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Obama: Mutt Like Me

Written by PETA | November 7, 2008
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“We have two criteria that have to be reconciled,” President-elect Obama said of a “major issue” at his first press conference earlier today. And no, he wasn’t talking about the economy or the U.S.’ endeavors overseas—he was talking about the much-discussed dog that will soon join the Obama family!

Here’s the deal: Malia Obama has allergies and while the President-elect Obama has stated that their “preference is to get a shelter dog,” the Obamas aren’t sure if they’ll find that “hypo-allergenic” dog in a shelter; as President-elect Obama said today, “[a] lot of shelter dogs are mutts like me.”

It’s great to hear the President-elect speak so highly of mutts! But we understand that the Obamas’ concern for Malia might lead them to seek out a specific breed known for possible “hypo-allergenic” qualities.

Fortunately, there’s no reason why the Obamas—or anyone, for that matter—can’t get the best of both worlds. There are many purebred dogs out there in animal shelters across the country—many of whom even have their own rescue groups! There are also many online resources such as PetFinder that allow the user to search for homeless animals by specific criteria, like location, breed, and even age.

Purebred dogs fall victim to the dog and cat overpopulation crisis just as mutts do, so there’s no reason to make the situation worse by buying a puppy from a breeder. Purebred dogs can be found in animal shelters almost everywhere—you just have to know how to look!

PS Mutts are awesome!

Written by Amanda Schinke

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  • Teri says:

    I can’t wait until the word MUTT is gone. The only worthwhile thing the sleazy breeders have done is come up with the name “Designer breed”. Which is basically the same thing. Mixed breed is far more appropriate. And most shelters can determine the mixture if it’s of importance to the adopter. But really dogs much like people all have a unique personality and that’s why we love them.

  • kelly ciu hausia says:

    rescue a pitt bull dont reject an older dog…i have rescued three pit bullsi have 7 kids and there is no comparison to the devotion and love…rescue

  • kelly ciu hausia says:

    i only hope that my next president will go to a shelter and adopt a dog. it took oprah a while to get it but she did and now i have faith in my next president as he learns about the abuse.

  • Mermaid says:

    On Petfinder there are two one year old Goldendoodles brothers whose owner had a stroke and died who genuinely need adopting. Is there a way to forward this to the Obama’s? Previous Next Home Adopt Find a Pet Pet Search Results Riley … Riley Rowdy Golden Retriever Standard Poodle Large Young Male Dog Dirk’s Fund Saint Louis MO Click on thumbnail to enlarge View Video Printer friendly Email a friend Enlarge photo More About Riley RowdyThis pet is up to date with routine shots. This pet is already house trained. This pet has been altered.

  • Animal Lover says:

    The AKC is deceptively currently locating for a “hypoallergenic” dog that the Obamas want because the deceptive AKC wants their stupid name plastered everywhere after Mr.Obama accepts a dog from them.I was only simply saying let your voices be heard by contacting Mr.Obama about not needing the “assistance” of the deceiving AKC by encouraging the him to find the family’s forever friend in a purebred shelter.YesI did say purebred rescue shelter in my earlier comment but after educating myself on dogs who are compatible with families who have allergiesI’ve realized the Obamas CAN go to a regular shelter since hypo allergenic dogsPoodlesGreyhounds Miniature Schnauzersamong othersARE already in regular local shelters everywhere. Please AdoptDon’t Shop. Have a nice day!



  • Pandora says:

    I think the Obamas should really reconsider their idea of getting a puppy. Puppies take a lot of work to train. I believe a grown dog would be better. How about a rescued greyhound?

  • Nita says:

    The media Obama and some AR organizations have treated the entire issue of “Shelter Dogs” in a disrespectful to silly manner losing the opportunity to educate the public and obviously a very unknowledgable Obama to the tragic desperate conditions in any given shelter across our nation. The extent of dogs being put to death every nightday has barely been mentioned. What a shame. BTW I have suspicions regarding a manfamily who has NEVER even considered having a dog or pet. Media stinks too bad AR groups joined in the laughter and failure to speak for the dogs who will die tonight.

