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NFL Has Sacked Vick

Written by PETA | August 24, 2007

Great news! The NFL has finally suspended Michael Vick indefinitely. This is following his own admission of guilt when he entered his plea today. Now urge the NFL to add cruelty to animals—in all its forms—to its personal conduct policy. We need them to hear from as many people as possible!You know, this just really makes me very happy. I’m happy because I know that this country doesn’t like dogfighting, and dogfighters had better hear that message and get out of the business. Since the Vick case ripped the lid off dogfighting, law enforcement and PETA are getting tips and leads on other cases across the country. PETA is even offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone involved in dogfighting, and we are already working with law enforcement in a number of different jurisdictions.

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  • Ana says:

    Hello Maya!!!! Loved your comments!!! XOXOX to your kitties!!! All life is precious!!!!! Every creature has the RIGHT to live in peace!!! ATL DAWG Your comment is ludicrous so I can’twon’t respond. But do not stop taking your meds. Chancey How many more centuries are you going to use the race card ad nauseum??? The best choices blacks can make are to stay in school and for teenage girls to stop having babies. The beauty with the other animals is that they don’t practice racism. Racismprejudice will always exist in human society unfortunately. So the best that individuals simply have to do is to live a life filled with integrity. Being violent and killing animals is not a life filled with integrity. The crude and barbaric manner in which Vick disposed of these dogs indicates a lack of compassion and sensibilities undeveloped. Ultimately the ones that suffered the most from Vick’s activities are all of the creatures that died. Sadly these creatures died so violently cruelly and painfully all because Vick and others took great pleasure in their misery. Let’s not forget the other 60 dogs that were confiscated from his propertywhat fate awaits them?

  • Anthony A says:

    To Brittney Yes I do know about the Leonard Little and Ray Lewis cases. I did research and case studies on them as a matter of fact. First Leonard Little knowingly got more than twice the legal limit of alcohol in his system over a period of 3 hours. He was in that state of mind because he chose to be. Then he made the decision to get behind the wheel of a car and drive. It wasn’t some aberration of his character or anything like that. It was later discovered that actions like these were a once a week thing for him. So he routinely made this mistake it was a part of his lifestyle. Ray Lewis was not defending himself against these two men. He was the aggressor when he pushed one of the guys because of a woman. That was started the fight and Ray was also just being Ray. He had a tendency to throw his linebacker attitude on everyone. He was known to get into with teammates other players coaches. He was a very hostile guy at that point in his career. Alot of times that hostility spilled over from the field into his life. Don’t think that these two men were the aggressors and Ray just took it to far. They were all the aggressors they were all in a bad situation that night. Ray Lewis got off because of a good legal team. Now do I think that these two guys deserve worse than Vick??? Of course I do. No matter what people think according to the law a person’s life is worth more than an animals. But yet Vick is going to do more time than either of these two because of fanatical groups. I am very sympathetic to the fact that some people love animals as more than just pets. But it is an animal and not a person. Sorry but those are just the facts. And Brittney I respect your opinion but why do you consider me ignorant? What’s wrong with just having a different opinion than you?

  • ATL DAWG says:

    I dont get why you guys have groups of like 10 fucking people to boycott like a circus. it doesnt make a different…no one gives a fuck what you think about your little ten person protest. So why dont you peta people get a fucking life and leave everyone alone… no one cares about your opinion…and also you guys say not to eat animals but when people kill them anyway why wouldnt you eat them to at least make them go to waste. Also its a proven fact that people who dont eat animal products die 2030 years younger than people who do eat animal products.

  • Anonymous says:

    Thank you observer and Susannah for your comments. I AGREE!!!!! It never ceases to amaze me the profoundly stupid remarks Vick supporters make. Also the race card excuse is boring ad nauseum. BTW Chancey there are Hispanic Jewish and Asian PETA members. I see them all the time and am friends with them and am also Latina. Trying to reduce PETA to being a “white” organization with a lot of time on their hands is absurd. That description fits the Ku Klux Klan. The NAACP is a hypocritical organization that has no integrity according to them blacks should not be punished when they commit crimes but they point a long finger at “whites” that do. NAACP is an apologist for Vick and that is shameful!!!! Killing dogs is shameful and taking pride and joy in it says a lot about who you are which in this instance is not much.

