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Obama: Make Your Turkey ‘Pardons’ Mean Something

Written by PETA | November 23, 2009

Every year, a couple of days before Thanksgiving, our nation’s president “pardons” two of the 46 million turkeys who are set to be slaughtered for holiday meals. And every year, we write to the president asking him to ensure that the turkeys receive the care necessary to give them the lengthy, happy lives that they deserve.

This year, we’re asking President Obama to send the birds to a reputable animal sanctuary instead of to Disneyland, where the pardoned birds are traditionally sent—and where they usually die from agonizing genetic defects within a year of finding “freedom.” Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary has already agreed to take the turkeys if Obama makes the informed, humane decision to send them there.

We’re also urging Obama to recognize the millions of compassionate Americans who personally pardon turkeys every Thanksgiving by choosing a cruelty-free feast for the first family this year. We’re even offering them a sure-to-be-succulent vegan holiday meal—all-American vegan apple pie and soy ice cream included.


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Saving lives, being healthy, and fighting climate change—you can never have too many things to be thankful for, which is why a vegan Thanksgiving is the best way to celebrate the holiday. Now, pardon me while I plan a menu.

Written by Logan Scherer

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  • Shane says:

    Tofu pumpkin pie? Last I heard pumpkins weren’t animals. I’ll settle for the real thing.

  • lynda downie says:

    I hope President Obama takes you up on sending the turkeys to a sanctuary. It’s really a small gesture when you think that only 2 birds among millions get a pardon for committing no crime.

  • Stacy says:

    At least some turkeys are being pardoned I hope they do ok. This holiday eventhough my family eats meat I will not be I have successfully got my mom to make 23 veggie dishes that contain no animal products for thanksgiving dinner for everyone plus a tofu pumkin pie for me. Best wishes for the lucky pardoned turkeys.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    He should also demand Secretary Of The Interior Ken Salazar a rancher to save all the majestic wild horses in the West.

  • Rad_Rosa89 says:

    I say that as long as those turkeys don’t have any gentic defects then they should be allowed to live normal and happy lives.

  • sarah says:

    it does not matter were you take the turkeys there still going to die of there gentic defect there programed to grow fast and large to the point there hips will not take it and break along with there legs. so those pardoned turkey would be better off dead