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The Onion on PETA’s Burger King Victory

Written by PETA | March 30, 2007

Yeah, sure, we were pretty happy to get a front page article in The New York Times about the major animal welfare changes Burger King has announced. The AP, USA Today, and BBC stories were pretty great too. But ever since we first heard from Burger King that they were going to make this announcement, everyone at PETA has been holding their breath to see if we would make The Onion. And today, that dream came true. Click the picture below from The Onion‘s exclusive interview with Customer Support Operator Derrick Braswell for the full story:

Derrick Braswell.jpg
Derrick Braswell,
Customer Support Operator
“But the cages were what pushed all the flavor tight into the animals.”

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  • Brandon says:

    Andy Z I disagree. It’s a zero sum game every moment and dollar spent pushing welfare could be used to promote veganism and incremental respectbased prohibitionist campaigns. As more and more people reject cruelty and exploitation by going vegan the meat dairy and egg industries will voluntarily pass “humane” reforms. It will clearly be in industry’s interest to do so as it will help them stay in business and profitable. The industry will attempt to pass off such reforms as “compassionate” in the attempt to discourage and dissuade people from potentially becoming vegetarian and subsequently vegan. The industry will reform itself animal advocates must not become their spokespersons. While it is always better to have less suffering than more we are potentially prolonging suffering by continuing to spend time and money promoting reform rather than abolition. For more information on why we must abandon welfare and maintain our focus on abolition please read “Invasion of the Movement Snatchers A Social Justice Cause Falls Prey to the Doctrine of ‘Necessary Evil'” by James LaVeck httpwww.satyamag.comoct06laveck.html

  • Hambone says:

    I agree. I think PETA should invest in their own vegan burger king. yum.

  • Andy Z says:

    Brandon It makes no sense to use the unrealistic goal of “abolitionism” as a excuse to not make an effort to reduce the unfathomable suffering exploited animals will continue to endure regardless of our ideals. The goals of abolitionism and animal welfare reform are not mutually exclusive we can take immediate and substantial steps to improve animal welfare while still working toward and hoping for the reduction and elimination of animal exploitation. It’s not fair to the animals for us to take an “all or nothing” approach to animal welfarerights.

  • Brandon says:

    Again from an animal rights perspective this is not a “victory.” Animal welfare further entrenches the property status of animals by making treatment rather than use the issue. From some of the user comments I’ve read it seems that there is much confusion about animal rights. Please see this website for clarification httpwww.cultureandanimals.organimalrights.htm PETA’s motto is “Animals are not ours to eat wear experiment on or use for entertainment.” This implies that abolition is the goal not welfare reform. Ingrid Newkirk said in a 2000 interview with Satya magazine that the goal of PETA was to “put all animal exploiters out of business.” I suggest PETA get out of the welfare business and instead get back to promoting animal rights and working towards abolition. I don’t send donations to PETA to have them become the spokespeople for industry. I’m very troubled by PETA’s further slide into the subterfuge of welfarism. Why not take all the time and money spent on welfare reform and put it into creative vegan education? This is what PETA should be doing not regulating the exploitation and oppression of animals.