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Oh, and one more thing about breeders …

Written by PETA | May 20, 2008

For a completely surreal glance into the world these people live in, check out this undercover footage from behind the scenes at this year’s Westminster Dog Show. It speaks volumes.

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  • Alba D'Agostino says:

    just disgusted id this video!

  • Kris says:

    The bottom line Is this-THOUSANDS of wonderful, sweet dogs are being put down in shelters and pounds all over the USA (let’s not even talk about what goes on in other countries) so how could you keep making more and more of them, just to make a buck? And don’t say ‘it’s not for the money, it’s for the beauty of the breed’ or some other BS, because if they outlawed selling dogs and made breeders adopt them out, there would be about 3 people in the country still breeding them!

  • anni says:

    This People are gracy…

  • losimkus says:

    Zonreni smoozyplogy

  • Kriss says:

    joanna AKC “provides” grooming areas. Maybe you should read all the rules 😉 and not twist them to fit your liking. And it’s not abuse to brush your dog or white out the grass stains from playing before the show. It’s not a “crime” to put on a dogs Sunday best, it’s not a crime to love a dog so much that he has the whitest teeth on the block, it’s not a crime to have a dog with a beautiful healthy coat that is brushed every day. It’s not a CRIME to show this same family member at Westminster being proud to say “hey, we did this me and my family member worked hard for many years to get here”. It’s not a CRIME! PETA needs to protest pet stores, BYB’s and puppy mills instead of dog shows. But I can tell you what IS A CRIME…..PETA calling all those people in their animal abusers when THEY DON’T KNOW THEM!! Neither do you people sitting here talking about how horrible I am for showing dogs, shame on you! You should feel bad….its racist! Those dogs don’t need rescuing and if any PETA member tried to take my dogs (calming that grooming them and show was cruel) they would see me in court. PETA might love animals but they are taking it too far. If those dogs didn’t want to be there or felt abused don’t you think they would cry out? Don’t you think they would bite? Don’t you think they would pull and pull and PULL at the leash to get away? Come on don’t be so naive.

  • Julie says:

    so now the AKC members are saying their entrance fees goes toward ending puppy mills. You’re two-faced, contradictory LIARS!! It seems you have an answer for everything. Breeding is breeding is breeding – PERIOD!! I once entered my cat (a stray) in a big show in St. Augustine, and as I looked around at the constant grooming, bathing, carriers upon carriers, constant meowing throughout the entire auditorium, I picked up my cat, headed back to TN., and hoped that she had forgotten what I’d put her through. A ribbon would have meant nothing to her. It’s ALL for the human. Stop this nonsense!!

  • dogshowjunior says:

    Seriously?? Puppy mill money does NOT go towards putting on our show. We PAY entry fees to show our dogs most which btw love it! my setter sleeps on my bed and will jump on a grooming table any chance he gets! along with vet bills topoftheline food bills among other things. Registration fees go towards AKC projects that help STOP puppy mills and work towards educating the public. I work for handlers and those dogs are taken care of better than many people! They have fresh bottled water and the best food. They aren’t kept in their crates as some say because then they would not be in good condition which includes a happy demeanor. Dogs at the show are obviously not being bred since they are in top condition. When we do decide to breed we have carefully researched breedings working to eliminate all possible health problems. The bitches lead a life of leisure during and after the pregnancy and do not show for around six months after and are definitely not bred any time soon. Also most puppies have a home before they are even born. We LOVE our dogs and would never do anything to hurt them. If PETA would stop working against dog shows maybe they could work with AKC to stop abuse and puppy mills!

  • MK says:

    Ok do all you people commenting on what “horrible” people breeders are know ANYTHING about us? We all love our dogs like children. They’re our pride and joys and we wouldn’t ever do anything to hurt them. If you go to a real show you’ll see what it’s like. Dogs that I show get so excited they’re usually barking and struggling to get INTO the ring. We never EVER try to injure our make our dogs upset while we’re grooming them. Their happiness is IMMENSELY important to us. For the record my views on breeding is it should only be for show dogs. Breeding pet quality dogs purposly is stupid to me and DOES take a chance away from a shelter dog. So PETA people please don’t judge everything by it’s cover.

