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Pamela Anderson’s Four Fave Vegan Restaurants

Written by PETA | July 3, 2008

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We all know that Pamela Anderson is an actress, a mother, and an incredible advocate for animals. But have you ever wondered how she really spends her days or what she eats, for that matter?

The ever-lovely Pamela Anderson is back on television, and to the delight of all her fans—including those of us right here at PETA—this time, she’ll be playing the person that she knows best: herself! Her documentary series, Pam: Girl On the Loose, premiers August 3 on E!, and it’s sure to satiate the needs of gossip queens everywhere.

Pam says, “Aside from keeping up with my kids, I don’t exercise much, so I credit my veggie diet for my good health. Los Angeles is the easiest place in the world to eat vegan.”

So while you’re anxiously waiting for a hugely fun dose of Anderson reality, check out some of Pam’s favorite places to eat at in Los Angeles. And if you don’t live in the City of Angels, well, don’t fret! It doesn’t mean your future is full of boring green salads. Just visit, and search for vegetarian restaurants in your city. Here’s the list from Pam herself:

  1. Flore Vegan CuisineYou’ve never—even when you ate meat—eaten a Rueben sandwich as rich and yummy as the one Flore cooks up.
  2. Madeline BistroBeet tartare to beat the band and you don’t have to like beets! And vegan chocolate soufflé.
  3. Pure Luck RestaurantFried pickles, vegan sloppy joes and BBQ sandwiches. And they cook with jack fruit, which is an amazing fruit they use to make the mock meat tangy.
  4. Astro BurgerLastly, if you are a fast food junkie you can always count on the Astro Burger on Melrose near Paramount Studios for veggie chili dogs and soy chicken fajitas.
Posted by Jennifer Cierlitsky

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  • Sunny Larson says:

    Hi Pam. You are the greatest. We love the work you do for peta. Go to for raw vegan recipes. I know the kristen and she just won for two of her recipes in vegnews magazine. You will love her website. Again we love you

  • Curtis says:

    Pamela rocks and L.A. has some of the best vegan options in America! Viva Los Angeles!

  • theo says:

    no i have never wondered what pamela anderson eats.

  • Gina says:

    There is more to Pamela than her bombshell image. I think she’s a shrewd business woman who’s very smart compassionate. Unlike that POS Sharon Stone she is not a self centered egomaniac. Pamela continues to give back what she’s earned to those who desperately need it the voiceless victims of our planet the animals. That earns her high marks in my book. Thank you Pamela you have a big heart.

  • Lancelot says:


  • Judith says:

    As I very seldom watch anything but the news and CSI I will certainly be tuning in to watch this lovely lady. Good luck Pamela! You rule! Peace for all animals!

  • W E Stewart says:

    Once in a while I surf on in to read what’s happening with PETA. I usually do this after I have seen read or experienced some sort of nasty cruelty to animals. I am an unabashedly lover of animals. I won’t go out of my way to even kill a snake let alone would I go to Africa and gun down a beautiful big cat! Never would it happen on my watch. I cringe when I think of someone actually contemplating a big hunt so they can hang their ego on the wall! I don’t have however a gripe with a person hunting to keep ones self and ones family fortified. But to go out and brag that you paid fifty thousand dollars to the state of Alaska to hunt a Brown Bear more money then brains! I’ve been to Alaska flew over it and took in the wild life fly fished and it was great. But I didn’t have any desire to go kill one of Gods creatures and hang the creatures head on the wall. Stupid! Really stupid! We have so many criminals in this country that I am amazed we havn’t imploded from all the crime and indecent behavior. Politicians are some of the worst at it. They authorize illegal business operations to exist and florish. They recive money from lobbists and then receive lucrative jobs after screwing the taxpayer over. Think about how much crime is covered over by NAFTA and treaties that allow other countries these countries have American business interest in them and that’s why the treaty it allows the American companies to operate outside our laws and export their ill gotten gains to be sold in this country as imported goods canned meats would be one of the biggest items! Wild animals like Tigers Lions all the big cats. Why should any one be allowed to keep a big cat like that. Only a Zoo and it better have a really big cat enclosure that is essentially a large fenced in wild area so the cats can live as in nature. This shall be for all animals in Zoos like it is in the wild or you can’t keep the animal period! Men can rape children women and the state of Vermont states that they can retrain them to be good citizens. If you believe that then your relly really naive and gullible and stupid. I pray every day for civility in the world I pray that my heart will be open and I will help my fellow man and I will do the utmost for all the animals I come into contact with. I pray that every manis this where I an supposed to write woman child old person and what not? PC run amuck will end his cruelty towards Gods creatures and become a steward of Mother Nature. As I write this there is a family of foxes not more then fifty yards from where I sit. I sometimes see them in my back yard while the deer are munching on the grass. They have a jolly good time and are free to enjoy their existence in nature. The birds chatter at the foxes and the squirrels raise hell with them cause Mr Bushy Tail knows to be sleeping on guard means a death sentence! Well anyway I wish PETA to fight the good fight and never give up. This struggle we have with life is meaningful as long as we do the right thing by man and Gods creatures. There are some men however that would be best never to have lived because of the great suffering by their hands and deeds! W E Stewart