  • val says:

    I agree with Kelly and Lori Beth about the Greyhounds. We currently have two Italian Greyhounds and they shed very little. I do thnk however that adopting a big Grey is a wonderful idea as there are hundreds of these beautiful dogs who are literally thrown out after their ‘useful’ racing days are over. This will continue until Greyhound racing becomes a thing of the past.

  • Kirsty Murray says:

    I agree with Lori Beth. I have a greyhound and a foster living under my roof and I’m feeling good and I have allergies to dogs! They could find a rescue group and adopt a grey they really are the best dogs!

  • kelly says:

    The AKC will find some breeder castoff and call it a “rescue dog” That’s what some of these breeder rescues are. They are selling unshowable cast offs.

  • MMARIN says:

    I think this is a nonissue.

  • Lori Beth says:

    Greyhounds! Either a full sized grey or the Italian Greyhounds are virtually allergen free. My household has 2 adults with allergies to pets and 2 Italian Greyhounds that don’t affect our allergies at all. And I’m pleased to say our IG’s are rescues. We live about 6 miles from the white house. I’d be happy to bring my dogs by for the Obama girls to play with to see if they like the breed and then I can give them the informtion for the rescue organization! Greyhounds be it large or small are intelligent friendly and the most loveable dogs!

  • rino says:

    people with allergies can adopt turtles!

  • joanna says:

    I read the AKC was locating pure bred rescue dogs that frist family might want to consider.

  • bet says:

    King of Fiji.. I believe President Clinton had a brown labrador.. his ‘closest buddy’ and kept him company when Hillary was away.. so he says.. so there you go.. the labrador HAS been in the White house.. high time for a Miniature Schnauzer next me thinks!! oh back to the topic.. I trust Mr Obama will make a kindwise choice.. I hope.. because the example he will set.. matters.. and may make a difference.. and influence people’s choices when it comes to buying a pet dog..

  • beth says:

    poodles and miniature schnauzers and others are hypoallergenic.. and they have lovely temperatments.. you can’t say there aren’t any of these breeds in shelters..! Mr Obama has merely stated the fact that one of his daughters is allergic.. he’s not skirting around the notion of adopting from a shelter! Personally I think it will be a very noble thing for Mr Obama to adopt from a shelter.. because the reverberations of this news or fact will transverse the globe literally.. in Asia or in Europe.. yes even trivial news makes news so it really would be cool.. and set a fine example and encourage hopefully others to do the same instead of making a beeline for their nearest pet shop of dogbreeder.. I wish president elect Mr Obama lots of luck in finding his perfect pet dog for his family.. he’s somewhere you know in a shelter somewhere!! Rescue himher Mr Obama!!

  • Animal Lover says:

    Please write your letters everyoneor make that phone callto PresidentElect Obama! They will not know there are plenty of purebred rescue groups that have hypoallergenic dogs where the Obamas can get their dog at IF we don’t write to him.Those who care about the fate of shelter rescue animals NEED to write or make that phone call.What are ya waiting for?!?

  • Wanda Perry says:

    Someone that knows how please contact President Obama tell him about the purebreeds that are in shelters. Let one of these shelter dogs get a loving home that’s all that matters isn’t it?

  • Gemma says:

    I was asked to take a couple of pure breed labrador puppies off the hands of someone a few months ago. This friens thought her female lab should birth “at least one litter of puppies before being spayed. Why I don’t know because the poor dog had a litter of m13 puppies I had to stand firm say no knowing that she would have a better chance to find them a home than if they were mutts. Homeless strays that wander these dark country roads where I live always seem to make their way to my home. I knew it was just a matter of tiome before a poor lonely hungry scared dog would find it’s way to me. And sure enough she did a pit bull mix I named Blossom. All my rescues find me it’s just the way it’s meant to be. I care for them for the rest of their lives trying to make the past they suffered better with the right care shelter food kindness.

  • Gerry says:

    Alot of you are missing the point. Obama is hedging here by inferring a shelter dog is less likely to be hypoallergenic thus opening the door to acquiring a dog from a breeder. He is falling for the myth about purebreds being more pure when it comes to allergens Peta needs to educate him quickly. His use of the word mut makes him less likely to get a rescue dog.

