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Parasailing Donkey Prompts Investigation

Written by PETA | July 20, 2010

All animal abuse is despicable, but some abuses are so outrageously dumb and mind-blowingly cruel that I can only guess that they were thought up by drunk, heartless buffoons trying to “out-cruel” each other in a bar bet. Case in point:



“Entrepreneurs” in Southern Russia could face two years in jail for animal abuse after allegedly forcing a donkey to parasail over the Sea of Azov. Horrified beachgoers reported that the terrified donkey screamed nonstop—the animal was so high in the air that crying children asked why a “doggie” was tied to a parachute. But as a police spokesperson noted, “No one had the brains to call police.”

The donkey’s terrifying ordeal didn’t end there: After crash-landing in the water, she was dragged behind a boat for several meters before she was finally pulled out of the water, barely alive.

Police are investigating the incident, which has made headlines all over the world and prompted an international outcry. Please make sure that officials at the Russian Embassy hear from you too.

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • maureen says:

    Cruelty at it’s best!!!!! I swear people cease to amaze me how cruel and thoughtless. All of the young men including the one taping the cruelty should be charged and convicted.I am just not shocked anymore I also blame the media people use animals in ads it gives people ideas and some to the extreme. this is to the extreme. What would these idiots have done if this beautiful animal died from their thoughtless acts. I hope the donkey found a better home.

  • Tuttabella says:

    I’ve been in a state of grief since I read about this last night. It has affected me as no other story about animal cruelty has. I could not bear to view the video but just thinking of the donkey’s trembling and braying in terror and of his handlers’ laughing at him has hurt me deeply. What did donkeys do to deserve this role as the laughingstock of the animal kingdom? How cruel. And what pains me the most is that there’s nothing anyone can do about it. With so many other horrible things happening in Russia no one really gives a damn about the welfare of this poor donkey who is probably dead by now. I’m no longer angry. I just feel defeated now.

  • dabnello says:

    Is the Donkey ok? I think the people who did this should be put in jail. And the doney should be taken to a sanctuary or a safe place ? Does anybody know if the donkey is ok?

  • Ann says:

    To ‘Anon’ and ‘Maria’ you said it better than I could have. BRAVO

  • Alan says:

    Well HELL YEA !!! Jail for sure ! WTF ! The poor donkey had no control of this so we must ! JAIL FINE ! a big one ! DAMN !!!

  • Jackie says:

    It makes me feel like I’m gonna puke. Seriously not just the donkey being terrified but also that it trumatized children. I mean just the thought of it I’m a horror film fan but this could people find this amusing? I really don’t get it everyone would be all outraged if it was a kid on that parachute remember the family who claimed their son was in a flying weather balloon or something. There was news on that for 24 hours and then the kid wasn’t even in there! This is just beyond me animals are defenseless like human babies. Yet people are so bleeping narccistic they think their young are the only ones that matter. I hope whoever thought of this stunt falls off a cliff or something karma be damned.

  • Karen Link says:

    How freaking STUPID are those people to have no regard for life or to the consequences in this stunt. To take an animal completely out of its element to scare it half to death and think it funny. Not only that the poor donkey could have been seriously injured or drowned with children and families watching in horror. Those IDIOTS should have to have their business closed down.

  • Maria says:

    Look people I am Russian. I have saw the original video with the original sound and it is horrible as all those people standing around the guy who is filming and the organisatorsthey truly belong to hell they are all laughing and make jokes about that poor donkey.. When I saw that terrific brutal video and what they did and how donkey was screaming… I will agree with many people here I have no words to comment as they are just an empty sound…. But look we all like PETA and all of Us here want to make some difference in this world and difference is made by actions. I don’t live in Russia but I was born exactly in that region where this abuse happened. I am patriot of my land but as I really love itit is really very hard to do in case of Russia… I see not only all good stuff but also the ugliest which actually is taking most of the part.. BELIEVE ME THERE IS SUCH A CORRUPTION IN RUSSIA THAT NOTHING WILL HAPPEN WITH THE PEOPLE WHO ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS BECAUSE IN RUSSIA YOU CAN BUY EVERYTHING ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU HAVE SOME CONTACTS. THE COURT WILL HIDE DETAILS WILL MAKE LOTS OF UNCONNECTED ISSUES TO THE CASE AND AT SOME MOMENT ALL WILL BE FORGOTTEN ABOUT IT AND THIS IS IT. I AM BEGGING YOU THE OVERSEAS PEOPLE NATIONS WE NEED YOUR HELP! RAISE THIS ISSUE RAISE THE PUBLIC CRITICISM ON THIS PROBLEM WRITE IT ON FACEBOOK TWITTER MYSPACE MORE ATTENTION MORE ACTIONS MORE JUSTICE.. and that will be a lesson for those bastards…. I can even bet that the court will make the lowest sentence if nobody will speak about this… EACH OF US CAN NOT CHANGE THE WAY THE HUGE MACHINE OF WORLD BEING IS MOVING BUT WE CAN CHANGE THE PEOPLE’S REACTION PEOPLE’S ATTENTION PEOPLE’S RELATION TO THE NEGATIVE OUTCOMES AND IF THESE PEOPLE WILL UNITE THAY CAN DO EVERYTHING….

