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One Lettuce Lady’s Intimate Plea to the Texas Governor

Written by PETA | October 2, 2007

Following Houston’s decision to ban Alicia Silverstone’s sexy pro-vegetarianism PSA, one PETA Lettuce Lady took it upon herself to make a personal plea to Texas Governor Rick Perry to encourage Texans to go vegetarian. When the top “fattest cities” in America were announced this year, Texas had four cities in the top ten, so if there’s anyone who needs a bit of urgent advice about a healthy diet, it’s the good folks in the Lone Star State.

Texas, you’ve been a very naughty state. But nobody wants to hear that kind of talk from me when they can get it from a lovely Lettuce Lady. Check out the amazing video that the wonderful Nicole Matthews sent to Texas’ governor today. How can you say no to this one, Rick?

Now that you’ve watched the video, please click here to sign our petition asking Governor Rick Perry to get on board with our “Go Veg Texas” Campaign.

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  • Animale 4ever says:

    Please Peta stop ridiculizing the Animal Rights. Peta ads are becoming Porn. Everybody must know that Women are not meat just like animals are not meat either. Peta is doing a great damage to serious animal rights activists.

  • Corndog says:

    I am all for promoting a meatfree diet but I don’t think this ad is the way to go. It’s way too inyourface for Governor Perry and if he was offended by the Alicia Silverstone ad which I thought was beautiful by the way he is really going to be offended by this. This crude ad is beneath PETA in my opinion.

  • Corndog says:

    I don’t think this video will do anything to futher our cause. I don’t like the sexual innuendo and Governor Perry certainly won’t. It will give him another reason not to take us seriously. This inyourface ad offends ME and I am a vegetarian and PETA supporter in Texas by the way. It’s just tacky and in bad taste. The reasons she gave for being vegetarian were great but the message won’t be heard because of the medium.

  • Michele says:

    Almost 13 of factoryfarmed dairy cows have mastitis that’s how pus ends up in milk. Gross!

  • Chris says:

    I think that it is good that PETA is trying to get people to go vegan but i am getting tired of all the porn ads i see on your website. I think that they do a good job of discrediting PETA and making it seem like a joke. I agree completely with helping out animals but i think these ads are getting a bit tiresome

  • simple bill says:

    to michele your right noone forced me to read or even comment on this video. however i was merely explaining how if a dairy farm were to switch from milk to human crops they would not make enough money to run the farm hence the loss of jobs homes and life understand? to j miller did i single you out individually? NO i didnt. like i said in my previous post I DO have a few vegan friends. one of them i actually lived with for awhile he has since went back to eating meat due to no muscle mass from lack of protein. as far as your “you call yourself…” how stupid “do you stand out in front of…” WOW!!! where im from if i dont tell that person youll never convert me they keep pushin and pushing and pushing understand? to russell WOW! as my name implies i am in fact a very simple minded person. with that being said im NOT PUSHING ANYTHING ON ANYBODY. i was merely explaining to michele how a dairy farm could not just “switch” to faming crops for human consumption. there is no money in it for them. now if you wanna talk shit why dont you ellaborate on your little “serving puss filled milk” comment? to me that comment is sheer ignorance. i have one question for you russell UDERSTAND?

  • Susannah S says:

    Simple Bill You’re right we have no idea what your life is like but you have no idea what OUR lives are like either. Veganism isn’t just some silly eccentricity and if you’ve read the recent UN report you’ll see that veganismvegetarianism is one way that we can contribute towards saving the planet from global warming for instance. The pollution produced by your friend’s dairy farm IS our business. The veal calves that spend their short miserable lives in tiny crates where they can’t move that’s a product of the dairy industry. There are health issues directly linked to drinking milk such as asthma which now affects 20some percent of American children. Heart disease is linked to butterfat and so is cancer. So you see it’s not just some moronic fringegroup nonsense. Veganism has many many benefits for health for the environment AND for the sake of the animals. Also it IS a fair question that’s been asked if you really resent the vegan message so much why on earth are you visiting the PETA blogs? Hello! But while you’re here why not read some of the information available about WHY we don’t eat meat wear fur or support animal experimentation? You might find it a lot more informative than you think. It might even make you put down your milkshake and think about other options!

  • Melissa says:

    “The above issues are serious grownup issues that require the most persuasive means to get their message out to the public. The plight of animals can’t be reduced to fodder for frat boy publicity stunts involving strippers and sexy innuendo. If some of that has worked so far then good. But to continue in this vein does cheapen the urgency and seriousness of trying to get the vegetarin message across. ” Susannah I couldn’t agree more. I know there are a lot of other animal welfarerights organizations out there but I wish there was another as comprehensive as PETA but that portrays these issues more seriously. This is critical to furthering our cause.