  • Michelle says:

    First off I think that Michael Vick should never be allowed in the NFL. What he did was so wrong. For those of you who would use boxing as an defense of “poor humans who get abused” they have a mouth and they can voice their pain. More important than that they have a choice. Animals don’t Period. No matter how aggressive they are they’re not stronger than a gun electrocution strangulation or any other cruel method those bastards used to destroy those animals. It’s very disturbing that the race card is being brought in to question. Black white yellow blue green whatever it’s wrong. If the NFL is blatantly immoral enough to let Vick in after he serves his sentence we’ll deal with it then but for now may he serve as an example to all those enjoying celebrity status that you are not above the law. Personally I think he and everyone else involved should be thrown into a big cage with the surviving dogs and let justice be served.

  • Anonymous says:

    jackM your cry for attention is obviously that… so what’s your point or do you even have one?!

  • Maya says:

    As a side note Chancey I would absolutely go to New Orleans to save an alligator. It would be a great honor for me. And I would bring with me musical instruments to donate to musicians affected by Katrina and money and clothing and I would and have in the past help homeless people in any way I can. And I don’t donate to no stinkin’ government charities. When I see a homeless person I hand them money directly.

  • Maya says:

    Hi Chancey. You’re obviously a wellspoken individual so and I hope you don’t mind if I address your statement. I’m kind of tired of this odd new argument of “why should we care about dogs when so many humans are suffering?” First of all it mixes apples and oranges. Would you complain to the NAACP that “Why are you focusing on blacks so much when so many hispanic people are suffering?” I’ll get back to this point in a minute. I’m wondering Chancey if you’ve ever partaken in or witnessed a dog being electrocueted or drowned? Have you ever seen it in person? Forget about videos you should be there. I’m not so sure you’d be so blase if you did. I haven’t but I did work at an innercity shelter where I personally euthanized about 800 cats and dogs. Young healthy gentle dogs and cats that would have made great pets. I strongly suggest you get yourself to a shelter as a volunteer and watch a euthanasia and tell me what you think of the large trash cans filled to the rim with dead cats and dogs. Come back and tell me afterwards that you think we should all just forget about suffering animals and instead focus on “people problems”. Then imagine the dogs and cats in the trash can were killed not with a barbituate but were held under water until they drowned or were electrocuted. I’m not trying to be snide here buddy. Not at all I’m dead serious. I’m now a certified veterinary nurse and I can tell you people who care for animals don’t make lots of money. If you want to see overprivilleged folks with too much time on their hands let me introduce you to the soccer mom who brings us an emaciated sick rabbit who’s been left in a back yard cage for two years because “my 10 year old wouldn’t take care of it.” Or the wealthy couple moving to Florida handing shelters their cats because “we don’t want to take them with us when we move” And oh I almost forgot the wealthy football star with better health insurance than most of us could ever dream of who decides to risk his noble charity by partaking in a known illegal activity that results in dogs being hanged. I don’t give a shit what color he is. I’ve worked with many AfricanAmerican animal professionals from wildlife rehabbers to vets to shelter workers who agree with PETA this guy made a concious choice to bury himself and he didn’t even have the excuse that he was poor and needed the money. And finally please tell me why an animal’s life is less important than a human’s. I’m not talking about aggressive animals vs some poor little child. Aggressive animals should be euthanized but tell me Chancey why is a human’s life MORE valuable than a well behaved cat or dog? I’ll be looking forward to your answer.

  • C.J. says:

    So…..what’s the story for today…. Oh he’s sorry well what is he sorry for…. sorry for what he did… or sorry he got CAUGHT!!! He didn’t take responsibility before the evidence was presented did he? No he gave excuses…. “He didn’t know what was going on “He didn’t participate in the abuse of any of these animals. Oh and this on I find really special “His family lived there and “He did’t know what was going on. THEN He says “He pleads “guilty” to all of it! When in reality two of his associates turned states evidence that he “WAS AWARE” of what WAS going on. So what are Vicks fans going to use as an EXCUSE next! I seen him on CNN this morning and I do believe he is sorry…. But FOR WHAT? He’s right…. He does have a LOT of soul searching to do…. It is also very INTERESTING that when people are caught doing something WRONG…. they all of a sudden find JESUS!