  • Robyn Shane says:

    Jailtime!!! I hope someone finds the poor donkey so it may receive vetcare if needed and a new home!!!

  • Jennifer says:

    Ralph YOU are the IDIOT. What the heck is your point? Yeah it’s terrifying for a willing human to parasail. But the point is is that the person is WILLING TO DO IT! The donkey was FORCED! How ignorant are you? Animals can verbally tell you they are scared by whining or making any noise is a particular situation. They know exactly why they are scared just like any other living being on this planet. And also when you said “animals have no say in what they do” that’s because ahole humans FORCE them top do these things. What about the animals in the wild? They do whatever they want. You think that when an antelope is getting chased by a lion it doesn’t FEEL scared. You are stupid. next time you want to make a point have some sense into what you are trying to say. I don’t even know why you are even on this website since you believe that animals are practically unfeeling souless beings that can’t feel.

  • S Le Montais says:

    I read this story and was completely disgusted that anyone could do this to a poor animal. I hope that you will trace these offenders and they go to jail for what they did to the poor donkey. How could they be so cruel. Please can we be kept informed as to the donkey’s fate. Thank you

  • soulaf says:

    this is just amazingly outrageous….i can’t find any proper words to say except that i wish whoever did this will get punished by a similar unique and inventive way to let him feel the same horror that unlucky miserable donkey felt…

  • Claudio Puviani says:

    The sadistic imbeciles who did this certainly deserve jail time and I’d give them more than 2 years. But the poor people on the beach aren’t to blame. Most were probably shocked and confused beyond the ability to act and I wouldn’t be surprised if a few did pick up the phone and stopped when they realized that they were about to try to explain to a police dispatcher about a screaming parasailing donkey. If I were in Russia I’m not sure I’d trust the police not to put my in a rubber room after a call like that.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    If I had the money and a way to do it I’d get the poor creature out of Russia and take him to Oatman on the Nevada border. Oatman is an old west tourist town whose main attraction are it’s donkeys desendants of the donkeys used by silver miners in the 1800’s. They are not tame and no one owns them yet they are cared for and sheltered by the locals. Businesses sell carrots for a dollar a bag and visitors can feed the adult donkeys and locals tell visitors which animals are too young to eat carrots. The town provides donkey feed salt licks shelter and polices the traffic to minimize accidents I suggest parking just outside of town it’s a short walk. The donkeys are not tame and cannot be ridden yet most enjoy being petted and scratched behind those large lovely ears. Next time you visit Laughlin Nevada go down the road a bit and visit Oatman!

  • anon says:

    TO THE IDIOT who commented and said “give me a break. there are truly horrific things people do to animals. this is not one of them. sure it’s mean. but it does not deserve jail time. you can spook a donkey out just buy putting it on a boat to take it somewhere… is that considered cruelty too? what you guys don’t like is intent…the fact that it was done as a publicity stunt.” Let me restate YOU ARE AN IDIOT. Parasailing can be terrifying and sometimes painful even for WILLING PARTICIPANTS who know what they are getting in to and know what to expect. We as humans UNDERSTAND WHY we are experiencing painfearpanic when we are doing something. Animals have NO SAY in what they do they cannot verbally tell us they are scared or do not want to do something. They have no idea WHY they feel so terrified and why its happening to them and why they can’t stop it from happening. And publicity?? you think people with compassion for animals care about PUBLICITY? wow you are possibly the dumbest human being on earth. We care just as much about the man who harmed his pet in the privacy of his home as we do about the terrified donkey who was V.I.D.E.O.T.A.P.E.D. by brainless idiots. People disgust me and i’m devastated people are still so ignorant after all this time and knowledge we have of the cruelty that exists.

