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Nicole Miller to Go Fur Free

Written by PETA | August 31, 2007

If you’re even kind of into fashion, then you know that Nicole Miller is a pretty big deal. So, we were beyond excited to see this story about Miller’s recent announcement that she is going totally fur-free.

FashionEncyclopedia/Creative Commons

The grassroots group NYC Animal Rights had their sites set on Miller for protests during the upcoming fashion week, but it looks like they are shifting their focus to Michael Kors instead. Good luck NYC Animal Rights!

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  • Allison says:

    I love Nicole Miller. I saw on that they are having a sample sale on her collection tomorrow. I can’t wait. This site always has the best deals. A lot of it is 75 off!

  • Lord of the Apes says:

    to steve so here i caught you up! already the last time when you harrassed the observer with your silly questions i wanted to react so let it happen now! you wrote 1. ‘peta does try and close animal use industry! answer of course they have to try to close animal abuse industry! if you think that gestation crates and torturing animals in vivisection and slaughterhouses in killing them while fully conscious so you are ill in your head ill do you understand! i was inside the laboratories undercover and i know what i’m talking about and i know a veterinary who worked for over 25 years in a slaughterhouse! stop your insane attacks and aggression! you don’t know anything! go undercover to a slaughterhouse or a furfarm where animals live in tiny cages up to 30 degrees down from zero! what kind of a monster are you to harrass in continuation these blogs! you have nothing than a big dirty mouth and a distorted crippled soul! if i would not be a speciesist i would really feel pity for you and the darkness you are living in! for to answer your 2nd question i shall catch you the next time you looser!

  • Ana says:

    Steve YES!!!! PETA IS ALREADY FIGHTING LEATHER DOWN SILK…read the articles on the site. WEAR YOUR OWN SKIN! You sound petaphobic!! Compassion is the fashion don’t wear fur!

  • steve says:

    once again you petaphiles have missed the point the majority of designers have not given up fur because of the animal cruelty issue… they have given it up because of the peta cruelty issue… one in that peta threatens and harrasses these designers until they decide it is not worth it to fight the peta machine…. and what of the designers who have swore off fur and decided that they did not want to be told what they could or could not use…… and if peta had their way and all designers did not use fur… what will peta fight to eliminate next leather suede goosedown or silk??????

  • Jacqui Nelson says:

    i think animals come first no matter what what gives us the right to kill them for a living? they dont go and kill thousands of innocent humans everyday or go and test on us and make us suffer just for stupid SCIENCE why kill innocent animals for BEAUTY? are people that selfish apparently they are a man or woman will get put in jail for killing an innocent human for no reason THEY SHOULD BE PUT IN JAIL FOR MUDERING INNOCENT ANIMALS FOR NO REASON but no the authoraties dont do anything!! and more people with power need to get involved people think of peta of just some hippy activist group well i know my family does except me of course people need to know that its a serious issue and we have no buisness even touching those animals for meat were killing gods creatures! stuff like this is worse then sept 11 sure that killed thousands of PEOPLE god rest there souls but everyday thousands of animals are being brutally slaughterd and it doesnt get any attention from the mediathat i know of or anything its TORCHER and really needs to be stopped!IMMEDIATLY signed jacqui Nelson age 12ontario canada

  • Jaclyn says:

    Yay for Nicole Miller!!! Nay for all of the ANGRY haters who come and post crap on our blogs! Why should they be angry with us simply because we’re passionate about animals??

  • Marianne Christensen says:

    To Joseph Soares I just wonder if you support anything to help people? Because I supportAmnesty International The Red Cross and The Plan organization with a sponsorship and often also help to collect money for different humanitarian organizations when there’s nationwide collection. Besides I also support 5 different animal protection from crueltyanimal welfareanimal rigths and for the protection and saving of the animals and their environmental habitat organizations. Because I hope to help making a difference for both animals and human beings who needs help.

  • MeL says:

    I hope all designers take a page from Nicole Miller’s playbook and go furfree clothes look and fit better like that anyways. I convinced my mom to go furfree and she said she can’t believe she didn’t do it sooner. As for Joseph here well we can’t realy be mad at him when he gets bird flu and and cow disease and an extremely severe case of diareah he’ll put 2 and 2 together as “wow those PETA people were right”.

  • Courtney says:

    Jaunita I find it hilarious that your bringing up slavery in the South that unfortunately happened. First off Peta is an animal rights organization that dosen’t mean we condone racism or any kind of “ism” quite the opposite. I find it funny that anyone that throws in the race card or any kind of human issue has a problem with animal rights and is SO ANGRY. I am all for equality of rights but if your going to make a statement about judgement of the colour of skin wait till its applicable. Mike Vick could be friggin purple with blue hair and PETA would still be after him. Ever see how they go after Anna Wintour or Micheal Kors? No? Well you are not doing yourself any justice when you do not do your research. Because their on EVERYONE’S case.

  • Brandon Harris says:

    Dear Joseph Soares I think that a woman has a right to choose. I am prochoice. Who are you to come on here and state that it is sick for what a woman chooses to do with her body? Also what does abortion have to do with saving animals? It has nothing to do with it. Furthermore if you hate PETA why come on here? That makes no sense whatsoever. I am a leftist and I believe that it is better to eat vegetables than to eat meat. People who eat vegetables are much more healthier than those who eat meat. PETA does not put humans before animals. There are people who say those things but that is not true at all. Joseph think before you come on here and start babbling a bunch of nonsense. And I agree with James Fontanetta anyone who would come on a proanimal rights website and bash people has a lot of screws loose in their head.

  • mani says:

    i’m saddened by the attacks on peta on the forum. u r supposed to praise people who intervene when injustice is occuring and stand up 4 what they believe in not admonish them.

  • Steve says:

    Thank you Nicole Miller! One of the most nauseating videos on the PETA website is the one showing what life and death are like at a fur farm a total moral and ethical collapse. As for Mr. Soares and unborn children Sir I really hope you are using birth control.

  • observer says:

    well guys and gals we gave troll joseph soares the sorely needed attention he was looking for. will he learn from our responses???? NOOOOOO!!!’CUZ HE’S NOTHING BUT A DUMB TROLL WHO HAS NOTHING BETTER TO DO THAN TROLLING!!!! ok now your turn joseph what do you do to help people against abortion so on???? speak up man we can’t hear you!!!

  • James Fontanetta says:

    Congratulations to Nicole Miller! I hope more fashion industry leaders follow suit soon. It is sad that there are still people vain enough to wear fur thinking it makes them look better or “fashionable”. It’s sick. As far as Mr. Soares anyone who has enough time to go on a pro animal rights website and bash people has “a lot of screws loose”. Get a life.

  • carolyn says:

    joseph just because I love animals and are against any form of animal cruelty does not mean I support abortion think before you speak and as for juanita well I aint starting with you cause you make no sense

  • Ana says:

    Juanita Mumford In answer to your question PETA was not around there was no PETA so don’t blame PETA PETA members or animal advocates. We had nothing to do with that. Check the website to see when PETA came into being long after when that had happened. The dogs were trained by law enforcement so don’t blame the dogs take your hatred to law enforcement. Vick is sick violent and an animal abuserkiller. Anyone who supports him is the same. Fur is cruel and unnecessary. Compassion is the fashion.

  • sherri says:

    Joseph Soares so you know lots of peta members? You know what they all stand for? I say good for Nicole Miller for going furfree.

  • Mary Ann says:

    Joseph PETA does not put animals above humans. This isn’t about unborn children. I am prolife AND proanimals. Why does it have to be one or the other??? How about both! Get over yourself animals need protection too. Animals killed for fur is disgusting. Most of them are still alive as they are skinned. Anyone who would choose to wear fur knowing this is cruel. I hope Michael Kors will come to his senses. Until then we need to boycott his stuff.

  • Michelle says:

    Kudos to Nicole Miller and good luck to NYC Animal Rights! I wrote to Michael Kors two years ago about how disappointed as a consumer I was to see their fur add in a magazine. Never heard back from them. I hope everyone will write in and express their disappointment as well. Anon great idea bald is in! PETA girls are beautiful with or without hair. Joseph you’re missing a heart. If anything PETA is not a hypocrite like you. You claim you’re prolife yet you have no problems with the torture and killing of an animals life for your dinner???

