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Nike Should Say ‘No’ to Vick

Written by PETA | October 2, 2009
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Michael Vick


Ever since notorious dog abuser Michael Vick got out of jail and was signed by the apparently desperate Philadelphia Eagles, there has been a lot of discussion in the press and at your local humane society and sports bar about the ethics of his return to the NFL—and all the other issues that go along with it.

Now, the Washington Post (along with media outlets everywhere) is reporting that Nike might again be teaming up with Vick for product endorsements.

Today in the Post‘s special online NFL feature, “The League,” PETA’s own Dan Shannon cuts through the noise with a guest post on the subject. Dan puts it bluntly when he writes, “If Nike and other companies know what’s best for the bottom line, they won’t touch Michael Vick with a 10-foot pole.”

Read the whole post here.

Written by Jeff Mackey

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  • Am I Wrong? says:

    I completely understand where everyone is coming from. However my question is why begin boycotting Nike now when people have been wearing Nike Reebok Adidas etc and killing people and animals for years? If you were going to take a stand wouldnt we have to boycott EVERY manufacturer?

  • Kathleen Gumph says:

    Nike now says this is not an endorsement deal for money merely the supply of Nike product. The result is the same in professional sports if you wearuse the logo you are promoting and representing that company. I will not support a company that supports Michael Vick.

  • Lisa says:

    I dont care what mindless sports fans say VICK IS A FING LOSER. To put it nicely.

  • Tom says:

    it’s actually a non issue because NIKE said there was no deal agreed upon in the works or anything else.

  • natalie says:

    I work in the Fitness Industry. I will ban NIKE completely and voice my feelings throughout the industry and quickly nike will loss so much business.. We are a tight Industry from NYC to California and many other states many if not all in our business adore animals. And that coward should not make money or have any endorsement deals what so ever…making millions a year wasn’t enough he had to be so cruel and enjoy the dogfighting ring he had the things he did…this is obviously a man that has no heart…millions a year wasn’t enough so lets look at the big picture with him it wasn’t money as it was the control and cruelty he so enjoyed watching…BAN THIS SCUM

  • Tracy Faraoni says:

    Nike please say no to Mike Vick who doesn’t need a contract to make millions from your company. Mike Vick tortured and killed dogs for his sick pleasure. If you sign Nike you are the worst company just like Philadelphia Eagles for signing him. I will never purchase another nike product again. Please sign a contract with someone who is a good person who does deserve a contract.

  • Toscani says:

    This is sick! This pathetic little man tortures and murders dogs and he gets resigned by NIKE?? I’ll NEVER buy from NIKE ever again. Is anybody going to organize any NIKE protest?? I’m appalled by NIKE and the NFL.

  • Carla says:

    Nike.. your done with myself my family and anyone else who adores animals!!!!!! M Vick is not sorry for what he did nor did he get enough time for his sickening crime to innocent animals. He is a monster!

  • Jessica says:

    I personally wrote the Nike reps. I have not gotten a response. Basically what I said was Dear Nike Reps. I hope you reconsider giving free merchandise to an animal abuser and a horrible person in general. I know you have revoked your sponsorship and tv ads but still having him wear your logo will still be promoting his cruel actions. Even if you had nothing to do with it people will see the Nike logo and think of Vick and his outrageous crimes. I think your promo items that you might give to Vick should go to more deserving people like the homelessneedy childrenthe disabledect. They wouldnt even let me post my email on their website. I ask everyone to boycott and tell your friends about Nike. To all my fellow VegVegans I love you all! Keep up the good work!

  • Andrea says:

    Not only do I run I also work for a nonprofit no kill shelter. So why should I give Nike money that will give to Vick to pay off his owing to the Humane Society when I can give a direct donation without him benefiting social and financially?

  • Andrea says:

    I too run and vouch if Nike supports Michael Vick not only will I never again wear the product I will make my own personal Tshirt with a picture of Vick aside one of his dogs in aftermath of fights. Thus Tshirt to read “You support Nike…You support Vick.” Hopefully that visual will put to perspective.

  • pomomarx says:

    Well Nick Henry it will be harder for us to “forget Vick” as you request when Nike starts beaming his image into our homes in order to influence our children’s desires.

  • wayne says:


  • ouch! says:

    uhh… isn’t Nike the company that sells leather products?

  • Debbie Pope says:

    WHAT on earth was Nike thinking???

  • pomomarx says:

    Well Nick Henry it might be harder to “forget about Vick” when Nike starts beaming his image into our homes to influence our children’s desires.

  • Tamra says:

    Thanks Nick for the suggestion…… We can however continue to focus on dog fighting WHILE speaking out against a Nike contract for Vick. To me the line between the two becomes very blurry. Quit henpecking others and what they believe find your own passion and go for it!!! That’s how you can better serve your time.

  • Barbara says:

    If they do this I will don my one and only pair of Nikes step in a pile of dog poop and send the poopedup shoes to Nike telling them they can go to hell.

  • lance says:

    does anyone else see the shallowness and coldness in his eyes…he is a sick individual…that got a way with dog serial killing…he is disgusting….did anyone see the breeding rapemachine they used ….he should be the recipient and try one out…he got away with torture and murder

  • Mary Rapp says:

    I cannot believe Nike is even considering Vick. He is a monster and has already been rewarded for it. Nike needs to remember who buys their products. Not everyone is a fan of football.

  • Lynnett says:

    pomomarx said it best.

  • Edward says:

    Nike and Michael Vick encouraging to “Just do it”? I don’t think so.

  • Ambrosia Kramer says:

    I am an avid animal lover vegan and marathon runner. My husband is a vegetarian and also a marathon runner as well as my sister and her husband Guaranteed we WILL NOT buy Nike products if Micheal Vick as anything to do with Nike nor will my children ever wear Nike products again. What a disappointment.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Vick is an unrepentent serial dog torturer and killer. He played poorly in his first game but got better press coverage than the starting Quarterback who was excellent. The NFL sucks ! So does the vacillating Nike corporation.

  • Nick Henry says:

    Man yall fellow animal rights activists kill me. The man served his time. Instead of staying mad at him Peta and everyone else needs to focus on DOG FIGHTING not him. He’s getting “extra” attention because he’s famous.

  • Virginia Pompe says:

    If Nike endorses Michael Vick I will NEVER buy another article of clothing or shoes with the Nike logo……ever again. I’m sure that I won’t be alone in my decision.

  • Kurt Matthesius says:

    Michael should not be a loud to prance around just because he did his time and Nike should not allow him a contract

  • Megan Feibusch says:

    You can judge a man’s character by how he treats those with less power then him. Michael Vick is a cruel person and if you endorse him you will loose all respect from a lot of people. This will greatly harm your business.

  • pomomarx says:

    Imagine if Vick had abused or molested children. Would anyone want him to endorse their products or have a highprofile position in their organization? But since his misbehavior “only” involved dogs apparently all is quickly forgotten.

  • Aneliese says:

    That would be a very stupid move on Nike’s part they would lose a lot support.