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Pamela Anderson to Meat-Eaters: Guilty!

Written by PETA | February 25, 2011

You know it’s going to be fun when longtime PETA pal Pamela Anderson and PETA’s 2009 Woman of the Year Ellen DeGeneres get together. When Pamela appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday, precocious Pam showed that she can toss an animal rights message into any situation as easily as she can stop traffic

Pam told Ellen that the night before the show, she had to call the courthouse to find out if she was needed for jury duty. “I don’t think I’d be a very good juror,” Pamela admitted. “You know, ‘If you’re not vegetarian—guilty!'”

Ellen, a vegan herself, burst out laughing along with the audience, and Ellen later complimented Pam on all the great work she does for animals. And look who’s talking, Ellen—animals are crazy about you too. If ever there were a green room we’d like to hang out in, this one takes the vegan cake.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Shadow Karma says:

    Reply to comment from isa. Yes those people in China are terrible-but American meat-eaters(enablers) are just as bad. Meat eaters are paying assassins to do the dirty work. People who wear fur are beneath comment.

  • ocean17 says:

    yes go Pamela Anderson. she does amazing work for the animals, she is a long time PETA supporter and activist. and yes if ellen is a vegan then she needs to get the animal acts off her show. sad commentary on our lopsided judicial system. in the spirit of ahimsa, peace.

  • isa says:

    Pammy and Ellen!..I love you girls to death. Please please peta, help us fight this catastrophic fur farm in china that we witnessed not long ago. God! what kind of people are out there, where do they come from? We were not prepared for the graphic warning label. Wow!..Believe me, it still haunts us………so PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! This has to stop NOW..NOW!.. We will send letters and contact who we have to but this country needs a revolution…..BIG TIME!! No living kind and innocent being deserves this treatment………..NONE!

  • Ashley_G says:

    I love that Ellen is a vegan, but she shouldn’t have people like Jack Hannah with his commodified animals on her show. PETA should set up a link where Ellen’s fans can send her emails asking her to get animal acts off her show.

  • Summer says:

    Nice work. A big heart for animals is great.

  • Aneliese says:

    Pam and Ellen are both so amazing for animals!

  • dragonblaze420 says: