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Notorious Roadside Zoos Cited Again

Written by PETA | February 6, 2012

After inspectors found animals kept in appalling conditions without proper care, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) cited two disreputable roadside zoos in North Carolina for violations of the federal Animal Welfare Act (AWA). PETA keeps these two hellholes constantly in our sights and had just filed a complaint about Jambbas Ranch Tours before the inspection. 

Jambbas Ranch Tours

A USDA visit to Jambbas Ranch Tours last month following a PETA complaint led to a citation for AWA violations after inspectors discovered a thin elderly llama who had a “thick creamy discharge” oozing from an eye socket (the eye “has been gone for some years”). As PETA had told the USDA, the llama also appeared to be suffering from diarrhea—the animal had a large area of what appeared to be dried feces on the back legs but was given no medical treatment for these conditions.

The inspector also observed a raccoon whose tail and part of whose hindquarters showed complete hair loss, as PETA had reported. The animal was being given an ineffective flea- and tick-control medication, which wasn’t prescribed by a vet as required by law. Immediate veterinary care was ordered to treat the raccoon’s condition.

Cherokee Bear Zoo

An inspection of the Cherokee Bear Zoo last month resulted in a repeat citation for failure to feed a young tiger cub a healthy, edible, and contaminant-free diet. The cub is described as “small and underweight for its age. The coat looks dull, dry, and brittle.”

The shabby animal prison (one of three around Cherokee, North Carolina) also received a citation for failure to vaccinate the same tiger cub. The operators were warned of the need to correct this failure “from this day forward.”

Pathetic Prisons

Roadside zoos range from small menageries to large compounds—but they are all unhealthy environments for animals. The owners’ focus is on their customers’ desires, not the animals’ needs, so neglect and abuse are common.

How You Can Help These Animals

These cruel operations stay in business only because people patronize them, so please never visit a roadside zoo, and encourage your family and friends to stay away too.

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  • Jacqueline van zyl says:

    it seems to me that the people most capable and able do the least to look after or protect the weakest and needy in this world. Even the most common tramp (street person) shares their food with their pet and give it shelter and love. If you dont love or feel compassion/empathy for the animals in your care, please give their wellbeing and financial wherewithall to someone who does. Its the least you can do for something that is earning you an income afterall. Well cared for and happy animals will encourage more visitors, instead of complaints.

  • Linda Johnson says:

    How much more do these innocent animals have to suffer before something is done??? These places need to shut down immediately. We (mankind) do not have a right to abuse and mistreat any animals for our enjoyment and profit!!!!

  • Lescy says:

    I, as a person who cares about and loves all animals, find it unbearable to think of the conditions these roadside zoo animals must endure. It is like a person being in solitary confinement in prison, but these animals are doing the time for no crime whatsoever; they just happen to be animals and animals are given no rights by man. It is a crime, definitely a crime.

  • Brigitte James says:

    Wrong, wrong, wrong! This madness needs to stop! Shut these people down and rescue these poor creatures.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    In the United States there are no laws to protect anyone who cannot vote. Thus unborn children, animals, and disabled humans are abused and killed every day. People who have the privledge of voting should use that power to enact protection laws.

  • lisa says:

    What is wrong with your laws in the USA?? there seems to be no laws to protect animals. All i read is citation after ciation but do’snt actually do anything to help the animals, they are still there and still suffering. Cherokee Bear Zoo is still operating and animals still suffering,if this was happening in the UK or other parts of the world these poor animals would of been rescued long ago, all you do is give them citations tell the ownes they have to this that, surely you know they are not going to comply?/ in the meantime these animals are going through hell. Are you going to check that the racoon,llama and tiger cub have recieved the veterinary care they need?? and if they have not just leave them??

  • Kris Shulfer says:

    since when is a raccoon or any other animal a “roadside attraction?” freaks~~ if these humans were inflicted any of the amount of pain they inflict on these or any animals they would never do it!! NEVER!!!

  • Erin says:

    It’s crazy how many roadside zoos there are. What’s sad is how many people will actually pay to see these poor animals that are locked up in a tiny cage. I feel like the reason why people pay to see them are because there aren’t many opportunities to see these animals up close. But, when an animal is locked in a cage it rarely acts the way it normally would.