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Osteen’s Flock to Protect Pigs This Easter?

Written by PETA | April 6, 2012

In its former incarnation as a sports and concert venue, the building that now houses Houston’s Lakewood Church must have been witness to the consumption of countless hot dogs, hamburgers, and other meaty foods. But if a recent PETA proposal is accepted, a bit of that carnivorous record could be offset.

After Lakewood pastor Joel Osteen expressed an aversion to pork products, PETA offered to prepare a faux-ham dinner for Lakewood congregants on Easter Sunday if Osteen displays this banner in the church’s sanctuary:

Pig: (c) Isselee Wall: (c)

Of course, anyone can celebrate a cruelty-free Easter dinner—and PETA can help!

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  • Hoeby says:

    As vegans or vegetarians we would arguably be doing more damage to the earth and therefore all of it’s inhabitants. Eat a normal diet which includes meat just keep the animals in good environments and kill them quickly. Nobody dies? How much natural habitat have we destroyed as a species in order to feed the huge demand for growing vegetables and grain? If we all needed to eat more vegetables this destruction would massively increase. Eat a carrot instead of bacon if you must but don’t pretend you are some sort of do-gooder.

  • AMG says:

    Love this! The best thing about being vegan is that nobody dies to feed others. Just wondering…how did the pork-free dinner go?

  • keith says:

    Just been watching Earthlings again it should be compulsory viewing in every school, college, and university.

  • Doris says:

    Hey PETA….I would love to have that banner. How can I get it??