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It’s a No-Brainer

Written by PETA | June 3, 2010
Brain Scan

We’re not ones to say “I told you so,” but …

A new study has confirmed what we’ve known all along: Vegans and vegetarians have more empathy—for both animals and people—than meat-eaters do.

Researchers in Europe recruited vegan, vegetarian, and meat-eating volunteers and placed them into an MRI machine while showing them a series of random pictures. The MRI scans revealed that when observing animal or human suffering, the “empathy-related” areas of the brain are more active among vegetarians and vegans. The researchers also found that there are certain brain areas that only vegans and vegetarians seem to activate when witnessing suffering.

We’ve always thought that people who lack empathy may have something wrong with their brains. That’s why we urged the NFL to give Michael Vick an MRI scan to look for evidence of clinical psychopathy, and it’s why we sent U.S. Vogue editor and fur pusher Anna Wintour a certificate entitling her to a brain scan as well.

So, to sum up: Vegans are smarter, sexier, and healthier than meat-eaters, and they’re more empathic too. If you haven’t yet made the switch, what are you waiting for?

Written by Paula Moore

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  • Phillips says:

    I don’t support animal cruelty at all so don’t get me wrong as you read this trust me if I saw someone hurting an aniaml I would be fuming. I think that vegitarians and vegans need to think about how us ” meat eaters” live life I mean this is how humans have lived for centuries as long as the animal wasn’t being abused tortured then there is nothing wrong with eating meat. Like a person said on here before it is the circle of life. Other aniamls eat other aniamls it is just how nature works. This sudy is one sided and this story is biased. You should just write the facts and let people make their own opinion. Again I DO NOT support aniaml cruelty I just live a very different life style than vegitarians and vegans.

  • mysir taher says:

    i just wanna to say the brain is not only a server but also it is for continuing thyself on time. it has no rest. it is not sleeping in time of one’s has a charger that carries the electrolyte into those components which active by the electricity of incoming eloctrlite……………………………………………sorry there is no more moment toay .

  • Saucy says:

    It must be true right? Otherwise how could people do the things they do to animals. How could people who know the way animals are treated on factory farms continue to eat them. It is surely a curse. To lack empathy.

  • Kurt K says:

    Toby would it be better to say that not all people that harm animals will harm humans? But rather all humans that harm humans probably harmed animals? There is also evidence that hunters are some the kindest people towards their fellow man and towards animals as well. I know they kill animals which you find repulsive but to them it is just part of nature. They don’t kill aimlessly. They are selective.

  • Toby Saunders says:

    Here’s the source httpwww.plosone.orgarticleinfo3Adoi2F10.13712Fjournal.pone.0010847

  • Toby says:

    httpwww.msnbc.msn.comid37485109nsusnews veganism is not about pairing the abuses of omnivores against vegans but the evidence does seem to suggest the abuse of nonhuman animals has a positive correlation with the abuse of humans.