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Obama and the Wolf

Written by PETA | January 26, 2009
firstpeople / CC
Gray wolf pup

As one of his first orders of business, President Barack Obama has suspended a plan to remove several gray wolf populations from the Endangered Species List. Originally, the Interior Department wanted to remove the wolves from the list, thereby exposing them to harm and slaughter.

By taking this action, President Obama has saved some lives. It’s estimated that as many as two-thirds of the gray wolf population would have been affected by the plan—meaning that 1,000 out of almost 1,500 wolves would have been in deep trouble.

Bravo, Mr. President!

Written by Lianne Turner

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  • Michael says:

    I just heard that he has passed it now. Looks like he didn’t protect them for long….

  • Bruna says:

    The Wolf Trust Motto “The greatest threat to people is ignorance. The greatest threat to wolves is ignorant people.” THANK YOU MR. PRESIDENT! Thank you for your kindness to animals. I am very very proud of you.

  • Kitsuna says:

    I love YOU SOOO MUCH OBAMA thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!! In your face Pengiathan’s plaything Palin! lol I spoke with all Ps ! YAY YA YA YA YA YAAAAY!!!!!! I am so excited I hate to break the joy but… Oh no What about 2012?!

  • Sandy Gray says:

    Cheers Barack family!

  • Bridgette says:

    Obama is a believer

  • Sherry Johnson says:

    Thank God for Obama! We have been ruled by a sadistic President for too long. Sarah Palin needs to be removed from office ASAP. Save a wolf… Spay a Palin! She is a disgrace to the human race! Just another village idiot this time from Alaska.

  • Rhoads family says:

    At lasta President who is making a compassionate move for animals! President Obamayou’re the greatest! We love you!

  • Ray Forsyth says:


  • Sonia Cosme says:

    Great beginning for a new president. A big change for a sustainable policy.

  • Debra Jones says:

    If wolf populations get so huge that they have to kill them why do they have to use guns and other cruel means. Why couldn’t they shoot them with something that will put them to sleep?

  • Brenda says:

    Obama is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sandy says:

    While the comment that Obama was merely cancelling some of Bush’s last minute orders may be true it does give him time to become educated and take a stance that makes more sense. He says he wants his daughters to be able to make as much money as the next person hopefully he will want his daughters to inherit a better earth than he did. We have to start somewhere and pray he makes the correct decisions.

  • Leila L Hooser RN says:

    I knew Barack was a wonderful man when I first heard him speak the 2004 DEM convention!!!!…Leila Hooser RN

  • OUAI says:

    ONE WORD BRAVO Thank you for your deep compassion for animal worlwide. Dalila Ouai France

  • Carla says:

    Hopefully President Obama will not allow the removal of wolves and other animals from the Endangered Species List. All life forms are important.

  • simone says:

    Can we have an Obama in England please he seeems to be saying all the right things. Maybe next he could rethink his stance on the hunting of whales by countries such as Japan!

  • Lorraine O'Connor says:

    I don’t trust Sour Sarah one darn bit…any human being who can stand so nonchalantly in front of a horrible view of a worker shoving a turkey’s head into a coneshaped grinder to kill it while she is spouting some of her typical nonsense is not my idea of a decent human being !! It also takes a mighty macho “hunter” to shoot helpless tiny pups in their den while their parents are hunting for food What is the matter with humans who enjoy that kind of horror??? Sick. Thank goodness we have a president finally! with a sense of compassion and respect for animals.

  • Aislinn says:

    He is so wonderful.

  • Ellie says:

    Sadly he did not cancel it this was just part of a sweeping order to suspend Bush lastminute orders. Ken Salazar new head of the DOI is a rancher who threatened to sue when they tried to list the blacktailed prairie dog. Obama’s new admin is not going to protect endangered species. Just watch.

  • Stormwolf R says:

    yay now i officially support obama GO BARACK OBAMA!

  • Jadey says:

    Can we have a canadian Obama? I think the canadians need a prime minister like Obama! I have no words to express how his descision makes me happy! Thanks to all the americans who voted him president I think the whole world owe you one for that!

