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Oo-Rah! Military Tackles Cruelty to Animals

Written by PETA | June 26, 2009
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Military Seals

In a move that is waaaay long past overdue, a military panel has recommended adding cruelty to animals to the Uniform Code of Military Justice, which is the foundation of US military law. Hard to believe it wasn’t already in there, but we’re just glad it’s in the works now.

Last year, PETA called for such a provision after a video of a Marine apparently throwing a live puppy off a cliff circulated on the Internet. If this new regulation is added, service personnel who commit such atrocities could be prosecuted specifically for cruelty to animals, as opposed to military authorities having to scramble to find some vaguely-worded offense, such as “unbecoming conduct,” to file such crimes under.

The law is intended to address crimes like killing or abandoning companion animals, but maybe it will also add fuel to our case that lethal military trauma training exercises on animals violate military code too.

Before it can be added to the UCMJ, the new provision has to be approved by Congress. Congress, you know what you have to do.

Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • Tara LeBlanc says:

    I am a female Marine and Im a vegetarian. I have to say that it is hard for me to admit that I signed a contract that puts me in the same category as these sick people. I look forward to the day that I lose the title “marine.” The Marines that think its funny to abuse animals should be thrown in jail. But they only get a slap on the wrist and it truely is sad.

  • James says:

    These people that can do this to a helpless animal are pathetic sicko’s. God help their children if they have any. I hope its true that these Marines got punished. But you know when people do this to animals they should be made to clean kennels or porta potties at the state fair something of the most digusting nature for an extended amount of time. Of course no contact with any of the animals. This little slap on the wrist not in this case but other abuse cases is not good enough. My heart goes out to the abuses to children and animals. Look what has happened to Mr Vick. He is gonna be playing in the NFL again. The NFL should be ashamed and I hope people protest Philly games until he is tossed off the team. I hope Vick gets garbage tossed at him when he goes out on the field to the booing of the crowd. I think these people convicted of this are no different than sex offenders and should have to register just like sex offenders. I know if I knew someone on the list moved in near me I would keep a real close watch on my dog. I have the most loving Boston Terrier he is the sweetest little guy. He was from the Humane Society and was a run away. He had his teeth filed down flat by someone and was to be used as a “bait dog” for dog fighting. The dogs teeth are filed to protect the prized dog he will be up against so as not to harm the prized dog. The bait dog is tossed into the arena for practice and doesnt have a chance. I think of someone having done this to him and it just makes me sick. Thank God he was able to escape. He has been such a joy in my life and helped me through some tuff times.

  • Robert Johanansen says:

    He really needs to be thrown in jail. From the sound of it he was acting on sudden impulse in whcih case the next time it happens he could be holding someone’s kid.

  • Angela says:

    I’m so happy to hear that they’re trying to add animal cruelty to the UCMJ. It’s about time! Unfortunately animal cruelty by service members is rampant in Iraq. My husband was deployed to Iraq last year and witnessed horrific acts of animal cruelty. So horrific that I started crying just hearing about what they did. My husband gave the excuse that because they’re in a war it’s justifiable. I totally disagree just because they’re under loads of stress and are getting shot at in no way condones animal cruelty. There is no excuse. My husband is a FMF corpsman so he also had to participate in the pig training. Although he told me that they put the pigs under anesthesia before shooting them like that makes any difference! I was horrified to hear about this. Thankfully most of the pigs survived due to the outstanding training corpsman receive.

  • Jennifer says:

    Ok I am appauled by what happend when that guy threw the puppy. But putting all military people and their families into the group of animal abusers just makes me sick. Im sorry I sit here and type this on a MARINE CORPS BASE and your comments are making me just as angry!!!! How can you put all of us into that catergory when CIVILIANS do it as well. If a teacher did it would you all be mad at teachers? CIVILIANS dump animals CIVILIANS hurt and abuse animals as well. Its comments like that that make people wary of places like PETA. And that is unfare your hurting people 2 fold. Most of these people here would give their life FOR YOU and are huge animal rights activits. You should be ashamed!!! Saying that the guy DID loose his rank in fact ALL people in the video got something. Was it enough no it wasnt.

