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Parasailing Donkey Prompts Investigation

Written by PETA | July 20, 2010

All animal abuse is despicable, but some abuses are so outrageously dumb and mind-blowingly cruel that I can only guess that they were thought up by drunk, heartless buffoons trying to “out-cruel” each other in a bar bet. Case in point:



“Entrepreneurs” in Southern Russia could face two years in jail for animal abuse after allegedly forcing a donkey to parasail over the Sea of Azov. Horrified beachgoers reported that the terrified donkey screamed nonstop—the animal was so high in the air that crying children asked why a “doggie” was tied to a parachute. But as a police spokesperson noted, “No one had the brains to call police.”

The donkey’s terrifying ordeal didn’t end there: After crash-landing in the water, she was dragged behind a boat for several meters before she was finally pulled out of the water, barely alive.

Police are investigating the incident, which has made headlines all over the world and prompted an international outcry. Please make sure that officials at the Russian Embassy hear from you too.

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Anna says:

    The names of the people who did this to the poor donkey should be made public. I just read at that the Donkey Sanctuary site in Devon that the people who did this will not suffer any consequences. The Donkey Sanctuary is calling for the rescue of this poor animal and will offer care and shelter for the rest of her life. Send an email to the Russian embassy in support of this.

  • Lauren says:

    My only thing to say to this is Seriously?

  • Tracey says:

    This incident sickened me and could not remove the image of that poor terrified little donkey from my mind. I hope those responsible pay for what they have done and hope that poor little sole finds a loving home Like my horse has with me. If any good can come out if this I hope that more will join the Brooke foundation as I did today and hope my small monthly contribution helps a little to ease the suffering of donkeys.

  • Anon says:

    A major thank you to Ann I’m glad you understood what I meant. Everyone else on here who has put in their condolences to the animals THANK YOU and please keep up your hard work and stand up for these animals!!!! Thanks for all that you do and keeping us informed PETA.

  • Anon says:

    Jennifer you may want to take a gander at my post again I agreed with everything you just said. Animals are feeling wonderful creatures. In fact its amazing you skipped over my entire post that was standing up for them. They should not be forced into things they do not have any control over. “Animals have no say in what they do” this is correct. For example circuses. Can an elephant vocalize it does not want to be there? No and I find this sickeningly unfair. We as people can complain text tweet blog email send letters and call everyone on earth to complain. Can an animal do that? Can they pick up the phone and call someone to say they are being treated unfairly? NO. If you knew how to read you would have seen I was responding to “tewkewls” comment on this incident not being very serious. And saying why I felt he was wrong. Again… don’t attack me and and call ME an idiot when you don’t even know how to read basic English. How about To ‘Anon’ and ‘Maria’ you said it better than I could have. BRAVO Posted by Ann July 21 2010 0620 PM Being that you were the only person who interpreted my post wrong I think you should reread it.

  • Michelle Gannon says:

    I actually thought this was a joke when i first seen it because i could not get my head around the fact that we as a human race could atually be that stupid! is this what we have resorted to for entertainment? cruelty of animals? It goes to show that these people are obviously highly uneducated people that do not deserve to make decisions like this in the future! lets hope a substantial prison sentence is passed so that these fools will be made an example of! Firstly before it even goes to court the same should be done to them so they may have some idea of the pain that the animal was feeling!!!!

  • Clare says:

    Tuttabella I also think he was put down or died. He landed awkwardly and I think his legs were probably broken. It must have been so painful for him. Please make it known to the world what we can do about actually seeing the investigation on tv and be sure justice is done. Many of us are still thinking and praying for this poor donkey.

  • Raine says:

    Sickening. I have been thinking about this for days. The worst part is that PETA site aside youtube etc comments are mostly along the lines of isn’t it funny? Depressing that in the year 2010 so many people many clearly young people by the tone of the writing can find this anything other than terrible.

