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News Flash: Mice Are Stressed by Laboratory Cages

Written by PETA | July 20, 2010

In a study that sounds like something dreamed up by the mischief-makers at The Onion, experimenters at the University of Colorado (CU) have determined that putting mice into uncomfortable cages and moving them from cage to cage upsets them to the point that it physically alters their brains. This, the experimenters conclude, “affects the outcomes of research.” Gee, ya think?

Another stunning discovery: Introducing a strange mouse to this already stressful mix may even cause the animals to fight to protect their little bit of turf. Experimenters also injured the animals’ noses and shoved them into cages with either low or high ventilation for a few weeks, killed them, and cut up their brains for examination.


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“We assume that mice used in laboratories are all the same, but they are not,” Diego Restrepo, director of CU’s neuroscience program, told Science Daily. Wow, if only someone had called us, we could have saved Restrepo (and the mice) a lot of trouble—not to mention all the government grant money it would have saved the taxpayers. We also could have told him that housing animals in crowded cages and failing to provide prompt veterinary care and adequate anesthesia during painful surgeries (all of which has been documented at CU laboratories) can also skew research findings.

Anybody who has spent any time with mice knows that they each have individual personalities, just like cats, dogs, and all other animals do. They also feel pain and experience loneliness, boredom, and fear. So, yes, sticking them in cramped cages, hauling them out every once in a while to poke and prod them, and forcing them to live in close proximity with strangers upsets them. Apparently, Common Sense 101 isn’t a prerequisite at CU.

Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • maureen says:

    Well once again Kalama you decided to twist what I have saidyou say that I am 100 ethical would that be safe to say you are 100 unethical?Here are just a few of your statements and I QUOTE ” intentional infliction of pain is generally frowned upon outside of pain research” “The facial expressions may likely be exhibited at an earlier stage in testing and thus reducing the number of times pain is inflicted on a rat and also the maximum intensity it is subjected to” ” I for one having 5 years of research and only heard a rat squeak once when I accidentally pinched his tailIf I don’t want my rats to sufferand they don’t squeak unless they’re experiencing horrible pain how can I tell if they’re experiencing a lower level of pain” ” In simple terms less animals will be hurt to prove the treatment for your pain is effective” UNQUOTE Let’s be real here and admit you do intentionally inflict pain to get your end results!! There has been some great medical miracles in research but lets face it “Animals and Humans experience pain differently” that has been my whole point to you. Where as you have tried to convince me that what you are doing will somehow help me…. And when I stated that a nurse comes into my room with a mouse in their pocket and sticks it with a pin to see if I am in painit was really to show you not only how ridiculous that statement sounded but to try to get you to see how RIDICULOUS some of your statements were. And futher more Kalama animal research has not cured Cancer or HIV. You would like to intimidate me through your lack of any EMPATHY for anything living but lets be real in saying that if a better research position opened up for you since it seems as though all you have done is experiments on RODENTSto experiment on a higher up chain of animals you would dissect them as well as you have tried to dissect me without any regard as to knowing these experiments failed before and will fail again just to make a name for yourself you would probably do itand without hesitation.When you want to repeat something I have said say exactly what I have said and not what you wanted to hear…… FYI my husband not only is a Micro biologist he works for the CDC where I live so before you have a TANTRUM because YOU THINK I have no clue to what you are saying PLLLLLEASE think again.I just do not believe that some of this garbage is beneficial to HUMANITY as a WHOLE. Here is a new blog for you “Gag? No gag? Do scientists torture for the heck of it” It remarks on your ONION theory. You also just said it yourself and I have been waiting to hear you say it” Doesn’t it seem odd and or fruitless non animal research is glorified despite the fact that it is just as much a waste of tax dollars” By the way I never said I promoted and or donated to any group so again PLLLEEEEAAASSSSEEE get it right. CHOW

  • Kalama Halamezad says:

    Congratulations Maureen. Once again you have entirely failed to grasp my point. That you can’t say a topic is silly when a vivisectionist studies it but think it’s great when an animal rights activist studies it. …and when I say “putting words into my mouth” I refer to how you attempt to attribute meanings to things I’ve said which have no basis. The fact that you consistently interpret my words in totally irrelevant ways just bolsters my confidence that you never understand a single thing I say. No matter how many times you reiterate my use of the phrase “mild to moderate pain” you never apply it in any situation that has any relevance to what the original statement meant. After all aren’t you the one who for some reason thought that the other experiment was somehow related to nurses bringing mice into the rooms of patients and looking at their faces to judge how much pain the human was in? THat’s just ridiculous.

  • maureen says:

    P.S. Kalama As we destroy nature ie peopleanimalsplantssea lifeetc we DESTROY OURSELVES.

