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Octomom Says ‘Yes’!

Written by PETA | March 25, 2010

I guess it shouldn’t come as any surprise that “Octomom” Nadya Suleman has agreed to take us up on our offer to place this ad on her front lawn in exchange for a single payment of $5,000 and a month’s supply of veggie burgers and dogs to feed her supersized litter family.


Octomom ad


After all, faced with the prospect of foreclosure, the single mom of 14 can surely relate to the plight of millions of homeless animals across the country.

The benefits of PETA’s offer to the struggling octobrood are obvious, but what’s in it for animals? Already, the ad has been run (for free) by CNN, NBC, AOL News, E! Online, USA Today, the New York Post, and dozens of other media outlets and blogs. So far, we’ve reached millions of people with the lifesaving spay-and-neuter message for less than a penny a person. Not a bad deal.

Regardless of her motivations for accepting our ad, wouldn’t you agree that reaching millions with the spay-neuter message right as “kitten season” is starting is perfect timing? And with Nadya’s entire family chowing down on veggie burgers and veggie dogs all month long, factory farmed animals’ lives have been spared.

Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • Vince says:

    Lol. The way you word the food you are giving her makes it sound like you are giving her dogs to eat. Which is quite ironic.

  • Debra Dephillips says:

    Im surprised she went for this but all the better for the animals…Great job.

  • Marjorie Hass says:

    At first I wondered why but now I think it is a good idea. It definitely will get attention.

  • Tracy says:

    I love this sign! PLEASE make yard signs like this I would love to have one in front of my house.

  • Roy says:

    Any peaceful act that gets the message out to save animal lives is justified. Well done.

  • Vicky says:

    I love the message but I don’t like the fact that you are humiliating and comparing a “person in need” to animals in order to benefit a cause

  • Richard Fitzpatrick says:

    Hey how can I get that deal. I’d leave it up for the year for a month’s supply of veggie burgers and Guinness Extra Stout.

  • kswiss says:

    the actual term the media has used in the past is “octUmom” because she had octuplets unlike “octOmom” which makes her seem like an octopus.

  • Dan says:

    Lot’s of “narrow minds” posting on here. The important thing is the overall results. Good move PETA!

  • Phil says:

    It’s a great way to spread the message! Brilliant and funny.

  • Brittni says:

    Who cares if this sign is in ‘octomom’s’ yard? As long as it’s getting the message out be happy. I’m just glad someone is doing it. Plus I think it’s creative.

  • Jackie says:

    Satya it isn’t a matter of judgement. Nature did not see fit to have human beings give birth to litters. We decided to mess with nature and make that possible. There’s already a great deal of overpopulation in the world it’s time to stop pretending there’s nothing wrong with turning people into cows.

  • Amber says:

    THANK YOU PETA for having compassion for all creatures…including human. This is brilliant!

  • Jennifer says:

    Who better than Octomom to get the message outfabulous idea!

  • Kathleen says:

    I think that it very clever who cares if she is a vegetarian or not or what her motivation is for doing this point is its causing a stir and people are taking notice This is why PETA tactics work because they are outside the box and believe it or not lots of people want to know what octomom is up to. so I say if shes willing to put that sign on her lawn great! The paparzzi will be all over it and that is way more publicity then just one billboard. Maybe she and her tribe will go veg! lol

  • Michele says:

    Brilliant! $5000 for free advertising all over the major networks! Yes PETA could have paid $5000 for a park bench but it wouldn’t get shown on CNN!

  • Maru Vigo says:

    We must focus on the main message To spay and neuter animals and not so much in the messenger. She still gets some attention and that gives us an opportunity to raise awareness for animals. Plus it was a good gesture of PETA to help somebody in need with good crueltyfree food.

  • Liz says:

    I saw this on CNN. Great idea to put a PETA sign on her yard. The more attention PETA can bring to animal suffering and overpopulation of pets the better. A lot of people will see this and will spay and neuter because of it. This will preventing future litters ending up killed in shelters.

  • Satya Graha says:

    I question why everyone seems so intent on judging her or anyone for that matter. Who are we to judge anyone? We need to look in the mirror and look at what our own motives are when we do this and practice civility. Good going Octomom! You deserve to do this just as much as anyone else.

  • Jackie says:

    I’m glad this happened. Perhaps shows will now realize that breeding children is something that shouldn’t be rewarded by positive media attention. As far as I’m concerned this is the same as Octomom admitting that any parent who has more then 4 children outside of unforseen circumstances like twins or triplets is the same as a wild animal that is in heat and breeding puppies. Time for parents to realize they have to be adults and stop acting like small children wondering where babies come from.

  • Jayfu says:

    True compassion is about not wanting to see anyone suffer animal or human. Nadya Suleman might have made a huge mistake in electing to bring this many children into the world without the means to support them. It’s a price her children are likely to pay for for much of their childhood. Still how could that possibly mean she should be denied any means of support and compassion that she can find? I applaud PETA for helping and also for using the opportunity to get an important message out for basically next to nothing in terms of what this ad would have cost if they had paid to run it in on all those media outlets.

  • Chris says:

    For $5000 a month i’ll put that sign in my front yard…

  • moo.lennon. says:

    hopefully she thinks of leaving meat of her plate and her children’s!14 kids! imagine that they all became obese!!what a nightmare!so she should keep them healthy and veg.just saying!

  • Stephiie says:

    Brilliant! Everyone wins… PETA gets the message across for the animals and the family gets a delicious supply of veggie burgers and dogs.. yummm

  • Deborah says:

    Ugh! Couldn’t you just have bought a billboard?