  • MH says:

    “This is literally worse than the holocaust.” Yes obviously! Because the systematic killing of 11 million humans is NOTHING compared to a single donkey being forced to parasail!

  • Sue Blackhurst says:

    I cannot believe that moron tewkew thought it was ok to put that poor defenceless donkey in the air IT WASNT A RESCUE which I hope if a animal had to be airlifted to safety would be less stressful and wouldnt have the poor creature dangling for over 30 mins terrified. This was a cruel heartless publicity stunt and the person who did it deserves to be strung up in a public place with all PETA supporters around him I dont think he would survive for very long I know I would love to torture him as he has that poor little donkey

  • Tuttabella says:

    Supposedly the donkey was found and is “clinically healthy” and the British tabloid the SUN has published photos of her being fed by their Russian correspondent but I think the donkey in these photos is an impostor obtained either by the owner to keep from being prosecuted by the police and harassed by animal rights activists or provided by the SUN for publicity purposes. I’m sorry for being so cynical but I think the real donkey died of her injuries or was put down soon after landing and being dragged from the water.

  • EDuplessis says:

    I was chocked as I saw the report on TV. Such people who abuses animals are not normal. Shame on them! We have to stand for animals’ rights we are their voice…and in this case we give voice to this poor donkey…Act now!

  • mckay says:

    Not a thing will happen to the perpetrators behind this mean stunt. I read where that poor animal was flailing and braying for a long time and then it finally gave up like it knew it was going to die. It was up the FOR A HALF HOUR and not a single person came to that animal’s defense. They don’t even let humans stay up there that long. That donkey trusted it’s owner to take care of it and look at what he did. How sad we’ve come to this.

  • Flora David says:

    dear Brea it is a big deal is. if i sent your baby sondaughter tied to chute and have him drop ito the ocean i am sure you and your kid would be screaming too. that would have been fun. What say!

  • jenny says:

    I have just read more comments on this site and apparently there is another moron who seems to think that animals don’t have feelings and in their opinion anyone who equates humans and animals feelings are “fools” This was not a rescue it was a barbaric act on a poor defenceless animal and the people that did this don’t even deserve to go to prison. Strap them up take them over rocky cliffs and cut the wires!

  • JENNY says:

    I saw this article in sun newspaper. I wrote to them yesterday and I received an email back stating that the newspaper had despatched someone to go to Russia to buy the donkey. They did so and the sun were in the process of transporting it to a sanctuary..lets just hope it is in this country. As for the bastards that did this they don’t deserve air to breathe.I cannot believe how and why so many people are hell bent on hurting defenceless animals it is appalling. If this had been a child there would have been a public outcry! Animals have emotions and feelings the same as humans when are people going to realise that.

  • DCrat says:

    Calling the Russian Embassy to complain about this? You are joking..thats like calling George Bush to complain about oill drilling or calling Dick Cheney to complain about Halliburton. You need to get someone over there and get in their faces!!

  • AB says:

    Russian embassy email Russian Embassy phone numbers 2022985700 and 202 9398907 Call and email non stop and post to your facebook twitter etc. and get your friends to do the same. We can make this happen. WE need to get these people punished.

  • DCrat says:

    Cmon PETA get engaged with your full force on this intolerable act. This was totally unacceptable. Get on some of your activists on international flights and get over there and get in their faces! Like you would do if it happened in the USA… This is an unacceptable act and the diplomatic approach is too understated and unacceptable…get over there and get in their FACES!!!

  • Ricky says:

    I am shocked to see that people can do something like this and see nothing wrong with it…. If they are capable of this I wonder how far they dare to go for publicity… I pray that someone pays the price for this inhumane action…. unbelievable!

  • donna says:

    frododood…I apologize to you I was reading the names wrong and my comment was directed to tewkewl who posted below you..I am sorry frododood..

