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‘New Yorker’ Cover Recognizes BP’s Worst-Off Victims

Written by PETA | June 17, 2010

Anger continues to rise over the ongoing oil leak from a ruptured BP well in the Gulf of Mexico. Politicians, eager to show that they feel our pain, are taking a hard stance. Yet nowhere near enough attention has been paid to the most seriously harmed and still-threatened victims of the leak: The animals who live in and on the increasingly polluted waters.

But one notable exception is Barry Blitt’s wonderful cover illustration for the June 7 issue of The New Yorker, which depicts an oil executive facing an inquiry conducted by coastal and aquatic animals. Now that’s the kind of hearing that BP’s bigwigs should be subjected to, because the stories and images coming out of the Gulf are devastating—and no amount of monetary compensation will save these animals: They cannot buy new wings or flippers. A dead sperm whale was found this week, though he or she may have died up to a week before being sighted. Other animals who are able to see and sense what is happening are fleeing to the shallow waters near the shore to try to escape the spreading oil, raising the risk of more deaths from lack of oxygen as a result of severe crowding.

This situation can seem overwhelming, but we can each help prevent these kinds of disasters by adopting a vegan diet as a way to reduce our dependence on oil. And we can insist that those in power address the dangers faced by the Gulf’s most vulnerable residents.

Written by Jeff Mackey

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  • Kathryn Dalenberg says:

    You make a very good point Susan T. I went to a BP demo last week and the word “renewables” wasn’t even being used in the chants until I suggested it. Seems like we barely begin our recovery from the economic catastrophe and along comes this horrible environmental catastrophe!

  • Kendall says:

    I hate that the oil spill is getting all the animals all sick and dirty. I hope everyone near the oil spills will help clean up all the oil and espescially help clean up all the animals that have been affected by the oil spill

  • Aneliese says:

    ABOUT TIME. Haven’t heard a word on the news about the sealife suffering from the oil spill.

  • Susan T says:

    Jeff thanks for the article but I am truly dumbfounded that even people in the Animal Rights movement are referring to the catastrophic oil GUSHING into the Gulf of Mexico as an “oil leak”. My God! It is NOT a leak. It is NOT spill. It is an environmental disaster of global concern and yet media and others continue to refer to it as a “leak”. When a guy says I gotta take a leak then that’s a more appropriate instance to use the word leak. If people don’t grasp the magnitude of this situation and start to react with the kind of emotion and urgency it deserves every one will just continue to treat it as an oil leak or spill. IT IS NOT AND I’M DAMN TIRED OF HEARING IT REFERRED TO AS SUCH.