  • cole says:

    HA! conduct unbecoming is good enough for the DOD to kick someone out for doing something to another human… but i guess there needs to be a clause in there that says “ps no throwing puppies of cliffs” the guy got fried for what he did. theres nothing else you can do. let it go.

  • Blake says:

    Look certainly these atrocities are bad. However they’re obviously not widespread. How many people just attack innocent animals? That problem lies with the individual. Did we prove that the puppy in question was real? Or was it fabricated. You never said. You slant issues to make them appear your way. I’m a vegetarian and strongly oppose the killing or inhumane acts to animals. On the whole I’d like to see your organization a lot more moderate then at least people would respect it. There are two sides to both stories and you can portray both and still be persuasive.

  • T says:

    I am ashamed to be human and you have NO RIGHT to be in the military if you cant handle death. yeah you die. but you die for your country. and what did you get ur wife for christmas?? was it a dead puppy with a red blood soaked ribbon on him?????? you sick fk

  • Barbara Perrin says:

    It is a scary world indeed when a military which is supposed to provide humane aid to countries worldwide enjoys not only throwing a week old looking pup off a cliff but actually FILMING themselves doing so. Wow. This is supposed to be the people who make us feel safe? AFTER SEEING THAT VIDEO AND THE MANY WHICH CIRCULATED IN THE WAKE OF THAT ONE I’D BE TERRIFIED TO MEET AN ARMY MAN IN A DARK ALLEY AND I DEFINITELY WOULD KEEP MY PETS AWAY FROM THEM! This animal welfare ordinance for the military was probably overdue because one wouldn’t imagine that servicemen going around with a machine gun in their hands could ever be deranged psychopaths who have fun in killing defenceless baby animals just like major serial killers all did. A much stricter admission test to the army should be enforced too…

  • ellie says:


  • Sarah says:

    I second the post above regarding the abandonment issue. It is a really big issue in the military where families are constantly moving around. On our base alone I have heard stories of a dog tied up outside for 2 weeks while the family went on vacation. Another incident involved a family moving and leaving a litter of 3dayold puppies to die in the empty house alone. And more recently a woman went to live with her parents while her husband is deployed and left the cats locked in the house with no food or water. People need to start being punished for this so they think twice before getting animals.

  • Michael Mullins says:

    As a former Marine who served in Fallujah Iraq. I can honestly say that the majority of men I served with considered themselves “animal lovers” and would never hurt any animal particularly a puppy. Unfortunately there will always be a small percentage of sick cruel disgusting individuals who abuse their power and prey on the weak and defenseless providing civilians with a distorted misrepresentation of the overwhelming majority of service men and women. I am happy to see that the military is adding animal cruelty to the Uniform Code of Military Justice. It is long overdue. As for the creature responsible for the puppy’s death he should at the very least lose his rank receive a dishonorable discharge and spend several years in the brig military prison before being released into the public. Personally I would like to see more done to this degenerate but it’s probably not appropriate for me to include the specifics in this posting. Semper Fi Cpl Mullins

  • JAGPSL says:

    The abandoning is long overdue which I 100 support. I have 3 cats from an AF base in FL. One from someone dumping as this was witnessed and two from a shelter on base where the mom was pregnant who may have also been dumped and had the kittens at the shelter. I have 4 cats now and they go everywhere with me when I move. The cat that was dumped by the military family was taken in by me 2 days before I moved to a different base. The more the merrier. In all I had 1 large dog and 3 cats which were kittens at the time in tow for a move from FL to SD. I recently just took in a small kitten during the harsh winter so she is not used to moving but she will be!!

  • Brien Comerford says:

    People who are cruel to animals are not morally or psychologically fit to serve in the military or law enforcement.

  • Jacob says:

    If this is way long past overdue where does the KFC campaign stand?

  • Marcy Becker says: