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Nicolas Cage’s X-Rated Diet Advice

Written by PETA | May 20, 2010

Some people don’t eat animals because they don’t want to support factory farming. Others are worried about protecting their health or the environment. Nicolas Cage has a much more, shall we say, X-centric reason for why he leaves certain animals off his plate: They have undignified sex.

No, I am not making this up. Here’s what Cage told the U.K. tabloid The Sun: “I actually choose the way I eat according to the way animals have sex. I think fish are very dignified with sex. So are birds. But pigs, not so much. So I don’t eat pig meat or things like that. I eat fish and fowl.”

While this is great news for pigs and cows, I have to wonder where Nick got the idea that there is anything dignified about the way birds live on factory farms. Turkeys are bred to grow so top-heavy that they can no longer reproduce naturally, so female turkeys are artificially inseminated. “Breeder broiler” chickens are kept alive longer than most chickens who are raised for their flesh (most of whom are killed when they are just a few weeks old), so the males are deprived of food to prevent their bodies from getting too large for their organs to support. How do farmers do this? By shoving plastic rods through their beaks to prevent them from gaining access to females’ feed troughs. Yeah, real dignified.

As for me, I’m not particularly concerned about how birds, bees, or even educated fleas do it. I’m more worried about making sure that animals have a dignified life—and death.

Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • Haydà says:

    Once a nerd always a nerd…

  • Rex's Mom says:

    What do you expect from a nutcase who named his son KaLel after Superman’s real name? I feel bad for that boy!

  • Jean Cameron says:

    Surely the man’s kidding! No rational mind comes to these kinds of conclusions. Nicholas Cage either exposed himself as a person of questionable intelligence … or he thinks this comment is attentiongetting. It got my attention alright I now know NOT to PAY ATTENTION to anything the man says.

  • Dwanny says:

    Guess that’s why he doesn’t eat humans! LOL What is it about Hollywood that makes seeming normal people go goofy? This guy has too much time on his hands if he’s studying the sex lives of the animals he’s considering eating. WOW!!!

  • cristiana says:

    someone please make this moron read “eating animals” so he can make up his mind about what the word “dignity” means!

  • Big G, says:

    Moron always thought so but now confirmed it.

  • Saucy says:

    There is nothing dignified about eating a pig or any other animal. I hope he spreads his anti pig eating stance around the world. Thanks Nick. That’s a start. I am sure a super sexy guy like yourself can’t find blood and guts to be an aphrodisiac. So why not “Go All The Way” Go Vegan! It’s the best choice you can make for you super sexy self and for the pleasure of whomever is fortunate enough to be sharing your bed.

  • Lisa/LiberationNOW says:

    changed my whole way of thinking about him he was one of my favorite actors but what an idiot!

  • lulu says:

    Xrated diet advice from an Flister. Just what the world does not need…