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Ouch! Animals Bite Back

Written by PETA | July 1, 2011

Animals are mad, and they’re not going to take it anymore. Here’s the most recent crop of stories about animals who have turned the tide on their tormenters:

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Jewel says:

    … Wow. Way to be jerks, PETA. I think I’ll take my support elsewhere. No way I want to support people this hypocritical about compassion. 😐

  • Ash says:

    I think animal rights are good, and I am all for PETA, but I am very sad about the people that got injured or died within these articles. As many people who have commented on these artcles have said, it wasn’t stated that there was any mistreatment of animals. Yes, I can see PETA’s perspective on this, but I also see other people’s comments about human life and injuries. I am very sympathetic for the people that were harmed or died in these articles, and I pay my respect to them and their families, but animals were involved in this, so I am guessing that this is why PETA has written about it? I am very sorry if I offended anyone with my comment.

  • Andrea says:

    Come on, PETA! this is very distasteful! The story about the woman who was killed my the cow while trying to protect her grandson was very sad. There were no signs that the cows were being abused or mistreated. The only thing I read about the treatment of the cows was that they normally got fed ears of corn. I’m all for bringing awarness to animal abuse, such as the circus. I even posted stories about the mistreatment of elephants used in circuses to my local news stations. If this were to happen to my mom, and PETA posted a story saying that animals wern’t going to take it anymore, I would be very upset. Especially the story about bees, which my mom is allergic to them.

  • Frank says:

    Absolutely shameful. Animals turn the tide on their tormenters? Seriously? The man killed by the cobra was an animal conservationalist, he was protecting a species of snake, an animal conservationalist is a tormenter in PeTA’s eyes? The woman killed by the cow was feeding the animal with her grandson, She tried to protect her grandson from a charging cow. I suppose taking care of an animal is also torment, and the fact that she put herself inharms way to protect her grandson is worthy of being labeled a tormentor of animals. Shame on PeTA for making light of these people’s deaths. I find it highly disturbing that an organization demanding compassion for animals has so little compassion for human life.

  • msk says:

    Your link to the article about the “mama cow” involves a woman being KILLED, while her 1 year old grandson was present. Posting a link like that–when a woman was killed while her one year old grandson had to watch, and could have been hurt himself–seems rather tasteless, especially given the context you have this story in. I’m disappointed, PETA.

  • Janelly says:

    People who mess with animals in their enviroment deserve it!! We wouldn’t like it if people invaded our homes to watch us and poke us.

  • Marc says:

    It’s the risks involved that make such things worthwhile.

  • JKG says:

    Shame on you guys! You gotta have a screw loose to be so disrespectful about the elderly couple and the bees. Plus a few other things. They didn’t deserve to get killed!! What were they supposed to do? Let the bees take over their house? I’m sure you would do that? Wouldn’t ya? DOUBT IT!

  • brieLOVEScosmo says:

    Just because someone was spraying insecticide doesn’t mean they deserve to be stung to death. You cannot live in a house that’s infested with bees or have them anywhere near your home because they will attack you eventually. And none of this “if you don’t bother them they won’t bother you” stuff. my mom was just walking donw the sidewalk with my puppy and a bee stung her. I just think it is mean to imply that he got what he deserved by being stung to death. that’s all 🙂

  • Frost1986 says:

    I wouldn’t class the man who was killed by a snake bite just before the opening of the snake sanctuary as a ‘tormenter’ – he was opening it to ensure that certain endangered species did not become extinct. He was a true animal lover and conservationist.

  • Elizabeth says:

    Ok…how were the cows and bees being tormented in these stories?

  • Matt says:

    This is mostly examples of idiots being idiots, worthy of the Darwin awards.

  • mallory says:

    I’m all about treating animals ethically, but glorifying the tragic death of humans as animal “payback” is inappropriate.

  • C. Upton says:

    Please, read the articles before you post your “payback” type comments. These are not situations where animals are fighting back against human inflicted oppression; most are about stupid people, but there are a couple that are just sad to read if you have an ounce of sympathy toward your own species. Supporting PETA’s efforts should be about equality between species and understanding that: if it cries, it has feelings that need to be respected.

  • jietg37 says:

    This is a completely inappropriate article that is outrageously disrespectful to the families of these many individuals who have been killed or injured in accidents with animals. Several of the referenced articles about these people’s deaths contain no evidence whatsoever that the victims were mistreating their animals. This is by no means a way to promote animal rights. PETA should delete this article immediately; it was written in a flippant tone with total disregard for these deceased humans’ right to respect.

  • Kaitlyn says:

    wow, this article is cruel and harsh. i mean, im normally pro-peta, but this is wrong. now, dont get me wrong, some of these people deserved what they got. but really? an elderly couple cleaning thier house? and a snake conservationist killed by the species hes trying to protect? come on peta, to say these people were “animal tormentors” and to say they deserved what they got is immature and will lose you much needed support.

  • Fiona Dunne says:

    PETA, this is a low blow. I feel that we can delight in productive victories like e.g. getting the “Ag gag” lifted. However this post just seems nasty and vindictive. And not all the victims had been hurting the animals involved.

  • Patty Miller says:

    Kudos to the bear for trying. He still got dead for his effort. I believe hunters deserve everything they get…….and probably a lot more. Quote from the article: The victim’s brother Nate told online news website Alaska Dispatch that the horrific incident lasted less than a minute. “It took [no] more than 30 seconds from the time the bear attacked Wes until the bear was dead,” he said. “It was a big, old boar. It obviously had ulterior motives. It was hell bent on doing damage,” he added. The BEAR was “hell bent on doing damage”?!?!?!? What the hell were the men “hell bent” on? The poor bear was just defending itself. Hunters are evil people.

  • Kris says:

    Disgusting article in general. Not all the source articles are proofed; some of which have nothing to do with animal cruelty, but bad luck and tragedy. Toxic and shows lack of compassion. Totally disgusted and becoming anti PETA with articles such as this being posted.

  • Kore says:

    Wow! I’m a little disappointed in reading these stories. The woman that was observing and feeding cows is killed? How is she endangering animals? A couple is killed by bees by moving an item in their house? Seems a little morbid of a posting.