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NFL Responds to Vick; Nike Needs to Do More

Written by PETA | July 24, 2007

Sack_Vick.JPGThe outcry over Michael Vick’s indictment has been enormous, bringing national attention to the horrors inherent in the vicious blood sport he’s accused of participating in, and inspiring countless people to speak out against cruelty to animals. Following demonstrations outside the NFL’s offices in New York and Falcons HQ in Atlanta, an impassioned letter from Senator John Kerry, and a powerful speech by Senator Robert Byrd in D.C., Commissioner Goodell has finally responded and told Vick not to come to training camp while the NFL reviews his case. This is a step in the direction, but we do need to keep the pressure on the NFL right now to suspend Michael Vick from the team. Given the evidence—rape racks, treadmills, piles of dead animals—no reasonable person would doubt that illegal dogfighting and horrific cruelty to animals have taken place on Michael Vick’s property, and that alone—even for those who still believe that Vick was completely oblivious to the major operation that was going on under his nose—is reason enough for Goodell to take strong disciplinary action. You can write to the NFL here.

dogfighting.jpgNow we need to persuade the companies that have yet to address the glaring fact that they are still touting Michael Vick as a poster boy. PETA’s letter to Nike, Vick’s most prominent sponsor, is available here, and you can contact the company through the form here to ask that they immediately sever ties with Vick in light of these horrific allegations.

PETA will be keeping pressure on the NFL and Nike this week, and we’ll keep working to ensure that this issue is treated with the seriousness that it deserves by anyone who continues to try and make money from an association with an alleged torturer.

We are also making certain that everyone has information about exactly what the blood sport of dogfighting means for the animals involved. This PETA PSA, starring heavyweight boxing champion Lamon Brewster has been going out to TV stations around the country all week. If there is a silver lining in this case, it is that the public is now very aware that dogfighting is an issue that needs to be addressed urgently and that strong measures need to be taken to stamp it out forever.

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    to micheal vick and all those assholes out there who support this so called”sport” just get cancer already and do this planet a favor and DROP DEAD

  • Jessica says:

    “Innocent until proven guilty” pertains to criminal accusations. It has NO legal bearing on a private employer such as the NFL Nike or Reebok that bases its business judgments on PUBLIC consumption. Michael Vick is getting his due process alright. How many “average defendants” do you know get one of the country’s top criminal defense attorneys? How many get top PR firms working around the clock to soften their hardened images?

  • Colecee says:

    To Jake and the Like Minded I have this to say A human being is not a dog a human being is not a deer a human being having incest relations is not a human being killing a dog yeah all of you are definitely on target. A human being can obliterate millions of other human beings Hitler showed us that that could happen. People killing people happens every day every hour probably even less than that but domesticated animals you don’t see their species killing each other unless it’s for survival. A man holding down a defenseless dog’s head in the water watching it squirm it’s legs shaking probablyhearing it’s garbled whine until there’s nothing left of that animal but dead weight in his hands what is that? Well that folks is just part of our peaceablewonderful human race dogs aren’t humans they love us when we shouldn’t be loved they trust us when we shouldn’t be trusted their better than us.

  • Chris says:

    Ok I couldn’t let this slide…Ana calling out Jeffro as juvinile for his name calling and then ending one of your posts with the following line “If stupidity were against the law you would be in jail for life.” Seriously? Very comical.

  • Chris says:

    This is in response to a post made by Ana on July 24 2007 0401 PM. It is dissapointing that a post made by a teacher followed such shoddy logic. Yes if you committed CERTAIN types of crimes you would likely be removed from the classroom uncerimoniously. What you failed to mention is why. Children are viewed as unable to protect themselves especially in a controlled environment such as a classroom so yes to knowingly keep them in a classroom setting with a criminal would be inappropriate. You also failed to reflect that that occurance would depend on the type of crime you committed. Convicted of assault yes you would be let go. Convicted of speeding…hardly. One crime actually relates to your place of employment the other does not. Vick’s accused crime has nothing to do with football or with Nike selling shoes. Shoddy logic. I am not a Vick apologist nor am I a terribly big fan of his. I appreciate a good football player as much as anyone probably more but not over the law. In addition I believe he is likely guilty and if proven to be so I feel that he needs a serious and stiff sentence. I am also “proanimal”. But I am VERY much antiPETA’s attempts to bully the Falcons the NFL and especially Nike into distancing themselves from Vick…and not only because he hasn’t been convicted yet. We live in a free society as citizens that participate in a Free Market system and the participation in this system is based on mutual noncoerced consent of the sellers and buyers. If Nike wantes to support an accused felon or even a convicted felon that’s their bad business decision. They’ll suffer through their own consequences. To tell them not to legally run their business in the manner that they choose based on YOUR beliefs is not your choice to make. There are plenty of people out there who believe in Vick’s innocence and they retain the right to purchase his jersey to cheer his name and to support him in any way they choose. You and I may think them to be stupid but that in no way reduces their right to legally be stupid.

  • ann says:

    ATTENTION ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!! NEWS HERE white brown blue green and black people vick the thug probably will be charged with ” racketerring” in aug and that is 20yr max. plus another 6yrs for animal cruelty. good luck vick the sick i ll see u in yr 2034. after that i hope u rot in hell

  • Quinton Russ says:

    You guys have lost your minds on this one. Once again you target the biggest name that you can find to help promote your organization. I was reading over half the comments that you guys put up and it’s ridiculious Mike Vick this Mike Vick that hey get a freakin clue there were three or four other individuals involved but are you’ll dragging them through the mud….NO YOUR NOT!! I makes me sick to my stomach that I have to defend your right to free speech if your only going to target the most “visible” person. When you land a contract for $160 million dollars see how many houses you buy and or give friends or family members and see if you ever go to that residence and pay a visit. Chances are your not and if you do decide to go pay a visit your not going to know what’s going on there. So I say NIKE RELEASE THE SHOW and LONG LIVE MIKE VICK!!

  • John says:

    This is crazy. We have over 3600 troops killed in action in an unjust war perpetuated by the Bush administration and u wackos from PETA are worried about a dog fight. What about the bad food coming in here for human consumption from China? What about the federal debt? What about all the other important issues? You want to make Michael Vick the poster child for dog fighting. This is a distraction. Senator Byrd needs to resign. How could he call this disgusting when he works he has been robbing the American people and in the pocket of the lobbyist. Stop making his an issue for your own personal agenda. Mike Vick is innocent until proven guilty. If someone were guilty it would be Bush and Cheney.

  • Ille says:

    I just like to say that it is time to wake up to the fact that our society is very violent. Mistreating children every 30 seconds in this Country mistreating animals I do not know how many and how often but whatever it is it is not acceptable. When I see that people are willing to spend $50 to see a violent and stupid wrestling show. When we look at the violence in video games for our children the violence in music lyrics looking at the violent crime rates in our Country and all of this with the bible in hand. What do we expect…lies are an excepted form of communication no one is responsible for anything….it is always the other person or upbringing or whatever… is very bad and I hope from the bottom of my heart that we have hit bottom so we can climb out of this hole as a people. This incident might help people to open their eyes and see and stop believing that all is still milk and honey in this Country… is not! No other so called civilized Nation has as many murders commited and other unspeakable crimes than our Country…..what has happened? And before I forget can we get rid of the NRA while we are at it? Weapons are no means of being a peaceful people!

  • Corey says:

    To the guy who wrote “I don’t know what all the fuss is over EVERYBODY fought dogs or been to a dog fight. This is another way for white folks to attack blacks. I’m from Compton California thats all we saw growing up was dog fights aint nobody saying shit about all them white folks hunting deer shooting animals and shit like that get the fuck over it!!! LEAVE MIKE VICK ALONE!!!” First of all I’ve never seen a dog fight. The purpose of a dog fight is to watch two animals fight to the death. The purpose of Deer hunting is to track down and kill an animal to eat it and whatever else there is. You’ve said you grew up in Compton where all you saw was Dog Fights. It didn’t ever cross your mind that it was cruel in the first place? Leave racism out of this. I think Micheal Vick needs to have a fair trial and if the evidence shows he is guilty than let him serve his time. If he is not guilty let him return to the NFL and finish out a wonderful career.

