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Pamela Anderson Takes on the Royals

Written by PETA | July 28, 2011

Pamela Anderson was as perplexed as we were to learn that despite Denmark‘s recent ban on cruel fox-fur farms, some in the country’s royal family still wear fur. Perhaps the Queen is harking back to her girlhood, when fur was integral to the royal robes, but since she enjoys all the other trappings of a modern life, it’s time to lay cruel stodgy fashions to rest. Pam penned a letter to Queen Margrethe II explaining that all fur means animal suffering

Undercover investigations into fur farms have shown cruelty to animals across the board, from Denmark to the United States. Most fur comes from China, where animals—including dogs and cats—are bludgeoned and even skinned alive for their fur, as seen in this short video. Minister Eva Kjer Hansen of Denmark stated, ‘Mink breeders break animal welfare rules. And that is unacceptable.’ Animals trapped in the wild are no better off: Many suffer for hours and even chew off their own limbs to escape.

Hopefully, Queen Margrethe II will join the scores of leading ladies, including Michelle Obama and Carla Bruni, who refuse to wear fur. Until she does, we have a feeling she hasn’t heard the last from Pam.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • vicky says:

    i agree the “queen” and all her guards where the typical headdress n its always been bear fur! im sure there has to be a different way , this day and age i would have thought our uk government would have banned this by now its wrong !

  • Helena says:

    Trust the Royals to live in their own world. Good on you Pam!!!!!

  • Sonja says:

    Good on you Pam these people are a disgrace as are the Royals in the UK, none of then give a stuff about an animals suffering they are scum these people.

  • Tofu Jones says:

    Thank you!

  • kandie cook says:

    i love the comment… ‘fur is worn by beautiful animals and ugly/stupid people’… whoever thought of that one needs to put it on bumper stickers the world over! it’s soooo true!



  • Janice says:

    I hear a lot about the fur industry, but rarely (if ever) hear anything about the leather industry. Doesn’t it deserve equal time? After all, people seem to refuse to give up wearing leather, because it’s so cool to wear leather, and it looks sexy. It looks better on the animal that was killed for it than it does on a human or a piece of furniture.

  • Penelope Ryan says:

    I wish anyone who wears animal fur would be skinned alive!!!!!!!

  • CARMEN CELEA says:

    stop killing animals !!!!!!!

  • Ruth says:

    Pamela you are a kind heart Lady, and I thank you for all your wonderful work in helping animals!

  • Christos christophy says:

    Denmark its a modern and forward thinking country. Please stop wearing fur and set an example to the rest of three country

  • Shirley says:

    Ali has it right. What people forget is that animals are absolutely necessary to this planet’s survival, and they have as much right to be here, without persecution, as any human.

  • Rev. Meg says:

    For a people that turned their backs on English and European royalty 235 years ago, some Americans spend a lot of time looking over their shoulders at it! Somehow I doubt that Queen Margrethe II, whose name I only know through the PETA site, cares what Pamela Anderson thinks about anything, let alone fur. If the people of Denmark want their Queen to stop wearing fur, let the people of Denmark put the pressure on her. I am concentrating my pressure about being fur free on the people living in and governing my country, the United States of America.

  • Audrey Hill says:

    Fur coats are worn by beautiful animals & ugly people

  • Laila Rosenqvist says:

    Leave the wild animals in the free nature fare away from us people and fur farm!

  • anu dutt says:

    thanx pamela…the queen should be aware of the disgusting cruelty animals have to go thru for their passion…how do they even sleep in the night…high time they became humane and not just remain human…

  • Susan Pew says:

    Right on! What century are you in England with you hunting foxes and wearing fur? You all should be electrocuted to see if it is Ok with you! They eat Foie Gras over there too without blinking an eye.

  • S says:

    Poor little fox. I wonder if the fur wearers have seen this. This is where your fur comes from. Fur worn by humans is a badge of cruelty.

  • isabella rottura says:

    If anyone can get anything done Pammy can, we love u and ur the voice for our beautiful creatures we need u

  • Christine says:

    Pamela is so beautiful inside and out! Thanks, Pam for all you do for animals! Go vegan, it will make you beautiful too!

  • Theresa says:

    Now this is what “gross display of wealth” means to me. Thanks to Pamela for her work with PETA – it’s an inspiration.

  • Ali says:

    save the animals, please, they are so important for our planet!

  • Elisabete Sales says:


  • Allan Fay Larsen says:

    Yes all the danish royals wear fur. And they eat foie gras.

  • Alexandra Gierlachowski says:

    No one should wear real fur!

  • John says:

    The world is not right.

  • tania martinez says:

    cruelity from humans to animals, is a reflection of nonconcious, please stop these people, humans should care for our planet, animals are a very important thing in our planet, they are not a source luxury, please, change this wrong vision

  • Love says:

    Thank you Pamela Anderson for helping animals. Queen Margrethe 11 stop wearing fur. Wear faux not fur

  • vera says:

    against fur

  • César Augusto Lorenzo says:

    Please, for people who keep on wearing fur…imagine if it were you own skin! Imagine you beeing born to be killed and used! Stop it! Be human Be fur free!

  • Lisa says:

    How could you live with yourself knowing that what you are wearing was because of a suffering of a innocent animal. That makes me sick

  • Saucy says:

    Pamela. She is so brave. Thank you Pamela for using your beauty and brains; fame, to teach the world to feel.

  • Alex says:

    awful! thats so bad!

  • busschots says:

    bravo madame,, continuer votre beau combat,,,, de tout coeur avec vous ,,,!!!

  • Alex Casha says:


  • dore elisabeth says:

    bravo a ces dames

  • alisa says:

    Animals inhumane treatment just so others can adorn their fur is narcissistic and cruel. Stop this insane way of trying to make a statement. The statement is not a positive one about ones self who wears animal fur.

  • Nathalie Punsar says:

    Thank you Pamela!!

  • karine says:

    WTF!!! Do U have a heart or what??? Let them be…FREE