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NFL Responds to Vick; Nike Needs to Do More

Written by PETA | July 24, 2007

Sack_Vick.JPGThe outcry over Michael Vick’s indictment has been enormous, bringing national attention to the horrors inherent in the vicious blood sport he’s accused of participating in, and inspiring countless people to speak out against cruelty to animals. Following demonstrations outside the NFL’s offices in New York and Falcons HQ in Atlanta, an impassioned letter from Senator John Kerry, and a powerful speech by Senator Robert Byrd in D.C., Commissioner Goodell has finally responded and told Vick not to come to training camp while the NFL reviews his case. This is a step in the direction, but we do need to keep the pressure on the NFL right now to suspend Michael Vick from the team. Given the evidence—rape racks, treadmills, piles of dead animals—no reasonable person would doubt that illegal dogfighting and horrific cruelty to animals have taken place on Michael Vick’s property, and that alone—even for those who still believe that Vick was completely oblivious to the major operation that was going on under his nose—is reason enough for Goodell to take strong disciplinary action. You can write to the NFL here.

dogfighting.jpgNow we need to persuade the companies that have yet to address the glaring fact that they are still touting Michael Vick as a poster boy. PETA’s letter to Nike, Vick’s most prominent sponsor, is available here, and you can contact the company through the form here to ask that they immediately sever ties with Vick in light of these horrific allegations.

PETA will be keeping pressure on the NFL and Nike this week, and we’ll keep working to ensure that this issue is treated with the seriousness that it deserves by anyone who continues to try and make money from an association with an alleged torturer.

We are also making certain that everyone has information about exactly what the blood sport of dogfighting means for the animals involved. This PETA PSA, starring heavyweight boxing champion Lamon Brewster has been going out to TV stations around the country all week. If there is a silver lining in this case, it is that the public is now very aware that dogfighting is an issue that needs to be addressed urgently and that strong measures need to be taken to stamp it out forever.

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  • Big Herm says:

    you people suck at life. try and take away the rich black man’s endorsements because he is “accused” of a vicious crime. I hate to throw the race card in there but I dont see any rich white people running into these problems..ex Michael Jacksonyes he was once black Kobe Bryant etc….im not even black and I find this sheit fing redicilous. Where were you sign waiving chicken fckers when these allegations first came about? Sure as hell werent protesting then and why? Because there was no strong case on Michael Vick at the time? The only difference now is that he has been indicted…still innocent. Vick brushin this sheit off like dirt off his shoulder slidin into third on you nerds. I think Im a have a nice Juicy Steak tonight for dinner then im a strap on my cokewhite Nike’s and jump in my all leather expedition and slide out lookin to kill some pussy cat. I think I will borrow my homies Authentic Mike Vick jersey for the occasion. Put it on your mouth you bucket head beezies.

  • Green Menace says:

    Suspend Vick take away his Nike endorsement boycott Nike and then maybe…throw him in a ring with 5 hungry Pit Bulls. USA culture has devolved to it’s lowest point. White people have Lindsay Lohan Paris Hilton Britney Spears to idolize and Black people have CrapRap 50 Cent and other Gun Molls. And we wonder why the USA is the laughing stock of the world. I am sick and tired of hearing whining “Alternative” rockers and seeing sideways baseball hats and the cracks of your asses. Meanwhile the leaders of our country are gunning for Pakistan and Iran. It is ALL connected….Hunting Dog Fighting Eating Meat Violent Sports Cruelty Militarization War and Crime.

  • jenna says:

    I like how all the people supporting this Vick IDIOT are posting anonymously. Way to stand up for your beliefs. Now why is Vick an idiot you may ask? How can you even try to deny that you were not involved in dog fighting when dead dogs and dogfighting traning equipment are found on your property? Come on people stop defending cruelty and wake up. It’s the year 2007 there are much more entertaining and productive things to do with your time that don’t cause pain to living creatures for all you morons who think I only mean animals living creatures includes people too.

  • BlackPanther says:

    Mike Vick will suit up again in the NFL because he is a GREAT player! I would still take him on my team. PETA needs to stop convicting people before the judiscial system does. PETA blows everything outofproportion!!! Get a life!

