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Oh, Pie! Canada’s Minister of Fisheries and Oceans Gets Creamed

Written by PETA | January 25, 2010

Gail Shea, Canada’s minister of fisheries and oceans, was greeted with a face full of pie as she arrived at the Canada Centre for Inland Waters today. It seems that one activist had had enough of Ms. Shea’s yammering in support of the seal slaughter and decided to fill the minister’s pie hole with something a tad more palatable.


Gail Shea Pied


Since her election to the House of Commons in 2008, Ms. Shea’s name has been synonymous with support for the seal slaughter. After the European Union made the humane decision to ban the sale of seal products, she responded by supporting the absurd proposal that the Canadian Olympic team wear seal skins as part of their official uniforms, saying, “I think it would be a good statement for the Canadian sealing industry and Canada’s support of it.”

The thing is, no matter how adamantly Shea claims that “[t]he Canadian seal hunt is guided by rigorous animal welfare principles,” the majority of Canadians don’t buy it—and they don’t support the bashing in of baby seals’ skulls.

So come on, Gail, wipe that soy whipped cream from your face and show the world that you’re actually willing to taste listen to what your fellow citizens are dishing out saying.

Written by Shawna Flavell

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  • jill says:

    Wow I’m very surprised. I’m currently writing a speech about the seal hunt but it seems my point of view is very different then most people’s here. It’s seems like I’m one of the few people that have read up on this. I’m all for animal rights but this is a normal hunt. The baby seals are not touched and nor is clubs used.

  • vegancoin says:

    impartial spectator i don’t see how you can compare the two. that is the unbelievably cruelty and sadistic violence of modern industrial factory farming with something as benign as getting pied which is usually seen as a political protest.

  • impartial spectator says:

    It seems ridiculous to me that an organization that preaches ethical treatment would endorse or advocate such an action. Obviously PETA has a different agenda than preventing acts of cruelty and violence.

  • unknown says:

    i find it’s HILARIOUS that PETA is label as ‘terroristgroup’

  • geoff says:

    when i heard about the pie thing i thought it was funny as hell ! but reading some of these comments …… im starting to think ur crazy.

  • Marnie says:

    Sure pie is maybe not the best argument to fight for something. But it’s not the first time in history that someone honors a politician for thoughtless statements by offering herhim “a snack” and this time it was only a pie! Sad that some now make a terroristic attack out of it and PETA’s reputation gets another patch hope in the long run it’s a golden one !!! How can one turn ignorance into compassion?

  • proud canadian says:

    it is Steven Harper that agree with his minister…Harper should be held accountable for continuing the seal hunt…how arrogant

  • ashley says:

    what a vile woman.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Josh His statement was just a broad generalizationa whatif. What are the chances that ALL the fastfood outlets slaughterhouses laboratories and the banks that fund them would explode tomorrow? He’s just venting. If people could read our thoughts I’m sure we’d all be thrown in jail.

  • emma says:

    josh when you think of the immense cruelty that these places put defenceless animals through on a daily basis i dont blame bruce for saying it But he’s hardly gonna do it is he no one is gonna do it but it doesnt hurt to wish for it. When i think of animals especially primates being tortured and beaten in labs I wish they would blow up doesnt mean im gonna go and blow it up.

  • josh says:

    I don’t agree that peta should be labelled a terrorist organization…. yet.. “I think it would be great if all of the fastfood outlets slaughterhouses these laboratories and the banks that fund them exploded tomorrow. PETA Vice President Bruce Friedrich

  • Erin says:

    I normally oppose this sort of activism but that was REALLY FUNNY.

  • emma says:

    Mr pink you immature fool. ‘nature nazis’ and ‘terrorists’.. you strange strange people. You make me laugh we are a bunch of people who dont think clubbing baby seals over the head for coats overpopulation ect ect.. is the way to go and you all come on here crying over a bit of cream in a face and call us ‘terrorists’ boo hoo someone got pied boo hoo your all nazis boo hoo im so disapointed in peta… guys seriously.??? Your all sad sad people. can you not find anything better to do than come on here and cry over a pie she deserved it and i hope it happens again. What harm did it actually do? All it did was bruise her ego..well tough it could have been worse if it was a ‘real terrorist’.It was a girl who was sick of hearing her bull so she showed her up big deal stop whinging.

  • klarasun says:

    Nice try to make seal products more attractive… “killing them with one blow” do you know what? Pictures from wherever executions still take place come into my mind… one direct shot… you kill them and that’s a fact you can’t wipe away. “in the long run” maybe there’s a food shortage…till then we maybe find something better than killing them. Let them live please !!! And if PETA had not taken a pie this time another animal supporter maybe the next days!