  • Coady says:

    Dog shows in most cases are fun for both the handler and the dogs. Sure some people are in it for the money but a lot do it for fun. Personally I do show dogs and I really enjoy it. So does my dog. She knows that when we are packing for a show she gets to go and play with other dogs. She enjoys being groomed and being looked over by the judge. Cropping and docking the ears is highly useful as well. It better shows off the breed and does not hurt the dogs because docking is done when they are pups and their is no bone just cartilage. It doesnt hurt them at all. Cropping the ears also does not hurt them it is just used to show off more expression. Everyone may have different opinions but dog shows and breeding are for pure bloodlines and will guarantee that there are fewer health risks. The dogs that are sold by breeders go to forever homes and if a breeder doesnt think that the family will take good care of the dog then they wont sell them to that family. If the family doesnt want the dog anymore either then breeders have the dogs returned to them. This is the difference between puppy mills and breeders. Puppy mills breed dogs at first heat cycles which causes health defects. Breeders wait until the dogs are around two or three years old to breed them and may not breed them if they so choose. Thanks for reading and I hope this provides some insight into a REAL dog show and breeders.

  • carol says:

    I just think that it is a shame to force anything or anyone to do something that you yourself would not wish to do. I wonder how these people would act if they knew that the competition was going be based on how they handled the animals backstage as well.

  • Annalena says:

    Renne I know all about the history of dog breeds thank you. Have you heard about the health risks of docking and cropping? It is extremely rare that a dog need be cropped or docked for “medical” reasons. Most people I know with great danes have perfectly healthy tails that have not been chopped off.As for ears my head is not shaved because of the possibility that my waist length hair could get caught in something resulting in being scalped. Does your great dane hunt wild animals? Even if they are hunting dogs why should they get needless surgery just so we can use them as “better” tools. The main reason behind docking and cropping is human vanity. To make the dog fit the unnatural and “sleek” breed standard. Many vets now or always haverefuse the practice. My vet is from Germany and believes in homeopathic medicine for companion animals.It is illegal in certain countries in Europe but not in Canada as could be expected with our pitiful animal rights history.And of course I have been witness to some “home” docking and cropping where the dog ends up with no ears at all and a mangled tail.As for tail “whipping” that is a part of canine communication.Manymany dogs fling their tails about without consequence. The standards get to be fairly rediculous when you have to resort to plastic surgery.

  • Frank says:

    You people are insane… Leslie you must have much deeper and more serious issues if this video generated such anger in you.

  • Lesley Robinson says:

    Wicked buggers! Thank you Peta for truly NEVER MAKING ME WANT A PEDIGREE DOG EVER AGAIN! I wanted to rush in and rescue EVERY ONE of those dogs away from those horrible women and I’ll bet the men are no better. Why do you have to blur out their faces? I want to see WHO THESE WICKED SLAGS ARE!

  • radish says:

    i think this is pretty disgusting no dog should be tied down why a human leaps about applying dog make up ???????!!!and making them act like they have no minds of their own. but i also think there r worse things goin on what about the current cloning of pigs so that humans can use there organs to extend their own well over due lives?! P.S isnt tail docking for showing and unethical reasons supposed to be illegal now? and if its not y the bajigans is that?!

  • Renee Crabtree says:

    By the way if you want to talk about cropping ears I completely agree that this should be made illegal to do as with docking tails. But read up on it to see why it is done or was done in the past. For instane the dog I have a Great Dane does have cropped ears. I got her 8 years ago long before I became more aware of the practice and when we got her it was already done. Anyway Danes were bred initially to hunt wild boar. Their ears were cropped so that when they got into contact with a boar the boar did not catch the ear in their tusk and rip it apart. Some Danes get their tails docked out of medical necessity because they tend to whip their tails around and cause bleeding and blisters on their tails constantly. The reason these practices are still done is that judges are judging each dog against its ‘standard’. The standard was created when these practices were still prominently done. It’s easier I guess to judge them. However the practice is not mandatory and the tide is turning. There are many more dogs that are not getting these things done.

