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One Small Step for a Pig…

Written by PETA | January 25, 2007

Today has been kind of massive as far as animals are concerned. In addition to winning the POM Campaign, we just got news that Smithfield Foods (the largest pork processor in the world) will begin phasing out the use of gestation crates in all of its farms. Gestation crates are among the most hideous torture devices employed by the meat industry, and while we’d love to see them banned, like, yesterday, this commitment on Smithfield’s part is still a great step forward on an issue that we’ve put years of hard work into—pushing McDonald’s, Safeway, Albertson’s, WalMart, and others to oppose gestation crates, and speaking at Smithfield’s annual meeting to raise awareness among shareholders. The Wall Street Journal covered the story today, and MSNBC ran a great piece as well, with an accompanying photograph that says more than I ever could about exactly why so many animal advocates have dedicated their lives to getting this practice outlawed:


Gestation Crates.jpg

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  • kelton diggs says:

    hey… fuck u peta u show the worst cases of livestock and that is not true in all cases i am a hog farmer and hogs get put in small cages when there breed and about to have there babys so they dont kill them it is no harm to the animals u need to QUIT treating animals like they are humans there just animals do u think any other specie would care about how they get there food very few people are veggie lovers like u fuckers so get ur shit straight b 4 u go and publish false stories if u people have a proplem with what i am am saying email me at

  • Anonymous says:


  • Dusty says:

    People who disagree with keeping hogs in gestation crates are not looking at the big picture. Do you realize that by moving hogs to pins instead of crates will dramatically effect the price of pork and the U.S. economy as a whole. There have been studies conducted at many major universities that conclude that keeping hogs in crates instead of pins is much better for there health. One example is that when hogs are put in pins instead of crates the first thing that they do is figure out who the most dominant hog is by fighting. This fighting leaves the hogs scarred and stressed out and can sometimes lead to death.

  • Clay says:

    Finally a step towards freeing the poor pigs.

  • Ally says:

    I’m in year 9 at Urrbrae Agricultural High School in S.A and i’m doing a talk on keeping pigs in these small cages and i think that this is the most outrageous thing that anyone could do and strongly disagree with what these people are allowed to do. doing this has even made me think about not eating any kind of meat at all.Smithfeild Foods thankyou for taking this first step.

  • K says:

    DAMN THAT IS TINY. These poor pigs can’t even lie down comfortably they are so crammed! This picture is outrageous.. Where do people get away thinking they have the right to mistreatexploit anybody? This should not be acceptable. All beings deserve respect and experience pain just the same. Thank you Smithfield Foods for taking the first step.

  • pcb says:

    Just writing because I got the email address wrong for the petition I listed type BAN FUR FARMS IN CHINA. Not Ban on Fur Farms!! or takeaction.

  • Kelly says:

    Important last line in the MSNBC aricle “The American Veterinary Medical Association and other organizations recognize gestation stalls and group housing systems as appropriate for providing for the wellbeing of sows during pregnancy” WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE AVMA? Over and over again they promote sadistic torture for animals while they FAIL to deal with aimal health crises like overpopulation. They just sit idly by and let the animals die. It seems that the AVMA is concerned with two things 1 making as much loot as possible and 2 doing everything they can to hurt animals It is time for US the consumers to stand up to this archaic torture lobby. We need to tell our vets that we are disappointed with the AVMA and would like to see them push this group to join the modern age and stop living in the Dark Ages

  • Pcb says:

    Gestation Crates should be banned… for All these reasons 1The Physical restriction and confinement means ObesityCrippling Leg disorders in Pigs. 2Most Pigs that are in Gestation cages are on a continuous cycle of impregnation and birth. Farmers does this for the sole purpose of profit. Pregnant pigs are moved to “Farrowing Cages before giving birth” However most pigs even younglingspiglets get separated from their parents piglets as young as three weeks old While the Parents are immediately reimpregnated again. 3Pigs can develop Psychological disorders such as “Barbiting” “DogSitting” and “Mourning” 4Most of the Gestation cages are so cramped that pigs end up excremating down the back of their legsin worse case forms mounds in the cages itself. If cages are left unsanitized this can create health problems for pigs. 5Denied strawbedding to lay down comfortably I think laws should be legislated to stop this sort of thing. This is unacceptable and in this day of age there is no excuses. Also for those interestedcurious I stumbled across on a online petition for the Ban on FurFarms. The or typesearch BAN ON FUR FARMS. A petition is being organised to ask Du Qinglin Minister of Agriculture for People’s Republic of China to stop these sadsitic practices and ban fur farms in China. They need 1000000 petitioners only 324 so far. Deadline is still ongoing.

  • Justin Gate says:

    This is a horrible picture and I’m outraged that upto these days such things are allowed. To keep a sensitive creature all the lifetime in such conditions I’m sorry but in this case I spit in the face of such animal torturers hoping and applauding a quick change!