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‘Nipples Over Naples’ During Fish Amnesty Week

Written by PETA | September 24, 2009

Why is it that men get no love? A shirtless man appeared in Lycra “fishtails” and body paint beside a female “fish” sea kitten at a popular fishing spot in Naples for one of our Fish Amnesty Week demos. Cameras flashed and lively debates ensued among a huge crowd of tourists while media swarmed PETA’s sea kittens. But guess who got all the media glory? The lady sea kitten.

So we’d like to do something that the media didn’t do, and draw your attention to the fantastic fella on the left.


Too bad we didn’t have an extra costume handy. The man with the camera looks halfway ready to get in on the action.
Fish Amnesty Week


During Fish Amnesty Week, we’re alerting people to the fact that sea kittens suffer tremendous stress and pain when their sensitive lips are impaled on sharp hooks and the animals are dragged to shore to slowly suffocate or have their heads bashed in. “Catch-and-release” maiming isn’t any kinder, as countless victims die from stress and injuries.

We suggest that retirees, fathers hoping to bond with their sons, and others drop their fishing rods and try “shooting” fish—with a camera—instead.

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Liz says:

    You go Saucy. Tell them like it is. Eating meat is plain evil. This has obviously struck some type of guilty nerve in you Tom or you wouldn’t be on this web site. My boyfriend would argue with me just like you are doing on this site for years. Guess what? He is now a vegetarian and never will eat meat again. I asked him why he won’t eat it again thinking that something I said struck a nerve. He just simply replied because I don’t need to eat animals anymore when there is plenty of other things I can eat instead. I just don’t like killing animals for my food. There are some churches out there where it benefits them financialy for you to believe word for word what is written in the bible . Same holds true for who ever played the game telephone when they wrote the stories in the Bible. We are all sapposed to believe in the good of these stories not violence toward all mankind and creatures on earth.

  • Tom says:

    Sarah we have as much right as any other omnivore in the animal kingdom to catch kill and eat meat as part of our diet. We also have as much right as any other primate in the animal kingdom to use tools to catch kill and eat meat as part of our diet

  • Sarah S says:

    Cut it with the religious crap. This is not about that. This is about whether or not fishing is cruel. And it IS. If you don’t believe me how about we lure you with a fish sandwich and when you take your first bite your lip will be punctured by a hook. We will then throw you into some water and drown you. Wake up animals are alive and we do NOT have the right to take away those lives.

  • Saucy says:

    Again apparently most people are unaware of the PURITY or POWER of Christ. I believe Christ was appalled at the animal sacrifices and rituals as they were entirely unnecessary. It was HIS shed blood that was the SACRIFICE. Again they got it wrong. Did it ever occur to any of the DOUBTING THOMAS’s that he simply wouldn’t eat meat. Probably from a very young age. For those of us who have attended Sadars and dinners refusing to eat meat we know it is far from impossible. We also no the prejudice that comes along with our choice. Look what they did to Christ. Some of Jesus’s followers were also thieves and murderers does that mean Christ was a thief and murderer. THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS VEGAN. Genesis 129 That is what I believe CHRIST lived his life by not some concoted stories of men to suit there own needs and line their pockets.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    In the “hate to burst your bubble” department Jesus was a Jew. As a Jew he would have participated in the sacrificial rite of Passover in fact what Christians know as the Last Supper was in fact a passover Seder. As the central part of the Passover ritual an unblemished lamb was brought to the temple to be slaughtered by the priests. The meat was then taken home by the supplicants to become the central part of the passover Seder. Jesus took part in this because it was a commandment by God to the Jews. He may not have agreed with it but by necessity at least on the last night of his life he took part. It was at the Passover table that Judas was revealed as the traitor Judas left from that table to go to Caiaphus to report where Jesus and his followers could be found that night. Symbolic? Yes. Just as that lamb was symbolic for the Jews Jesus is called the Lamb of God because He is the sacrificial lamb of humankind sacrificed to pay for for our sins.

  • Tom says:

    Well saucy I’m glad you had a nice dinner and I wish you well in your new relationship. As for Whether or not Christ was a Vegan you are entitled to your opinion but objective evidence contradicts you. But we can agree to disagreee

  • Fisher of men says:

    If Jesus didnt condone fishing then why Luke 5111? Nets so full they began to break… fish to fill multiple boats to begin to sink. Why have them fish at all if this was not good? JesusGod is all knowing could he not have figured out another way of making his point to his disciples other than being cruel to poor defenseless fish? If God did not like the death of animals then why all of the ceremonial sacrifices. He saved Abraham’s son and had a ram sacrificed instead… Your arguments fall apart quick.

