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Overheard: Celebrity Gossip (Feb. 24, 2012)

Written by PETA | February 24, 2012

Before you head out to see Justin Theroux‘s new film, Wanderlust, check out his PETA anti-chaining public service announcement. In the ad, Theroux appears alongside his beloved best friend, Pooma (who has since passed away), to urge people to allow their dogs to live indoors:

Elsewhere in Hollywood, Russell Brand is reportedly in puppy love. The Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity alum was spotted cuddling and petting rescued dogs at an adoption event in Beverly Hills.

Fellow adoption advocate Amanda Seyfried gushed about her rescued one-eyed cat, Fran, on Chelsea Lately, while Michael Clarke Duncan filled Jay Leno in on the delish vegetarian dishes that his girlfriend, Omarosa, has been cooking up for him.

What do vampires think about fur? That it sucks, of course. Before you “wha-wha” me, read this: Tweeting about his foundation’s anti-fur petition, Ian Somerhalder wrote: “Fur sucks…Really. … Furs: Animals being killed so you can wear your new fox coat ….” Is it just me, or does Ian Somerhalder smolder hotter every day?

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  • animalrescue says:

    I think I read recently that the vacuous Kardashian girl is importing Chinese fur for her clothing line. Is this true? I don’t know where to ask. Wear her clothes and it will have dog or cat fur or worse, some endangered animals? Why is this woman not just refused coverage? Has she ever said anything interesting?