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Oil Dependence Hurts Bulls Too

Written by PETA | September 20, 2011

I thought living downwind of the reeking refineries in east Houston reflected badly on the oil industry, but that’s just a mere annoyance compared to the suffering of bulls at the hands of oil companies in India. That’s why one of our friends from PETA India took over the stage at the Oil and Gas Review Summit and International Exhibition in Mumbai to urge India’s wealthy oil biz leaders to replace carts drawn by bulls with modern, non-animal forms of transport. The PETA India staffer was dragged out of the conference—chanting “Shame!”

Let’s hope that she opened some eyes (and hearts). Most of the bulls used to transport fuel from oil ports to rationing stations in Mumbai are underfed and malnourished and kept in filthy conditions, and many suffer from chronic inflammation, maggot-infested wounds, infections, or intestinal problems. They are forced to work until they are exhausted, pulling heavy loads through all weather extremes.

To learn how you can help end these bullocks’ suffering, see PETA India’s action alert and please make a donation to Animal Rahat, which was created to make a difference in the lives of working bullocks, donkeys, ponies and horses.


Written by Jeff Mackey

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  • KQK says:

    India is not the only country guilty of this. Other Asian and Middle Eastern countries for this practice. I have also seen albino malnourished donkeys pulling such heavy loads. They have no natural protection for their eyes, and are often out in the hot sun, dehydrated and are kept being hit to keep going faster an faster.

  • Janna says:

    The country where animals r supposed 2 b respected & revered is actually 1 of the countries where they r abused & tortured the most. If 1 could justify sum ppl saying their animals look like THAT because they r so poor they can’t feed their own kids, let alone their animals, this is just outrageous. Sure these oil magnats could afford trucks… Shame.

  • KalC says:

    If the oil companies all of a sudden stop using these bulls what do you think the owner (who is most likely toiling to have ends meet) is going to do to these bulls? Pamper them? NO… They would only be led to slaughter.

  • Milind A.Pathare says:

    Animals should not be used where other options of vehicals is available. another thing is that they are not feed properly and heavy duty work is extracted from them. BMC should take strick action against such people.

  • Mary DeMarchi says:

    STOP IT !!! Get these animals to clean food, clean water, medical care, rest & shelter. Shoot on sight anyone seen using these emaciated creatures to pull carts.

  • Shamim says:

    Please STOP using animals for transportation and start using machine and non-animal transporation methods! This is a cruelty to animals! Those days when people used animals for transportation is passed. Those days there was NO machine! Today IS!

  • Anja says:

    Please use vehicles, instead of using these bulls. Or give them at least food! They have also a soul! They also LIVE!

  • ilje says:

    If you insist on using animals for this task – how can you expect them to do the job properly if they are underfed (all skin and bones) and don’t get the basic “medical” care they require?!

  • Megan Thomas says:

    Please STOP using animals for these purposes and treating them inhumanely. This is wrong!

  • Kirby Quito says:

    This is just horrible. For all the hard work and stress they go through you would think a descent meal would be included. But no, when you’re a horrible person nothing good comes out. Just awful!

  • Pia Wass says:

    This is shameful. Please replace these animals with modern vehicles.

  • muslgrl19975 says:

    I thought India was at least one country that took care of their animals. Horrible.

  • prairiegal says:

    sick people

  • Debarup says:

    Please refrain from using malnourished bulls as transport for heavy loads. Instead, find an alternative that is non- animal abusive. Thank you.

  • loveanimals says:

    SO sad for these poor animals. Abused and neglected. Vivi, there is NEVER an excuse for animal abuse, neglect or mistreatment! If we don’t speak up for them, they suffer immensely and it’s not right!

  • MP says:

    Let them stay alone.

  • MARY says:


  • Gitta Zwijnenburg says:

    you can do better than this…

  • Sandra Differding says:

    Stop to treat the animals like shit and don’t disrespect them! They deserve a good life with enough food and water and don’t need to work hard for us people! Shame on you!

  • vivi says:

    lets leave these people alone. these Indian people are dirt poor! they and their families are poor and most likely sick and extremely hungry. So lets put two and two together….if they can’t afford food for animals…how can they afford gas? they will end up jobless.

  • Lauren Nedimyer says:

    Please retire these hard working animals and replace them with vehicles.

  • sallymiller says:

    disgusting and WTF is wrong with people

  • Jakov Vodanovic says:


  • Shirley Sandoval says:

    Please refrain from using malnourished bulls as transport for heavy loads. Instead, find an alternative that is non- animal abusive. Thank you.

  • Andrea Vodanovic says:

    Poor animals…

  • Kerstin Koelewijn says:

    Holy Cow, my hoof!

  • Joana says:

    Stop treating animals like that!!

  • Jennifer convry says:

    Please take care of your animals ,so they will take care of you.

  • Denise Teague says:

    pathetic display of greed

  • lee metarko says:

    This is an outrage to see how these poor animals are being treated! Something definately HAS to be done!

  • paula escobar says:

    we must to protect animals, we can not destroy our world… We HAVE TO STOP CRUELTY IN OUR LIFES!!!

  • Melodie Rodriguez says:

    Replace these horriable conditions with trucks! These animals deserve better!

  • amylovesangels says:

    Wow – the appearance of those bulls is so saddening…if they are going to be used for transport, in gods name feed them, care for them, and rest them as well….god help these poor animals, i urge you to please help…

  • lisa says:

    Indian oil companies wont give a crap about the animals i watched the video and over half the people were sitting there wwith thier heads dwn trying to not acknowledge and the rest laughing just go’s to show what kind of peple they are, dont think the rest of the world will think highly of them also, quite frankly you are a disgrace