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An Open Letter to the Citizens of Iowa

Written by PETA | June 19, 2008

An open letter to the citizens of Iowa:

It’s too late to save the poor pigs who were killed after they escaped a flooded southeastern Iowa farm after being left to drown, swam several miles through raging floodwaters, and scrambled atop a sandbag levee, where sheriff’s officials shot them for fear that they would weaken it, but as citizens of Iowa, you can all do something in solidarity to save other clever, charismatic pigs: Go vegetarian.

Millions of pigs are hung upside-down, scalded, and bled to death, often while they’re still conscious, in slaughterhouses every year. Pigs feel pain every bit as much as we do, are horrified at the sight and smells of the slaughterhouse, and are afraid to die. Like us, they fight for their lives and struggle to avoid suffering.

There is no reason for any pigs to die such tragic, violent deaths—ever. Tasty, healthy, and humane mock meats—including Tofurky sweet Italian sausages, Morningstar Farms veggie dogs, Yves Veggie Cuisine’s Canadian veggie bacon and deli slices, and other faux-pork products—are available in many supermarkets and health-food stores.

By choosing vegetarian foods instead of animal flesh, each one of us can save more than 100 animals every year. See for more information, and click here to get a free “Vegetarian Starter Kit.”

Sincerely,PETA Posted by Christine Dore

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  • rita christie says:

    I live here in burlington Ia there fore I think i have a right to voice my opinion to this topic. i think if the person that wrote the topic prefers not to eat meat then that is thier choicebut they don’t have the right to condemn those of us who do eat meat.

  • Antigone1000 says:

    Christy from IA YehYOU’VE got it all wrong. The farmer trying to save his pigs so he can slaughter them at a later date is hardly a sympathetic character…….Well actually he might be where you come from but certainly not on this board.

  • Kurt K says:

    Beth are you suggesting that if June was a stripper that would be bad? I’m not saying you are June! Then don’t you have a problem with these PETA protests that show nudity? Seems to me PETA shows the same amout of skin as a strip club!

  • Beth from IA says:

    June You are an example of a complete moron! Oh and you mentioned Gulfport. Now there’s an upstanding town. You probably work at the nasty strip club there don’t you? What a loser! Go PETA!

  • Lisa says:

    According to PETA’s logic … if there was a freight train coming down the tracks and there was a human being and a pig on the tracks … it would be more HUMANE to save the pig. The problem with that logic is that saving the pig before the human being would be criminal.

  • Christy from IA says:

    I am appalled at the rasism and bigotry in the commentary here. maybe many commentors have never been to the MidWest. Calling residents ‘rednecks’ and ‘hicks’ certainly indicates how narrowminded PETA is. I live 12 mile from the Mississippi River. The devastation in Oakville leaves me speechless. these people have lost EVERYTHING. The farmer that worked so hard to find transportation out of Oakville for himself and his hogs did so up to the last available moment. I heard that he was taken out by the sheriff and his wife was rescued from the roof of their home. I cannot verfiy first hand that this is true but that’s what I heard… I was sad when the pigs on the levee were killed. But risking an entire town for the life of a pig? That would be foolish. Many pigs were saved. A local guy took a brage down the river and saved 33+ pigs that were dazed and confused. It’s a sad state of society when a fellow human cannot see the obvious these people are suffering. They don’t need more trouble coming down from someone who has no regard for the circumstances surrounding an event. Animal Cruelty? It seems someone has got it all worng…

  • Kurt K says:

    This story will justify the shooting of the pigs on the levee in Iowa. I wanna hear how you will blame this on humans! httpwww.foxnews.comstory0293337268300.html

  • Debi says:

    Michele yes i helped with the sandbagging efforts and also storing belongings and equipment for my evacuated neighbors on low lying ground. The river levels are going down but Oakville is still under water. My thoughts and prayers are out there for everyone. I know a lot of Oakville residents are not planning on moving back but the farmers have to much invested to move. Bottom line is right or wrong now does not matter just picking up the pieces and getting back to normal. But I have not been able to eat pork since. chuckle.. its true

  • lucy says:

    Debi? You seem to know an awful lot about the activities within Oakville and the levee? Did you actually work sandbagging or in some sort of capacity during the floods?