  • am says:

    Hey JakeI am not a weirdo and I support Peta’s mission in encouraging Vick to get fired and lose his Nike contract. I can’t stop thinking about this case. it makes me sick to my stomach and I really hope justice is served. I read the indictment and it really is unbelievable ANYONE can support this creep.

  • LeeAnn says:

    Screw you people who think PETA is out for publicity. They have saved thousands of animals. I LOVE how PETA is reacting to the Vick dog fighting case. I think that we all should do all we can to make sure Vick and everyone involved in this case should get the maximum sentence. What they did was extremely cruel and completely unacceptable. I hope Vick has to go to jail for 6 years and never gets to play football again. I could careless if he’s a good quarterback or not. Good job PETA and keep up the hard work.

  • Adrion says:

    Ladies and gentleman. During my lunch break here at work I have read each of the comments posted by all of you. After reading the indictment I can certainly understand the anger and disgust displayed by the participants here… Being a dog lover myself I certainly feel all of you. However as many have stated before me let us allow the court to complete their process before passing judgement. If each of you truly have open and caring hearts you should all know that it is wrong to pass judgement on folks. In this case especially since nothing has been finalized. How “caring” and “just” can the folks involved with this organization be when comments like these are being thrown around in such a way?? Don’t forget we must treat humans properly as well as animals. You won’t get a pass for putting animals on a pedistal and treating your fellow brother or sister like dirt. I know the words i have said will most likely go ignored but I figured i would do my part to try and make a difference. Best of luck to your organization…..

  • Nikas says:

    Slavery was legal over the past 2 centuries…that’s what used to be…shall we go back to that prehistoric and barbaric notion??? Sorry to break it to you hopefuls but Vick’s NFL career is over whether or not he is found guilty perception is reality. America spends billions per year on the pet industry those same animal lovers are football lovers as well…DO THE MATH EINSTEINS.

  • seth says:

    and WHAT THE HELL IS ALL THIS RACE BUSINESS?? no doubt this is a racist country but dog fighting?? u vick supporters are going to find out that black folks like dogs too… someone earlier mad ethe point that white supremicistkkk types love their dog fights too… dog fighting ony appeals to lowlife ignorant people… black and white yellow red whatever… and some other bullshit about pits are meant to fight?? they were bred to fight… that’s not the same thing… evil white motherfuckers BRED black ppl in this country for all sorts of sordid purposes… so maybe we should just follow the recipe they laid down cause what the hell it’s been around for a few centuries why change now?? THERE ARE TWO ISSUES at play here… dog fighting is disgusting in my opinion but as some have said let’s not forget that we are in the process of murdering PEOPLE in the uncountable thousands in iraq… bush and cheney are guilty of murdering each and every american soldier sent to iraq that has been killed… the difference here the issue that for me elevates this from dogfightiing fucked up as that is to the PURELY SADISTIC behavior that was alledged… the shit he is accused of has nothing to do with dog fighting is part of our culture or my dog doesn’t sleep in my bed with me or whatever… sure we don’t all feel about animals the way i do ok… but these allegations are somehting else entirely… and if true i hope they feed him to the dogs…

  • seth says:

    Shut the fuck up all of you I’ll tell u what’s what… First of all people on here ridiculing others for their spelling? i mean ridicule the dumbass sentiments but the spelling?? grow the fuck up the public education system in this country is busted… not to mention society itself… innocent until proven guilty. period. if michael vick is not convicted of a crime he should not be made to suffer ANY negative effect from this… that having been said and this is coming from a diehard animal lover if he is found guilty of nothing more than dogfighting he should suffer SOME negative effect… it is a crime and he will have to pay the penalty but i think after he has paid his ‘debt’ he should not have to contend with a LIFETIME ban from the game… HOWEVER if he is convicted of anyall of the more extremely heinous acts he is accused of… the drowing electrocuting bludgeoning etc… then in my opinion they could execute him for all i care… and they ought to throw the book at him for all it is worth… maximum jail term lifetime ban from nfl loss of all endorsements… hopefully he would be broke and ruined for life… just for the record so noone gets it twisted… i feel bush and cheney and their crew once convicted of any of the dozens of acts of treason they have comitted ought to be hung until dead… we either have rule of law or we don’t… final note… dogs are domesticated… they aren’t wolves… dogs and men have been living in symbiosis for millions of years… what does a dog want? to protect u from intruders bark if they smell smoke in the house while u are sleeping? a little food and clean water and a rub on the belly?? only a sick and twsietd motherfucker would CHOOSE to hurt a dog for no reason… so get over it with the ‘Go Vick Go’ bullshit… all black people aren’t good… if he was smashing dogs heads in and drowning them it could only have been for the ‘fun’ of it… if that is true i’ll ENJOY watching his life implode… if he is proven guilty i hope they kill him.