  • Marc says:

    I am glad this loser is going behind bars. I mean what was he thinking. He had a good career ahead of him what an idiot. He got what he deserved. Apology not accepted!!! Have fun in jail!

  • Shannon says:

    For those of you who are comparing dog fighting to BOXING..lets get one thing straightpeople CHOOSE to fight othersthese animals were FORCED to fight other animals and brought up in environments that didn’t allow them to play with other animals and live happy lives. These animals were forced into a life of constant fighting and ABUSE. There’s no way you could compare boxing to dog fighting. Simply assanine!

  • Dana says:

    Mike J…do you listen to the news at all? Arthur Blank came out and pretty much put the Vick lie of “I never go to my home in Virginia” into a whole new light when he spoke out about how much time Vick spent in Virginia.. While the other players hung around Atlanta he was always gone to Virginia…So your theory of he was too busy to be there is WRONG! As for wanting what Vick has…THINK AGAIN…I already have more than he has in morals and values. All that money means nothing when you have no compassion or values of the life around you! Being as hung up on yourself as Michael Vick has shown time and time again he is makes for a very boring life……..MONEY DOES NOT EQUAL HAPPINESS! As for pulling the race card that just does not work anymore… I have spoken with many black people that in no way think that this is a race issue it is what it is punishment for dog fighting no matter the color of your skin or the status of your job. The only true race card here boils down to money if it were most of us common people who do not happen to be worth 130 million we would have been in jail from day one……….so the only unfairness to this whole situations is the fact he has received special treatment from day one!!!!!!!!!!!! I find it sad that so many Americans are so wrapped up in their team winning football games that they can not see 3 ft in front of their face and they will do anything to justify a star players actions because there is a small chance that their team will not make it to the super bowl…how lame is that this man tortured living breathing animals that feel pain…and all you VICK supporters can think about is the outcome of a dang football game……..Think the statements I have seen lately saying oh its just dogs should be changed to oh its just FOOTBALL!! As for the Atlanta Falcons fans I also have to question your loyalty to your team for many years Michael Vick has been a one man show no one else has even gotten half of a chance to prove their talents…there is no I in TEAM! So when over last few years you all have been so blinded by Vick how can you judge their abilities without him on the field? In all honesty his teammates are most likely glad he is gone so they can finally PLAY BALL

  • Jack Mehoff says:

    I would like to say that mikey is a good guy. He just likes to beat dogs. Who doesn’t? Going to jail for beating a dog? I mean how do you train one without beating it? My dog is retarded because I love peta.

  • Jen says:

    I’m glad that at least ONE other person posting a comment here has also found out about PETA’s blindness when it comes to their own actions. sells materials not only with dogfighting as a topic basis but there are also materials that inform readers HOW to train and breed these unfortunate animals. also offers cock fighting magazine subscriptions. Guess who else sells their magazine subscriptions on PETA. I recently emailed PETA to see if they were going to pull away from amazon or do anything. Apparently not. I received in response a weak statement at how I have it in my power to boycott amazon but PETA will be doing nothing. I guess PETA likes being able to sell through amazon more than it likes doing the right thing. By the way Barnes and Noble sells these materials as well.

  • JT says:

    Deserves a sentence. A punishment. Definitely somet time out of the NFL. Majority of PETA people are being ridiculous but so are the fools who jump to the “racial” debate too. Just as stupid.

  • Anonymous says:

    you damn loser

  • vegan4animals says:

    You know what? This guy Mike Vick has tortured and killed dogs. This makes him criminally insane. Only a psychotic sick twisted human could do what he did. He should be locked away in jail for life. The punishment is not harsh enough and I fear for dogs when he is released. He will do this again just a released rapist or murderer will.

  • Casey says:

    Look at Vick on TV . . . he is so unremoreseful. He’s all about money. He’s talking to the NFL and not to any of those animals he killed. NEVER LET THIS HUMAN BEING play football again !

