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Open Season on … Sea Lions?

Written by PETA | July 19, 2011

A new bill in Congress would allow the National Marine Fisheries Service to shoot any sea lion they spot doing the unthinkable—eating. When salmon migrate up the Columbia River from Oregon to Washington, some sea lions use the opportunity to grab a couple of meals. That doesn’t sit well with anglers and the fishing industry, who want to grab more than a couple, so both states started “removing” the sea lions in 2007 until a lawsuit filed by animal protectionists put a stop to those shenanigans. Now sea lions are facing the firing squad again, although human beings are still allowed to catch salmon from the Columbia River.

Salmon have been driven to the brink of extinction not by sea lions but by humans, who continue to gobble up fish despite the widespread collapse of fish populations. During the past 50 years, 90 percent of fish populations worldwide have been decimated, thanks to the increasing use of factory fishing trawlers that vacuum up everything—and everyone—in their path. It is estimated that the oceans’ fish stocks will be completely depleted by 2050. Fish farms aren’t the answer, either, since it takes 5 pounds of wild-caught fish to produce 1 pound of farmed fish and the pollution and cruelty of these factory fish farms are now well known.

You can help by keeping salmon and other fish off your plate and by contacting your legislators and asking them not to support legislation allowing the killing of sea lions.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Andreanrc says:

    Im so glad i found this ad!!!!im a born and raised norhwesterner- oregon resident, and i know exactly what happens at the Bonneville Lock and Dam every year-YES,ive SEEN it myself;dozens of harbor seals shot to death at the dams mouth;the locks turn out enormous currents and those tides run red…its friend lives on a small reservation on the columbia and here is a secret:salmon numbers on the columbia are not as low as theyd like you to believe-the seals are just considered a nuisance and an invasive species.its a sick,underhanded “pest control” ad.peta should protest this at the bonneville dam and other locks:a small group of protesters hangs out at the secured north gate of the dam frequently;this has to end.

  • riley says:

    i would never do that they are harder to kill because they are so fast,waste of time.

  • pj56 says:

    What else are they going to find a reason to kill? Why are they shooting the wolves again? This is just terrible.

  • Molly says:

    this is absolutely ridiculous!! the sea lions are the guilty party here?!? This is really just sick!

  • A says:

    Stop killing these innocent animals they don’t deserve this.

  • Summer says:

    People who fish are disgusting. This is what they will stoop to to fill their own overfed bellies while killing animals who are trying to survive. Horrible.

  • Sydney says:

    It’s funny how a lot of people are worrying about the oceans being fished out so they then turn to eating farmed fish rather than wild caught fish. I don’t believe the majority of farmed fish are any better environmentally wise than wild caught fish. The farmed fish are fed a diet containing the bi-catch from the trawlers. I farm my own tilapia for consumption. I feed them a vegetarian based diet rather than a diet containing wild fish. Most fish feeds contain a huge amount of fish meal which is made from wild caught fish. A good alternative to fish meal is feeding a aquatic plant called duck weed to the farmed fish. It is high in protein and does not involve fishing out the seas.

  • Megan Frison says:

    This is ridiculous! Sea Lions have to eat and salmon is one of its natural foods. It is ok for fisherman to kill and eat salmon but not an animal who relies on it as a food source? This is completely unethical and unnecessary brutality to animals. It needs to stop immediately!

  • Trevor Harper says:

    This just ridiculous! All they’re doing is eating in THEIR environment. People’s greed just blows my mind!

  • Patricia penke says:

    Isn’t bad enough that the sea lions are slattered by the 1000’s, where does it end…..will humans be the demise of all other living creatures on our planet…so sad, just like what happened to the great Buffalo, they were able to save Bison, but only for meat consumption. Isn’t their enough on our plates already. God us all!!

  • Robert says:

    Do something useful!!!!!

  • anna Guizar says:

    Seriously, shooting sea lions for doing what comes natural to them. We don’t shoot humans for doing what does not come natural to them, we put them in jail. This is inhumane and quite sad.

  • Bill Rubin says:

    This is INSANE!!! It’s like our government, both federal and state, have started a war against Mother Nature!!! Building dams, water pollution, overfishing, and land encroachment has caused the salmon population to be depleted. NOT SEA LIONS!!! What’s next…shooting grizzly bears that eat salmon to feed their cubs??? THIS IS NUTS!!! STOP SHOOTING SEA LIONS!!! NOW!!!

  • Jillian W says:

    Really? The sea lions are to blame now?? Why don’t we stop overfishing?

  • Deb Rhomberg says:

    The sea lions aren’t the problem fishing trawlers are the problem–stop them from depleting our oceans, not the sea lions. People are so stupid as to blame sea lions for our the problem not the fishermen. And tell Sarah Palin to stop fishing for salmon while you’re at it!

  • Jenna Vogel says:

    Really?!?! Shooting a sea lion for eating???? Makes me sick.

  • Kathy Fletcher says:

    Please do not pass that possible new bill in Congress that would allow the National Marine Fisheries Service to shoot any sea lion they spot eating

  • margaret says:

    stop shooting sea lions NOW!!!!!!

  • Bob Nelson says:

    Our Oceans are what give this earth life! We are a water planet. I think our goverment and United Nations should be more involved.

  • Toni says:

    please dont support this that is there natural food source and we dont kill people for eating thats sooooooooo not right

  • dawn says:

    this is why i hate most humans.stupidity!

  • Wild4Stars says:


  • Pamela Thompson says:

    This is totally unfair and unreasonable.

  • jaki lucas says:

    how pathetic this bill get a grip i cant take it in yhis is 1 of those many times im ashamed to be human!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dferrierjohnson says:

    Sometimes I wonder if We are the animals who should be exterminated on this planet.

  • Fredericka Hart says:

    Seals are not allowed to eat? Excuse me? This is insanity at it’s worst! Humans with their nets that scoop up thousands of fish are the culprits – not seals eating a few so they can stay alive. We are destroying so many animals – stop!

  • MP says:

    shame on you! They should live in this planet too.

  • lesley murray says:

    Stop this killing, the sea lions are surviving, we can do without the fish !!!

  • Disey1123 says:

    This is so mean. these are God’s creatures and they are not harming anyone. Leave them alone!!!

  • Amy Sullivan says:

    This is wrong, wrong WRONG!!!

  • Rebekka Knetsch says:

    I am from Germany and I’m shocked to read such stupid proposals. And I ask myself: What comes next? We are eating the fish that sea lions and other animals need in order to survive and not the other way around. For shame!!!

  • Anne Reeves says:

    They have as much right to the salmon as we do – in fact they have more right to it as we have lots of other things we can eat!

  • Megan Koss says:

    Stealing from the poor to feed the rich is ridiculous. Killing them is disgusting. This is a ridiculous bill. I hope it gets no support.

  • Heike says:

    So do we get to decide what an animal may eat?Who do we think we are?

  • tina says:

    Why kill sea lions, they are still creatures, that should be killed no animal should be killed,

  • Victoria van Zanten says:

    This is absolutely asinine. We are not the only species on the planet — stop destroying the balance of nature!

  • Naomi Olenek says:

    This is really pathetic.

  • S Pizzuti says:

    DO NOT KILL THEM! All they are doing is feeding themselves!!

  • Diane Nelson says:

    I said it before and will say it again…. QUIT RAPING OUR OCEANS! Humans are throwing off natures balance..we know it and still continue to let it happen.