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Pamela Anderson Vs. Finland. Round 1.

Written by PETA | June 21, 2007

finland_flag.gifAs Scandinavian countries go, Finland is actually pretty awesome. They’ve got some kickass modernist architecture, the world’s finest sauna technology, and—if you’re into bands that play Metallica covers on the cello (which, honestly, who isn’t?)—an unbeatable music scene. Unfortunately, Finland also kills more foxes for their fur than almost any other nation, and we’d really, really like for them to go ahead and just stop doing that. Enter the wonderful Pamela Anderson, who’s going to be visiting the country for the annual Rauma festival this year (Pam’s ancestry is Finnish), and who took the opportunity to raise the issue with Finland’s president, Tarja Halonen. You can read Pam’s letter here, and I’ll keep you posted on Tarja’s response. Thank you, Pamela, for everything that you do. Don’t forget to bring me back a souvenir.


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  • driss says:

    that is winderful just go ahead

  • Jouni says:

    Hello from Finland It was nice to see that such serious issues were brought up during the Finnish Midsummer festival period usually just a weekend to get really REALLY drunk. The problem with Finnish fur production is that it is widely considered just as a way of making business. People of course respect others’ right to make their living so it’s politically impossible to shut down the fur industry at short notice. However with peaceful campaigns not illegal activism which just in my opinion reinforces the public opinion about fur jobs being okay I believe we can gradually shrink the fur production in Finland and hopefully at some point get rid of it completely. The fashion trends and celebrities help a lot so thanks Pam loved your dress too

  • Carla says:

    I agree with corinne c. The animals in the leather industry are just as abused as the fur baring animals on the fur farms and need our commitment to end the torture of all animals raised for their flesh! Kedo’s to our Canadian friend Pamela Anderson!!

  • corinne clifford says:

    I think Pamela Anderson is a great person and everything she is doing to help all the animals on the planet. I totally agree with stopping animals being slaughtered for there fur and that big fashion companys are not selling fur products in there lines but what about leather????? thats animals skin!!!!!! and many stars say i would never wear fur but are always pictures in the latest hip and trendy leather shoes!!! and bags!!! its the same thing people!!!!!

  • Jane says:

    Pam’s work for animals is endless. She’s the best!

  • K says:

    She is so beautiful! Inside and out! That ad is gorgeous.

  • bobby shaidaie says:


  • Audra Sinlcair says:

    Pam is the finest celebrity to come out of Canada! Her outer beauty is equal to her inner beauty Thank you so much for being there for the animals!

  • anna bergalis says:

    Great ad Great person!

  • r w says:

    pam you are the most lovely person heart and soul. you are beloved! Thank you for your love and devotion to animals! Hope you have a great summer! Best wishes to you always and in everything! Hugs!

  • LeeZee says:

    Pam….you are ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!! with a heart of gold for your consideration and support for animal rights. Thanks for making the most of your celebrity status to helping out God’s Creatures. mmmwwwwwaaaaa

  • kris shulfer says:

    Kelly you said that right!! I love Pam and all she does for the animals not only is she gorgeous but she is someone that I personally look up too because of the great things she does with her celebrity!! Love Ya Pam!!

  • Maya says:

    People should know that Finland is way ahead of the game on certain animal rights and social issues. They have an egalitarian Nordic system. Tution is free at all universities. Their high school students are FIRST in literacy math and science and second in problem solving. That’s first WORLDWIDE not just in Europe. They also have serious freedom of religion and have preserved old Pagan traditions like no other nation in the world. Finland is a pioneer in sustainable energy. They use no fossil fuels. That’s right NO fossil fuels at all. Finland has over 180000 lakes and the country is home to many endangered animals like the wolverine who has more legal protection there than in bordering Russia. Nothing against the Russians. The Animal Lib Front has this article about animal rights in Finland and how it has made progress in the 1990s. For example more people are becoming vegetarian there. httpanimalliberationfront.comALFrontActionsFinlandFinnishARkids.htm I agree that fur should be protested but let’s not label the whole country. They’re way ahead of us on environmenatal causes and protecting endangered species and they put us all to shame when it comes to sustainability.

  • doug says:

    pam im single! i love her soo much….

  • rojo says:

    The fox hunters should come to Australia foxes have a devastating impact on our native fauna.

  • MIKE says:

    I think Pam should be the very first person placed in the PETA Hall of Fame. Pam you RawK!!

  • Kelley says:

    What a wonderful example of a famous person giving back to our society. Unlike many other donothing celebrities who spend their days shopping and their nights going to clubs Pam is making the world a better place for all creatures through her compassion.

  • Golden Ray says:

    Pamela Anderson’s great work for animals shall never be forgotten i think she shall enter history on the same page together with Brigitte Bardot! I really adore these two women!