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‘The Onion’ Predicts Identity of ‘Horse Torturer of the Year’

Written by PETA | April 28, 2010

While billboard companies in Louisville may want to keep Kentucky Derby fans in the dark about the racing industry’s appalling abuses, which lead to breakdown and death, The Onion makes them front-page news.

In making their predictions for the upcoming Kentucky Derby, The Onion‘s “Steam Room” commentators reveal just how shockingly* far “horse beaters” (their words) will go in forcing their beleaguered, drugged thoroughbreds to race (or hobble) toward the finish line, including whippings and more. As one of the sportscasters notes, “As far as I know, there are no rules in horse racing. You just procure a horse and get [him or her] across the finish line by any means necessary.” Folks, you won’t want to miss this video:


Jockey Liam Hollins The Favorite To Brutally Whip Horse To Kentucky Derby Win


The last time “America’s Finest News Source” shed light on “expendable athletes,” some readers didn’t make the connection to the horse-racing industry—but this time, there can be no denying it. Thanks, Onion!

Written by Karin Bennett

*and satirically

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  • PETA says:

    Yes, PETA is aware that The Onion is a satirical website. That is part of what makes this video great – it blatantly talks about the horrific abuse that racehorses endure.

  • Mrglassoniongirl says:

    You guys do know The Onion is a spoofing website, right? Personally, as a trainer I won`t allow jockeys to use the crop on my horses. Though it doesn`t hurt the horse if used properly (remember, horses have MUCH thicker skin than humans), it can be used improperly and cause welts. Also, whipping a horse, contrary to popular beleif, distracts and slows the horse down. Also, I won`t be racing horses till they`re 3 years old. I will use the Monty Roberts method (using their own language) to train, and I will ensure they have good homes after their racing careers. My own horses I will either keep or sell/give away (if necessary) to good homes. Not everyone in racing is bad. Mine That Bird`s owners retired him this year and bringing him home to a good life when he did not want to race any longer. Barbaro`s owners made every attempt to save him and before that saved Last Best Place (an unproven horse with practically no stud value) when he was injured. Barbaro`s jockey pulled up as soon as he misteped and helped Barbaro support his weight after the incident. Zenyatta LOVES to race and shows it, you can`t tell me that she doesn`t, anyone who knows horses can watch her and tell. I beleive that racing age limits should start at 4 and up personally. Steroids and other performance inhancing drugs are beyond bad. I wish they wouldn`t breed as many horses as they do, just as many as necessary to support your farm. Racing has improved a lot in recent years and is continueing to do so. I say help the sport clean up, not ban it entirely.

  • Taybertot says:

    FYI: many of these horses LOVE running and racing, its in their hearts.  I will admit, some trainers can get out of hand, and abuse happens, but dont go around bs’ing the whole sport…

  • Kris says:

    The Onion is not a REAL news reporting website. It’s a website based off oF SATIRE. It’s all a joke!

  • Kris says:

    Um….The Onion is completely 100% a satire. Everything they post is severely exaggerated on purpose for HUMOR. While “beating horses” is not funny, it’s a SATIRE!!! THIS IS NOT REAL NEWS!!!

  • Kelby says:

    Well first off I would like to say that anyone that abuses horses gets in a lot of trouble I’ve been around it and seen people get in trouble. Also before you judge don’t be afraid to go to a track and see how they are taken care of everyone on here is just so hateful to people who race horses. If you are worried about the 40000 race horses born each year what about the hundreds of millions of cows chickens pigs turkeys and other animals? There are other things to worry about in this world rather than horse racing

  • k says:

    JOHNwe who like horse racing DO NOT want the horses or riders to get i have said before i’m a huge animal and horse lover and i am NOT FAN OF ANIMAL ABUSE IN ANYWAY.i also don’t understand why horse people don’t like horse racing.any type of horse back riding the rider andor horse can get hurt.the horse could be on a trail and trip and fall and hurt it’s leg or something so is that cruel?… no it’s the nature of the sport.just like any other sport people and can get hurt.the horses are born to run and love it and they are not forced to do so.the type of riding i do the horse andor rider can get hurt i stadium jump.

  • John J says:

    Well its easy to see who the fanatics are. Anyone who hopes people get hurt or killed because they race horses or train whales or even hurt animals know nothing about the true meaning of humanity.

  • horatio says:

    qho ever this marageret lkady is needs some seriuos help. i dont think horse racing is bad these horses love to run. hey marageret you need to go see a psychiatrist or something becacuse people should never be hurt.

  • KIM G. says:

    everyone thanks that hitting the horses with the whip really hurts them yes it does hurt and sting and doesn’t feel good but it’s not abuse.we use them in my style of riding not like how the jockeys do however.they also don’t drug most horses it is not allowed in most races and in most of the horse world for competing or racing.horses are not made to perform throughbreds are born to run and they love it so they are not forced to do is wrong for people to wish others would get hurt.

