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Pam Anderson Gets Motors Running in NYC

Written by PETA | May 2, 2011

PETA Honorary Director Pamela Anderson was in New York City this weekend asking people to choose cool cars over cruel carriages. Pam posed in a beautiful 1936 Lincoln convertible, promoting Intro. 86, a New York City Council bill that would replace controversial horse-drawn carriages with charming eco-friendly classic cars.

Unlike horses, cars don’t suffer when they are forced to work in all weather extremes. At the end of the day, cars don’t mind being parked in a garage, while horses mind very much being crammed into tiny stalls, unable even to lie down comfortably.

Glee star Lea Michele, a vocal opponent of horse-drawn carriages, tweeted to Pam her support for Intro. 86: “I’m in NY (New York) right now and it is devastating to see these horses on these busy streets at all hours. Wish this would end….”

If Intro. 86 passes, carriage drivers will get first dibs on jobs as drivers of the romantic classic cars. And long-suffering horses will get first dibs on a well-deserved retirement. Sign PETA’s petition asking the New York City Council to ban horse-drawn carriages.
Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Ralpy, they will be alternative fuel powered. And Pam is looking as foxy as ever.

  • Jannette says:

    Please note that the proposed plan is for ELECTRIC classic cars to replace the abused horses. A win-win for the environment and the horses!

  • MA Moore says:

    Thank you dear Pamela! Sending Vegan hugs and kisses!

  • Jan Whiteley says:

    Please may Intro 86 be passed so these horses can be retired and looked after for the rest of their lives. I would be much happier being driven through the streets of New York in a car than making these animals suffer.

  • John Ulrich says:

    This is a GREAT alternative to horse drawn carriages. There is no reason not to pass Intro. 86

  • Mystico Verdi says:

    What a GREAT way to stand up for banning horse-drawn carriages in NYC. I have lived in NYC all my life and truly do find it heartbreaking that horses must endure such torture on a daily basis. I wouldn’t mind taking that Lincoln for a ride mostly because I love old fashioned cars, but the cruelty must go!

  • Jay says:

    Canadian-born Pam would urge all fellow Canucks to vote in today’s federal election. Only the Green Party will end the seal slaughter. If you haven’t voted yet, GO!!!