  • Susannah says:

    Killing dogs isn’t a racial issue or an issue of a rich celebrity getting burned at the stakeso to speak. Fighting and killing dogs is ILLEGAL and immoral period no matter who does it and when or where. “Cultural” doesn’t excuse that. I am glad to see that Vick will be paying for his crimes. I hope that all dogfighters will be brought to justice. Meanwhile in today’s paper I read that a two year old filly died of a heart attack on the race track in Saratoga and “no one knew why” maybe because it was 92 degrees?! I am SO disgusted with the way humans treat animals! Whether it’s the circus the laboratory the greyhound tracks and horse racing tracks the dog shows the horse shows the rodeos the dogfighting rings the factory farms the slaughterhouses etc. etc. etc. the list gets longer and longer with no end in sight. NO animal should be made to pay for a human being’s dinner coat shoes OR “entertainment” legal or illegal! We will never be the enlightened society we could be until we recognize that and sign it into law.

  • keith says:

    Mike J .. go take a long run of a short pier .. you arseole !!

  • observer says:

    kari you forgot to also sign your post as a hypocrit. the same as marlon d brown and the rest of you empty headed think alikes dempsey wright anthony a tony mike j. should sign your posts as cruelty supporter law breaker supporter brainless ignoramus dumb fucked up illiterate liar stupid ass all mouth waste of life lame brain dimwit constipated shit head !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chancey says:

    So now people are talking about boycotting the Tom Joyner morning show. Well go ahead. But let’s do a reality check boycotting a black show that’s white owned will only deprive the corporation that owns it of profits. You see black America doesn’t have the institutions that commerce flows through. Black folks are poor by and large and there isn’t a lot to take from most of us. The exceptions like Vick are always at the mercy of the owners and endorsers and can easily be replaced if they don’t toe the line. This is why Michael Jordan says nothing about the condition of garment workers in Nike plants overseas. Even in retirement his silence is bought. How many PETA corporate sponsors are engaged in illicit activities? Have you checked? Black people can survive any boycott that PETA or anybody else stages and we can stage a few of our own. PETA is no different than the NCAAP it picks and chooses it battles. Both are bourgeous organizations that are out of touch with more people than they are willing to admit. To many people PETA is perceived as a group of upwardly mobile white people of higher social status who have nothing else to do with their time but to obsess over animal rights. They aren’t even concerned with humans such as Katrina victims but they might go to New Orleans to rescue the alligators. Fair or not this is the image in the minds of many who see PETA members as Starbucks sipping yuppies. In this era of post 911 where billions of dollars can be allocated to the Iraq war most of us are trying to survive. We have enough trouble trying to pay bills black brown yellow and white people alike. I’m certain most people are animal lovers like me but children jobs and a roof over our heads are our priorities. It just amazes me how this particular act of animal cruelty above others gets this much coverage while there are others far worse. Vick has commited a horrible crime there’s no argument about that but he has become PETA’s poster boy above so many others. It’s funny how some of the women want to castrate Vick. I bet that they would sleep with him in a minute if they saw him in person. I bet that some people aren’t as apalled as they let on either if you grew up on a farm or slaughtered cows and hogs at a meat packaging plant you have seen far worse astrocities on a daily basis. And Vick can’t do right if he apologizes or chooses not to. People will condemn him if he doesn’t and say he has no remorse and that he is cruel. If he does apologize they will say he is shedding crocodile tears because he got caught. What do you want from him? Vick is going to prison on something so many others get away with and will continue to get away with because PETA has tunnel vision on this issue. The kennels set up like moonshine operations will continue after Vick is behind bars. PETA has a just cause but it picks and chooses it targets and allows people to pick Vick apart. I don’t believe for one second that Vick is a bad person. He made some very bad decisions and like someone eloquently stated before some people don’t even understand that the dogfighting culture is wrong. If PETA knew of his involvement back to his Virginia Tech days why didn’t they do something then? Vick has many things working against him namely his being black. People don’t even realize how easy it is to jeer someone because of their skin color. Like it or not our dictionaries describe things that are white as good and black objects as bad or evil. Until 1969 the Mormons or Latter Day Saints preached that all black people were going to hell. I sincerely doubt that this posting will be displayed. I’m not trying to change anybody’s mind but people need to acknowledge their motives. John Wayne a man I used to admire was a racist and apparently quite comfortable with it. If that is your position at least be honest about it. I can respect honesty because I will always know where you’re coming from.