  • Sacred Cause says:

    jeffro it’s people like you who make me doubt in the justice of your country and why we europeans make us our own thoughts!!! i ask myself if this vick rascal ever shall be punished for his deliquency! but it seams that uptil now overthere racism is in!

  • KS says:

    I feel that what vick was involved in was not right but I also see again the racism that will never end in this country. He’s still a human being and I feel no animal is important than a human. I can remember the countless times athletic black people were referred to as animals in a very degrading way and still to this day. So when I see the vigor this organization is pursuing to destroy a human being career I wonder where were all you people during the terrible times of SLAVERY oh my bad different kind of animal huh? you people suck!

  • Sarah says:

    This message is directed to all of the people criticising animal lovers and PETA supporters for “wasting their time writing blogs and comments.” You took the time to come to this site and write your own comment so how are you any different. We are all commenting on someone who is supposed to be a role model for young people and who is involved in illegal activities. You however are criticizing people who’s only crime is wanting fair treatment for animals. Perhaps you should consider your own actions before chastising others. Thank you to all of you who care enough to write emails and letters on behalf of the animals without voices.

  • Valerie says:

    No Jeffro you are pathetic. Humans should not be abusing and torturing animals and I want the laws stricter against anyone abusing them. I hope these people go to jail for a long time Vick included.

  • Mackenzie says:

    Jake you know what? It’s little kids like you that need to butt out of this and go work you shift at Convance or KFC or whaterver shitty place you work at the doesent care about animal welfare. Dog fighting is wrong. And who gives a rats rear if NFL loses a couple thousand bucks and a couple games from suspending Vick. It won’t hurt them much. Life is not football sorry kid. Unless you like getting slammed get the hell out of here. BTW its spelt whine not wime. Are you a drug adicted acholholic?

  • LeahB says:

    I am disgusted by so many pro Vick posts here. It’s astonishing you all are on the PETA site to begin with. Although I might say you are working in the right direction but not quite there. Michael Vick clearly does not have the moral values advanced by the NFL. Immediate suspension should be automatic when any player is indicated for such vicious crimes. Animals are “thinking” “feeling” and “experiencing” beings. They have basic rights because they have the capacity to suffer. We have a duty to protect those rights. And prosecute to the fullest those who abuse animals for any reason. Expel Michael Vick from the NFL. He’s no “hero” example for anyone. If these millionaire spoiled players can not set a good example to the public or the teams they represent they should be fined and released from the sport never to play again. Maybe all pro sport teams need salary caps and should have a code of conduct for their players. If they already have the code then they need to uphold it! If the players are found in violation of being decent and upright they should be fired. Dogfighting is a classless heartless sport that makes human beings look more like beasts than the animals themselves. Dogs bred to fight and kill ….. will kill more than just other dogs.

  • MADDOG says:

    Get rid of VICK. What a pathetic barbaric individual. Boycott the Falcons the NFL Nike Home Depot owned by Arthur Blank and any other moneymaking business associated with this shameful character.

  • Brianna Fritchey says:

    Oh what an… unfortunate comment for our dear Mr. Anonymous. If this is just another way for white people to attack African Americans why is it that Rev. Al Sharpton is in such opposition to Vick? If you ask me I’d say it’s because he doesn’t want jackass criminals like Vick representing the African American race which is pretty damn smart if you ask me! Now you seem to think that it’s okay to commit a crime just because you want to be a thug and then you’ll want to say that it’s the white people that should be held responsible if it ruins your life. That seems a little more than strange to me. Dogfighting is after all AGAINST THE LAW IN ALL 50 STATES! And by the way it says more about you that you think black people are the only ones fighting dogs it’s quite popular with whitesupremacist country hicks too. They like to bring the kiddies along to watch unfortunate dogs rip each other to shreds it’s a great way to teach them how to apply violence to people and animals in their every day lives.

  • FalconFan says:

    I used to think PETA was a pretty good organization but I thought the throwing paint on the people that wore fur was a little much. However this thing with Michael Vick is way over the top. It looks like your stated treatment is for the ethical treatment of animals but not so much people. How can you get a good night sleep knowing you have played a major role in the lynching of a man who thus far has only been accused of a crime? Sure hope you or your loved ones never have to experience this type of treatment. By the way doesn’t the NFL play with a leather ball? Aren’t you going to protest that too? How about protesting the deaths of the shark whales here in the Georgia Aquarium? My bad they aren’t young black guys and those big boys will fight you back. So much for ethical treatment!!