  • Ralph says:

    I agree this is cruel and unusual HOWEVER please stop saying an animal screams. This case the donkey did not stop braying. Why do you use the word scream when there are no animals that actually scream like humans do?

  • keith says:

    ” Patrick The Brooke are condemning this act. but I fear it is beyond their remit for a rescue..being in the North Caucus region between the Black Caspian seas.”

  • Irina says:

    I heard on the news today that the owner of the donkey and the donkey himself have disappeared the donkey was alive after the incident but now police is searching for both of them. The last time the donkey was seen he looked very skinny and miserable according to the eye witness. The horrible person who pulled the stunt also owns a camel and a horse which were just left near the beach and apparently are being fed by the people on the beach and they get to nibble on some grass.

  • Beth Mowder says:

    What uneducated stupid idiots… I say stupid because at least with ignorance you can learn or be taught…. stupid is what it is… stupid with no chance of getting any better. Let’s hook them up to a prasail parachute take them over a busy hwy…AND CUT THE LINE… LETS WATCH THE FEAR IN THEIR FACES…WELL UNTIL THEY HIT THE PAVEMENT…OH WELL?????

  • Mona says:

    !!!! i am full of hate

  • Lisa says:

    How anyone can stand back and watch this happening is unbelievableto stand there taking photo’s and video’s while this terrified animal is being strapped to the parachute and noone tried to stop it makes my blood boil they are as guilty as those sadists. There was plenty of people on the beach to stop them they should of rugby tackled them or something to the ground while others called the police. I certainly would of jumped on them and tried to stop it. I hope the tourists can live with themselves for not doing anything to help. I did read in one report that while the donkey was up in the sky screaming some tourists asked the touts to stop but they refused what a joke.

  • Sarah says:

    This is unbelievably cruel and I also hope these people are seriously punished. Countless animals suffer horrific cruelty behind closed doors on a daily basis most of them end up on supermarket shelves. I hope this incident draws global attention to the way animals are treated. Things have to change. Does anyone know if this donkey is still alive?

  • Emilia says:

    This is so appalling. I hope this poor animal is somewhere safe far away from those cruel hands.

  • Sandra says:

    I really cried while i was watching this video I can not even express my outrage at these atrocities.

  • veronica todd says:

    It still astounds me that people think it’s funny to put animals in cruel situations just for a laugh I hope you realize that this is karma for you.. Good luck losers…

  • revanth says:

    bloody barabarians.hope they get so F.

  • Anne says:

    i too would like to have an email to send messages regarding this incident. i expect more and am willing to work for it. looked at the russian embassy site not sure which contact to make.

  • raquelwdc says:

    My stomach did a huge flip when I saw this. This poor animal was so scaredhe basically cried the whole time. I am getting so tired of people’s blatant stupidity! What is wrong with people?!?!?! I hope they get their 2 years!

  • marie says:

    This is deplorable behaviour. Animals don’t do stuff like this to each other. Why do socalled humans do this kind of thing to animals? frododood you are correct this isn’t an act of abuse that’s like say beating a raccoon and her kit to death with a hockey stick that happened in Victoria BC this week but putting a donkey in a parasail when there’s no need to IS an act of abuse. The donkey doesn’t have the brainpower to understand what is happening to it nor did it choose to go up in a parasail. NO WONDER it was terrified. Intent ABSOLUTELY matters. There was no imminent danger that required the donkey to be launched into the air this IS animal abuse plain and simple.

  • Patty says:

    So what part of scaring an innocent animal nearly to death is supposed to promote parasailing? If I saw something like that I would be looking for the promoters with the police and I SURE wouldn’t give them any of my money. I hope they throw the book at them. How totally STUPID and UNCARING!!!! Intent is EVERYTHING!!! The only intent these idiots had was to make money for themselves.

  • AAG says:

    How revolting!! Humans are the sickest animals. The few of us that are enlightened are treated as if we are insane for caring about these poor defenseless creatures. Go Vegan! It is a moral imperative.