  • Russell says:

    Simple Bill… you picked a really good name to post with…ummm you came onto the website and read it yourself don’t push your dairy farm bull shit onto us Thanks for playing though. oh and thank you friend for serving Puss Filled milk to America we really need more guys like him

  • Ray-O says:

    I’m probably not the first one to say that PETA generally drives me up the wall. Sure I agree that fur is a totally trivial reason to kill an animal. But we have leather which makes good use of what’s left of the cow after it’s eaten! Yeah I know about the health problems in Texas that arise from eating meat but really do we expect the Governor of the land of John Wayne cowboys barbecue and the right wing? My answer No way. He’s just gonna laugh at your face. He will never care about his heart attack. Not that I would ever follow suit. Frankly I don’t give a crap if an animal feels pain because I know that humans are scum but they’re not the only one who hurt an animal for food! And I would never give up my delicious steak for a soybased blandtasting pretender. Take it from me. MEAT HAS NO DOPPELGANGER. SOY IS NOT MEAT. ONLY REAL MEAT TASTES GOOD.

  • J Miller says:

    Simple Bill I myself am as you call us a “silly vegan”. I don’t try to “convert” or “force” my beliefs on anyone. Not all people do. And honestly like Michele said if you think we’re “pushing” our ways on you then why are you visiting PETA’s website and reading our articles and commenting? You consider yourself religiously unaffiliated so do you hang around churches and temples to make comments to people who are religious? I’m not of one particular religion either but I also don’t go around making comments like “You’ll never convert me!” That’s just immature.

  • Michele says:

    If people do not want veganism being “pushed” on them they are fools for coming on the PETA website in the first place. No one forced you to read these blogs! Duh!

  • Susannah S says:

    Dear PETA “fricken’ take a joke” says one of the bloggers above. If I were going to bother to send a video to the governor of Texas then I would hope he wouldn’t think it was a joke. I would want him to view the video and it’s almost a given that this one won’t be seen. That’s not a particularly funny thought when the message is such a serious one. “Lighthearted” has it’s place but for an organization whose goals include ending factory farming ending foie gras and veal production assuring that all dogs and cats get neutered getting rid of battery cages for hens ending the use of fur and making the world vegetarian the continued sleaze is really getting in the way in my opinion and weakening our stance. The above issues are serious grownup issues that require the most persuasive means to get their message out to the public. The plight of animals can’t be reduced to fodder for frat boy publicity stunts involving strippers and sexy innuendo. If some of that has worked so far then good. But to continue in this vein does cheapen the urgency and seriousness of trying to get the vegetarin message across. It’s important for the animals for people for the planet that the vegetarian message be HEARD and it won’t be if all people see and hear about is Rrated babes wearing say lettuce costumes. Sex sells right. People have said that repeatedly in these blogs. But WHAT ARE WE INTERESTED IN SELLING HERE? I think sex is great. I think nudity is great. I also think neither has anything to do with animal rights and to me it’s of utmost importance that THAT be the message left in people’s minds after the publicity stunts are over. I was recently privileged to work with Farm Sanctuary at the Veggie Expo in Saratoga SpringsNY. Their table was packed with visitors all of whom found the subject at hand getting rid of factory farming fascinating enough without any addedon hoohah. The leadin on this particular PETA video is absurd and tacky and it negates the impact of the heartbreaking footage that comes after it. To me that’s just wrong and for the sake of the animals it makes me angry. This video will find a place in the governor’s office all right in the circular file. How sad.

  • simple bill says:

    you people crack me up. nothing you say or do is gonna turn me into a vegan. get over yourselves people. as for the comment about how dairy farmers could grow crops for human consumption? THEN IT WOULD NOT BE A DAIRY FARM. my question to you is have you ever worked or visited a dairy farm? well i have matter of fact my best friend owns one. that being said exactly none of the crops they grow are for human consumption. every single kernel of corn is processed into feed for their dairy cows. with that being said there is absolutly NO money in a dairy farm changing to soley farming of crops for human consumption. here are some numbers for ya. right now as im typing this corn is at $3.44.25 per bushel. my friend has about 80000 acres of land of which about 30000 is crop. they average 56 bushelsacre. do the math and you get $5700000 and change correct? now take in crop loss fuel hauling trucks tractors tractors and machine repair tractor and machine upkeep pesticides herbacides labor storage fees then feed processing fees and they come out with hardly any profit from crops. where they make their money is SELLING THE MILK OF THE COWS which if you go to your local grocery store milk is somewhere around $3.50 a gallon right? compare $3.44 a bushel to $3.50 A GALLON! now how can you say that a diry farm could switch to just producing crops for human consumption and make a profit? you people have some wild ideas about how farming works. its not about people losing jobs or people gaining employment. its about you crazy vegans trying to push your silly ways on us people who truly love a fat juicy steak with two eggs on the side and a huge glass a milk to chase it down. GUESS WHAT? im not buying it. and yes you can say all the stupid ignorant things about my comment that you want but the fact of the matter is you dont know me so you have no clue what my life is like or how i live it so you cant judge me. but on the flip side I DO have a few vegan friends so I DO know how vegan live eat and make a life for themselves. now im not judging anybody because they are vegan. im judging you because you try to push your ways on people who dont want to be pushed. kinda like religion. FOR EXAMPLE did you know a study done earlier this year showed that over 75 of americans actually question the “existence” of god. as for me im religiously unaffilliated. and i have people everyday trying to push their god mumbo jumbo on me. so in short I LOVE MEAT and i also love animals. so STOP TRYING TO PUSH YOUR VEGANISM ON US WOULD YA? its fine if you live the way you wanna live but stop preaching it.

