dog to be put down.