  • Clifton says:

    WOW! How many of you anti Vick people shop with Asian countries who citizens eat cats and dogs daily? I have lived in Atlanta GA since I was a child and this is the first time I have saw peta protest in the Atl. I am a 27 year old black male who supports Vick. All day long I have heard people say that Vick supporters are using the race card. I say no cause if this were happening to John Rocker the ex pitcher for the Atlanta Braves I would support him. The problem is people are picking their battles I have friends who hunt deer and I never heard or saw peta protesting at the state capital or places where people hunt why? Just something for you’ll to think about.

  • Anonymous says:


  • Russ says:

    If Vick is actually guilty of the crimes that are alledged against him then he should be punished. Fined maybe but not jail time. They are of course ONLY dogs. It’s not like we don’t have 40 or 50 million of them in the U.S. They are NOT people.

  • Dawayne L says:

    Ive owned dogs Ive owned pitbulls in the past. They are great animals to own. I am from VA where Vick is From. Blacks and Whites see dogs differnetly. Whites sleep with there dogs carry them in purses let them ride in there laps when there driving. To a black person a dog is a damn dog something we own property. Yeah we feel bad when they die but damn life goes on. What happened to innocent until proven guilty. We have a judicial system people. Peta has freedom of speech right. Let this man have his trial before you convict him!!!!

  • Atl says:

    vick is innocent until guility yall PETA people need a life yall worrying about dogs but what about the dogs that kill people

  • LeahB says:

    Tracy This is not a racial issue. Let’s talk straight. You are absolutely right due process is needed. Since I am not the government I don’t have to follow that logic since these below statements are so prevalent. It’s a fact that Michael Vick owns the home. It’s a fact that 54 dogs were pulled with marks that were consistent with dog fighting. Its a fact that corpses were also found. It’s a fact that many loads of dog fighting equipment was also pulled from the home. No matter if Vick was the ring leader or not we as human beings have the moral obligation to report malice doings to animals to the authorities. Why did Vick never report this over the past few years if he was not going along with it? The answer is clear Tracy. He WAS involved and was getting paid by these death matches. Elizabeth I agree with your post. What are these people doing here? To fight just like their “golden cow” VICK has taught them. “Dogs bred to fight and kill ….. will kill more than just other dogs.”

  • Heather says:

    Hey Jake you may want to get an actual education and learn to spell. It is clear that people like you are part of the problem and not the solution.

  • jen says:


  • Carol says:

    I find it interesting that there are so may comments on this site defending Vick bashing Peta? These people know who you are. Why are you on a site for that advocates respect animals? This proves your own internal knowing that this man guilty and what he did was inhumane. This man regardless if stardom should be put to death or better yet put in a ring with some tough Pitbulls who cna have a little rough fun with him. A man who needs to beat a dog to to boost his own pathetic ego needs a little wake up call! His time will come… KARMA

  • Chris Hill says:

    Re Micheal Vick Disclaimer This is in NO WAY intended to make fun of or take lightly the horror of the recent Vick controversy. Only an opportunity to channel my utter disgust anger and sorrow. This guy was my homeboy. We’re from the same town followed his and Marcus’ career from Warwick High School literally less than 2 miles from my thenhome til now this time it’s not Marcus who really messed up. Saw him in the Norfolk airport earlier this year he was gracious kind. He was my hero could do NO wrong no matter what BS controversy surrounded him…I would defend him rightly or wrongly. Until now. Listed below are possible nicknames for any future teams employing him doubt thathis career is OVER as he knows it. Please allow me this 1 post to vent Revenge is K9! Sons of Bitches! PArole Models On tha roadkill again Fight Knights Hall of Blamers 1 Draft Prick Animal Fights Activist DogChain of Fools PrisonHouse Blues Brothas Prison Terms of Endearment Indictments For Dummies Barkin’ Up the wrong League League of their bone FreedomLESS Fighters Animal Lovers of Abuse Model Prisoner of own stupidity Drive me to THINK! Buns of Steel bars VICKtory is Slime! QuaterbackLESS CONVicks Free Agent Provocateurs A Home fit for a STING VICKtomless Prime Vick’s Vapor blood Michelectrodes rePETA Offenders Hey Mikeperhaps if you rhymes with Vicked their balls instead of killing the ones who underperformed were you projecting there just a bit? they might have done a whole lot better! Don’t worry you’ll get lots of practice soon. This is one time our tax dollars will be well spent in the criminal justice system. Thank you guys for the forum and allowing me to vent my anger utter disgust at him what he did to those precious innocent animals! Gd bless you for all your great work! Blessings to you all Chris Hill

  • Michele says:

    You know even if we really pretended and could say that Mike Vick didn’t actually participate in the dog fighting activities he still owned the property and is still responsible for what happens there. He would be expected to ensure that nothing untoward was happening and if he discovered that “someone” was doing something illegal he would be expected to intervene immediately to ensure that nothing else happened. He simply cannot say “But I didn’t know…”. And if he “really” wasn’t participating in the dog fights but knew that someone else was well isn’t that a little thing called “conspiracy” to commit a crime???? And for all of you who seem to think that PETA just dreamed up the idea to protest against Vick “all of a sudden” check out the PETA files archives sometime earlier this Spring I believe. They have been talking about the Vick thing for several months but of course they could not go forward with any formal protests without this latest development ie an indictment. Here is a little summary that I think will be helpful What the Mike Vick protests are NOT about 1. race 2. celebrities 3. rich people 4. ruining someone’s career What the Mike Vick protests ARE about 1. animal abuse 2. animal abuse 3. animal abuse 4. animal abuse

  • francis gerard says:

    Michael Vick’s abominable behaviour the underwriting of and partaking in organized dogfighting is a horrific example of utter cruelty inhumanity. Vick’s actions should not simply be dismissed as poor judgement on his part. Indeed to derive money pleasure from the participation in repugnant acts of animal torture cruelty is woefully unbecoming of a sportsman. If guilty this ‘man’ Michael Vick should be immediately permanently suspended from the NFL so that a strong very clear message is sent to all fans particularly our kids who admire and lookup to stinkin’ rich superstar players like Vick that NFL management regards the cruel unethical torture abuse of animals by any of its members to be intolerable and unbecoming of a true sportsman. Michael Vick is a disgrace to the NFL sport in general… and perhaps even humanity He should be fired from the NFL simple as that and be made an example of. To NOT do something would definitely be sending the wrong message to fans of the NFL and sport in general. Any player like Michael Vick who is performing on the world stage and once admired by many has a duty to to conduct himself in an ethical manner… Vick has betrayed our admiration. He is not a man I want my kids looking up to in any capacity. He’s a sociopath and a coward. As an avid NFL fan I’m asking you to please do the right thing get rid of Vick the NFL can do MUCH better than hiring the likes him… i should hope! Sincerely f

  • Ana says:

    Ivana Read all of my previous posts before writing nonsense and nasty comments. Maya Thank you for your kind words. Ilike you am astounded by all of the vile comments thrust at animal advocates. And yes we all make mistakes but at least some of us are trying to write rationally. The only way to make positive changes for animals is by conducting a positive dialogue with others who don’t quite get the concept that compassion for animals is a noble gesture for humans to aspire to. Some of these hateful comments towards animal advocates are juvenile and serve no purpose.