  • Renee Crabtree says:

    I have a dog now that I used to show in AKC competition and my mom had 3 dogs she showed when I was younger. The people that own these dogs many of them but not all absolutlely LIVE for their dogs. Many take on 2nd jobs to care for their animals for their health and the hobby. They are their babies and they are passionate about their dogs. The dogs being groomed suffer no more than an average woman getting ready in the morning for work. Are you against commercial groomers as well? They do the exact same things. I take great offense to this video of alleged ‘cruelty’. You can search and search for cruelty and twist what is really going on but it is not the truth. Unhealthy dogsphysically AND psychologically don’t win competitions. That’s why you see judges putting their hands around the dogs’ mouths. To see if they are comfortable with humans. If their handlersownersbreeders didn’t treat them well or harmed them in any way the dog would not be comfortable with humans. I can’t support PETA when it stoops to these levels to point fingers when there is nothing to point at. Your time is much better spent elsewhere.

  • tia hilkert says:

    The Human Idiot and GREED It doesent look like any of those pups are enjoying being pushed and pulled on by these dummy’s.

  • joanna says:

    ‘Groomers’ at a dog show can and should be turned into the AKC rep even Westminster and be penalizedthrown out of shows permanantly for abusing a dog at a show or breaking grooming regualtion. Next time PETA is at a PUBLC show grounds they do not need to take ‘undercover photos’ they can just ask the AKC rep located at the stewards table usually next to catalog sales to stop the abuse immediately. It might help to read the regulations so you know what is considered abuse. A dog tied uncomfortably high on a grooming platform could be turned in. I assure you it would have much more effect than complaining about eyeliner which is illegal on this blog. If the person taking the photos had just asked an AKC rep to come over to the grooming area and see the eyeliner business…it would have stopped immediately and everyone in the grooming area would have thought to be more considerate of their dogs.

  • Heather says:

    The only volumes this speaks is how PETA tends to overreact. The dogs are not being tortured they aren’t living in cramped filthy environments being skinned alive or fed horse poop. Sure they would probably rather be outside rolling in the grass or chewing on a toy but for many of these show dogs that have been treated like supermodels from puppyhood they’re used to the pampering. The only thing I don’t agree with is the cropping and docking practices on some breeds. Traditionally they were meant well to prevent snagging in the fields or other injuries but many of the puppy mills do this when they are just days old and give them no painkillers and these dogs just grow up to look fancy not to work on a farm.

  • Ken says:

    Anyone with a thinking mind can see this is not how we should treat our beloved dog companions. They unconditionally love and trust us and these people disrespect them by using them as objects. Trying to legitimize this behavior by attempting to compare these people to stage moms only proves how perverted these characters are. Maybe we should all put our minds together and come up with a way these vicariously exhibit ant characters can express themselves.

  • Matt says:

    Jaclyn + Kelly I would agree with you that there is a population of people out there who certainly do not have the best intentions in the showingbreeding of their animals. the board I guess my point is that it is not all gloom and doom that it isn’t one big hellshow. I just think that alarmistfearmongering attitudes towards these sorts of things only hurt the PETA cause rather than help it…I suppose it is one of the byproducts of the internet but either way people lets try to be as rational as possible so we don’t shoot ourselves in the foot.

  • Supermodel4u305 says:

    I have go comment on what Annalena said. I myself have a pitbull terrier and he is beautiful just the way he is. So many people have told me to cut his ears or tail and I cannot express how much I wanted to punch them square in the nose. Who dictated how these animals HAVE to look may I ask. I don’t think we should should surgically alter anything about any animal because they are beautiful just they way are. As far as the video above goes it’s definetly not the most horrifing that Peta has put out. Im sure the dogs aren’t thrilled about the shows or the grooming but atleast their in top health. I can undertstand the anger this video provokes but maybe we should focus more on the fur farming and factory famring. Thats more horrifing and those poor sick animals really need us right now

  • kelly says:

    “Show dog breeders” support puppy mills and profit from them. Most AKC registrations are for PUPPY MILL DOGS raised in abuse. “Show dog breeders” support puppy mills because the money pays for their show dog breeding activities “Show dog breeders” are lobbying WITH puppy mill lobbying groups against rules and laws in part also because “show dog breeders” are running lucrative untaxed businesses hiding their income thanks to lack of licensing laws. “Show dog breeders” spend significant parts of their day on “show dog breeder” websites and forums organizing to OPPOSE humane laws and attack humane groups like Peta. And as far as genetic problems go try talking to a scientist Bethy. The increased issues with genetic problems among purebred dogs is a recognized scientific fact that has been much discussed. Purebred dog breeding equals MORE GENETIC PROBLEMS.

