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New Year’s Resolution?

Written by PETA | January 4, 2007

My New Year’s resolution this year is to finally cancel the membership to my gym, which I enrolled in around this time last year in a fit of optimism and utter lunacy. The people at my gym are notoriously cunning, and last time I went there to try and end things, I walked out with a renewed membership and a year’s subscription to their monthly magazine. But I know I can do this if I put my mind to it.

On a related topic, if you’re still casting about for a New Year’s resolution to get your teeth into, this is a pretty good time to look further into vegetarianism or veganism. PETA has some great resources for such things here, and this comic strip by Carol Lay illustrates the point pretty well too:

new years resolution.jpg

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  • Jade says:

    Thats awesome. The end is funny too. I’ve been vegan for a year now and anything dairy or meat just… doesn’t sound right anymore!

  • Jack says:

    Why is an egg thanking her for giving up dairy?

  • JanetheVegan says:

    I love this comic strip! Is there any way I could send it to my mother…I am subtly trying to get her to go veg!

  • Lauren says:

    Thank you for this! I gave up red meat when I was 12 and have been a vegan for 3 months and counting!Animals are precious and should not be tortured for our consumption…we can all live together in peace Thanks again! Lauren