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One More for the Pigs!

Written by PETA | April 13, 2007

Cargill.jpgYou may remember Smithfield Foods’ big January announcement that it is phasing out the use of gestation crates, followed shortly by Maple Leaf Foods’ decision to follow suit, and Burger King’s recent adoption of a new animal welfare plan that includes, among other things, reducing the amount of pig meat it purchases from suppliers that use crates. Well, we just got word from execs at another major pig meat producer (one of the world’s largest, in fact), Cargill Foods—which we had been encouraging to follow Smithfield’s lead—that it’s going to come through in a big way: Cargill has stopped using gestation crates in 50 percent of its pig factory farms!

We’re not breaking out the champagne just yet, as the company hasn’t agreed to a total phase-out of gestation crates, but this is a firm step in the right direction, and just another positive sign of big changes to come throughout the industry. Of course, PETA doesn’t make a secret of the fact that we don’t want any pigs bred or slaughtered for food, but the pigs who are there right now don’t have the luxury of hunkering down for a long campaign to win people’s hearts and minds about the injustices of industrialized farming. While we keep pushing companies behind the scenes to stop torturing animals, like, at all, millions of animals right now will experience a significant improvement in the quality of their lives. Which is pretty good for a given work day. I’ll let you know once they’ve gotten rid of gestation crates entirely. We’re working on it.

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  • Dan Wood says:

    I love meat – but you guys don’t need to work so hard. With the current administration, soon meat will be so expensive, only politicians will be able to afford it

  • alli says:

    I eat meat humans are made to eat meat over thousands of years. I don’t like the tourture I hate the cruelty. I’d rather my meat wander happily in the forest until I’m hungry. I can’t have that so I do the next best thing. DOWN WITH MEATPACKERS ALTOGETHER!!! I go to small farms small butchers that know animals and how they feel. I go to humane sources for my meat like Muslims and Kosher Jews. They treat the animal with faith and respect from the day it’s born till it’s on my plate. I feel better about eating meat that hasn’t been tourtured and abused.

  • RoseAnn says:

    I just have to say that after being alive 56 years it’s taken me this long to realize what eating meat means. I have never realized the torture these animals endure. I have to admit that for many years I wanted to keep my eyes closed. I didn’t want to know so I could continue to enjoy eating all the meats I grew up. I remember talking to vegetarians from one time to another and telling them I didn’t want to know about what goes on with the animals because I enjoyed the meat too much. How SELFISH was that??? I hear this reaction now from anyone I start to share my information with. It’s really sad and I spent much time crying over how I ignored this very terrible thing that has tortured beloved animals. And what’s worse is that I love animals. I adore my cat and dog. And then I go and eat the meat of tortured animals??? I think it’s a true case of being brainwashed by our society. There needs to be more public awareness of the reality behind the roast the bacon etc. I think it needs to be put in front of the eyes of those who choose not to see. It shouldn’t be a choice to turn away. I ask forgiveness of all the animals who gave their lives for so many who didn’t care. I can’t take back the years but I can go forward and inform others of what I’m learning here at Peta. Thank you so much for choosing to help the animals and for keeping the blinders off!! Hugs from California

  • Manuel says:

    Although I am not a vegetarian by natureI can’t give up poultry and fish but have completely been beefpork free for over 3 years the fact that some progress is being taken to decrease and eliminate cruelty to pigs is somewhat satisfying. The reason I sound skeptical has to do with the fact that the mistreatment of pigs will go on for a long time unless strict government regulation forces livestock companies to alter their approach. Then again I’ve lost all faith in government.

  • Jennifer Brdar says:

    As a meat and livestock major with an emphasis on livestock feeding and red meat slaughter and processing I am very proud of the steps that my parent company Cargill Meat Solutions has taken about abolishing gestation crates. I feel that there’s a long way to go for Cargill but I am proud. Farrowing or birthing crates are humane which keeps sows from crushing piglets but I never could accept gestating crates…not all of us in the meat industry are bad people and I am striving to ensure a humane life and death to all meat animals

  • Diana Denniston says:

    I simply wished to thank you for beginning the phase out process of the gestation crates. I will inform friends and family and encourage them to buy from companies to which you distribute. Thanks again Diana Denniston

  • Brandon says:

    Updatehttpwww.cattlenetwork.comcontent.asp?contentid121687 Cargill Refutes ‘HSUS’s Interpretation’ That It’s Phasing Out Gestation Stalls A spokesman for Wichita Kan.based Cargill Meat Solutions said a media report stating the company is phasing out its use of sow gestation stalls isn’t true. The Associated Press reported Thursday that in a letter to the Humane Society of the United States which called on Cargill to follow Smithfield Foods’ lead in phasing out gestation crates Cargill explained it already has been transitioning to “group sow housing” over the past four years and has converted more than half of its production farms. But Cargill spokesman Mark Klein told “We aren’t phasing them out. The article was HSUS’s interpretation of our letter.” Asked to clarify that Cargill is not phasing out gestation stalls Klein said “We don’t think we implied that in our letter.” The moral of the story Animal exploiters do not care about anything but profits! Any welfare reform always has the profit motive in mind. If it’s unprofitable they won’t do it. It’s in the U.S. legal code for corporations!