  • Ana says:

    Jeffro The only idiot is YOU! School is out and I teach history not grammar. Unless you are between the ages of 1321 I wouldn’t be teaching adults how to spell and write properly. FYI humane education is mandated in the state I teach in so there are quite a few teachers that are doing what I doTEACHING COMPASSION FOR ANIMALS!!! And BTW I have a great track record with MY students they pass their required exams and go on to college. They also thank me for teaching them about the status quo of how animals are treated in human society. They connect the animal rights movement with other social movements and how they are all vital. Your idiotic comment about not publicly having the dogs fight in the stadium is laughable. That’s because dog fighting is illegal and is underground moron. I never said I hated Vick nor have I convicted him I hate dog fighting and stupidity that you so blatantly express in your comments directed to me. If stupidity were against the law you would be in jail for life.

  • Big Herm says:

    wow you animal rights people are more retarded then me when im ghost ridin my whip down da block wit all 4 doors open and my ninjas is on the top giggin like they thizzin. Where were you morons at when this whole dog fighting case first came about??? Wait till they indict him to start attackin him personally and professionally as a human being that is innocent until proven guilty. Must have been some mass chickin fing case you were protesting at the time….Who is to even say what is legal and not legal these days cuz aint no one doin right in this country we are all driven by crime and punishment. Look at our President??? He is the biggest fing criminal in this country. Get a life that doesnt consist of complaining and crying like little beitches.

  • Marceles says:

    I’d like to address as some of you have comments made by a few of the people posting to this. Yes Michael Vick is innocent until he is proven guilty. I do think he needs to be suspended until that is decided in a court of law which the NFL has done. Jake I appreciate that you feel protective of Mr. Vick. Unfortunately whether they like it or not NFL players are role models. Kids watch them and model their behavior after them. Dogfighting is illegal in all 50 states. The only thing that your comments show is that you are very angry and no better than the “animal activist”. DH You obviously do not know much about PETA. They try to advocate for animals in hunting agriculture animal testing zoos circuses fighting etc. all aspects of animal abuse. PETA relies on donations. Michael Vick apparently according to the indictmentused dogfighting to make money and gain prestige. So who’s the money grubber? So take a reality check try to inform yourself better and give it another go. OK? Anonymous Posting anonymously says all that need be said.

  • Kelley says:

    I am really fascinated by all the anger Michael Vick’s supporters are showing toward those who care about animals and believe they have the right to live their lives out in peace without being abused. It is not our fault your hero has shown such colossal bad judgement. Michael Vick was lucky and talented enough to earn millions of dollars playing a game he loved. It is not our fault he was stupid enough to throw everything away over this nonsense. We would all be much happier if your hero didn’t abuse animals kill animals and defraud the IRS. Dog fighting goes hand in hand with drug dealing and illegal gambling. For the writer who said everyone in his community participated in dog fighting I feel almost as sorry for you as I do for the dogs. Your life must be very empty and devoid of hope.

  • VestaGirl says:

    Jeffro I guess you received Ana’s message loud and clear! Surprises me given that you apparently have little or no formal education. Regarding your attempt to argue a point … well that was a big failure really. Not to mention boring zzzzzzzzzzz. You could apply the same rhetoric to a murderer … “well it’s not like he made anybody else watch him kill her” or a child molestor etc. A criminal is a criminal is a criminal. You should know that much because apparently you’re one too. While we’re here please look into the concept of using “punctuation”. psst it’s something to do wgrammar. All the best with your dream job at KFC! Now go clean out those toilets! Byebye!

  • Maya says:

    Ana my mom’s a school teacher. I’m happy that you posted your opinion. We needed some levelheadedness here. Hysterical you’re so right about the horrid grammar and spelling mistakes. Combine that with the kneejerk reactions curse words and incorrect facts and we’ve got ourselves some real prizes here. I’m sure that neither you nor I would judge someone for getting a few things wrong. I certainly make plenty of mistakes all the time. But when the same people feel the need to assault everyone around them with insults and degrading taunts they truly make themselves look like not such great members of society.