  • Ana says:

    Ivana Get a grip! I know what I wrote you obviously don’t understand. Calling me names and wishing me evil is really dumb. I have watched all of the videos so don’t judge me. Hating is negative like you and your comments. I was at the morning protest last week in front of the NFL office and was at Niketown this morning because I want justice for the tortured dogs. Writing vile diatribes against me and others and resorting to name calling is counter productive and juvenile. When you write like this on a PETA blog you make it easier for others to ridicule animal advocates. They love people like you!

  • Maya says:

    FalconFan I couldn’t have said it better. Thank you. I became interested in PETA at 15 years old when I became a vegetarian. They were the only organization that were compassionate with all animals even “lowly” crabs and snakes. Unfortunately they gave themselves a bad name when their main strategy was assault and namecalling. I second your plea to have PETA tell about the shark deaths at the Georgia Aquarium. Cephalopods sharks and other ocean animals are recently found to be highly intelligent and they don’t get enough press. Enough with the dogfighting. It’s front and center in the media now. Keep us up to speed keep protesting but can we move on to the other 800 billion victimized animals in the world now? They need our help.

  • Jeffro says:

    Ana I think you should worry more about the facts and since you are a teacher you should use those in your arguments. One is that he hasnt been proven guilty. So he is probably out eating a nice Juicy steak topped with a chicken ceaser salad in his patent leather boots made from real raw hide and cruisin around atlanta during his free vacation courteous of PETA. As for Vesta Girl. I wasnt even talking to you but since we have started this debate Im going to safely assume that you dont even have a job. And if I did work at KFC which was I beleive exactly what you said to Jake it would be becuase I have more important things in life like bills and putting animals on the table for my family to eat and a dinner discussion of what PETA would think if they were there watching me eat it. So in regards to that you claims are ridiculous just as your PETARDED way of life

  • Tracy says:

    What happened to innocent til proven guilty? Your organization could ultimately be responsible for the destruction of an innocent man’s career. Without hearing a verdict substantial evidence to PROVE his guilt your organization is pushing for the suspension essentially a conviction of what may be an innocent man. If i lived in a home owned by my parents and was conducting illegal activity I certainly hope my parents would not be held responsible for my behavior. America I am a SINGLE WHITE FEMALE and pray that Vick has the right to a fair trial. It makes me sick to think that we still have people in this country that do not want to see a SUPERSTAR QB who is black and are ultimately making this a racial issue as well.

  • Kathy Garrey says:

    blah blah blah he is guilty and we all know it. The only reason he is “devastated” is because he got caught. I say throw him a ring with one of his surviving dogs.

  • Ivana says:

    Ana you seriously have major issues. Did you read what you wrote? Did you by any chance watch a video of how these poor dogs are killed? Probably not from reading your post. You are as evil and that SOB Micheal Vick go burn in hell bitch!

  • Ana says:

    Jeffro 1. School is out. 2. I teach History not English Grammar also my students are between the ages of 1321. 3. Humane Education is mandated in my state so there are many teachers teaching compassion for animals. My students greatly enjoy learning ways to treat animals with kindmess love and respect. The animals rights movement is another social movement studied in history students display great interest in AR. 4. I wrote to all pertinent people about the Vick case. 5. I don’t hate Vick but I do hate injustice and cruelty to animals. 6. Resorting to namecalling is very juvenile and counterproductive. Instead of resorting to vile inaccurate diatribes against me go out and do something positive.

  • Elizabeth says:

    I think everyone is just fighting each other on this board. All race issues aside if something is ILLEGAL then it is. many white men fight dogs and it doesn’t make it any more correct than when a black or mexican or whoever does it. Second who cares about spelling??I have three degrees and still mess up typing. ALL that matters is people are trying to do something about what they believe in. And the people saying that its wrong to convict him um… why are you even on the PETA web site??thats like a black panther going to a KKK meeting to “hang out”. If you don’tthink he should be charged well go fight for him at the training camp just like the other side is doing. Everyone has their own opinion but the law is the law! Just like if Michael Vick would have murdered a family member of yours. would you then not jump to a conclusion if they had eveidence?But wait… what about innocent until proven guilty? Dog fighting murder… both are illegal and should be treated the same. If he had all this money from his “talent” why then was he wasting time killing dogs?