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The One Leg Injury Even Worse Than Louisville’s Kevin Ware’s (VIDEO)

Written by Alisa Mullins | April 4, 2013

On Sunday, the University of Louisville’s Kevin Ware sustained one of the most gruesome injuries in sports history. The outpouring of support from across the country, along with the response of his teammates, has been fantastic.

However, some horrifying leg injuries don’t get the same attention, such as this one sustained by the great-granddaughter of legendary Triple Crown winner Seattle Slew and captured on video during a recent PETA investigation:

This young horse wasn’t lauded or celebrated. There was no emergency surgery or outpouring of sympathy. She was just euthanized.

Fatal injuries like this one happen about three times every single day at racetracks across the country, including Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky, home of the upcoming Kentucky Derby. That’s because horses are forced to run at too young an age on bones that haven’t fully developed. They are given drugs to mask pain so that they will run with existing injuries. And they are beaten into running at top speeds on hard, punishing track surfaces.

Unlike Louisville’s indomitable Ware and other athletes who sustain injuries, horses used for racing don’t choose to compete. And unlike human athletes who receive top-notch medical care and are often up and walking in a matter of days or weeks, horses who suffer catastrophic injuries are often killed right where they fall.

So tune in to the Final Four this weekend and cheer on Louisville (or Michigan, Syracuse, or Wichita State), but please never bet on, watch, or attend a horse race.

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  • Sandy Rigdon says:

    I can’t find the words to discribe how this makes me sick! All for the love of money, they do not care about these beautiful animals.

  • Jacqueline Schmidt says:

    Keep on contacting law makers & spreading the word on the abusers & the abused. We WILL win!

  • Juana says:

    This is really cruel please help to feed the best to this animals ,because they work in this field.

  • Ann says:

    I am so sick of this, what is wrong with people?

  • Anne Barusta says:

    could not watch it, I also support a ban on races using any animals

  • Jackie says:

    Bless this baby’s heart, she must have been in so much pain and not even being able to stop running. It breaks my heart.

  • Jackie says:

    Bless this baby’s heart, she must have been in so much pain and not even being able to stop running. It breaks my heart.

  • Jackie says:

    Why do living creatures have to be used for humans recreation? Ban all things that use live animals for human “enjoyment”. There are enough electronic devices for people to get the amusement.

  • Deb Fahey says:

    Again, money is the bottom line to everything. People don’t care about these beautiful creatures. They are property that may win or not win their owners the almighty buck.

  • Joan Faszczewski says:

    There are ways to fix that. This is awful. If that was Derek Jetter it will be repaired. That is why I don’t to see horse raceing no more because these horses are treated. It has to stop.

  • Richard Blanchette says:

    This is not acceptable. All this for the human race. They use animal for their own benefit but nothing to help the animal. Why they don’t have vetenarian ob the site. I expect some day all these places are organising races horses will be shotdown by the autorithy.

  • Kathy Campbell says:

    Horses should get the same treatment as human beings–compassion and care.

  • Daniele Dolleans says:

    It is a very big shame. Shame to those who treat horses in this way. I am horrified to see so much cruelty.

  • Adair Leonard says:

    So sad that there wasn’t more regard for the horse’s injuries and life. I wish people would stop forcing animals to perform in sports or entertainment venues where animals get hurt and suffer needless pain and/or death. Where is the compassion for the animals!

  • Kenny says:

    Horse racing,all animal sports, Greyhound dog racing should all be banned-its just all greed, and nothing is in regards to the animals. Seems to be once they have fulfilled thier purpose, they are slaughtered or whatever. How soon we forget that their is a place for these animals also after they pass, and we will answer for all we do. Ever wonder why there is a St Francis of Assisi-the patron Saint of animals.

  • Kenny says:

    This is a horrible act. People who let these things go on and dont help the animals the alternative should be jail time for them, and not like what lyndsay lohan gets either. Should be very stiff penalties. The horse could have had surgery and lived out her/his life.

  • Esme says:

    It’s disturbing that people have to actually be told that these things are WRONG.

  • Joanne Mitchell says:

    Clearly it’s all about the almighty dollar and as long as the owners, vets on site and investigators get their hands greased, they will turn their backs on the innocent. The horses are insured so even killing reaps rewards to these cowards. I love horses but I despite horse racing. Never attended one and never will.