  • Colin Jenkins says:

    It’s About time that this evil human race left all animals alone as they have no right whatsoever to murder animals. I cannot bear to watch what goes on in the murder factories as i cry my eyes out and feel so helpless as i can’t do anything to stop it. Those murderers are freaks because any intelligent person would not do such things to animals. Those that eat animals are to blame because they keep these bastards in business filling their dirty scumbag pockets with money. Leave Animals alone you freaks…

  • Brandon says:

    Yeah because everyone knows plants can’t grow without fertilizer. I mean the world was one big desert before humans came along and started collecting cow manure to grow plants!

  • carol says:

    Do you not realize that anything you use or eat has somehow been associated with the use of products of animals. The very grass you walk on the vegetables you eat all have been fertilizedquess what one of the most popular ways to ferilize ismanure. So the next time your sinking your teeth into the great big juicy salad or having a picnic of fruit and veggies on the nice green lush grass remember what got it to that point!!

  • jack o'malley says:

    Keep up the good work. All animals livestock or otherwise deserve to be treated with respect and in a dignified and humane manner.

  • Mar says:

    This is Great! I guess all the work Peta does and all of us sticking together signing and emailing our Congress does help after all. Amen. Marlene Chavez

  • Corrina Millar says:

    THANKYOU PETA!!! For EVERYTHING you do. You are the voice for those who cannot speak. I love the updates. It seems for everything achieved by animals there seems to be 20 000 more acts of animal cruelty. We must keep all this up to save these majestic beautiful animals. They MUST be appreciated!! THANKYOU AGAIN FOR EVRTHING YOU DO! I TAKE MY HAT OFF TO YOU A THOUSAND TIMES OVER!!!

  • Cyndi says:

    I worked on the Floridians for Humane Farms staff and all I can say is this news brings tears to my eyes its time people open their eyes see what really goes on hidden away to these defenseless creatures. I am glad I am a Vegan and I will always be hang in there piggys there are so many who love and care about your lives. Someday………. things will change.

  • michelle says:

    This is really great news…it makes me so happy to know things are really changing and its not just a far off dream!!

  • Cathy Sutter says:

    A small step in the right direction. I too am sorry I EVER ate meat chicken pork and fish. I became a vegetarian overnight after watching “Meet Your Meat” on Peta’s web site. It was however a long time coming since I always thought it strange seeing all those packages in the grocery stores with blood oozing out of them! Yuk take ’em home and open them up and let the blood drain out? I also no longer eat any dairy products and I used to eat hard boiled eggs every day. I always have my “Meat is Murder” button on whenever I leave the house. OH people say “What do you eat?” People are so darn clueless. Or shall I say “brainwashed.” I drive a cab in Las Vegas and always have pictures of my three doggies hanging in the cab. Conversations are started this way and I always say that I’m a big dog lover but that I love all animals. When they say they do too I always ask “Do you eat meat?” If they say yes I say “then you don’t love animals.” among other things I also get “where can I get a good steak.” That really opens the door to get on them. Hey there’s no such thing as a good steak! I usually throw in a few quotes oh I don’t care if they don’t like it. I don’t like the mere idea of slaughtering helpless creatures…”We are the living graves of murdered beasts slaughtered to satisfy our appetites.” And I go on and on. I believe that a lot of people are walking around angry because they eat meat. Hey the animals are angry when they are slaughtered and it passes on to the person eating it. I have even found truthfully that I don’t get angry at all any more since becoming animal free! Keep up the great work PETA!

  • Sandra says:

    Wow I never even knew what Cargill was. I’ve went past this one in Whiting Indiana and there is a Lever Brothers well Unilever now across the street. That whole town smells really bad and I always thought it was Unilever. Guess it is both. I can’t believe I had no idea. It just looked like a regular small factory! So glad they and many others are phasing out gestation crates. I wish the whole world would stop eating meat though

  • jacklyn Hoffman says:

    I love what you do to improve the treatment of animals.I’ve just stopped eating meat for the last 4 months and haven’t felt better!Try to do as much as possible to help and will try to do more in the near future

  • sally says:

    In response to Outdoorsmen it is a shame you know how to use a rifle and not your brain the greatest minds have always maintained that the killing of animals is outrageous and should be stopped. I hope you don’t have any children that you will pass on your outdoorsmen legacy………. Remember Ghandiif you know who that is said “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” It is sickening that you and others are still in the dark ages. Get with itbecome a vegetarian.

