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NFL Has Sacked Vick

Written by PETA | August 24, 2007

Great news! The NFL has finally suspended Michael Vick indefinitely. This is following his own admission of guilt when he entered his plea today. Now urge the NFL to add cruelty to animals—in all its forms—to its personal conduct policy. We need them to hear from as many people as possible!You know, this just really makes me very happy. I’m happy because I know that this country doesn’t like dogfighting, and dogfighters had better hear that message and get out of the business. Since the Vick case ripped the lid off dogfighting, law enforcement and PETA are getting tips and leads on other cases across the country. PETA is even offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone involved in dogfighting, and we are already working with law enforcement in a number of different jurisdictions.

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  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    The people have spoken loud and clear. We will not tolerate this. I would love to say thank you PETA the finest group of people in the world. I am proud to be a member. Maybe Vick’s next job should be working at a Vegan store. Judith

  • Maria says:

    Breatbart just quoted someone said to be from PETA saying that if Vick shows remorse it might be possible for him to go back to football. I disagree with this position. This man should NEVER be allowed back in the public eye. He got the best that anyone can hope for in our society and he used those resources to promote an evil brutal vicious enterprise. He deserves to pass into an ignominious end. Maria

  • kris shulfer says:

    great news!!! thanks to everyone who spoke up wrote letters sent email made phone calls and picketed. I did my part and it feels great!!!! sad for the dogs lost but hopefully many will be saved!! and DMX…. how sad is that!! no wonder he has not put out any music he is too busy killing his pits.

  • Brittney says:

    To Anthony A. ………..Okay Leonard Little and Ray Lewis……do YOU know anything about them?…. Leonard Little Crashed into a woman and killed her when he was drunk. He is stupid for driving drunk but he didn’t beat drown and shock this woman until she died. Ray Lewis was charged with stabbing two men and killing them in a fight wich means they were both the agressor and then he took it too far. Those dogs wern’t accidentaly hit by a drunk driver or stabbed when they attacked Michael Vick. They were raised in hell tortured abused and then forced to tear eachother apart. Following that they were drowned or shocked and one was beaten against a wall until it died. Now you tell me how that even compares you ignorant excuse for a person. Mchael Vick deserves to be beaten until he is almost dead then left in a cage full of his own fecal matter and just starve rot and die. Not one thing better than that.

  • ann says:

    Poindexter is known for talking from both side of his mouth . So don’t expect too much from him to do anything in term of charging vick for the crime he has done to the dogs in his state.

  • David Hendon says:

    Vick is a nice guy. Why are they doing this to him?

  • Diana Velko says:

    I am just sick that a human could do such things to any animal. I hope and pray that the NFL suspends VICK for good and that he is convicted to the total extent of the law and then some. I wish we could give VICK and his people the same treatment he gave those innocent animals. Again he is not sorry for what he did he’s sorry he got caught. I hope you pay for the rest of your life VICK.

  • 007 says:

    dear ann blatant lies lame excuses and casting blame apparently is the “norm” for and what the sick dogfighters are all about…

  • Curious One says:

    Kerry H You are so right and i agree with you!

  • Leighann says:

    Suspended “indefinitely!” Vick’s NFL career isn’t over. I can already see things playing out in the media just as I expected. Vick is still lieing…he’s still dening that he participated and watched these dog fights. But once he meets with Jesse Jackson etc. and finds God becomes a vegetarian his legal team advises him to tell the truth if he ever wants to reserect his NFL career make millions he may be a bit more honest about the situation. You’ve got the NWACP making all these obserd statements that he’s being targeted because of his color that white people hunt and “african american” dog fight it’s because of his childhood etc. Give me a break! Next Vick will find God donate money to abused pet organizations maybe even volunteer at shelters just long enough to get a photo shoot in and newspaper article written about hsi good work become the next spokesperson for animal rights or something along that line and attempt to fool the public that he’s a changed man. Again give me a break. His NFL career isn’t over. The NFL commity will show their colors of having NO INTEGRITY just like Michael Vick. THIS MAN TORTURED ANIMALS! THESE ANIMALS WERE TORTURED!! His money from his football career went to pay for these animals to be brutally tortured. He should NEVER be allowed back into the NFL! He should do jail time! It should be at LEAST 1 year of actual serving time. He should have SEVERAL THOUSAND hours or maybe several years of court ordered community service that he will be required to do at animal shelters and PETA not public speaking because of WHO he is he should get his hands dirty he should never be allowed to own a dog or any other animal ever again he should donate money to all the animal abuse prevention orginizations….etc. His NFL career should be over! But that will not happen. When the NFL takes him back because they will any money he earns while in the NFL should go to PETA and any other animal rights orginizations rewards to those who TURN IN others participating in dog fightingand this should happen as long as he in on the NFL payroll. Soooo sad that there are people in this world that will look past his actions just so they can watch him play football for their own personal enjoyment. It’s all about MONEY for the NFL and Mr. Vick Not about truth and justice. What a sad world we live in!

  • keith says:

    Two Nice Ones ” Anne Peter ”

  • Dana Ponder says:

    I found this statement on fox news “The commissioner didn’t speak to Vick but based his decision on the court filings. NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said Goodell might meet with Vick in the future and Goodell said he would review the suspension after all the legal proceedings” How can you use “suspended Michael Vick indefinitely” but then state that you will review the suspension after the legal proceedings This to me is just not good enough! This just seems as if the NFL knows that for at least 1 year Vick will be behind bars so might as well go ahead and make the public happy with a suspension without pay…… If the NFL just thinks the American public will foget about this someday and they can sneak Vick right back in the are sorely mistaken!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know some will argue that he will be a changed man when he serves his time and pays his fines so he should be allowed his job back…NOT how many of us would have our job waiting in the wings? How many of us would get another high paying job with a felony charge? I can promise you that Vick is not sorry about what he has done he is only sorry that he got caught…otherwise he would have come out and made a statment himself!!! Instead he has hidden behind his lawyers and his mommys coat tails. Truth is he dont care what we think or what his fans think…he is only worried about his career his quilty plea shows that he would admit to most awful crimes but not to gambling because that might take his career away…..GET REAL MICHAEL…he dont care if each and everyone of us hate him….he only cares that he will one day make millions in the NFL again so he can flip us off once more!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michael Ball says:

    I have had dogs all my life and I would never do anything to hurt them but with that being said I think that most of the people behind P.E.T.A are all about the money and media attention. After all when it comes all down to it Dogs are still animals last time I checked now when I can drive around town and not see a homeless MOTHER and CHILD or not have to step over a homless person to enter my workplace then we can talk about sending someone to prison for dogfighting. I don’t condone what Vick did but I wouldn’t send him to prison for it either just go ahead and fine him because we all know it’s all about the money!

  • Kari says:

    PETA is an organization that makes me very sick. You post videos and pictures of animal cruelty and show it all day long on t.v. But you love animals so much. You can watch the cruelty but be against it? Secondly VICK ISNT THE FIRST ONE THE ONLY ONE OR THE LAST ONE. Just ask for money like you do everyone else and let the man go. What he did had nothing to do with his career and it dosent man that the NFL condones it. Neither do I. There are more important battles that PETA should be fighting than a NFL player you just so happen to hate. Spend yourtime on more important cases and leave the boy alone. Why dont you attack Paris Hilton for driving underthe influence with all those dogs in the car? she could have killed them? Why arent you guys standing up for matters pertainingto our children a.k.a OUR FUTURE? We have to take care of humans first. And plus eating animals is called NATURE. Jesus ate fish and lamb. You dont like him either i suppose? PETA Lets get serious. I’m sure you sont post this on yourwebsite but i hope you at least read it. Signed A lover of animals A proud meat eater A proud Christian A proud Black woman most importantly A proud American Kari

  • Douginsocal says:

    I think you are forgetting something Vick is black and dog fighting is black culture. If a white guy did this it would be cruel and he should get jail time but Vick is black. Funny how people were not horrified when Rodney King was beaten silly worse than any dog in the streets of LA 17 years ago. You get more upset over a dog fight that is cultural than over a black man’s attempted murder.