  • Mieke says:

    Stoppen hiermee

  • ed says:

    this has to stop…..

  • Gina C says:

    WHEN is congress and other govt going to STEP up and STOP allowing animals to be used and abused! I wont watch this ..the picture says it all..PLEASE boycott rodeos, circuses, even zoos…God help them all!

  • Angelina says:

    Necessary to prohibit any sport that involves the use of animals! Why should animals have to experience pain and suffering? Who gave the right to subject animals such torment? This is a “fun” time to leave in the 20th century!

  • catherine says:

    They do this because people pay to watch. while owners just put the animal down,because there’s no money in their pockets now.

  • Sylvia Salamone says:

    This should have been on the news! The abuse and the killings must stop! I would love to break the legs of animal abusers with a hammer on each leg!

  • Patricia GARIAZZO says:

    I couldn’t watch it to the end, it’s toi horrible. I hate these men. ! I wish i could stop them and save the horses .

  • NIgel says:

    Lawmakers won’t stop this because there is no money in it. There is a horrible disconnect with our modern culture and truth. It has anaesthetised many into a stupor that sends them back on the evolution scale. The current narcissistic trend is that if “it isn’t bothering me, its not a problem.” That is very sad for those who suffer.

  • deborah van damme says:

    the sick sociopath riding the horse and forcing the animal to conduct unatural acts needs to be permanently incercerated. Pure evil and all for a sick sport.

  • alma says:


  • claudia says:

    homo sapiens injured on competitons should be sacrified too!!!!

  • Mah says:

    This is just soooo sick ! soooo sick ! Are we really human beings ??? How can a human treat an animal like this to just entertain others ? Let’s help these speakless poor animals that are suffering to death !Are these stupid people proud of themselves for being such cruel and heartless person ? SHAME ON THEM !

  • arsinoe says:

    Sickening display and for what! The people who engage in this are morally and ethically bankrupt!

  • John says:

    i can’t wait when the humans will disappear from this planet, they doesn’t deserve to be here.

  • Dalila OUAI says:

    No comment !! JUST STOP THIS

  • Elan Carlson says:

    PLEASE give up horse racing. What’s it for??? The precious lives and safety of the horses isn’t worth the lust for money EVER! We need to care for these precious animals who can say no to our abuse!!!

  • leonmol says:

    Horse/dog/whatever racing needs to stop IMMEDIATELY!!!

  • Liliane says:

    Yes, these stories are making me sick. Horses too young to race and their bones that haven’t fully developed, Too much abuse in this world

  • Shawn L says:

    They are horrible human beings. To abuse these babies and then sell them over the border for the meat industry. I hope they suffer the same fate. They need to feel the pain they cause. God is watching and you can’t hide forever.

  • Karen Brown says:

    I hate to see this kind of thing, I cry every time. This sport should be outlawed. If they want races then let men run instead. Not a animal that has no say in whether or not they want to run.

  • Renee E. Madera says:

    When something similiar happened to one of my dogs, she had an operation and a cast on. She lived out her natural life with a slight limp and alot of play and love. How can they be so cruel

  • SHIREEN says:


  • Claudine Erlandson says:

    Horse racing is an abomination! Humans exploit these poor suffering horses for profit and glory

  • babette gierig says:

    STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cochiti Espinoza says:

    This broke my heart!Lord Jesus put a stop to this abuse

  • Alexia Passy says:

    A tragedy. Animals being coldly put down on the spot; a great shame.

  • Joy Tillman says:

    One of the great problems with this world is the inability for human’s to see the suffering and deplorable acts of stupidy and outright abuse we force upon animals. Lets show this video before the Kevin Ware video, and ask, What is wrong with this world? Lets protect the helpless animals from the cruelty of man!! Ashamed to be human.

  • christin says:

    Please stop this dead bringing races.

  • Jeanette Rea says:

    I can’t even watch the video, because I’m so sick of seeing animals abused! Why can’t lawmakers stop these horrific acts!

  • Tijana Stojkovic says:

    I have had seen situations like this one,actually when them shot a horse right after the legs got broken..everybody on track where crying..tragedy..

  • Mary Manley says:

    Yes it makes me sick and wished I do not watch the video.

  • RW1066 says:

    Seeing things like this make me sick. It’s so depressing the way these horses are treated.