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Oxfam’s Lousy Idea

Written by PETA | November 20, 2007

Oxfam is a wonderful organization and they do a lot of great things, but their recent attempts to make money by hurting animals need to stop ASAP. Unfortunately, Oxfam has recently begun exploiting people’s compassion and generosity by sending them gift catalogs full of adorable looking animals who can be “donated” to impoverished people. Now, everybody likes cute animals, but there’s something particularly sordid about using their images in a fundraising scheme that involves shipping them off to countries with no animal welfare standards, where they will be neglected, starved, and killed in horrific ways. As effective as this little stunt may be for Oxfam’s Membership Department, there are much better ways to alleviate global poverty that don’t victimize animals—and they damn well know it.

Please take a moment to learn more about our efforts to encourage Oxfam to do the right thing, and send them an e-mail about this misguided campaign, by clicking here.

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  • DeCoria says:

    Oxfam is a horrible charity that spends most of it’s money on admin costs anyway.

  • Margo says:

    As a primary agriculture producer I feel strongly that giving people food is not a long term answer. Providing them with a means to produce their own food is. This program was intended not as a handout but rather a handup. Sitting anywhere in North America does not grant us the right to comment on the foods that their cultures consume traditionally. They don’t havethe right to abolish say fast food restaurant type meals for us! They need a start. A beginning because they have nothing.

  • Shirley Wold says:

    I have supported Oxfam in the past as well as donating. I have to say I am appalled that animals are given to poor people who don’t always want them can’t take care of them properly and will likely kill them in in cruel ways. If Oxfam wants to help why keep spending donated funds on middle management salaries? If they want to provide food make it Vegetarian. Stop exploiting animals!

  • Lucy says:

    Oxfam doesn’t SEND aniamals overseas you nincompoops! They send MONEY overseas so that poor people can buy livestock from LOCAL markets to boost local economy. The Unwrapped gift aslo covers vet costs and livestock care training. You really are a daft lot!

  • Kim says:

    Don’t these programs simply send animals to help out with farm labor? I’m pretty sure the families are discouraged from killing the animals for food… it might occur sometimes but all in all the animals help out with the agriculture. And it’s not like a cow raised in a small pen without light in the U.S. is being treated that well either.

  • Liz says:

    Well aren’t the animals in third world countries that oxfam send over suffering exactly the same as the people? What about the people who benifit? Sending vegetarian foods is NOT the answer. They are not a nutritious and can’t breed.

  • oscar says:

    All of the comments here I’m afraid are very poorly informed. Oxfam does not “send” any animals anywhere. Most animals are redistributed in their local communities and as part of this they receive animal health treatment and their new owners who depend on the animals to survive know how to look after their animals. Unwrapped is so much more than just a goat there are more than 60 poverty reducing gifts available and a goat is just one.

  • rojo says:

    judith depends where your daughter visited. for instance the maasai tribes consume largely a diet of meat milk and fresh blood.

  • Brandon Becker says:

    Oxfam supports an ideology of human superiority and domination. Other animals exist for their own purposes and should not be bought and sold as commodities. We animal rights advocates are the new abolitionists. It is time to shut the slave trade down!

  • Jim says:

    Don’t forget sometimes animals can eat vegatation that humans cannot eat. An example would be that cattle can graze on sagebrush but you wouldn’t want to have a sagebrush salad.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    My daughter spent 3 months in Africa. For those months she helped these people plant healthy Gardens. Very very seldom do they eat meat. My daughter read this and shook her head and said if they don’t get it now they never will.

  • Carla says:

    Oxfam replyed to my email! They asked why I was so against sending animals to poor places where people have impoverished living conditions. And I asked if they can tell me how they would be able to look after these animals when they are living in impoverty. I mean these animals are living and breathing too Come on send them food and clean water like we do when disaster srikes areas you don’t see us sending them live animals to those places!

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    This is almost as bad as campaigns that destroy or damage private property or vilify parents to young children your mommy kills animals!! or compares factory farms to Nazi concentration camps or slave ships. Almost. Be careful about the stones you throw peta. I would contend that any campaign that leads to hungry people being fed is likely good.

  • Ana says:

    Chelsea I am a great supporter of food for Life. They serve delicious fresh vegetarianvegan meals to many people in need. Everyone benefits particularly the animals who are not killed mercilessly and violently all in the name of “food”. Oxfam is a sham.

  • Canaduck says:

    As a monthly donor to Oxfam I am really disturbed by this and am considering moving my donation to a better charity.

  • linda R. Norris says:

    there is another organization doing this besides Oxfam. i received theri catalogue a few year’s ago. When I wrote to the President he told me the animals were looked in on and well cared for ..HA!! I doubt it very much…..

  • Blaine says:

    I’ve heard what you foul people do and I dont like it one bit

  • Chelsea says:

    I am all for helping people in need but I’ve always felt uneasy about organizations who send farm animals to thirdworld countries. A great charitable organization that helps the hungry is Food For Life They send vegetarian foods to starving people and this way they are actually combating the problem not contributing to it. It’s better for the environment people and the animals.