  • maureen says:

    You know Kalamagiven the same conditions on humanspeople are also functionally different when exposed to musiccompanionstoysetc… etc…etc… so what is your point.when you say I put words in your mouth I am usually quoting something you have said. so again what is your point?Of course there are flaws in non animal research but there are a lot more flaws in animal research considering that a lot of researchers are doing the same experiments over and over that produce the same results that have no basis it is just simply a way to keep using tax money to keep you working.And the infantile tantrum you think I am having because you also think I have no idea of what you are talking about is the mask you wear is what you are hiding from trying to sell this junk. This is just another commercial to try and sell your product another political promise that will never procure just another way to feel good about what you do. You should have taken up “MARKETING”. I have asked you many times why you haven’t put your knowledge to a good cause like using human beingsthat have cancer or other debilitating diseases to find the MILD to MODERATE pain experiment but you for some reason deem it necessary to experiment on animals that cannot speak only frown as where people can tell you the level of pain they are experiencing a lot of your diseases are being married together to form germ warfare on other countries but deem it again necessary to try it out on animals first and as far as I am concerned HIV was an experiment that went WRONG and then it took ten long years to show up as AIDS. And you still do not get the same results in humans as you do in monkeys. Yes Kalama I commend you for earning a degree but there are a lot of useful experiments you can do like studying human cases in HIV and AIDS research I am sure you would find many people willing to help you since I’d bet a thousand they would not want anyone else to experience what they had to endure. Why not research the diseases MAN has made and try to counteract the impact it has had on civilization but then again you would have to be willing to take the mask of science as a whole to undo what in the name of science has done.

  • Kalama Halamezad says:

    Maureen All I’m saying is that it’s kind of hypocritical to mock this research topic when a vivisectionist studies it yet not think its ridiculous when an animal rights activist does a review covering the exact same topic to prove pretty much the exact same point. Only difference was Barnard was trying to say “We can’t use animals in research” and these people are saying “We need to take these things into consideration” …and I never said this study was justified or useful. In fact in my professional and ethical opinion it is notsince this topic has already been researched extensively. The problem is very few researchers appreciate how daily handling and caging conditions can negatively affect their research. It has already been wellestablished that the brains of animals kept in an unenriched environment are functionally different from rats that have access to companions toys music etc. Yet very few neuroscientists are willing to provide that kind of environment for rats even though it can totally screw up their experiments. Now the only person here who’s spouting “the same crap as the last blog” is yourself considering you’re the one who constantly insists on putting words in my mouth and throwing an infantile tantrum simply because you have no idea what the point of any research is and as a result refuse to accept that your opposition is 100 ethical and stubbornly refuse to admit that the way science is covered here is totally biased. Ever notice how every nonanimal research topic here is presented as if it were a totally flawless miracle despite the fact they haven’t managed to cure any of those diseases that people invoke as proof of the failure of animal research ie. cancer and HIV while even the successful animal research of the past is criticized? Doesn’t it seem odd that even bad andor fruitless nonanimal research is glorified despite the fact that it’s just as much a waste of tax dollars? On one hand you’re told meat is bad for you so you shouldn’t eat it but your donations to this group are being offered to pay scientists to produce meat in vitro? Where’s the logic in that?

  • Lacey says:

    I think the headline was supposed to be ironic Ralph. The real news is that experimenters are still getting tax money to conduct cruel lethal and unnecessary experiments on animals. Although I suppose that isn’t really news either unfortunately.

  • maureen says:

    I knew somewhere out there Kalama would not only find other mice to torturebut another blog to insert the same crap as the last blog she wrote in.I beg of you Kalama “FIND A REAL JOB” I have become extremely very bored with you trying to convince people that these idiotic experiments are of real value to ANYONE.Now if you would like to volunteerI not only could inflict mild to moderate pain to see the expression on your face but I also could confine you to cramped living quarters and then move you from one place to another and clip tissue specimens from you with no anesthesia all to see if this wasn’t to ONIONISH for you.Please get real “STOP USING MY HARD EARNED MONEY” on useless garbage that only makes sense to you and your fellow TORTURERS.The time is coming when we will be selling you a BRIDGE and believe me you will buy it. SO LONG FOR NOW

  • Ralph says:

    Raquel this is still old news and there are many more important things than rehashing something that is simply common knowledge. I want real news not repeats and see how PETA is truly helping the animals. Right now rehashing makes me question how much is going on.

  • Jackie says:

    Go The Onion Go The Onion! Whoo whoo!

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    Now lets do a study on the stress levels of mice rabbits chicks ducklings hamsters chinchillas and other assorted “pocket pets” given to children who are too young to be able to care for them properly or who are owned by adults who just don’t care….

  • raquelwdc says:

    Ralph just because this may be something you are aware of does not mean this is not “REAL” news. If it is still a current problem it is still a news story.

  • Kalama Halamezad says:

    What’s so “Onionish” about a research project on a topic that PCRM’s Neal Barnard has published a paper on? Title of paper Laboratory routines cause animal stress.

  • TYP says:

    Again this is WHITE COLLAR CRIME. These people are getting MONEY for their personal bank accounts for these useless senseless wasteful abusive “experiments” that they KNOW are a sham. And they are stealing from all of us because much of the grant money they get to commit these white collar crime fake “experiments” is from the taxpayer. Our university and college system is full of fraud like this masquerading as “science.” An average person would be jailed for theft. The academic gets to lie and cover up the theft and commit more.

  • Ralph says:

    News flash this is nothing new you’ve announced to us. Do you think you can give us REAL news?

  • Diana says:

    I have a Blue Rat seeing this made me upset sad. Poor mice rats they are loving creatures I’d prefer a Rat over a Dog. I love Rats.