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Pam Anderson, Sam Simon Visit Sealers With Million-Dollar Offer

Written by Evan Lambert | December 17, 2013

Sam Simon and Pamela Anderson with Million Dollar Check© Sandra Lee

The Simpsons producer and die-hard animal activist Sam Simon may be terminally ill, but that didn’t stop him from jetting to frosty St. John’s, Newfoundland, this week to make an offer he hopes sealers can’t refuse. The television titan joined Pamela Anderson and PETA Senior Vice President Dan Mathews this afternoon to present the Canadian Sealers Association with a colossal million-dollar check, which the association may cash only if it facilitates a government buyout of the faltering commercial seal trade. Details of the offer can be seen in Simon’s full letter.

Simon’s offer comes on the heels of the World Trade Organization’s decision last month to uphold the EU’s ban on seal-fur imports.

Sam Simon Million Dollar Check© Sandra Lee

“Unlike recent government seal bailouts benefiting a foreign-owned fur processor, this money would go directly to Canadian sealers,” Simon wrote in a letter that he hand-delivered, alongside Anderson, to Canadian Sealers Association President Eldred Woodford.

Sam Simon and Pam Anderson Million Dollar Check to End Seal Slaughter© Sandra Lee

“With bans firmly in place across Europe, Russia, the U.S., and other countries, the writing is on the wall: The seal trade is finished,” Simon continues. “[Y]et Canadian politicians remain too timid to initiate a buyout for fear of upsetting swing voters in eastern Canada—and because they don’t seem to care about individual sealers. That’s why I’m appealing to you as a trade leader to break the ice and prompt a buyout like those that helped asbestos miners, tobacco farmers, and workers in other collapsed industries.”

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  • noreenv says:

    To me, Sam Simon and Pamela Anderson are heroes. They could be spending their money on themselves, taking extended vacations, etc. Instead, they use their time and money to help for those who cannot fight for themselves. You two are my heroes. I do my best to advocate on behalf of animals, every chance I get. Thank you!

  • Thank You sooooooooooo much Sam Simon, and Pamela Anderson for donating that to the ending of hunting of those beautiful seals. They were put on this earth for a good reason. For us to enjoy looking at the beauty of them, and learn more about them, and making sure our children learn about them, because they are our future.

  • Dana says:

    THANK YOU!!!

  • K Hartley says:

    A huge thank you and big hugs to Sam Simon and Pamela Anderson for doing something real and concrete and workable to end the barbaric seal hunt. Thank you for using your fame and money for a really important cause! You are taking a stand for positive change that our greedy, self serving politicians have not had the backbone to do in spite of tremendous public opposition to this hunt. Thank you!

  • Nat says:

    Kind hearted people. Thank you!

  • CHERYL Greenslade says:

    So nice to see celebs using their fame and money for good…thanks Pamela….

  • Charles T. says:

    So sad that we have to bribe people to be ethical – but whatever it takes to save the wildlife – good job PETA, PAM and SAM!! Let’s pray that there is no recidivism when the money runs out…….. Boycott tourism, including ski trips, to Canada until their govt. grows some antlers and preserves the wildlife that we all travel to see.

  • maria rigsby says:

    Congratulations Ms Anderson we should have more people like you,I’m an animal activist, the only problem is I have no money to help the way I want but I help a little with Wspa, Canadian organization

  • Crystal Hill says:

    Simon and Pam, a huge THANK YOU!

  • Rafael says:

    I’m so proud of them for stepping forward…..

  • Deb Novak says:

    “You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give.”
    –Winston Churchill
    Please sealers make a living, giving to these innocent, beautiful creations. They have their own predators they do not need humans to be predators , do they??? Love you Pam and Simon, Hugs and hugs and prayer to you both!

  • anne dominguez says:

    Thank you Ms. Anderson, you are one in a million and to Mr. Simon for an amazing effort to save these innocent animals.

  • Laurie Semenchuk says:

    PS Here is to Ms. Anderson who has been a tireless marauder against the cruelty to animals. Ms. Anderson has chosen a perfect fight. Will it not be wonderful when the fight is over and all humans understand their error. Have a wonderful and Merry Christmas Ms. Anderson, to you and your family. Peace

  • Laurie Semenchuk says:

    Thank God for sensible and caring people as Mr. Simon who has resources to make a dent in the horrible deaths of innocent animals. Glad to see you in Canada, although Canada is rapidly letting itself become the KILL KAPITAL OF THE PLANET. (horses) Peace.