  • Paola says:

    Is there a Russian embassy’s email. I cannot find one on their website… Abherrant what they did! Thanks Paola

  • Hale says:

    Anyone who would do anything close to this is nothing short of a loser and is probably psychotic. Anyone who thinks it is fine has no soul. The kind of person who would do this is the kind who’ll beat his wife or molest children.

  • Dorothy Kernaghan-Baez says:

    But this wasn’t a rescue situation….it was a dumbass publicity stunt! Intent absolutely does matter the moron saying otherwise notwithstanding.

  • Andrea says:

    I am absolutely disgusted by this! How can ‘people’ do this? I hope the donkey is going to be ok and that the beasts who did this will find their punishment soon!

  • Dominique says:

    This person who did this derserve to suffer I would send him to the ”Gulab” for the rest of is life

  • Gina says:

    So many acts committed by humans force me to ask myself with a sickened sad leaden feeling in my heart how is it that this world still revolves and that we have not completely destroyed ourselves and each other already? Humanity has shown itself in so many heartwrenching ways that we are not worthy of this world or of inhabiting it along with our nonhuman brothers and sisters.

  • Jay says:

    Please everyone get your friends family people in the office kids everyone to call and write the Russian embassy and beg them to find these people. There must be a miniquake!

  • tewkewl says:

    give me a break. there are truly horrific things people do to animals. this is not one of them. sure it’s mean. but it does not deserve jail time. you can spook a donkey out just buy putting it on a boat to take it somewhere… is that considered cruelty too? what you guys don’t like is intent…the fact that it was done as a publicity stunt. if it was done to save the donkey’s life for instance if there was a fire and this was the only way to get the donkey to safety would it be cruel then? the donkey would still be just as scared. people equating animal fear to human fear are fools.

  • frododood says:

    What is wrong with humans??! Who does something like that?? Wtf??!

  • Kim Smith says:

    I cannot get over how thoughtless stupid and idiotic some people can all be and all those things together! How heartless and cold hearted can some people be and Im not just talking about the people inflicting this pain on this poor animal. Im talking about the bloody idiots who sat back and watched this happen and didnt call the police! I hope those people that did this to that poor creature gets a jail sentence and becomes someones bitch in jail and also hope that those idiots sitting back watching this all happen have a guilty conscience and can live with what they have done!

  • Pallavi says:

    I can only think of one word to describe this behaviour..Masochists!! I do sincerely hope that the Russian authorities take this horrifying episode seriously realizing that these sick morons would resort to anything for entertainment. This planet belongs to as much to animals flora fauna as it does to human beings. We’ve already set a trigger in motion what with all the pollution aggradation why not learn from past mistakes and respect mother nature and all sentient beings. Live and let live they said remind these men of that!!

  • AJ says:

    Karen is there an email that we can send our comments to or just a phone number. This is just disgusting. When are humans going to stop this?

  • meagan says:

    THIS IS DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!! that poor donkey what’s even more disgusting is that noone did anything about it is even more disgusting. shame on you!

  • Vero says:

    For those who dedcide to be the most STUPID and heartless people because I donnot want to use bad leguage on internet I hope you pay what you have done in this life before you leave Earth. YOU do not deserve the air you breath you are a waste of life! Hope you pay with the ones you love and see them ask for help and NO ones help them and you are not able to reach them to help either and I hope you remember what you did! You are a shame of the human race.

  • Stephanie says:

    This is beyond sick. My heart goes out to that poor terrified donkey.

  • Jahiegel says:

    As I have studied the demographics of animal abuse over the past few years I have de temps en temps been amazed by the extent to which the donkey about whom we don’t hear much other than in the context of parody is a victim probably because as Mark Meyers well sets out at httpdonkeyrescue.donordrive.comindex.cfm?fuseactioncms.pageid1013 the donkey in its native intransigence makes a fool of the human who tries to exploit himher and bend hisher actions to the human’s will. Here though the motives seem even baser and so the abuse is even more contemptible.

  • Helene says:

    I hope they go to jail. A clear message has to be sent that this is NOT okay and even though one must be creative in advertising using animals is not acceptable.

  • Karen says:

    Right when I think that I have heard about the cruelest act toward an animal another more sinister and barbaric act of cruelty comes along. This makes me sick to my stomach. I hope that this persons is held accountable and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  • keith says:

    There ain’t no answer to what f humans sub will do or think of next to torture sentient beings..