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Nine Inch Nails New Album

Written by PETA | April 18, 2007

425-trent.jpgNine Inch Nails has a brand new album out this week: Year Zero has been getting a lot of love from the critics, and it’s awesome to see Trent Reznor back in form. And, of course, we’re all big fans of Trent here after he took time out of his schedule to narrate our exposé of the cat and dog fur trade in China. You can watch Trent’s narration here, but I should warn you that the footage is tough to deal with.

You’ve probably heard some buzz about this album already, since Nine Inch Nails has been using this brilliant viral marketing campaign to get the word out about Year Zero. They are hiding USB drives containing the new songs in cities nationwide and using several mysterious websites (like and to give fans some new material and the back story to the new album.

I’m always happy to support artists like Trent who use their celebrity to make a real difference. And it helps when they write kickass songs as well. I’m going to have Head Like a Hole stuck in my head for the rest of the day.

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  • Starr says:

    I am involved with PETA, and I love Trent. But, he is not a vegetarian… though he said “Sometimes I feel guilty”.

  • curious says:

    I’ve always wondered if any of Trents songs were written forabout animals? Just curious

  • alicia says:

    i think its cool that he narrated your expose but I wonder about the monkey in the closer video? I loved that song til I saw the video now whenever I hear it all I think about is the monkey and I cant listen to it any more. I will be really pleased to find out that mr. reznor did something to fake the horrified expression on that animal’s face.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m suprised PETA doesn’t hate him for using meat and dead animals in his videos.

  • Michelle Shanti says:

    Love the new album ‘Year Zero’. And it makes my heart glad that I can be such a big admirer of such a talented artist that also stands for animal rights and has a social conscious.

  • Cathy Sutter says:

    Wow I picked up Trent Reznor in my cab a few years ago. Too bad I wasn’t a vegetarian then or we could have had a very interesting conversation! Thanks Trent for doing the video of fur trade in China!

  • iride says:

    i love trent reznor he got a good heart a great mind and is a tremendous artist an example for everyone!!!

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