  • La Traviata says:

    Anonymous your head is as bold as an egg go home and shake your nuts!

  • susan says:

    to joseph What are you doing for the animals? or people for that matter? Why don’t you go volunteer for Habitat for Humanity read to elderly people stop criticizing people willing to do what you don’t have the courage to do? If you hate PETA so much..Why come on here?!

  • Courtney says:

    Oh poor misguided Joseph You are so right….and I do mean RIGHT wing that is. To think that caring for animals makes anti human is misguided and typical of right wing banter. How did you jump from animal rights to abortion? How did you know I wasnt on the streets last week protesting against abortion? You don’t but you assume that if one cares for the welfare of those who cannot protect themselves they automatically do not care for their human counterparts. Do your research and loosen up your suspenders if your going to make such pathetic assumtions…but you are “Right” so…

  • Ana says:

    Joseph Soares No most PETA members are highly educated intelligent sensitive and compassionate people. Your comment about abortion is ignorant and just stupid. I have children and belive all life is sacred. How about those prolife idiots who kill doctors nurses and blow up clinics where abortions are performed?? Now that’s SICK!!!! If you are against abortion why are you in favor of killing those gentle intelligent creatures already born so that you can ingest their decaying flesh??? Now that’s HYPOCRISY and SICK!!! Anonymous Only pathetic Britney Spears is into stupid antics like shaving off all her hair and she is NOT a PETA member. PETA ladies are too busy saving animals’ lives and being beautiful!! FUR IS MURDER!!!!!!

  • Juanita Mumford says:


  • honey says:

    adendum of course i wrote my loving words to joseph soares this insane misunderstanding dummy!

  • honey says:

    instead of writing bullshit here you would do better in going to buy a watermelon and to put it there where once your head was!

  • Carol Buiza says:

    If the fact that I don’t abuse or kill innocent animals or use them in inhumane sports means that I have a screw loose then so be it. I just wish there were more like me that don’t feel the need to wear a dead animal on my back in order to feel like I am somebody.

  • alpha dog says:

    Joseph Soares you miss it all you poorest of all the brainlacking creepers! first of all this here is talking about fur and second i have to tell you that i love animals indeed but i didn’t exterminate my child take care that your brain doesn’t run out like rain water from a putrified halloween pumpkin go home and swallow your pork chops in order to increase your degree in ignorance!

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Speak for yourself Joseph and don’t stereotype. You have no idea what my stance on abortion is. Just for your info the average animal puts his or her own life before yours.

  • Susannah S says:

    I can’t believe what a target zone this blog is for people with a “beef” so to speak. Joseph Soares Did it ever occur to you that YOU have a few screws loose? You come on the web site for an animal rights group and attack its members for being…for animal rights. That same old tired tired argument “you care about animals more than you care about people” What have YOU done for people lately? Do you spend your time helping people or just going around to the web sites for various causes and hassling their members? Well I’m glad to see that PETA attracts so much attention but I’d be careful about commenting on loose screws if I were you. Instead watch a video about the fur trade “Earthlings” would be an eyeopener for you about WHY we at PETA are so passionate about animal rights.

  • observer says:

    joseph soares can YOU be any more crazy???? eating the body parts of dead animals!!! that’s psycho sick!!! I put animals ahead of savages like you any day!!! by the way you won’t always be eating the body parts of dead animals ‘cuz you’ll be joining the no meat eating heart attack club!!!! til then eat roadkill!!! it’s cheaper!!

  • kelly says:

    Maybe Michael Kors should stop perpetuating the hideous fashion of the dowdy furclad housewife? He is way past any creative achievement

  • Joseph Soares says:

    Peta members are missing a few screws. You put animals ahead of humans. Can you be anymore crazy? I love pork chops and a good steak. I will always eat meat and so will most people in this country. Leftist protect the animals but they have no problem exterminating their unborn children. SICK!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous says:


  • Susannah S says:

    Good for you Nicole Miller! You are to be congratulated. As for Michael Kors good luck NYC animal rights indeed! Anyone who can get Kors to change ought to be offered a reward! Or made an ambassador for PETA…