  • kevin says:

    ok can someone point me the cruelty?

  • Bethy says:

    It’s not like these dogs are kept in cages and are bred all the time. Dog shows aren’t as bad as you think they are. As for the dog on the pedestals…I rarely ever see these being used. Usually the handlers that have to put their dog on them is when the dog is too curious or interested in it’s surroundings and can get out of control. The dogs aren’t treated like decorations. I don’t know where you guys are getting this I really don’t! The dogs get to run and play and they get to be dogs. The dogs aren’t kept cooped up all the time and are always bred and never get to be dogs. If you think that then I think you may be mixed up with puppy mills. PETA should supporting these guys. These people know what they’re doing! PETA should throw rocks at backyard breeders more instead. Dogs raised in a show life really do enjoy the show ring. BTW…who ever said that the people in the video were actually the breeders? They could easily be just handlers or something. Mixed breesd can easily have just as many genetic health problems as a purebred dog. I have a mutt who just has the worst health and our purebred has never been sick and is very physically healthy. And Kelly…ummm…I’m not sure where you got the puppy mill thing. Show dog owners love dogs just as you and I do. I know many owners who show their dogs and they are very against industries like that. They love their dogs and donate to shelters and such. I think PETA is sending the wrong message on these dog shows and their owners.

  • Annalena says:

    Dogs do not love being “pampered” in this way. Dogs love to eat and run and play with their friends. It is awesome to give your dogs bathsexercise and vet checks but this is ridiculous.Many purebred dogs have genetic problems. Mixed breeds often have very few.A woman across the street from me shows her Bouvier. They are incredibly active dogs but she keeps him locked up all day and has him infrequently walked by a professional. She saw me walking my Shiba Inu along with my lovely collie mix after the Westminster Show.She was really angry that a “runty clumsy mut” like a Beagle won the show. She started ranting about how it should have been a graceful mighty Bouvier or even a Shiba.I hate how these dogs are treated like decorations. They are poked and pinched like an anorexic haute couture model. I hate to see the judges grimace at them and push them around. They are worth so much more that their “proper form”. Not to mention the grotesque aspect of docking ears and tails. Luckily I have seen some young men at the dog park lately with pit bull terriers that are left intact as far as ears and tails go.

  • Jenn says:

    As someone who used to show dogs and took serious thought in whether to breed or not…what I see in this video is the very prevalent problem of people who crave winning at any cost. Breed lots to win cosmetify to win pay big money for a professional handler and take out plenty of ads to win. Technically the judge can and should excuse Ms. Spaniel Eyeliner…and probably did not. So no lessons learned there. Judges no longer pay attention to those rules. And yes I always found the jerking of dogs around and excessive grooming bothered me. I refused to get into breeds requiring excessive grooming cropping or docking. And while I agree that inbreeding will bring out detrimental genetic mutations I can’t help but think our very polluted environment all of it food water nature is also contributing to detrimental genetic mutations in all animals. Another mess humanity must clean up. So back to this subject I’ll keep hoping that “winning at any cost” will no longer be a cultural virtue. That’s the main way I can see dog shows and horse racing getting a good dose of reform at the least.

  • kelly says:

    And Matt most of these dogs have terrible problems due to genetic issues. The terrible poison of inbreeding.

  • kelly says:

    And remember that PUPPY MILL registration money paid for that dog show! These same breeders are lobbying FOR the puppy mills and against things like licensing and inspections because THEY profit from the puppy mills. The AKC makes most of its cash from puppy mill registrations and that is what pays for the dog shows breed clubs and all the other stuff. So these people can sell more “purebred” dogs. And make lots of UNTAXED income selling those purebred dogs. Look for these breeders in YOUR state opposing puppy mill regulations and supporting dog abuse. All those breed clubs federations responsible dog owners groups breeders Most are all proanimal abuse and propuppy mill. They don’t give a darn about those dogs in the mills. They just care about keeping breeding unlicensed and thus easily being tax cheats. And paying for their insane dog shows and events. With puppy mill money.