  • jim says:

    FREE VICK FREE VICK leave him alone its just dog fighting and fuck peta trying to keep the black man down

  • Jeffro says:

    I agree. Jake does seem like somewhat of a lower class uneducated loser who works at mcdonalds who probably dropped out of highschool and got his GED in drug rehab. However he is focusing on the fact that there is no conviction and all you PETA supporters seem to overlook that. By him putting that he has been in jail has nothing to do with who he is and what he stands for. It means that sometimes people make mistakes but that doesnt mean that they should live the rest of their lives depressed and dwelling on what happened in ones past. Not to mention its not up to you to decide who is guilty and not guilty. Apparently all your job consists of is whining and complaining about how someone else makes their decisions. I hope that you all one day make a some type of mistake that can potentially damage you for the rest of your life. And then you may change your views on this situation If in fact he were found guilty which nobody knows if he is or not but him I hope its not because of a bunch of hippies like yourselves persuaded someone to find him that way. It would be a great mistake to wrongfully convict someone who already has money and for PETA to end up with a lawsuit on their hands for defamation. And eventually shut down your whole operation

  • Jake says:

    There we go lets bring the heat on me i dont mind i just like how easliy you drop Vick. You probably wont even think about this in 2 weeks. Youll be bitching about the next thing the media tells you too. Go ahead lets rip on Bush now. MINDLESS IDIOTS!

  • P says:

    Dog fighting is no different than hunting in my opinion. How is shooting a dog different than shooting a deer??? Tell me how that is different? Is killing a dog for sport that much different than killing a deer for sport? I think not but the latter is socially acceptable since humans use dogs for work and pets and we don’t use deers for anything. If you want to make Vick out to be a monster then that’s fine but say that all hunters are monsters. If you don’t think that about hunters then lay off the Vick propoganda. I know what you are going to say “We are against hunting too.” Then you shouldn’t be acting like Vick is the next Charles Manson you should be treating him like any other hunter and let the law take it’s course but you guys should drop you moral crusade againt one man… it’s hypocritical.

  • VestaGirl says:

    Jake You come across really well a truly inspirational person you love cruelty to animals you can’t spell AND you’ve been to jail! Fantastic! You’re my new role model… oh and I’ll have a large side of fries with that! loser

  • kelly says:

    And so Jake admits that he supports Mike Vick….because Jake is a criminal too and feels sympathy for him Wow! With friends like Jake Mike Vick doesn’t need enemies

  • shawn says:

    i just want to say that michael vick has been indicted and not convicted you are trying to get this guy fired from his job without a conviction take away all his lively hood with out a conviction. so i guess anyone who has ever been indicted should be fired lose all their rights and go to jail before being convicted. if he is guilty then yeah the nfl should suspend him and nike should probably pull his shoes jerseys. but until can we wait til due process to chastise this guy. i for one won’t say anyone is guilty until they are proven guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt and PETA is saying vick is guilty before he has even went to trial how is that for innocent until proven guilty. not with PETA guilty until proven innocent.

  • Jeffro says:

    Ana shouldn’t you be teaching. In fact is this what you teach in your school. To look down upon people who have trouble with spelling. In most cases it’s not the persons fault they cant spell but rather the terrible teachers who spend their time posting ridiculous blogs about PETA instead of focusing on the welfare and education of our children. As for the innocent until proven guilty unfortunately america doesn’t work that way and the reason is people like you don’t let it and dont want it to. Yes some people have performed terrible acts in society and have been let off without any punishment. What about the ones who sit behind bars for crimes they never committed and are facing the death penalty. If he is facing criminal charges allow the justice system to handle that. Why would anyone want him fired. Its not like he brought pitbulls to the stadium and made all of his fans and other people who went to watch the Falcons watch his cousins dogs fight at the 50 yard line. If you hate Vick that much then send your thoughts to the prosecutor not his boss. You idiot!

  • Jake says:

    My mistake micheal that last post was for kelly even though your opinion is rediculous. do you know how hard it is to become a pro football player you dont have time to be a “thug” you think he was out gang bangin in highschool NO he was practicing!