  • Kelly says:

    First and foremost I AM NOT A VEGETARIAN NOR DO I AGREE WITH PETA birthing crates are vital for the survival of new born piglets. The sows are not careful as to where they lay and whats underneath them even their own baby. Even though the crates may not be the most comfortable things in the world they protect the piglets and help the survival rate to stay high!

  • Joey Alcantara (PHI) says:

    Abattoir and Slaughterhouse are need to demolish ’cause it’s one of the horrific and cruel scene that you can see on earth. More power PETA..

  • Steve Caldwell says:

    Thank you PETA for taking on these corporate agribusinesses but let us not deceive ourselves that they have the animal’s best interest at heart. The bottom line is what’s feuling this that and bad PR. Nontheless keep on top of these S.O.Bs.

  • Gracie says:

    This is great news!!! I hope that soon all torture of animals will stop and people will come to their senses THEY ARE KILLING INNOCENT CREATURES!!!

  • Diana S says:

    Congratulations PETA!!!It’s fantastic. Animals deserve to live as the humans. Animals are life!!!

  • Brandon says:

    This didn’t happen because animal agribusiness cares about animals they simply want good public relations so consumers keep consuming products of violence. Let’s stop applauding animal exploiters and start working to put them out of business!

  • Laura Sarmiento says:

    Peta You’re my heroes! Thank you for everything you do to help these poor defenseless animals. Respectfully yours Laura

  • vegan4animals says:

    PETA I want to thank you for your dilegence! You are able to actually take small steps to improve the lives of these tortured animals and I could not get past my anger and outrage to be composed enough to gain these small steps for factory farmed animals. I would lose my temper and that would be the end of any negotiations. I just want it to stop now as I know you do. That’s why you’ll keep getting my donations you’re able to accomplish this inspite of the frustration and grief we all feel.

  • Lillian says:

    some things on this site I absolutely agree with but this one is just ridiculous. those crates protect the young from being injured and for you retarded people who don’t get it. Let me explain it for you. sows aren’t in those 247 all the time. They go in shortly before having babies and come out as soon as the babies are weaned and that isn’t a couple months its a few weeks. Next thing I know you’ll be burning bras again because they uncomfortable for women. Yes I come from a farm and these crates are far from cruel. This is the dumbest thing I’ve seen on here. You need to pick and choose your battles not only was this a stupid one it was a waste of your resources. I can guarantee that those who still use them aren’t going to change their ways and as long as their is a request for the crates cargill or someone like them will be making them. Just so you know those sows spend most of their lives in large pens and god knows we don’t need every animal in the world constantly running free especially when stupid people are still taking up so much of the space.

  • Kathy Sutterfield says:

    Animal Cruelty has always taken a back seat. It is time to give this issue the attention it deserves and I’m with you all the way Peta. Keep up the good work and I’ll keep the donations coming…

  • Kim says:

    PETA always amazes me and I get so excited to read wonderful news as this. Your efforts to help animals are so appreciated by all of us animals lovers. PLEASE continue your fights and we will continue to help you writing letters and donating time and money for such a needed cause!

  • Sister Francis Gabriel says:

    Thank you PETA for doing this great work. We had a tiny runt pig we raised in our house when I was a child and I know how playful precious personable and intelligent they are. Even though I wish none of this would occur I know that all change begins in steps and this is such a victory for someone who has been praying for and advocating this for over 30 years. I have not eaten flesh of any animal for over 30 years it was a moral descision for me way back then not for health but better health was the result. We must remember that God’s law is perfect and those in the world who eat the most animal products themselves have the most health problems especially heart disease and cancers and many many die. We teach Natural Health classes and have had many of my students give up the consumption of the flesh of our precious brothers and sisters the creatures. Many make the discision for moral reasons not just for health. But no matter what the reason it all saves lives and animals being abused. Hooray for all that PETA does God is blessing your work! Thank you. Sr. Francis Gabriel The Little Shepherds of Saint Francis

  • Fabio says:

    For all the gods ! A great victory but not the war ! We still believe in the end of this ! My congratulations for you all !

  • Michele says:

    I had a leather watch that I wore until the band broke it had been given to me as a gift before I became vegan and realized just what happens to animals that are used for leather clothing etc. I also had a leather jacket that was given to me years ago but when I became vegan I just could not wear that jacket anymore. I think the watch was easier because it was small and mostly not noticeable but the jacket had that nauseating leather smell to it. However I did not want to just throw it away as others have said on this blog so I gave it to my sisterinlaw. Now I buy shoes and purses mostly at Payless and my watch has a plastic band. I also got a great faux leather brief case and portfolio combination from PETA’s online catalogue they say “Fake for the animals’ sake”. I take every opportunity to show people that they can have nicelooking clothes without causing cruelty.