  • Tiffany says:

    i my self being a dog breeder and shower understand your concerns but what you also need to realize is that peta is good at getting all of the negatives of one side of the story there are good dog breeders who care for their animals with respect! my dog is my baby and i would never do anything she didnt want to do. when we show it is because she wants to. when we show she is happy and loves it. there are some breeders that are bad but there are also some good ones just remember that before you knock it.

  • Jaclyn says:

    Matt you did a good job of drawing a parallel between the dog show people and stage moms. There is nothing wrong with caring for your dog. Take him to the vet excercise him give him affection bathe him brush his hair etc. But you have to admit these people like the horror stage moms were a bit obsessive. And that obsession can make you lose focus on what’s really important and instead you obsessively focus on a prize. None of these people are putting their dogs on these shows because it’s good for the dog’s health or because it is in the best interest of the dog. Dogs are entered into this competition because it’s a competition for the humans.

  • kacey says:

    Ok people….just to let you know that Bethy can’t hear nor can she see.She couldn’t see the trooper flogging the dog nor can she hear the comments being made on the video about why breedersgroomer cosmetically change dogs’eyes so to give the impression to the judges the the dogs are perfect. “I didn’t see anything wrong”….HUH?!?!….you can’t possibly tell me that lining a dog’s eyes with eye liner is normal. Gawd!!! Do us all a favour and please don’t procreate.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    Bethy Did the dogs tell you that they “LOVE” eyeliner? That they “LOVE” running in circles? That they “LOVE” being put in crates while awaiting showtime? That they “LOVE” being treated like a piece of meat only for the satisfaction of humans? What? I don’t hear anything. Peace for all animals!

  • lynda downie says:

    These dogs don’t exactly show any signs of loving the ‘pampering’. I don’t see any tail wagging bright shining laughing eyes or big lazy grins that I associate with happy dogs. Only the dog with the lady describing eyeliningshows a modest comfort level. One woman admits that she has her dog on pedestals because ‘it’s easier than fighting them’. And that poor red setter’s head is held so erect and rigid that she looks extremely stressed.

  • Bethy says:

    I didn’t see anything wrong. These dogs love to be primped and pampered they love the attention. They grew up around this stuff it’s not torture or anything. They love dogs and they are trying to get rid of genetic illnesses found in a certain breed. “It speaks volumes”… what? I don’t hear anything. These people are responsible when it comes to their breeding. PETA should be promoting responsible breeders and animal shelters.

  • Matt says:

    Only healthy dogs take home the big prizes…so you have to care for them. While they probably don’t like being poked and prodded they are otherwise most likely in top health and well looked after. I’d even wager to say that the sums of the vet bills for these animals exceed the money most people allot for their own wellbeing. Besides isn’t this the exact same thing that moms do to their daughters who enter teen beauty pageants? Please try to keep things in perspective here…

  • Iris says:

    Do they notice that real actual dogs don’t look like that? What’s the point of all of this? It’s not like the dogs themselves are doing anything that could possibly be of use like search and rescue or seeing eye training. I’m suprised that none of the dogs have taken a chomp on the “handler”‘s face. That Spaniel that the lady was putting eyeliner on I was waiting for him to bite her on the nose.

  • Canaduck says:

    I have to say PETA I think you can do better than this. Dog breeders are a little crazy but that’s not the pointthe point is that they continually breed dogs creating more homeless pets in their search for the perfect animal. I don’t think ad hominem attacks are really necessary.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    These idiots are nothing but pieces of shit humans. Mental Midgets! Peace for all animals!

  • Jaclyn says:

    That is sick shit! Those were not dogs in that video they were just “objects.” And those were not people doing the primping they are obsessive moneyhungy powerseeking individuals that have no real care for animals rather what they actually care for is a title and a prize.