  • ATL DAWG says:

    I think the police should free MICHAEL VICK! MIKE VICK IS INNOCENT! I MADE A SITE PROVING IT….GO TO he is innocent. In my opinion those dogs were his and his property so he should be able to do what the heck ever he wished. Mike Vick is a hard worker for his money and shouldnt give any money to anyone unless he damn well wants too. You guys take this as a big issue and you let R.Kelly go take a piss on little 12 year old girls and you still buy his records you let Michael Jackson molest little children and still are fans of him you let all these other plays kill people do drugs do what ever they please and make a big deal out of this. I dont know if it is because he is an AfricanAmerican that all your children idolize and you just want him gone or is it just because he is black makes lots of money and is a well respected man. Sincerly ATL DAWG A PROUD VICK FAN A PET OWNER A PROUD WHITE AMERICAN GO NAACP!

  • himmie says:

    Vick made dogs fight. You guys watch human beings fight all the time its called boxing i dont see anyone going crazy over that. look at the boxers after they have finished their careers muhamad ali cant even stand up straight. What also makes me mad is the fact that the president can go out and shoot deer while somewhere else the vice president is out shooting birds what the hell is wrong wiht shooting a dog. I guess because dog fightin is seen in rural african american society as a sport it is looked at as illegal. Im not saying it is right to shoot any animal infact thats cruel anyway you look at it but if you are gonna hang vick for killing a dog then can you do the same to the president and his second in command. Lets not take sides im not. I dont even like football. p.s please post this comment. every sotry needs two sides.

  • ron says:

    fuck you all i am down with vick this is fun its done every day and will continue go after a millionaire ball player for a dog go fight for human life and police killings i hope all your pet die

  • Dee says:

    You stupid WITCH Vick doesn’t have any guilt he was pressured into doing that. He shouldn’t have but the pressure from the PETA STUPID GROUP and others that’s why he did what he did. They are DOGS NOT PEOPLE. PEOPLE are more important than the dogs. I hope something BAD happens to you and when it does let me know if they will fight for you like you fight for the DOGS you defined. They will treat you like the DOG that you are.

  • Dee says:

    I which that Vick will sue you’ll. I still say that “PETA” is an organize KKK. Because how can you put animals before people. What God put on the earth? Do you’ll really now what the circle of life is? Probably not. Well you should find out that animals have a time to where they have to go. They would not have suspended Vick if they werent listen you’ll. Or the commissioner is weak. The commissioner is not hired by commoners like you’ll but by the members of the NFL. So I will grantee that the commissioner will not be there. He will be voted out. He needs to grow a spine. Well back to the animals. Please leave us black folks alone we have endured enough of you’ll putting us down. They are just dogs. Not people cherish peoples life like you cherish the animals that don’t have a voice and there is a reason why. Thats the GOD wants it.

  • Jade says:

    This isn’t a racial thing get over it. The man tortured and killed animals. Last time I checked that grossly inhumane. Doesn’t matter if Vick is blue green or black he broke the law. Creulty to animals can NOT BE TOLERATED FROM VICK OR FROM ANYONE ELSE. So quit the damn whinning. HE’S AN ANIMAL…LET’S PUT HIM IN A CAGE WITH A COUPLE OF HIS FIGHTING PITBULLS AND SEE HOW IT FEELS. Good idea all you babies out there?

  • Gino says:

    Let’s not pretend that Vick’s treatment of hundreds of pitbulls was OK. Let’s put him in a cage with a few of the dogs he doused with gasoline and see how he defends himself. His treatment of these dogs was grossly inhumane so let’s not make this a race issue. He’s a coward….no matter what color his skin is.

  • michael says:

    i hope vick gets the maximum punishment for his crime. and i trust the nfl will do the right thing and never allow him to play again in the nfl. his career has been ruined by his own stupidity. nobody should fell sorry for him at all! the emotions should be to those poor dogs who had to endure his tourture!

  • Peter says:

    It never fails to amaze me every time I visit this blog that there are STILL posters who pose the same old stupid rhetorical questions “… why don’t you care about the plight of soandso PEOPLE…” Why don’t they let me pick my charities and they can pick their own? Try thinking for just a moment and learn that this is PETA. And I’d be willing to bet that probably none has donated or volunteered on behalf of troubled “people” out there that they insist we are ignoring over animals. Give me a break PLEASE!