  • KIM G. says:

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with horse there are bad sides of the sport and bad people but most of the time the horses are treated like royalty.i ride horse and have 2 horses of my own and i love horse racing.i in no way agree with the abuse and mistreatment that does go all sport there is a chance of injury.anything type of horse riding has a chance of that but that does not mean all of it is bad.i am all four horse racing and i love horses.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    Apparently Leslie has never been spanked or if she was spanked as a child she has forgotten how painful it can be. An adult hand applied however lightly to a small rear end hurts! Anything used to hit a child a flyswatter a willow switch or the green sticks intended for roofing material on a Lincoln Log set hurts even more. Why does she think the horses run faster when they are whipped? It’s to make the pain stop. Hitting or whipping anyone to make them do something or stop doing something is done by people who has lost control of themselves or the situation they are in.

  • Ellera says:

    Horse racing is corrupt as can be! The drugging of these animals is considered normal and races are fixed. This is ORGANIZED CRIME operating under a shiny surface.

  • Margaret says:

    As for John J’s comments that people should stop posting they hope people get hurt the answer is an UNEQUIVOCAL “NO”!!! If people think it is OK to abuse horses or ANY animal for that matter then they themselves deserve to get hurt!! What the hell?? The people who INFLICT pain on animals should FEEL the pain THEMSELVES AND I HOPE THEY DO!! It would serve them right! Also Leslie Casey states that not all thoroughbred owners and trainers are COMPLETELY cruel etc. Are you kidding me????? So in your opinion it is ok to be PARTIALLY cruel?? Furthermore if you think the only thing these jockeys are instructed to do is to give the horses a little slap with a whip to keep them in a gallop THINK again!! Do you really think this whole PETA investigation is about a LITTLE slap with a whip?? It is a WHOLE lot more!!! You need to check out the information again and take the blinders off!!!

  • Ellie says:

    Some of that just seems nonsense. In parts of Europe there are rules in the horse and racing industry and certainly on using the whip and drugs!

  • Jay says:

    M O N E Y S U C K E R S !

  • Shari says:

    That was so funny! But true! So sad this is really happening. Slowly the public is learning that horse racing is a all around losing “sport” It’s the rich man’s dogfighting sport! Horses are so beautiful they should and always remain free!

  • Brenda Hixenbaugh says:

    John what is wrong is that there are lawsnot even mentioning the humane issuse here that make it illigal to abuse any animal. And the fact that some jockeys openly and with out fear abuse these horses to excess and the owners not only know about itbut allow it is what is wrong. Abuse is abuse no matter who it is This world has got to change and the gray areas need to be eliminated Abusers need to be dealt withnot get nothing done to them. Can you fully comprehend the pain and agony that some of these horses must endurewhen all the while the abuser go’s about his merry way.Put yourself in that horses place.Close your eyes and just imagine.Remember their crys of painpanicand helplessness. See their eyes while this gos on now put yourself in that horses place.Its not right just because its a man or who ever is doing it. Its not right to allow abuse to against an innocent creature to go on.Its not right to allow these kind to keep having victim after victim. That is why you have people wishing harm donebecause there is not going to be anything doneThat is what is wrong. Abusers are not human they are in fact a vile desease that is out of control and must be wiped out because all that these parasites offer is the painsufferingand agony of death to helpless creatures that have done nothing to deserve the torture.If you have ever known abuse then you would know what these horses are going through and it isn’t prettyits heart breaking.So I too knowing that there is nothing going to be done even though it should hope that the poor abused animal stomps that little worm into the ground.

  • Kate says:

    These thoroughbred’s abuse at the racetrack is only the beginning of their problems. The thoroughbred industry breeds thousands of horses every year so that the fastest ones can win money for their owners for a year or so. After that the ones who aren’t fast enough to win money or the ones they break down by racing so young end up sold for slaughter. Sure a few of them go to homes and have other careers but the majority are jammed on a truck that is too short for them to raise their heads with their final destination being eaten as someone’s meal. The racing industry is an ugly thing.

  • Brenda Hixenbaugh says:

    You know that there is a line that you don’t cross over and for anyone to stand around and allow what is obious abuse to go on unchallenged is just as much an animal abuser as the one that is doing the torture. May God have mercy on your souls.

  • Kathy says:

    Ummm…what the hell is wrong with people?? Seriously what is wrong with people and their thinking? Leave the animals alone damnit find something else to do for entertainment.

  • Leslie Casey says:

    I’m am from KY and I have to admit that unfortunately there are some cruel individuals out there that do go a little far with these horses. With that stated not all thoroughbred owners trainers are completely cruel to these beautiful creatures. Yes the jockeys are instructed to to use the whip to make the horses stay in a full gallop. In all fairness we’re talking about an animal that weighs almost 1000 pounds! A simple slap on the huge muscle of they’re hip is like a mosquito bite for us. It’s almost the same amount of sting your child feels every time you place you hand or switch or whatever you choose to use to swat their bottoms!

  • John J says:

    Can people please stop posting that they hope people get hurt? Its wrong just wrong. Work for the animals but don’t hurt your cause with such nonsense.

  • hippie says:

    stupid sports…very very stupid sports….why cant people just stick to sports where its nothing but humans. gosh i hope these people get hurt for this…think of this i dont feel sorry for the people who get attacked by bulls cause i mean what do u expect when you your constantly stabbing something when it runs at you