  • Tonia says:

    When did an animals life become worth more than a human being? Everyone makes mistakes and if we looked into everyone’s closets I’m pretty sure we would find skeletons. I’m not saying what Vick did was right but just on the mere word of individuals who stated they would testify against him saving themselves we believed them. It sounds to me like PETA wants to ruin his life and never allow him to recover. How humane is that? We have a woman who killed her husband while he slept and she get 67 days you guys want this man to go to jail years for dogs. I don’t see the sense in this. But maybe there’s a way to get around this for everyone that wants to condemn Vick and thinks he’s the scum of the earth and should rot in hell let’s take into your lives and see if you are without sin or shame and then present this to your employer family friends and see how you feel. Oh yeah and then we can say you can longer work in your chosen field and you need to pay back your salary.

  • observer says:

    anonymous vick was failed by society???? get real!!!! where ever he came from he shot up to being a famous qb and a multimillionaire!!! how about more like sick vick failed society????!!!!! sick vick failed at being a human!!!!

  • Alexis says:

    It totally disgusts me that these poor animals are put to sleep and once this HORRID person is out of jail he will go back to his mansion maids and money and never think twice about those dogs he tortured and killed. IMO he should get the same treatment… torture and get rid of him… what makes him or anyone else think that their life is more valueable than an animals??

  • DebbieH says:

    This is great news but let us not forget all the poor dogs that were seized and will be euthanized because they are unadoptable. Good work Vick you loser.

  • Susan says:

    I agree with Kerry sounds like a loophole after everything blows over. I will be writing the NFL to request clarification. Also it will be interesting to see if Arthur Blank sues Vick for breach of contract and to get the $22 million back on the signing bonus. Then there are the state charges. The statement of facts Vick signed did not give any details of that but did admit to illegal activities in Virginia. Hopefully he faces state charges as well.

  • terrence says:

    If this act against animals perpetraited by a human being NOT a black man is allowed to be swept under the rug by the mainsteam media whos profits grow larger and larger on the torn backs of these helpless dogs we are done as a HUMAN RACE. I watch some of these videos and the thing that is missed is while not knowing they have yet to please Vicks whims for sucsess in the ring thier tails continue to wag in an effort to remind him they are in love with us and rely on us HUMANS to care for them. IM sick and this MAN needs to be the poster child for HUMANS behaving badly. FOR EVER. ten years from now we should still be talking about this CRIME aqainst everything that is good in this world.

  • Kerry H says:

    Boycott the Tom Joyner Morning Show..If in fact Vick does appear.. Do not give this vile creature a forum to lie..The only thing he is sorry for is that he got caught and lost his superstar status…

  • Genie says:

    1What other people have you gone after? 2How many convictions for dog fighting? 3How long were they sent to jail? 4Where can I find these facts? I’m looking for statistical data so your help will be greatly appreciated!

  • Kimberly Feehan-Ponte says:

    I think we need to come together and make sure that they ban Vick for good. The NFL has to realize that the fans will not support this kind of abuse. What kind of role model is he? He is a horrible human being.

  • Brian says:

    I think Vick should donate 10 million dollars to PETA as a sign of good faith.

  • Renfreu Neff says:

    If Vicks his ilk treat dogs KITTENS! in this barbaric neanderthal way might there also be some history of human sexual abuse here? Personally I think that American football is as brutish as dogfighting so this doesn’t really surprise me as much as it disgusts me.

  • ann says:

    Rapper DMX’s house in Arizona was raided on Friday. Police found 17 pit bulls in very bad condition without food or water tied around some bushs under 110 degree temperature az is hot hot hot these days. The police also found a few dog’s body buried near by some are burned beyond recognition too. The rapperhis lawyer said his ” care taker” didn’t show up do his job and he DMX just LOVE his dogs. Ya right if he loves his dogsthen Hitler must love the Jews. Who does he think we are? moron like him? Lets see what happens in the next few months i think the authority FIANLLY is going to do something about dogfighting now.