  • Carla M. says:

    VICK IS SICK………… He is a disgrace to the NFL and Nike. I hope he has to fight in jail just like he made the dogs fight.

  • Curious says:

    Mike J Why would i want to be a black man “because i want what he has.”? Vick is going to jail his career is ending his fans don’t trust him 7 jerseys are going to animal shelters and is more likely to go to hell for murder. So why would i want to be that man? The other 2 defendents didn’t kill the dogs they just gambled. Plus if he is worth 120 million dollers why would he be in Atlanta? Of course no other football team wants a lier murder and trash on their team.

  • B says:

    you people need to get lives

  • Ana says:

    vick supporters and selrighteous Christians Kelly marlon et al Please get back to using your meds. Your nonsensical comments serve no purpose. Leave Jesus God out of this horror. Now Jesus ate fish and lambwhat else did he eat???? Not in my bible. Take a look at Catholic Concern for Animals and read how JesusGod truly wants his creatures to be treated. Genesis clearly states that the trees will provide humans with sustenance. Back to Vick. He deserves to pay dearly in jail and with a great loss of money. Killing human or nonhuman animals is equally horrible and unacceptable both feel pain and bleed.

  • Mike J says:

    You people are acting as if Micheal Vick…killed a human. He is worth 120 million dollors and lives in Atlanta. You think he has time to worry about what goes on in Virginia. Nobody’s talking about the other two defendents who were most cruel to the animals. I am an animal lover too. But lets get all the facts out. You people are so quick to judge a black man because you want what he has!

  • tony says:

    I support PETA but you guys have got to be shittn me this case is about race and celebrity yes he should be punished but the lengths people have gone is sad white people get away with all kinds of shit what about greyhounds oh it’s legal give me a funkin break or race horses and those that go to slaughter tape that shit it’s cruel as hell PETA needs to say once jail is over help the man get his lively hood he would be willing to support your causes

  • dartagnan says:

    “So to me this society is being hypocritical it allows humans to fight one another close to death but not dogs.” The humans have a choice the dogs don’t. Big difference.

  • Kerry H says:

    I find it very sad that any TV Show would even consider giving this vile creature a forum.. All of a sudden he is sorry and he would like to tell us so.. Shame on any network who does this..Shame on anyone who even watches or listens to this creature lie.. OH..and apparently he will be taking calls from his disappointed fans on the Joyner Morning Show.. Lets see if Nike advertises on this show.. What a joke.. Shame on Joyner if this interview actually takes place.. Let him go to prison first and then after he gets out maybe interview him.. Then we will see how sorry he is..

  • Marlon D. Brown says:

    be careful america peta mr. goodell and mr. blank that we do not judge others while not judging ourselves that we may not ourselves fall.

  • Marlon D. Brown says:

    while peta may be a possibly need organization it should not be fanatical one. everyone is not made the same which is why God made variety. honestly the organiztion should focus on the ethical treatment of life all life. that doesn’t mean that we can’t eat fish Christ himself fished and fed other fish. awareness is one thing but forcing your ideas opinions and way of life on others is definitely not ethical treatment. use michael vick as means of education. be dipolmatic sit down at the table with him. he as expressed regret now call him on it and use him as a spokesperson psa and advocate for your cause. if in fact the organization is true to ethics it will not portray itself as a perfect group of imperfect humans but one as compassionate towards life both animal and human.

  • Marlon D. Brown says:

    what i find ironic is people justifying the treatment against vick saying that the heart of all of this is the way he killed the dogs. not too long ago whites used their dogs and water hoses against HUMANS. that has to be more sickening than a dog but the truth of the matter is that the black man is still less valued than the common dog. an 18th of a man.

  • Marlon D. Brown says:

    each and everyone of us has over priorities in life completely screwed up. we absolutely place too much emphasis on all athletes. yes they are role models but role modeling should start at home. it doesn’t because not only do kids see dollar signs but so do the parents. WAKE UP AMERICA! these athletes are human not a single person on this earth is perfect goodell vick blank bush clinton and every other tom BLEEP or harry. people make mistakes.