  • donna says:

    FrododoodI think you need to go back to frodofantasyland….I don’t care how you try to justify this behavior there is no excuse for such cruelty …Are you friends with the guy that owns the parasailing co. that is saying he had nothing to do with it …it was the owner’s wish that he fly like Pegasus. you are just as full of crap as the idiots that did this to that poor animal with your yang talk…

  • donna says:

    I am in disbelief when you think humans can’t get any lower …..breathing is too good for those bastards! I wish them an airplane flight and at 20000 feet they are just pushed out…let them glide to earth

  • Kim Murguia says:

    What SICK!! Individuals would do such a sick thing just when I thought people couldnt be more STUPID!! they go prove me wrong What a Bunch Of AHoles that poor Donkey I hope pray that those people are prosecuted to the Fullest Extent of the law .

  • Tuttabella says:

    I read an article this morning in which a Russian police spokeswoman says that the donkey and the owner have been found and that the donkey was examined by “our vet” and was determined to be okay but I don’t believe it. I think it’s just a coverup and that the police have been paid off by the owner and they made this statement just to put an end to the furor. I don’t think Russia is like the U.S. where the donkey would be rescued by a humane society euthanized or nursed back to health and sent to a sanctuary. She’s probably been shot and killed and thrown into a landfill or just left to die in the middle of nowhere. I still can’t stop thinking about this poor donkey. Here is a link to the article

  • Mary J says:

    Just so everyone knows the donkey was shell shocked but survived the ordeal. It was in the news last night. The perpetrators will face two years in jail if charged with animal cruelty according to animal welfare laws in Russia.

  • Sarah says:

    Just responding to the comment made by tewkewl What “us guys” don’t like is mindless cruelty. There is a difference between a life and death situation and a stupid publicity stunt. “Us guys” which I take to mean the more intelligent members of humanity feel that humans have a responsibility to have the best interests of the animal at heart. Not to treat them as our personal belongings which feel nothing and have no rights. People who excuse this type of behaviour based on the grounds that worse crimes are committed do so through pure closeminded apathy and are in some ways even more disgraceful than those who know no better.

  • MR JESSE! says:

    “This is literally worse than the holocaust.” Making a donkey go parasailing is worse than the deaths of 6 million jews? please do explain.

  • MR JESSE! says:

    Kris said “I can only think of one word to describe this behaviour..Masochists!! I do sincerely hope that the Russian authorities take this horrifying episode seriously realizing that these sick morons would resort to anything for entertainment. This planet belongs to as much to animals flora fauna as it does to human beings. We’ve already set a trigger in motion what with all the pollution aggradation why not learn from past mistakes and respect mother nature and all sentient beings. Live and let live they said remind these men of that!!” how were these people masochists i dont understand?

  • Ralph says:

    Jennifer I’m rather confused with your rant. Did I honestly say anything about the parasailing? No. In fact I DON’T agree with what they did AT ALL and in fact want them to be fully prosecuted by the law. That said this is my point a donkey doesn’t scream. Screaming is a human trait and to give a human trait to an animal as you’re noticing detracts from the main issue. Also in regard to “And also when you said “animals have no say in what they do” that’s because ahole humans FORCE them top do these things.” Um… I didn’t say that someone else did. Please read more carefully. Jennifer wrote “You are stupid. next time you want to make a point have some sense into what you are trying to say. I don’t even know why you are even on this website since you believe that animals are practically unfeeling souless beings that can’t feel.” IN conclusion again 1. I agree the perps should be punished. 2. We need to use animal sounds instead of “screaming” so people will not just skip over these stories. and 3. Please read names properly next time.

  • SLM says:

    This is the most horrible disgusting twisted sadistic thing I have ever seen. It makes me sick to my stomach to see this happening to a defenseless animal. As the proud owner of 2 amazing mini donkeys I know first hand they are highly intelligent animals capable of emotion and fear. I would do anything to adopt this poor donkey into our herd and allow him to safely graze in the pasture for the rest of his life. The people who did this to him deserve equally brutal punishment for their actions.