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Pam Anderson Unveils ‘Save the Seals’ Campaign in Toronto

Written by PETA | October 23, 2009

Considering that Canadian-born Pamela Anderson is queen of the reveal and a best friend to PETA and animals, we could think of no one better to help us unveil our “Save the Seals” ad series* outside the Ontario Legislative Building this morning.



Pamela is in Toronto for Fashion Week, and has been advocating for an end to the seal slaughter every chance she gets. Last night she strutted down the runway for her A*Muse fashion line in a onesie emblazoned with the slogan “The Seal Hunt Sucks.” And this morning, she and PETA V.P. Dan Mathews did an interview with Canada AM, a national T.V. talk show.

At this morning’s event, Pamela appeared beside a “baby seal” and unveiled her sexy new PETA ad for her fellow Canadians. She told everyone on hand, “I can only hope that … the international outcry will force the Canadian government to end this shameful practice. Canadians aren’t cruel and indifferent, but our leaders have been on this issue.”

In the new ad series, celebrities from around the world call for an end to the annual massacre of baby seals—the largest mass murder of marine mammals in the world. These ads have already begun appearing in entertainment magazines, on blogs, and in tweets in many languages.

(Shhh … Did you hear that? It was the collective groan from Canadian officials upon realizing they’ll be getting zero time off from responding to complaints, as a direct result of these ads.)

Written by Karin Bennett

*Want to rock the style of Pamela and so many other celebs? You can own that limited-edition “Save the Seals” tee by clicking here.

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  • shawn says:

    is that pam with her cloths on hard to know her with her cloths on

  • lucia says:

    save the seals what have they done to you that has changed your life so much to whanting to kill them its just not right!!!

  • The_James says:

    I notice it says “massacre of baby seals” on this blog. The Seal Hunters don’t walk around slaughtering baby seals exclusively. I’m sure it happens but the majority are adult seals with larger appetites.

  • stop the seal murder says:

    pam is the greatest on this planet and behind her are hosts of shining stars! i hope that this horrible baby massacre can be stoped at once! stars and folks united should achieve this goal!!!

  • Tammy says:

    I love Pam! Thanks Girl.You Rock! I just ordered a shirt. Can’t wait to get it.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    That’s a lot of celebrities opposing the seal huntthanks to all of you. Canada should have been smart enough to pack it in when the EU told us to take a hikebut no. This campaign will help keep up the pressure on the admittedly slowwitted stubbornassed Canadian officials.

  • Katie Cunningham says:

    I am so glad that Pamela Andreson did that. Everytime I think of the seal hunt I am disgusted and knowing that the Canadian Government is doing nothing about it makes me hate Canada even more. Those poor seals don’t deserve what is done to them they deserve live just like people do. Hopefully one day soon the Government will come to their senses and do something about it.

  • Michele says:

    Pamela and Dan are just wonderful individuals! Keep up the fight against the horrific commercial seal hunt. Great Canada AM interview Pam Dan and Richie! From a fellow Canadian who is against the commercial seal slaughter…

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Pamela is one of the trippiest animal loving vegetarians of them all. She’s vivacious compassionate strident sensual and she’s been at her share of wild parties. Pamela rocks!

  • NT says:

    So proud of Pam!!!

  • Cray says:

    Karin our politicians don’t answer complaints their secretaries do.