  • kimberly says:

    I admire PETA and am a animal rights activist by the choices i make every day concerning what i wear eat and use on my skin. I certainly hope PETA has no intention of exploiting this woman’s situation. It would be a sad day when the company that prides itself for its ethical treatment of animals disregards the human animal who also has feelings. Thank you.

  • Janna says:

    Whether you agree with Octomom’s decisions or not let’s think of all the free press this is getting in the media and all the animals that press could be saving. After all isn’t that why any of us support PETA for the animals?

  • Georgi says:

    PETA is genious!

  • Amy says:

    This money could have went toward the spraying of animals rather than the spray tanning of a pseudoceleb. This woman’s life choice suggestions are kryptonite to the reasonable minded.

  • TaraMara says:

    Well yes PETA could have asked someone no one has heard of to put the sign on their lawn but that wouldn’t have helped get the message out v far. Or they could have spent the $5K buying a park bench sign somewhere and not QUITE had all the viewers of CNN AP and every blog and ET and everyone see it. And they could have let the kids eat meat for a month rather than intro them to veg food. And… is anyone THINKING?! These guys have jumped into American culture and hijacked it for the animals’ message I worship at your feet PETA people!!!!! The octodogs and octocats thank you they have no choice and boy is everyone talking and seeing this message now! Good for hya’ll.

  • Scott says:

    Brilliant! Great and cheap way to get such an important message out! Keep up the great work PETA!

  • JESSICA says:

    Poor Babies

  • Passer by says:

    Awesome! The press and media from this is well worth it. Much more effective than paying for an ad on cable or doing a billboard. I’m visiting from social media channel cause this was posted. Brilliant move! Octomom is gross… but getting your message out in an efficient matter is important!

  • sophia says:

    i agree with Patrice…however America does not work like that. It is important to use “celebrities” that have already familiarized their name in family households….yes she is not the best candidate but before she had 8 kids she was no one….octomom did not exist. but now that octomom can be associated with whatever her name is and we can make jokes about her…i think it might be a solid campaign to reach the masses. as opposed to an honest person who no one knows about…what are the chances anyone will care to relate to their story?…none. confederates conservatives liberals left wings have all created their definition of an OCTOMOM. i appreciate peta giving octomom the chance to add some valor to her name.

  • Shari says:

    Good for PETA.. I think the idea is great..and who knows those kids may grow up to become vegatarians! This could be a win win situation!

  • Saucy says:

    Brilliant idea. Perfect opportunity. Everyone wins.

  • Carla* says:

    Every little bit of money to come her way will help with the raising of those kids. She seems like a kind enough person. Great message and good for her for being open minded enough to accept the offer. Everyone wins!!

  • Aerial fowle says:

    Haha What a funny and clever idea!

  • Kim says:

    Why in the world would PETA choose octomom to endorse spaying and neutering? The woman has proven that she is happy to produce a litter of children for whom she can’t provide. Based on that why would anyone believe that she cares about cats and dogs? Bad choice PETA. You really missed the mark on this one.

  • Lisa says:

    Having a dog is a big decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Having a baby is an even bigger decision. ‘Octomum’ didn’t have the necessary income space or people power to take care of 14 kids. I I kept 14 dogs when I couldn’t afford it people wouldn’t be throwing money at me but lawsuits for neglect. Using ‘Octomum’ might get Peta exposure but we shouldn’t be supporting her like we are.

  • Tucker says:

    GREAT MESSAGE WRONG PERSON!! She just said Yes for the money and the free food!!!! She probably dosn’t give a damb about ANIMALS!!!!!! PETA should have used someone who needs the $ for the right reasons AND supports PETA NOT for greediness!!!!!! BUT…. I DO FEEL SO SAD FOR THOSE CHILDRENAND HOPFULLY SHE IS USING IT ALL ON THEM NOT FOR HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD BLESS THOSE CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kimberly Diehl says:

    Patrice try not to think of it as special treatment for her but for those 14 innocent children she has brought into the world that have someone as insanely selfish mentally disturbed and obviously just completely out of her mind for her as a mother. Those little humans are at such an incredible disadvantage already they really do need all the help they can get. And unfortunately that can only happen through her.

  • angel says:

    she obviously doesnt “have enough money”….. if her home is bering forclosed on thats the point of this whole advertising campaign

  • Grey says:

    I think I actually enjoy this being on her lawn more as a member of the voluntary human extinction movement than as an animal activist… P

  • Ralph says:

    That money needs to be helping the animals and finding ways to stop breeding actively i.e. going towards spayneuter programs and not the Octomom. You could use the money better.

  • Cin Pineda says:


  • Aneliese says:

    I’m actually surprised she agreed to this I guess she really needs the money.I hope she cares about the message PETA is trying to send out.

  • Sara says:

    Although I love the fact to get the message out there about spaying and neutering your pets I hate the fact that PETA is using the octomom. She is not an important person at all if she doesnt want to loose her house she should get a real job like everyone else. There are millions of hard working Americans that are struggling and loosing their houses and they arnt getting special treatment. Just because she was stupid and had 14 kids with no income doesnt mean she should get special treatment.

  • Patrice says:

    I don’t think the money or the opportunity should of been given to her she gets money from other sources and I’m not sure if she is a vegetarian or not but if she is’nt that is just one more reason why she should’nt of been selected there are other people out there that could use the money..Find people who need the money PETA and help them out while also helping your cause.

  • Hodge Podge says:

    Oh wow.