  • alex cruikshank says:

    I was want to say that I disagree with PETA’s action towards individuals organizations and government agency representatives when they throw pies to their faces. I really think PETA is a terrorism group if they will keep condoning and allowing these kinds of childish attitudes when they do something like this to a federal ministers of any government or a country.

  • Sean says:

    Good job PETA! The pie thrower was Emily McCoy a New yorker.

  • Harvey says:

    Wow you really showed her. No one wants that nasty tofu and soy in their face.

  • Chris J. says:

    I can’t say that I’m a large follower of the animal rights movement but I support PETA’s ability to show that it’s important to stand up for what you believe in. Just make sure you’re pies are aimed at everyone that currently holds a position in Canadian government they are all corrupt.

  • Anna says:

    I would like for just one moment to place Ms. Shea in the body of one of those baby seals so she can truly feel the pain as they get beaten to death dragged and slaughtered. The terror that they must feel. I can’t even begin to understand how some can be so cruel.

  • emma says:

    Kim i donate to kids charitys i donate to help the aged i donate to the homeless and i donate to animal charitys i bet most of the people on here do the same but because we’re on a blog talking about said animals and not children the elderly or anything else we are ‘disgusting’ well excuse me but correct me if im wrong but this is PETA right??? and correct me if im wrong but on peta we talk about ANIMALS right??? doesnt mean to say we dont care about anything else people like you make me laugh… act your age.

  • carla says:

    MH who cares what she is allergic to???? And why are you on Peta if you go against everyone who supports Peta and it’s animals????

  • Bethany says:

    Kim to quote what you said… “Such childish behaviour. I am proud to be a Canadian and you would think in this day and age that hungry children would be a far better thing to lobby for. You people are disgusting.” I think you are talking about animals activists if I am not mistaken. I just wanted to let you know that animal rights go hand in hand with hungry children well hunger in general! because we feed the majority of our food to animals that are fed to humans for meat. Veggies and grains will feed more people than meat. For example all of the grains that are fed to feed our meat could be used to feed many more people than the meat it goes to feed. Meat is not only inhumane but a terrible waste of resources. So being active for animals is not only helping animals but humans as well. And since when are animal activists not allowed to be ative for more than one cause?

  • karla oliveira says:

    BRAVISSIMO!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD JOB!!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!

  • Svein says:

    I don’t think demanding the ethical treatment of animals precludes a need for the ethical treatment of people.

  • carla says:

    Get over it Ralph!

  • Andrew says:

    Thats not nice…

  • Debra A. Tilstra says:

    Just need to say that I am 100 against the seal hunt slaughter or the killing of any animal. I have two dog buddies and love them as much as I’d love any child. I just can’t support Peta who is proud of the pie thrower. People will often be hateful unkind wrong etc. believing different than us this isn’t a perfect world if it was Peta wouldn’t be needed. We need to act and react with honorable ways or we are no better than they are! We can’t force everyone to do right look at the abortion issue. Some people hate murder of children as I do but when one becomes a murder killing docters etc. we are then no better than they are.

  • lynda downie says:

    I read today that Shea is now more determined than ever to protect sealers after the pieing incident. Real mature there Shea!

  • MH says:

    “a tofu cream pie is not exactly a lethal weapon.” It could easily be. What if Ms. Shea had been allergic to soy?

  • Richard says:

    I must say that this is the reason that i have always loved Peta… a simple pie can get peaple talking. i am a Canadian and am embarrased that this MP speaks for me… i don’t know anyone that thinks the kill of seals is right

  • Ralph says:

    It’s very obvious the activist did not want to harm Ms. Sheaa tofu cream pie is not exactly a lethal weapon. Mike Quinoa. Mike some people are allergic to soy and had the minister of fisheries been this case Miss Emily would be in even more trouble than for just throwing a pie. Meaning if the woman was allergic to soy and had a reaction the assault charges would go up and become more severe. Care should always be taken in things like this I’m not fond of the protesting tactics but I don’t want anyone harmed because of this.

  • Melissa says:

    As a Canadian citizen born and raised in Northern Ontario I have to say that I abhore the practice of sealing. Good God it is cruel beyond belief. All this nonsense about sealing being necessary to support the livelihoods of a few people is just incredible b.s. there are so many other ways to make a living. Kudos to Emily McCoy for putting herself in harm’s way to speak out for those who cannot. Emily you’re my hero! Melissa.