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    I am sure PETA has posted the phone for Nike once again here is their 18003446453. Judith

  • coolfusion says:

    Posting your contempt for Vick here is only preaching to the choir. Post where it will be effective. NIKE is still supporting Michael Vick Email CEO of Nike SUBMIT YOUR CONTEMPT EMAIL AND PHONE httpsnikestore.custhelp.comcgibinnikestore.cfgphpenduserask.php LET NIKE INVESTORS KNOW OF YOUR DISAPPROVAL ATLANTA FALCONS ARTHUR BLANK OWNER STILL SUPPORTING VICK EMAIL Arthur Blank and his foundation Reggie Roberts 8002413489 Brian Farley 4043672070 Call the Falcon’s training camp 770 9653115 ENGAGE SPORTS ENTHUSIASTS YOU HAVE LOTS OF COMPANY HERE httpwww.topix.comforumsports

  • Jake says:

    First of all Micheal Dwyer PETA is an animal rights orginizaton not the IRS. And anyone whos isn’t paying taxes is ok by me. I work for myself the government gives away so much of my money every year to lazy Fcks who just want to keep popping out kids instead of getting a job. If your worried about tax money there is alot more going on that you should be wining about. Also even if he was part of this which he wasnt he’s actually working for a living doing great things thats no reason to lose his job ive been to jail and i didnt get fired!

  • jay says:

    This is flat out stupid the man needs to have a living an now you guys are trying to take hes shoe contract away you guys are making some falcon an vick fans very unhappy..

  • Jeffro says:

    You people are pathetic. You need to get real jobs. Worrying about dogs and other animals is a waste of time. Do you think its cruel when a snake savagely attacks a baby deer. Who do you complain too then. The king of the jungle? Cant wait to see what he will say. You people are seriously strange and if you were normal you would have normal things to complain about. Go Vick Go

  • Ana says:

    I have noticed that people who hate PETA and animal advocates have a problem with being able to write proper English. Is there a connection? As a teacher all I have to be is accused of something and I am unceremoniously removed from the classroom without pay. You Vick supporters should read the indictment carefully before judging those that want him to be suspended from the team. That nonsense of being innocent until proven guilty has really gotten old. Many guilty people have gotten away with commiting horrible crimes without any punishment or due process. Vick’s case has only been able to bring to the fore the cruelty many animals endure behind closed doors finally. He is only the tip of the iceberg regarding animal cruelty. PETA does fight against all types of animal cruelty but that doesn’t mean mean it makes the papers or maybe you yokels just can’t read about PETA’s mission.

  • Larry says:

    I would just like to say to everyone that has been peotesting Mike Vick I would just like to tell you to back off because in our justice system NO ONE is guilty until proven so and that involves a fair trial to do so. So right now you are trying to ruin the life of an innocent man so to do yourselves a favor and not look like a bunch of crybaby wimps back down on the innocent Mike Vick before you cause unreversible damage to a man who didnt do ANYTHING WRONG!!!

  • kelly says:

    Apparently the foolish like Dh and Perry Robertson and Jake and anonymous and Bohannibal are too clueless to understand that it WAS all about the money for Michael Vick! Vick was running a multimillion dollar operation that didn’t pay one cent in taxes. Not a penny. So he was cheating people like Dh and Jake and Perry Robertson and he was laughing about their sorry asses. He also was cheating people like the “kids” in Compton that he claimed to support taking away money that would have supported their services and education.

  • Michael Dwyer says:

    I think Michael Vick should be banned from the game of football and should not be allowed to make money from sponsers supporting him. Michael Vick is no different than any other criminal thug. It is time he is exposed for what he really stands for so the the public can see the truth. I am tired of these so called celebreties be hidden by lies and deceptions of whom the y want people to think they are. Michael Vick is a thug.

  • VestaGirl says:

    Hey “Anonymous” at 156pm If dog fighting is so acceptable where you come from then why don’t you tell us your real name? What’s that? You want to remain “Anonymous” why? Oh that’s right because that shit you take part in is ILLEGAL Dumbass. Now hurry along now or you’ll be late for your shift at KFC. Oh when you learn to read and write properly you might actually wish to educate yourself as to what PETA is all about i.e. antihunting as well.

  • Jack says:

    Good point Kelly.

