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NYC Tourists Eye PETA’s Chicken Eyeball

Written by PETA | July 17, 2009

This New Yorker usually steers clear of Midtown, thanks to the crowds, the horse-drawn carriages, and Macy’s.


I'm Hatin' What I See


But I’m willing to ride the jam-packed Q to Times Square because I’m excited to see PETA’s eye-popping McCruelty posters, which features an illustrated eye of a chicken who’s been scalded to death and have been plastered all over Midtown. These posters are a follow-up to last week’s Chi-town light show and are meant to pressure McDonald’s to implement new slaughterhouse technology that would eliminate the worst abuses of chickens killed for McNuggets.


I'm Hatin' What I See


I'm Hatin' What I See


If you’re like me, you’re wondering where our eye-catching ad will show up next. Maybe on a huge banner draped over the St. Louis Arch? Share your suggestions in the comments section below.

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Rachel P says:

    Andy Bass What you say makes perfect sense but I look at it from this point of view… Let’s say one McDonald’s uses 1000 chickens per day. That’s 1000 animals who have spent their entire life in agony and then died an agonizing death. Let’s say that one McDonald’s uses humane methods of raising and killing chickens and more people start eating there because of the change. Let’s say then you have 2000 chickens served per day. I personally feel it would be much better for 2000 chickens to live in comfort and die humanely than for 1000 to spend their entire lives in agony only to suffer brutal deaths… That’s how I feel. Another major point is that opening people’s eyes to horrors like this will probably turn people off meat even with improvements. I once considered eating grassfed meat after I learned that it even existed but then I realized I just plain didn’t want to eat meat at all ever again even if it is humanely harvested.

  • Rachel says:

    Any reduction of animal suffering to any number of animals is a huge victory. It’s the small steps that lead us to the bigger picture being realised.

  • Laura says:

    I am so so so happy that you guys actually managed to get that poster out there in Manhattan! Is it possible to you put more of those posters in Queens and the other boroughs? If not it’s enough it’s in Manhattan. Great job PETA! D

  • Tom says:

    For the people who don’t understand PETAs stance on CAK it’s simple. It’s certainly not flipflopping either. PETAs goal is stop the use of animals in ANY exploitative sense. That being said it’s naive and shortsighted to think that you’re going to take a society from carnivores to vegans in one fell swoop. ALL victories count and while the chickens will still be senselessly slaughtered for their flesh at least what PETA is doing is trying to lessen their suffering Greatly while also getting the issues in peoples faces. PETA understands that any great movement goes in steps. You can’t deny that setting standards of compassion even in slaughtering is a SERIOUS victory in changing peoples minds about eatingexploiting animals.

  • Andy Bass says:

    Whilst I think I think these posters are fantastic and bringing the McCruelty into the public eye is a great thing I cannot help feeling that the goal of this campaign is simply to weak. If McDonald’s do agree to implement CAK which as an efficient method of slaughter will end up saving the company money will McDonald’s be able to say that Peta now thinks it’s ok to eat there? Surely the goal of any McCruelty campaign should be to reduce the demand for their products thus saving animals lives. All I can see as the result of a Peta success in this campaign is an increase in sales as people ‘no longer feel bad’ about consuming McNuggets. This can only undermine Peta’s admirable Go Veggie ethos.

  • Memourie says:

    I hope people that are posting about how this is insane are vegetarian. If you aren’t well then I have to ask “Why are you eating animals?”

  • vegancoin says:

    anywhere everywhere people need to see this. i don’t understand how most people can be so closeminded arrogant and uncompassionate.

  • DOG lover says:

    If I can get a poster I will put it up in my neighborhood. Remember to leave your pets at home not in the car when the heat is warm or hot!!!!!

  • Brien Comerford says:

    The PreSocratic Greek philosopher Empedocles asserted that the fall of man actually happened when he began to eat the flesh of his fellow creatures.

  • Mel says:

    Until you stop flipfloping on your stances PETA I won’t buy any of what you’re saying. Sorry but when a group that says don’t kill animals for meat and go vegan says we should do it humanely i.e. CAK something doesn’t make sense. Sure ain’t the omnivores there though.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    Put the posters at bus stops near the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim California and Knotts Berry Farm in Buena Park California. Lots of fast food restraunts and tourists in these areas.

  • Yoshino says:

    Try the newspaper GIANT page flyers on earthfriendly paper or recreate the McDonalds menu featuring things like brutally slaughtered chicken nuggets deepfried cruelty bloody burgers etc.

  • Julia Michell says:

    i would very much like to put up posters about cruelty to chickens close to the kfc outlets where can i get posters

  • Kristin says:

    Some people need a dose of reality to figure out what they are doing is wrong I hope McD’s gets the message!