  • Saucy says:

    Also I wanted to share with you that on Friday night I pulled up the PETA blog to see if my post went up. There it was followed by that other post. Well my fingers got moving pretty quickly as I hurried off my response. Then I closed my computer and went off to make dinner with my new boyfriend one of the most beautiful and sexy men I have ever known. He’s no tyrant and enjoys all of the new foods and is getting really creative. His specialty you guessed it ………SAUCE. So while the QUORN MEAT FREE SOY FREE CHIC’N TENDERS were basking in his delicious sauce the garlic and the onion hit the pan in perfect harmony sizzling in olive oil. Flip Flip and it’s time for the tenders endearing term isn’t it? Followed by the red pepper and finally spinach……………YUM! Not only was the timing perfect everything was cooked just right the flavor of the tenders? tasted just like pieced of FISH. Tom Jesus was not a taker of life but a GIVER OF LIFE. He was not a shedder of blood but it was his shed blood that offers SALVATION to the world and it is HIS metaphorical shed blood and body that we are to partake of not the blood of tormented terrified and ultimately murdered beasts.

  • Tom says:

    saucy your argument allows you to dismiss any thing you read and disagree with as an error. The fact is that more precise versions that use the original Greek and Hebrew to translate the testaments continue to include the fish in the feeding of the multitudes. So the story is accurate. Now you can believe what you want but the original text and the culture of the time point to the fact that Christ the Apostles who were fishermen ate fish on a regular basis and fed fish and bread to the multitudes. So you “get hold” of the facts as unpleasant to you as they may be

  • Jackie says:

    We should be so lucky that God or perhaps Satan didn’t decide to hand Jesus a half naked woman in a fish costume. P

  • Justin Tank says:

    What’s vegan?

  • Saucy says:

    Tom If you want to believe that Jesus was a spiller of blood that is your problem. The text is marred with mistakes and has grave errors and it says THAT in the forword of the King James Version. So in other words you cannot believe everything that is in there. But I tell you you can use a little discerment look at the whole picture and ultimately figure out what the overall meaning of the text is and what it is supposed to be imparting to you. Do you not know the Devil is a liar? I implore you you better get a hold of this. Do you not know that the Bible says that we are all chosen to be born in a time such as this. For a purpose Tom to figure out in the end times what it is we are supposed to know. The Truth. Do you not know we are in a war between good and evil? Do you not know that today there are foods available to give you all the flavor texture and taste of the meat and fish your flesh desires? I believe in a LOVING GOD. I believe in LIFE. And I know with a few exceptions the entire worldwide corporate religious body is distorted and wrong in this area and I thank God that I now know better then to consume the blood of beasts.

  • Liz says:

    Saucy is correct. I studied the Bible in college. Our teachers told us a lot of symbolism was used because much of the details of the stories were lost and were not what really happend. It was word of mouth for a long long time until someone wrote it down. Some men then changed details of the story to suit their needs. Jesus was against all violence and the fact that people think he ate meat goes against who he was.

  • Tom says:

    Saucy whether you believe it or not is irrelevant. The Scripture says that Jesus fed the multitudes once with five loaves and 2 fish and again with 7 loaves and “a few” fish. Christ was not a vegan. He and his disciples were fishermen. They ate fish and served it to Christ’s followers

  • Saucy says:

    I am sorry folks I hate to bust your bully bubble but I do not believe for one second that JESUS tore up that fish and fed it two those people. JESUS ASKED FOR A LOAF OF BREAD. Jesus was handed a fish. The moment at hand was so PROFOUND I do not believe that Jesus took the time to scold Peter’s brother about spilling blood he would not have been able to receive it at that time and maybe even distrupted or delayed the procedings of the MIRACLE that was about to take place. Timing is IMPORTANT. I believe Jesus fed the crowd with the loaf of BREAD. I believe Jesus knew what he wanted and asked for it HE wasn’t a hack or a flake…………………… AND I MOST CERTAINLY BELIEVE THAT IF JESUS CHRIST WAS THE MESSIAH HE WAS NOT A SPILLER OF BLOOD. Thank you very much and WAKE THE HECK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO VEGAN

  • Tom says:

    Fishing is a serene and innocuous activity. There is nothing unjust about man using a tool to catch food. There are other examples of primates using similar tools to harvest food. We are merely another predator on the food chain. Not to mention no one is forcing the fish to take the bait.

  • Tabitha Cauble says:

    I didn”t think it was about who or who didn’t get attention. it was about the cause. I’m very unhappy in how this was written

  • Kurt K says:

    Well if catch and release is no better than keeping the fish I guess I will start to keep and clean the fish I catch once again. They are fish.

  • Jackie says:

    Oh yes it’s the media’s fault you can’t keep your women covered up. I guess buying halter tops is just so hard these days.

  • Justin Tank says:

    Yo Guys I have a question. What re the bumps called around the nipples? Are they called niplets?

  • Brien Comerford says:

    For decades fishing has been reputed to be a serene and innocuous activity but any person with a heart and soul knows that it’s deadly traumatic and palpably unjust.