  • Marlon D. Brown says:

    mainstream america made him a GOD now they have turned into a human

  • Marlon D. Brown says:

    Let me start off by saying that while the legal system is overall a joke and has major flaws it is still the law of the land. But there is also a thing called forgiveness repentance and rehabilitation. Jail and the correction system is supposed to be rehabilitory in nature but how can we as a society achieve that when won’t even allow someone who made one mistake in life to rebuild and regain. It is outrageous the way the NFL and Falcons are treating Mike Vick. I am especially disappointed in Arthur Blank who is all for his 100 million dollar man until something happens. This is another example of the million dollar slave syndrome. I am in the process of starting an online petition for Vick the same way PETA and others did to lose his endorsements and job. This is not to condone his behavior but in protest to the cruel and harsh punishment he is receiving. I also think that every African American athlete should strike as well because the very same thing can happen again. One has to wonder if race plays a factor here and I think it does. We have a voice as a people and can reverse this outcome and not let another black man become a statistic and thrown to the dogs pun intended unlike Martha Stewart Paris Hilton Robert Downey Jr. Wynona Rider Mel Gibson George Bush Bill Clinton the Bush Twins and the list goes on. If you agree please reply to this posting.

  • julie says:

    Until the law catches up with todays’ society issues “people” will continue to behave as Vick Co. did. Why would they stop when they obviously derive enjoyment from their pasttime? All they are going to get is a slap on the wrist and if that were the punishment for killing another person how many would not go through with murder? They’ll sit back and laugh at everyone condemning them while they count their cash and plan how to get away with it next time. Money doesn’t buy morals and decency and they certainly possess neither quality. I say we make them fightthen if they fail we can debate how best to dispose of them perhaps electrocution?. Nothing is too good for themlet them suffer as the poor dogs suffered let them feel the same pain I believe they would think twice next time they considered starting up their dogfighting venture. If a celebrity can serve 82 minutes of a 4 day sentence for putting the public at risk how long will they serve?. LONG LIVE PETA !!!!!

  • Dempsey Wright says:

    I do not condone what Michael Vick has done and I agree that he should pay for his wrong doing but not to the point that most of you is hoping. I would like to ask most of you one question since all of you want people to believe that you are animal sympathizers. How do you feel about the millions of animals that are put to death by animal shelters each year? What about the dogs that were taken from Vic’s property and what their fake is going to be. To me one way of killing is just as bad as another way of killing. I bet the majority of you who to perscute Vic for his wrongdoings does nothing to help stop useless killings that are carried out by animal shelters each and everyday. Even though these places have man’s law to hide behind does not make it right in the eyes of God. Even people who persecute other human beings in this good old USA of ours are given second chances. I do not think Vic’s crime is no worst than the millions of animal killings that is carried out in animal shelters each year.

  • Moody says:

    Let’s hear some comments from PETA about the NAACP’s support for rehiring Vick after he serves his sentance.

  • kelly says:

    Yeah so what Vick openly admitted to dogfightingthat was the only option he had idiots.If your dumb asses had people u thought were your friendsthat he obviously tried to helpand they’re broke asses turned state evidence on u what the fuck would you do????Vick did not need a couple of 1000 dollarsthis man is richer than all of your dog lovin fucks put together.Those buster’s are guilty equally if not moreand PETA don’t care about the codefendant’sand their role in this dogfighting.It’s obvious u are out to slander Vicks good nameand your organization is phony.As for DMX i guess you are gonna be out to get him nowoh yeah he’s famousand black tooa good candidate for you lifeless bunch of hippies.Oh yeah by the way why don’t you go down to Virginia and adopt those poor little pits that are about to be put to deathremember the killing of animals is not exceptable.Vick at the end pf the day these people are nothingall that matters is what GOD SAYS!!!!!

  • Kerry H says:

    Iam tierd of all the people who use Lenorah Little or any other NFL star as an example.. The reason he or any other felon is still playing is because of the former NFL Commish.. That guy only cared about money and ratings.. So don’t even try to use these guys as an example of what the NFL has done in the past.. Yes these guys should not be there either..but.. This is a new Commish and he has stated on numerous occasions that all of what happened in the past will stop.. Now its time for him to put into action his tough words.. BTW.. Boycott any show that VICK appears on and any sponsors products.. Send a message of your own..