  • jeffrey vick says:

    Hope ur happy now go get a LIFE!!!!

  • Shana says:

    webmaster that’s “put” not “out”….thanks!

  • Shana says:

    Hi! I am very happy to hear that Vick is suffering real consequences. Yes I think this does have an effect. This is better than nothing…do you realize that the NFL could have remained silent? Now we don’t know the motivation and really who cares the bottom line is that if this stops one young man who hopes to hit the NFL from engaging in this disgusting stuff bc he thinks it might out his future in jeopardy well RIGHT ON! And no I’m not an animal zealot or anything but those of us who have dogs yea pugs! and see the unconditional love HATE DOGFIGHTERS!!! And yes I’m African American so please don’t pull the race card. God Bless those Pits and I hope Vick will have time to ponder what he did IN JAIL!!!

  • Michael Roescher says:

    1 Year in Jail is an insult. Vick personally took part in torture and murder of 8 dogs. Indirectly responsible for the 50+ dog that will soon die. BRING ANIMAL CRUELTY CHARGES LOCALLY VA!! The world is watching. Is this 1 year what others can expect??? Not a deterant

  • Stefie says:

    I am glad to see the NFL suspend Vick. I only hope it becomes permanent. I am upset that Virginia Techwill not relinquish their ties to this monster. The school has a hall in their athletic dept named in his honor. WHy??? Why would an upstanding school like Va Tech want to continue to be associated with the likes of Vick..Furthermore he does not deserve to be honored in any way. Hope he rots in Hell!!!

  • bill waters says:

    I’m a great supporter of PETA and its aims and join with every moral human being in celebrating the fall of Micheal Vick. Unfortunately by partnering with through the PETA mall I’m afraid you are acting a bit hypocritically. Taking donations from a company which openly sells products which promote animal blood sports is akin to condemning Michael Vick then having him as the guest of honor at the annual fundraising banquet. Perhaps I’ve missed it though that is hard to believe considering your Web site links directly to Amazon but where is PETA’s outrage at this tremendous injustice? What work have or will you do to shed light on this even if it might mean losing a few bucks? Again I think PETA is an amazing organization and the world is better for its existence. I just thought this was a worthwhile point and was hoping by posting that someone at PETA will be made aware of what Amazon calls “free speech” and help in righting a horrific wrong….or at the very least correcting me if this is indeed a misunderstanding.

  • James says:

    I’m happy the NFL took a good stand against this terrible shame. However the fact that it took them so long well I still remained “changed” by Vick and the NFL. I’m in no hurry to buy shirts anymore…let’s just say that.

  • W L Adams II says:

    the sub animal vick ought to be confined where he would never again see the light of day. insecure ignorance as the sub animal vick has expressed needs to be removed from the gene pool. wLa2

  • Christine says:

    you know I agree with all of you that say this is too little just an ‘indefinite ban’ leaves a door open. But at least it is a step in the right direction. Baby steps will all come together and change the world right? That SOB should be hanged and drowned just like the dogs he punished for not being ‘good enough’ but because karma has not caught up with everyone yet I’m thankful that the nfl has at least taken steps to tell it’s fans that this is NOT ok. Anything to make people wake up and see that animal cruelty is absolutely not acceptable no matter who you are or how much money you make.

  • John Swan says:

    No Silly it means now the Falcons can go collect 22 million dollars from Michael Vick thats better than any stupid plea bargin if you ask me! I agree BRAVO!!!

  • Andrea says:

    Way to go!!!! He should have everything taken away from him like he did to those poor animals!!!

  • JetP says:

    I agree the NFL should ban Vick for life. All other professional sports should follow suit. The main point is just how long is Vick going to serve in jail for the crimes he’s committed? Also PETA should post all cases and locations of on going investigations of dogfighting so that people can complain and state their opions directly to the jurisdictions where the cases are being heard.