  • Michele says:

    Jordan In the past week I have heard so many stories from so many people all concerned about each other and their town. In the frantic last 2 hours that Oakville was being evacuated priorities had to be made. People belongings animals in that order. To alot of people the hogs were their top priority. We just didn’t have enough time to get them all out. Someone above said it’s time to stop pointing fingers and get up and help. That is what we all should be doing in one way or another now. There was no cruelty involved in the frantic last minutes before the water took away everything. There was only pain despair and disbelief at what was happening. Now is not the time for cruel words against those who have lost so much. My family was blessed we live on the hill overlooking Oakville. But there are no words to describe the feelings that wash over you when you see water rushing over the town you love submerging your friends homes your community building the church you love there are just no words. Think about that. There was no cruelty to animals here there was devestation for all involved.

  • Cari says:

    RitaC I don’t eat pigs but does that really matter? I care about human beings as much as I care about animals and PETA’s actions towards good people who just lost everything they own is abhorent to me. In any big disaster where people are dying and losing their entire livelihood PETA has to pipe up about something stupid but you never see them showing up to help out. I proudly support Best Friends and they are there right now rescuing all sorts of stranded animals not sitting in some air conditioned office whining about a tragic incident. As much as the whole thing bothered me I can’t stand coming on a board and seeing peoople insulting Iowans as dumb country hicks and blaming them for not evaucating. You crazy holier than thou vegans need to put yourself in someone else’s shoes instead of spouting out arrogant pompous comments. So Ritago eat some tofu and utilize your brain cells to think about these poor people along with the animals. Have some respect for the dead here.

  • Derek says:

    June Your snipet from the “expert” yahoo news site actually strengthens the opposing argument than the one you support humans and nature likely did more to destabilize the levee than the non500 lbs pigs that happened upon the sandbags. Common sense would have dictated that all humans remain off the levees and refrain from sandbagging however it would appear that emotions won out over common sense when everyone rallied to add sandbags to the levee based on your comments and “expert” source. You also don’t read very well as I have neither called you an idiot nor have I ever said that shooting the pigs was not the option that had to be carried out. My dig has always been at Mayor Lippert’s asinine comments on the whole situation. Considering your first post on this topic included the line “get a life PETA” one can only assume that you are merely trolling so should not be surprised by how your comments were received. For Mayor Lippert this really came down to how he would look if the levee collapsed and the pigs had been allowed to run free on the sandbags. Based on all the information available there was definately a political agenda guiding this decision. Likely it was the overflow of water and not anything else that led to the breach but how could he explain away not doing something about the pigs if questioned in an election year?

  • Holly says:

    Now that Iowa is beginning recovery and building anew it would great to get out of the animal business and use your land for growing food from the earth and not on the suffering and death of animals. Help to save our earth by giving up your animal business! Perfect time for this change as you recover your land! Go Vegan and save up to 100 farm animals per year per person!

  • Steph says:

    Don’t you people realize this is a loselose situation? If these pigs were saved you people would be griping that all that effort could’veshould’ve been used to rescue humans or you’d be griping about wasting taxpayer money. Also a person could get in serious trouble for choosing the animal over the human. There would be complaints about that. What really is a person to do here? What we all need to do is realize that nothing is going to be perfect. Ever. Not as long as non deities are running the show.

  • Tabitha says:

    People in these situations do what they HAVE TO DO TO SAVE LIVES.

  • Tabitha says:

    Uh…everyone lost EVERYTHING. You think they’re worried about your letter right now?

  • Tabitha says:

    I see too much finger pointing by PETA and not enough “doing.” I live on the banks of the Mississippi and escaped flooding earlier this spring. I also live in the area that was destroyed by a tornado three years ago Let us look at the devasation to these towns. Let us look at everything…including the animals…that people have lost. I don’t care if you DO go vegetarian. In that situation emotions take over and people do things they wouldn’t normally do. Stop pointing fingers get your butts in gear and start helping. NOT gasping and fainting and wailing AFTER the fact.

  • Nick says:

    I too live in Iowa and feel for the poor pigs that lost there lives but they were going to destroy the levee. I agree with everyone that asks where PETA was during the evacuation process. If they were so worried about this then they should have monitored water levels realizing that a flood was on the horizon. The poor farmers have lost everything that they have and now we want to make things worse. These pigs are not pets they are raised to be butchered and eaten. PETA needs to worry about the many people that left “pets” in their homes and a week later wanted in to rescue them.

  • lynda downie says:

    Those poor pigs to struggle so hard for so long to just be killedwhat a shame. Like someone above said if it were humans on the levee the problem wouldn’t be solved with a gun.

  • Jordan says:

    Michelle you said “HOgs can replaced humans can’t.” Sure humans can be replaced. They wont be the exact same one but neither will the hogs. They are intelligent creatures and people who are so high on themselves and dont realize that animals are LIVING THINGS too make me sick.