  • Maggy says:

    Why not a cat?

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Allergies can be a really really serious hinderance to adopting a shelter animal. When I worked for the MSPCA it was the second biggest reason for giving up an animal second only to landlord restrictions! PETA has done brilliantly with this important decision so far I REALLY hope that PETA can give the Obamas some more cutting edge advice. For my allergies Severe many and they’ve caused me to develop asthma I have taken flax seed oil every day ground flax seeds are much better though and I keep stiniging nettle capsules around for acute attacks. Although its controversial here the enzymes in local raw honey are extremely helpful. I only take a teaspoon every day so one container lasts me a long time. DO NOT REFRIGERATE! Exercise and yoga are great for allergies. All these remedies allowed me to work at shelters and vet clinics for years with no problems at all.

  • Calista Gay says:

    WRONG! Obama used ‘mutt’ remark in reference to what his family is NOT looking for in White House pupp

  • claudia marrapodi says:

    sorry for stepping in here but it’s very URGENT please go to PETA UK and there you shall see that on 15th November they want to set fire on a living bull in spain! this awful coward crime has not to be tolerated please protest all together enough is enough!!!!!!!!!!

  • King of Fiji says:

    Fang I know what you mean but lets wait for the “what ifs” to happen before we start worrying about them. I think its about time a labador becomes the presidential dog. I can’t recall ever seeing a lab be the preisdential pet. Its always one of those foo foo lap dogs or lap kitties.

  • Rachel says:

    Fang if anything Obama’s adoption of a shelter animal would persuade people to stop buying purebreds from cruel puppy mills and instead realize it’s not about the flashy breed but about the dog as an idividual

  • Sarah May Grunwald says:

    We should urge the Obama family to look into breed rescue groups there are rescue groups for all of dogs although my concern is that the type of breed will urge Americans to go breed specific!!

  • maeandru says:

    lets all hold our prase until we see if he holds true to getting a mutt.Otherwise we all fell into the political trap.

  • Karen says:

    Hi I Love Mutts! I adopted one 2 years ago. I am having the DNA Wisdom Panel done on her. This is a DNA blood test to see what breeds she could be! This would be a great idea for the Obama family to have done if they want to adopt a shelter dog. It would be great if the new President would make the National first dog a shleter mutt!

  • Fang says:

    My concern with Mr. Obama getting a new dog is what this will do to the puppy industry. I can see irresponsible individuals breeding the type of dog Mr. Obama purchases and these dogs will kept not for their value as a pet or companion but because the new “Prez” has one and it will be cool to have one.

  • Teresa says:

    I absolutely commend President Elect Obama for his decision to adopt a shelter dog. Way to go Obama!

  • Rex's Mom says:

    I watched that press conference and was very happy to hear Presidentelect Obama say that their preference was a shelter dog. I just hope they can find a hypoallergenic one so Malia can play with and love the dog without worrying about her allergies. I am sure they can find one at a shelter or at Petfinders.

  • Jill says:

    are you all going to write a letter to him? COME ON!!! I Heard the press conference too and just wanted to pick up the phone and call him. I am sure he’d pick up if only I knew his number! I am sure of it but I don’t! Please please use your resources and advise Obama about all the homeless PURE BREDs and rescue groups there are. It’s just ignorance if he knew the truth he’d get the word out there! I can’t wait to read the letter!

  • Moni~ says:

    I thought it pretty cool that he mentioned the consideration for shelter pets. And comparing himself to mutts gave them an instant extra COOL FACTOR although shelter pets rock anyway!

  • Mutt Mama says:

    Mutts aren’t only awesome they’re talented! The current canine celeb of Beverly Hills Chihuahua is a shelter rescue as was Benji and many other star dogs. We had a mutt who was a stage actor with no qualifications except cuteness and he often made Equity scale which was more than some of the human actors were making. Our current shelter mutt is pretty useless but we love him anyway. He was found in a cat trap kind of humiliating but we don’t let on like we know.