  • Anthony A says:

    I just hope that people realize he is getting his just due. He made a mistake he is paying for it. So I would hope that would be enough. If I remember correctly Leonard Little killed a woman and was allowed a second chance. Does anyone at PETA know about Leonard Little or Ray Lewis for that matter? Let’s not pick and choose our fights so easily especially when it is a fact that some members of PETA are convicted felons themselves. And I’m not talking about the celebrities either. I am talking about these high priced board members. But to alot of people this was just the last straw. I have a feeling PETA is in for a rude awakening and sad to say it has been a long time coming.

  • Wendy says:

    Now lets just keep hoping they will change that to forever. And lets hope that Virginia decides to charge him with things as well!! So far it looks like he’s not even getting any prison time which makes no sense to me.

  • F.A. McMullin says:

    If Barry Bonds thought he endured volatile crowds wait until when and if this complete “loser” ever plays in front of a live NFL crowd again no matter what the NFL decides this guys is done. The good people of the US of A will never forget what this lowlife did to “man’s best friend!”

  • Anonymous says:

    I think that sending michael vick to jail is just a couple of months that should be enough. However I think the news media and Peta have gone beyong making to make their point against Vick. Remember in the eyes of many dogfighting is as normal as watching a boxing match. So to me this society is being hyprocritical it allows humans to fight one another close to death but not dogs. Now you may argue he also participated in the killing of a lot of these dogs. Yes that is true. But this is a subculture this man was raised in an environment that a lot you would’nt beging to understand. He is as much a victim as the dogs he himself killed. He was failed by his educators and Society as a whole. You all are jumping on the bandwagon like this was a lynching. I think he deserves a chance at his career after all its NFL a violent sport just like boxing or dogfighting. And wether individuals who would condone all of these so called sports to some it’s entertaning and in most cases very legal. It just shows the system is there to serve the powerful “men” it’s too bad michael vick was not your typical rich white guy who’s been polished and taught to clean up his tracks. Have a great weekend By the way I would never hurt a dog or do I condone what happened.

  • S. Maurer says:

    Michael Vick needs to be banned FOREVER!!!!! May he rot in hell along with DMX! Those of you who think you can get away with hurting these animals? May there be a special HELL for you!

  • Ana says:

    ann and Kerry H I agree. I also would have liked a permanent ban for Vick. Deplorable!! We will have to wait and see how this all develops.

  • Maya says:

    Too bad this all didn’t come into the open earlier. The shelter I worked at had lots of fighting pits and everyone just brushed it off as part of the inner city area we were in. That was in 1999!! Where was everyone then?? PETA and PETA alone were speaking out against it much earlier than all this stuff and for that I commend them. I don’t know who’s coming out with the Neuter Vick shirts and the Vick chew toys. Although yes humorous I think it’s sad to make a joke about this. This dude and others are obviously very very sick and disturbed. Giggling over the whole scenario is kinda gross. Don’t get me wrong I like to laugh but we’ve all focused on this one guy. He’s not the only guilty one although he’s probably the richest. Like it or not some people think there is a racial element and although I don’t agree I think PETA has been very tasteful and has tried to avoid being snide about the whole thing and I appreciate it. Good job all around PETA. Blessings to all those poor dogs.

  • observer says:

    absolutely fantastic news!!!! best I heard in ages!!! but what does suspended indefinitely mean? only until he serves his light sentence?

  • Kerry H says:

    Big Deal.. Just what does that mean?? The commish will let him come back after his jail sentence saying he has paid his debt.. To me this just sounds like an easy way of saying lets wait and see.. I think it would have meant more if the NFL gave him a lifetime ban or a 5 year ban..Something with substance.. Again.. I think this is just an easy way for the commish to skirt the issue.. Lets see what happens..

  • ann says:

    bravo. buti prefer if NFL use the wording ” forever” instead. vick u scum rot in hell. and to all u dogfighting lovers we ll go after u no matter where u r.

  • Iris says:

    Yes!!! This is great!