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Pamela Anderson Aids Victims of Oil Disaster

Written by PETA | July 30, 2010

The Gulf oil catastrophe has been hard on all animals, including the countless dogs and cats who have been surrendered at Louisiana animal shelters because their guardians have lost their jobs or left the area. But thanks to the generosity of our very own Pamela Anderson, dozens of dogs will be getting a lift from crowded shelters in Louisiana to Virginia this weekend. Pamela has paid for the dogs’ local adoption, spay or neuter surgery, and flea treatment costs and will be helping volunteers walk the dogs before their journey north. Once the dogs arrive in Virginia, PETA will be holding an adopt-a-thon with the Virginia Beach SPCA in order to place the dogs in loving new homes. Special thanks also go out to American Airlines and Southwest Airlines for flying in PETA volunteers free of charge from both sides of the country to help with the dogs’ move.

Want to help? The most important action we can take is to have our animals spayed or neutered in order to prevent more animals from ending up homeless and to help ensure that animal shelters have room to accommodate animals who are victims of disasters. Louisiana residents who are ready to open their hearts and homes to one of these dogs can learn about adopting at, and Virginia residents can visit

Stay tuned for photos of Pamela and the dogs!

Written by Lindsay Pollard-Post

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  • Lisa says:

    BP has pied me off for the last time. I just saw recent photos of birds turtles even helpless hermit crabs trapped in the oil they allowed into the Gulf. They disgust me. If they really are so concerned about what they’ve done we wouldn’t need people like Pamela down there. We’d have all those havoc wreaking CEOs down there cleaning it up themselves.

  • Mary says:

    Stephanieit is a bit over the top to compare pets to children. Pets do deserve to be treated humanely. When a huge disaster like this happens and is still continuing today it is up to us to behave kindly towards our animals. Hopefully a family unable to care for their pet can find another family who can or a shelter who can take them in…and not simply abandon them. I hope there are lots of adoptive pet families out there for these poor pets.

  • Evie Wilson says:

    Thank You Pamela Anderson. That’s wonderful!

  • Petra says:

    Thank you PETA and Pamela! We love you!

  • MA Moore says:

    YEAH! Thank you dear Pamela Ingrid and PETA! Sending lots of love and Vegan hugs and kisses!

  • Stephanie says:

    Thank you Pamela for helping these poor creatures. I understand what awful circumstances these people were put into and I don’t want anyone to have an animal that they can’t care for. But it always leaves me wondering has anyone in the Gulf turned over their children to an orphanage because they feel they can’t care for them? I’m guessing not. I just hate that animals are expendable for so many people.