  • Bohannibal The Great says:

    When you famous the media loves to blow up the whole deal If you think the Falcons are going to let Vick goto jail you need to think again. R Kelly can urinate on a under age girl and nothing has happend yet. They are going to let Vick play this year and for the next 2 to 3 years we will be waiting to see whats going to happend to him. Something new will pop up and the media will focus on that and Vick and his dog fighting will not be the number 1 topic anymore and vick will keep playing on sundays. Thats the american way The Media and others are helping his case by showing pictures and videos on every station. Now how can he a fair trial

  • Ruth Varner says:

    Hi Folks Our “friends” at Blockbuster Video carry two films Ghetto Dawg and Ghetto Dawg 2 Out of the Pit. Let’s let them know movies glorifying dog fighting are unacceptable in our communities.

  • Anonymous says:

    Why hasn’t PETA gone after ALL 39ALL THIRTY NINEUnited States Congressmen who this year voted against the Animal Fighting Prohibition Enforcement Act which was a bill to crack down on the barbaric and inhumane practices of illegal dog fighting and cockfighting? The bill passed in the House by a commanding vote of 368 to 39 and was signed into law this year by President Bush. The bill was advocated by The Humane Society of the United States. The National Sheriffs Association also backed the bill because animal fights spawn narcotics traffic public corruption human violence and illegal gambling. YOU SHOULD SINGLE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM OUT BY NAME STATE AND CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT and hold them as accountable as Michael Vick.

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t know what all the fuss is over EVERYBODY fought dogs or been to a dog fight. This is another way for white folks to attack blacks. I’m from Compton California thats all we saw growing up was dog fights aint nobody saying shit about all them white folks hunting deer shooting animals and shit like that get the fuck over it!!! LEAVE MIKE VICK ALONE!!!

  • perry robertson says:

    Micheal vick hasn’t even been found guilty of anything.How would you like it if someone went to your place of employment and demanded you be terminated because of their personal beliefs. you people are crazy

  • Dh says:

    I think what peta is doing is disgusting.. you guying are clearly out for money and publicity. If you were so concernced about the treament of animals there wouldnt be zoo’s or circuses. animals belong in the wild their natural habitats. now you are selling tshirts trying to eat off of micheal vick. we as humans have no right to try and domesticate an animal.. this is the problem with this country and people like you and your self serving and money agenda driven organization.This organization sucks and needs to be disbanded. Vick has the right to make a living and you are not a judge or a jury.. police use dogs all of the time and expose them to chemicals and drugs that ultimately kill them but do you run after the police about animal cruelty no you dont.. yall are full of shit

  • kelly says:

    It is Senator Byrd with a “Y”

  • Connie Foley says:

    This sorry excuse for a human being must never be allowed to suitup again for the NFL!! Shame on any fan who continues to support him. I hope all football fans who care for animals will refuse to come to any stadium that allows this “man” on the field. What a statement it would send if stadiums sat at least 50 unoccupied if Michael Vick is expected to be present.

  • Brianna Fritchey says:

    I’m so worked up over Vick I feel like I might just explode! For weeks my mind has been racing to come up with an answer as to how society still doesn’t see how barbaric dogfighting is. It’s illegal in every state meaning if you do it you will be punished and the punishment for a crime of this nature is supposed to be having your life RUINED just like the many lives you carelessly tossed away for your own enjoyment! It’s the responsibility of everybody around Vick to make sure he knows that his actions won’t be tolerated by a civilized society or are we not a civilized society anymore? Is the law worthless? Have I been lied to all my life and indeed my actions will go unpunished no matter what I do?

  • Jake says:

    Im all for the protection of animals but you PETA wierdos need to stay out of football its like all you do is wine about what other people are doing because your lives are so pathetic. I once heard an animal rights activist say they would rather see a man get killed then a dog??? thats the worst thing i ever heard and to that person i hope you do get to see a man die it should be your kid getting malled by a couger! LONG LIVE MICHEAL VICK

  • Maya says:

    That’s a beautiful PSA from Brewster. I really hope PETA spends less money on childish pranks can you say manure? and much much more money on clever and peaceful campaigns like this one. Hiring famous people to do PSAs and spending the dough to get them on prime time television is a great way to get talked about. I pray that PETA stays controversial but for better reasons The real reason I posted today though was to say YOUR NEW FRONT PAGE LOOKS GREAT PETA! It’s sleek and clean and it’s easier to read. LOVE IT!