  • Jason Levy says:

    I love it!!! And people….fricken take a joke! It’s obviously meant to be lighthearted. Also look how much attention this will attract in Texas and elsewhere even if the Gov. doesn’t get on board. It’ll get some many people hearing about vegetarianismveganism that otherwise would not have.

  • kelly says:

    Rachela reminds me of the dog breeders in the other comments that say “hey if laws get passed and we get licensed we won’t be able to run illegal businesses skip paying taxes and dump our surplus animals in the shelter and pound system for free.” Animal profiteers greedily defending their “rights” to abuse animals.

  • Carla says:

    Just to let you know there has been another out break of the bird flu here in Canada. It’s the same strain that saw 17 million chickens killed in B.C. 4yrs ago. Very Sad. It was printed somewhere in the middle of the newspaper in small print just below a heading that read “Car thieves get busted again!”

  • Susannah S says:

    Texas banned the Sliverstone ad because of its nudity. So…we think it’s cool to send something like this to the Governor of Texas? Why not send the second part the “reasons” to go veg to the Governor? This is a good serious presentation of why it’s important to go vegetarian. But that tacky beginning is NOT going to move this Governor. In fact it’s more likely to guarantee that he will never see this video. It cheapens PETA and its causes to continually come at the public with sex and innuendo instead of facts that inspire compassion. The sustained pressure that comes from exposing the public to the realities of the meat industry may take longer but the results are more longlasting than the shock value of the “lettuce ladies” and the nudie ads. A few of these ads here and there add some spice and humor to The Cause yes but they’re getting out of hand when such a video is sent to a state governor as a way of converting him or her to vegetarianism. All it’s going to do is guarantee that PETA will be considered more of a nutfringe group than it’s already considered to be in places like Texas. People are much easier to convert if you show them WHY it’s to their advantage to change than if you force an agenda down their throats like so much foie gras. Or lettuce as the case may be. This particular video is embarrassing not “food” for thought.

  • Ana says:

    rachela You sound like the slaveholders who claimed the economy of the South would collapse. They claimed their businesses would not function nor bring in enough profit without slaves. Duh!! It did not collapse but their economy did CHANGE!!! Oh what a horrible thougt eliminating violence and slaughterhouses and replacing that with veganism. Striving for peace and nonviolence is such a horrible thing!!!!

  • Michele says:

    If all criminals in the world were rehabilitated all of the police judges corrections officers rehab counsellors criminal lawyers probationparole officers etc would be out of a job. I guess we had better not try to stop crime! It really burns me when people justify bad behaviour by the old “but people will lose jobs” lameass excuse. And that is all that it is. The economy is not going to suddenly collapse because the whole world is not going to become vegan at once. Gradually as the demand for vegan foods and other products increases like nonleather clothing crueltyfree cosmetics etc etc etc people will gradually become employed in those areas. People at L’Oreal will not suddenly lose their jobs if that company stopped using animal testing they will simply be working for a more compassionate company. Dairy and beef farmers can grow crops for human consumption. “Burger” King employees would surely still be dishing out fast food just a different kind. We would still need grocery stores. Do you not think that vegans eat food? In fact because a vegan diet assuming it is not primarily made up of convenience foods is less expensive than a meatbased one vegans have more disposable income for other purchases like books vacations and clothing. The type of economy would shift but it would not collapse. Rachela obviously you are new to this site and have not read through the various sections. If you had done you would know that PETA’s socalled “opinions” come from research in a variety of areas. Look at the fact sheets watch the videos. And you know if all of those overweight highbloodpressured heartattacksjustwaitingtohappen Texans NOT something to be proud of switched to a vegan diet they would live longer healthier lives therefore their families would have them around longer. They would be productive members of society for a longer period of time and they would be less of a burden on the social securityhealth care system.

  • Anonymous says:

    If every person in Texas went vegan more vegan products would need to be produced thus creating new jobs.

  • rachela says:

    ok first of all the way to convince a leader to see your side of a problem isn’t by trying to seduce him especially when he’s married and has kids. second of all your arguements have no base. they are all just opinions. thirdly if every person in texas went vegan a large part of the american economy that even you depend on would be lost and hundreds of thousands of people would be without jobs and would have no other way of supporting their families. please just think on that for a moment.

  • Jake B says:

    once again peta porn

  • Russell says:

    i LOVE it!!! Just enough cheese and the right amount of campy you have to love that! go lettuce lady! and as a texan thanks for trying to get my state on board we NEEEEED it Love you PETA