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Pamela Anderson Bowls Over an Austrian Official–Then Has a Ball

Written by PETA | May 21, 2009


dhakamirror / CC
Pamela Anderson

This past weekend, Pamela Anderson was in Austria with Bill Clinton, Eva Longoria, and Katy Perry for Vienna’s annual Life Ball AIDS benefit. But before she wowed the Life Ball crowd in her gold bikini, Pam bared her heart of gold, behind closed doors, to Austria’s justice minister, Claudia Bandion-Ortner.

Bandion-Ortner invited Pamela to meet with her after the bombshell’s letter urging the minister to stop stifling free speech made front-page news. See, the Austrian police are trying to classify all animal rights groups as “criminals,” despite the fact that very few engage in illegal activities. In her letter, Pamela made compelling points against such blanket persecution, noting that the Austrian government seemed to be behaving more like a dictatorship than a democracy. The minister assured Pam that she’d monitor the situation—and that there would be no witch hunt on her watch. Then she stood beside the blonde babe and smiled as staffers snapped away with their cameras.

Pamela and PETA’s Dan Mathews then high-tailed it to the Life Ball, where Pam wriggled into her bikini and opened the festivities.

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Darlene says:

    Is it true that Pamela Anderson is opening a Steakhouse in the U.S. soon?

  • Matt says:

    Well said Jake. Elaborating on the comparing of species everyday all animal rights organizations compare the emotions to those of humans. If we didn’t we could not use the words love suffer etc. And yes Pam does look very good in that top

  • anne says:

    letter by jake was very interesting i became veggie after eating meat all my life then one day i decided i was going vegan i was worried that i might fail but it opened up a whole new world i wished i had do it sooner. it goes without saying ethical first but i feel really healthyand have a clear conscienceno going back ever.

  • Carla says:

    jake Well said!!

  • trish says:

    I support PETA 100 . However I’m baffled that pam Anderson claims to have been a vegan all her life. Does anyone but me remember her saying fried chicken was her favorite food in her first playboy pictorial? ! Don’t get me wrong… She does amazing work…. And I do like her as a person. I just feel more inspired by folks u can say the truth. Maybe I’m wrong… But I don’t think so!!

  • jake says:

    to simara when peta has celebrity spokespeople they are speaking up for that particular campaign and not any other peta campaign. if someone speaks up against fur then that is used solely for the antifur campaign and no other campaign. thats why they get different celebrities to advocate against different campaigns that they stand up for. when promoting vegetarianism rather than vegan it is because not many ppl are willing to give up every animal product right away. if you start by promoting vegetarianism ppl may try it as a step towards something good and then they can move on to being vegan. for the sea kittens campaign peta wants to compare fish to kittens because not many ppl view fish as creatures with pain suffering feelingsetcif you compare them to an animal that everyone is familiar with and thinks is cute and has all the same charactersitics as a fish then more ppl will realize that there really is no difference between ur seafood and your housepet both think suffer love etc. lastly peta doesnt PROMOTE killing healthy animals it is because many are scarred mentally physically phychologically and do not have healthy homes to stay in. many are forgotten about and left to rot while still being alive. if you dont think that an animal like that deserves to be euthanized humanely then YOU need to take on the responsibility of adopting that animal and stop BUYING animals from breeders. YOU need to stop it and stop putting the pressure on PETA for your ignorance.

  • Curtis says:

    Pam looks just amazing in that PETA shirt!

  • Brien Comerford says:

    The vivacious Pamela Anderson is very effective at promoting animal rights causes.

  • simara says:

    hello and good day I think many of your campaigns are so fantastic and it is great how PETA goes after other organizations officials and companies who support animal crueltythis is the side of PETA i support and admire that is why it is so confusing that there is another side to PETA that is hypercritical. propagates animal cruelty and sends people mixed messages such as how 90 of your spokes people aka the celebrities in your capaigns are most often NOT vegan in fact you will have some one who speaks out against fur and than wears leather or some one who speaks out for getting animals fixed but is a huge fur advocateor promotes an abusive lifestyle that is self destructive you also promote some Vegan life choices but push vegetarianism which is hardly better than a flesh easting diet as dairy is still contributing to millions of animals being tortured you ask people to view fish as kittens which is similar to asking people to view African Americans as dark white people instead of seeing them as their own unique beautiful species lastly you promote killing healthy animals based on the unfortunate fact that they are homeless when you have been approached by myself and others on these points you have answered back with excuses instead of taking into consideration that PETA though is doing a lot of good may alos be doing a lot of harm with all your mixed messages and low standards for your own organization this makes it difficult for Vegan animal activists to stand beside PETA . I encourage you to please take these points to heart and make some well needed changes within your organization thank you for your time and all you do otherwise that is good Simara Rose

  • Kurt K says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t Pamella Anderson opening a New York Strip Club? As in a steak house. Can somebody confirm or deny that?