  • Jake says:

    Posted by NT January 26 2010 0943 AM…. Jake go back to the hole you crawled out of NL I suppose. This is a board for animal lovers and you ain’t one of them. NT your right I am from NL but I and many others here deplore the seal hunt. I wrote the NL gov more times than many people asking that the hunt be stopped. I’m just getting sick of idiots like Emily McCoy so much that I think its time to give back to these idiots. People like Emily McCoy are not helping the cause. Also Newfoundland and Labrador is no hole. Your not going to get much help from a Province or Country if you keep tarring everyone with the same brush.

  • Missy says:

    i love it! a pie in the face may just wake this demon lady up. what i find ironic is that the few people who say the pie in the face was such a terrible assult are the same people who probably cheered on as they hung Saddam Hussein. if you aren’t able to understand perhaps you should imagine they are clubbing baby humans out there on the ice. That creepy lady deserves far worse than a pie.

  • derek says:

    I am Canadian but sad to say definitely not a so called ‘Proud Canadian’. Today I am truly grateful for the actions of the young women who pied the despicable Gail Shea. Her and her ilk make me sick. I am afraid Canada is very quickly going to the dogs under this dreadful neocon government that we have up here.

  • Jacqui says:

    Kudos to the pie thrower for bringing attention to the cause…BUT PROTESTING VIOLENCE WITH VIOLENCE?! PETA can thank her for the negative publicity. They’re calling it a terrorist attack!

  • shelly says:

    This is so awesome and that activist is my new hero!

  • carla says:

    Assult Christina????? She deserves way more than a pie in her ugly face!!! Assult is the slaughter of innocent seals. Please give me a f… break. Your just as clueless as she is.

  • Andre says:

    If you take away the seal hunt from the Iniut what do PETA members suggest the Inuit do to compensate for the financial loss? Thank you.

  • Billy says:

    As a Canadian I am utterly ashamed this baby seal murdering is condoned in this country Way to give out the pie!!!!!!! I just read in the news that they are trying to label us Petafolk as terrorists! Unbelievable They murder those babies and were terrorists? Please dont blame all of us Canucks for this It’s sick!

  • vegancoin says:

    another one bites the dust. support meat free monday.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    As Robert mentioned above a Newfoundland Member of Parliament is trying to play the “You’re a terrorist” card. It’s very obvious the activist did not want to harm Ms. Sheaa tofu cream pie is not exactly a lethal weapon. Emily the intrepid piepusher might receive some jail time which I’m sure she’s expecting and prepared for. The sentence should be consistent with past Canadian political pieings though. In the past out of four pieings three of the piewielders received 30 days in jail and one a conditional sentence.

  • Lauren Holt says:

    Are the pies you throw Vegan? Because a little part of me wants them to be responsibly sourced fish guts! Good Job PETA!

  • Vontra says:

    NT Although I wouldn’t have the guts to pie someone I also know that conventional means rarely if ever get the world’s attention. I applaud the activist for bringing attention to this issue. I’m involved in trying to close an abusive shelter that people have trying to close for over 30 years we’re finally getting close! But conventional means simply haven’t worked…anyway let’s just hope this inhumane practice STOPS SOON!!!!! Peace Vontra

  • Robert says:

    Haha some government dude from Newfoundland wants this to be considered terrorism!? Our governements don’t listen to the majority they think about helping industry what is that anyway a mindless machine? and then when they recieve a mild sanction from civil society they try to pull the terrorism card to silence people who have the courage to stand up to them. It’s amazing what lengths people will go to to protect the slaughter of animals instead of simply changing their minds and living in a healthier way.

  • susan says:

    Bill Donaldson this was hardly a vicious attack. Please! Vicious is what is being done to these baby seals. And for calling people “punks” you need to watch your choice of words.Get a life!

  • NT says:

    Jake go back to the hole you crawled out of NL I suppose. This is a board for animal lovers and you ain’t one of them.

  • Sandra says:

    If we want someone to FEEL then we need to teach in a way that people can hear. What is Ms Shea attached to. What does she FEEL love for? Compare that love to the love of our creatures and maybe then she will identify. That doesn’t mean hurt what she loves just compare and plant a seed.

  • Jake says:

    We can’t wait to see someone from peta somewhere… A flipper pie is waiting!!!

  • anne hoesch says:

    sorry ralph but i think this made the point exactly..shes lucky maybe she would think differently if she felt a steel pike in her head instead of a pie in the face..the woman is living in the dark ages if she accepts the horrific slaughter of thousands of baby seals as humane and acceptable sometimes you have to resort to such measures as pie throwing to get your point accross!!!!