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The Biggest Threat to Homeless Animals Today: The Betrayal of ‘No-Kill’ Sheltering

Written by Chrissy Matthies | November 11, 2013

Sick cats crammed into cages and stacked in hallways. Dogs fighting over food in crowded and filthy kennels. Animals in need denied admission and left on the street to produce more and more puppies and kittens with nowhere to go. Feral cats turned loose or turned away. Dying animals struggling to take their last breaths, left alone in a cage to die. And animal hoarders, cashing in on the term “no kill,” bringing misery to their prisoners. This is the truth behind the façade of the “no-kill” movement. But PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk explains that we can end the homeless animal crisis in real, humane, and workable ways. Watch The Betrayal of ‘No-Kill’ Sheltering now:

What You Can Do

Join the “No-Birth Nation”: Spay and neuter your animals, and urge everyone you know to do the same. Support open-admission shelters that don’t turn away animals just so that they can perpetuate the deceptive and harmful “no-kill” illusion at their facility. Join PETA, and help us save animals wherever they are are abused. We need your help.

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  • Tally says:

    I love this it is good info for a persuasive easay

  • Bonita Rose says:

    Thank you for the attention to the misleading “no kill” movement. I have just read page 21 of the current Peta’s Animal Tmes and viewed the video with Ms. Newkirk. Thank you for the ammunition from a legitimate animal welfare group. We are fighting this idea from well-intentioned but misinformed individuals who try to discourage the use of our county’s open admission shelter. They also campaign for the shelter to immediately be “no kill” but do not provide immediate solutions to achieve such a situation humanely.
    The animal welfare group I am associated with has gone exclusively to promoting and assisting pet owners with spay/neuter. YES! Let’s become a “NO BIRTH NATION”.

  • I bllieve that animal should be neutered or sprayed in order for them to lead healthy lives and for unborn not to be sacrificed to the whim of people who have not thought this problem out carefully. Thank you for drawing my attention to this situation. You have my vote to legislate desixing the lovely animals that are part of our ecosystem.

  • Nicole says:

    The treatment of animals in this way does not leave me in peace. I want to do something about it.