  • cameron Longwell says:

    Thnx for the update i am relly glad for the step for improvment

  • yappohloy says:

    Not because of religion wise since 10 years ago I’ve cease eating pork and anything relating to this poor animal.

  • Nina says:

    Great new’s about the crates it will be “Wonderful” when they stop using them all together. I view anyone that eat’s animals and wears their skin as Neanderthal.

  • ERICA says:

    Wow great rejoice rejoice….Great news may we all continue to work hard stop animals being kill for food!!!

  • Vicky says:

    In response to Angie’s comment on the 13th “I have in my closet leather jackets and shoes but have realized that just throwing them out would make the sacrifice that those animals gave worth nothing so I will wear them till they are worn out but will NEVER buy another item made from the skin of an animal nor eat anything made from the life of another living thing” good on you…!!! I feel exactly the same….. I went vegetarian about a month ago now and I stopped using any products tested on animals over 2 years ago. I feel so much happier knowing that I am no longer contributing to the suffering of all those poor animals…. And like you I too have a leather jacket….. and wear leather shoes but getting rid of these would achieve nothing so I will wear them out but I am always looking for alternatives. Just because we don’t necessarily have all the answers or alternatives yet does not mean that we shouldn’t do what we can..!!

  • Sucheta says:

    This is superb news.It is simply great to know that so many people all over the world are fighting for such a noble cause and that people are becoming aware of all the cruelties that are inflicted on these innocent and helpless creatures and are convinced that there is an urgent need to put a stop to this.

  • Nilangshu says:

    Thanks to Smithfield Food. Keep up the spirit. We all are very thankful to you.

  • daylight 365 says:

    Any human with a heart who knew what really happens to pigs sheep cows chickens and all other “consumer products” for consumers would stop eating these good creatures. In the old days when farms existed and life was “normal” for animals people usually ate small amounts of meat according to the seasons and bounty of the moment and obesity was never an issue. Ahhhh ” progress”!

  • Rosalia says:

    PETA keep up the good work you are the voices that speak for animals.

  • Isabel says:

    Hola gente linda de Peta soy de Argentina y la verdad es que me llena de alegria conocer esta hermosa noticia. Que bueno por nuestros hermanos los chanchitos! Gracias a Dios y a Uds. Por favor sigan luchando por todos los animalitos hermosos de este mundo. Ojala en la Argentina pase lo mismo. Dios asi lo quiera. Los felicito!

  • wendy lee says:

    Thanks for bringing the dark minds and hearts out into the light PETA. There should come a time when all animals will be free from cruelty by humans.

  • Angielena says:

    I have been mostly vegetarian for twenty years with only a few times falling off the wagon. I recently watched one of the undercover videos of factory farming and sobbed so hard my eyes were swollen the next day. I have decided to be fully vegan now even though it is hard and never buy leather again. I never again want to aid in the hand of cruelty. I hope that we can keep working to somehow put grace in peoples hearts so that they will naturally understand why eating meat is so horrific.Thank you to everyone who makes these hard decisions to speak up for the animals.

  • Caroline says:

    Gestation crates should be banned entirely . The blatant truth is that even if it done so these poor animals will be callously tortured as seen often in undercover investigations before they finally give in to a horrifying and painful death. I have a mind to throw all these officials and staff of these murderous organisations in crates for the rest of their lives! It would be wonderful to see these Godless torturers die a slow death for a change. Its only fair. Hoping that not only will the crates be done away with but that a day will come when all these amazing animals will be set free forever. Caroline

  • Rick Woosley says:

    GREAT news! Like Tina once I was awakened to the horrors of factory farming I just felt so depressed and down about the fact that I couldn’t just go right out and stop it all. It’s nice to know that changes are happening…although not fast enough. Keep it up PETA!

  • wendy lee says:

    We need leadership like PETA to rule the world. My heart is one step lighter to hear the good news like everyone here. Thank you so much for all your great supreme actions and deeds and for all who pray and put into action to make this a better world for all.

  • Diana says:

    It’s so good to hear that the large companies are finally listening. The animals need us to defend them. They have no choice they have no voice. The large meat producers must know that PETA is justified in what we are saying and doing or they wouldn’t consent to make changes. Hooray for PETA! Hooray for the animals!

  • outdoorsman says:

    what is so wrong with eating meat if god didnt want us to eat them he would have made them impossible to catch. I just dont see what the problem is they dont feel it at all.we also as a group of outdoorsman would hope that you wouldnt put these sorts of animal rights adds on our outdoor web sites. Thank you!