  • ruth caudell says:

    thank you Mr. President from the wolves their concerned admirers!

  • Daemon says:

    Good Job Obama now we just need to get him to stop the hunting of mountain lions in Nebraska

  • Stormie says:

    Obama is awesome i recently became vegan and loooove it. Peta is awesome

  • karen says:

    Im so happy. Wolves are one of my favorite animals. They are so beautiful. If Sarah Palin were in office she would have shot them herself. Thank God Obamas in office and not that crazy hoe

  • Valerie says:

    YES! What a huge relief! I have been so worried about this thank goodness President Obama acted so swiftly on behalf of these wolves!

  • Kaylaâ says:

    Bush+power Obama+power yaaaaayyy! I am soo glad the USA has a leader that CARES about the animals! …. now Canada needs someone like that too please! …. ok THAT won’t happen will it? at least not any time soon

  • NT says:

    I’m Canadian and I am JEALOUS!!!

  • katie says:

    LOVE obama. can you imagine how the poor wolves would feel is sarah palin the wolf and moose killer were in office?? yikes

  • Diem says:

    Thankyou President Obama!

  • Olga L. Castano says:

    Thankyou Obama for being a good man who values and respects life. I trust that being the man that you are and who America voted for because of your enormous integrity goodnessintelligence and capacity that you will permanently suspend the plan to remove these beautiful creatures from our lives! They are living beings who deserve to live just as much as humans do! THANKYOU!

  • erika says:

    President Obama you amaze me. Thank you for doing this for the wolves.

  • farah says:

    i love obama

  • Kelley says:

    Wolves are still dying in Alaska thanks to that crazy woman and the Safari Club…

  • Connee Robertson says:

    It really doesn’t take much to make Animal Rights people happy!Save wolves save belugas save polar bearsetcetc. Be the President of Compassion and Protection! t Thanks for helping wolves dodge the bullet!

  • Rex's Mom says:

    This is a spit in the eye to Sarah Palin. Good for you President Obama. I know you care a heck of a lot more about animals than that cruel sadistic animal butcher Sarah Palin!

  • rafael ramirez says:

    that you aare a wonder full president you are better than bush.thanks for saving the wolfs i love thank yoou for doing it.

  • Sandy says:

    I’m pleasantly surprised at the very least that Pres. Obama has suspended the plans to slaughter these precious lives. I have been enamored with wolves from a very young age. I’ve shared my life with 2 of these amazing creatures. Obama appears to be what Palin is not thank God a good person with a loving heart and soul towards animals. If all the wolves are killed then what’s next? How many are next until we humans are the only beings left on the planet. Then what will come of us? The animals are God’s own and we are their caretakers.

  • Austin says:

    AwesomeGo Obama! Wolves are my fav animals.

  • OBAMAFAN says:

  • Maureen says:

    Wow this is wonderful news because it sets an example for the rest of the world as well.

  • Tammy says:

    Thank You Mr. President Thank You!

  • Jasmine C says:

    hooray for president Barack Obama. i don’t even live in america and i can already tell the following 1. he is a wonderful president 2. he cares about animals. why can’t michael vicks be the same?

  • lynda downie says:

    Barak Obama has continuously amazed me! Thank you US citizens for voting this man into office and thank you Mr. President!

  • alison says:

    thank god somebodies doing something about this.doesnt everyone see that its all happening because sara palin ordered this to happenand bush supported it.thank you president obamafrom the bottom of my heartwe all have to help support peta in all of there campaignsthey r miracle workersthank you peta!!

  • roxanen says:

    thanks Obama Bush has really undo a lot of protection for the environment and animals. We have a lot of damages to undo. Unfortunately we can’t bring back all those animals killed unnecessary.

  • WolfGirl21 says:

    WOOT! As a hardcore wolf lover this makes me happy to know. Congrats Mr. Prez! I’m glad to hear that our new president is already looking out for these wonderful creatures Lets hope they stay protected! Now he should work on protecting any other endangered animals D.

  • Helen J says:

    great to hear! Hopefully its just the start

  • shayna says:

    This is great news! I hope the massacre is stopped once they complete their study!

  • Andrew says:

    yay i love you obama