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Photos of the Day: PETA Makes a Splash at the Rose Parade

Written by Alisa Mullins | January 1, 2014

Tournament of Roses officials will probably think twice before allowing SeaWorld to take part in the Rose Parade again—that’s because 100 PETA supporters descended on the parade to educate attendees about the abusement park’s cruelty to orcas, and 19 were arrested for peacefully sitting down in front of the SeaWorld float.

Seaworld Protest Pic

Protesters pointed out that SeaWorld’s float, which depicts orcas leaping happy and free in the sea, is a mockery of these highly intelligent animals’ lives—or lack thereof—at the marine park, where they are kept in glorified bathtubs and forced to perform circus-style tricks in exchange for dead fish.

Rose Parade Protest 3Protesters, including PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman and Senior Vice President Lisa Lange, are arrested while demonstrating against SeaWorld at the Rose Parade.
Ironically, the faux orcas on SeaWorld’s float traveled farther on the Rose Parade route than the real orcas housed at SeaWorld did today.
Activists are escorted by the police after being arrested.  Activists are escorted by the police after being arrested.

The protest and subsequent arrests drew tons of attention,  and fascinated parade-goers quickly snapped up PETA’s leaflets exposing SeaWorld’s shameful history of abusing animals and its refusal to protect its trainers adequately.

What You Can Do

Never, ever go to any SeaWorld park, and urge your friends and family members to stay away, too. Help make your case by hosting a Blackfish viewing party (this riveting documentary about SeaWorld is currently available on Netflix).

Rose Parade Protest 4

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  • Susanne says:

    Go PeTA! I am so proud of you! Thank you for standing up for all animals! Thank you for being their voice! Thank you for all that you do… <3

  • I am glad that people are finally starting to realize what actually goes on at Sea World and that the Orca’s performing there are not at all happy and in fact are abused. We need to keep up the pressure on this “abusement” park until they permanently close their doors!

  • sara says:

    If I was there, I would get arrested too!!! Save the orcas!!!

  • Lucy baker says:

    Thank you PETA for protecting the Orcas! They need us to save them from the tiny tanks they are trapped in everyday! Let’s keep up the hard work so one day they can be free! Don’t forget about February down here in Orlando!

  • Shelly Teaters says:

    Great Work PETA!

  • Sally Anne Hubbard says:

    I am so proud of the PETA protestors. They bravely got the word out to not go to SeaWorld. I wish I was there with them. To take a stand and speak for those beings who have no voice those people are truly heros.

  • Fran Hogan says:

    Yet again I am so proud of PETA and the members who stand up for their beliefs even against the unjust police protection of an institution as disgusting as SeaWorld. I am a long way away in Western Australia but could not be closer in spirit for what you have done (yet again) Thank you PETA

  • nora hanson says:

    We are SO Proud of you!!!!

  • Janiece Jonsin says:

    Well done!! Thank you for protesting to bring awareness about boycotting SeaWorld!

  • Lilia Molina says:

    I support PETA!!!
    It is shameful that these animals are not left in their natural habitat. FREE THEM!!!

  • Gabrielle Hannah says:

    They shouldn’t have gotten arrested somebody needs to educate the people

  • Jay Lustgarten says:

    Rodney King’s “Can’t we all just get along” words are not limited to people
    Orcas want nothing more than to be left alone which is really what loving
    animals is all about.

  • debi mills says:

    Thank you for all you do and did at the Rose Parade! We all need to constantly get the word out about SeaWorld and other animal entertainment animal cruelty!

  • carole campbell says:

    Why was anyone arrested for a peaceful demonstration?
    Don’t the police have better things to do?

  • Rocco Sirico says:

    I’m happy PETA protested Sea World at the parade. It’s a shame the police arrested the protesters. I hope Sea World comes to there senses and close all there locations

  • kathryn says:

    I used to work for THE Marriott Hotel here in San Diego, CA. We would get free tix to Seaworld as part of our pay bd gonuses. You would get 2’fers. We wouId go as a group and and give the extra free tix away at the entrance.
    But ince inside I started making the connections then…over 20 years ago. It agonized me to see these sea animals doing unnatural things to make cash for Seaworld. Everything there glorified the sea life while simutaineously abusing it. It was so obvious. I never went back and always badmouth SeaWorld every friggin’ chance I get.
    I have cried over the orcas and dolphins and others living in their commercialized prisons.

    Thank you World for catching up!!!!!

  • Diane Pease says:

    Please do not support any organization that holds wild animals in captivity! They were not put here for us to eat or wear. They were not put here to entertain us. Please be kind.

  • Jennifer says:

    Lasst endlich die Tiere in Ruhe !!!!

  • Lee Spears says:

    I so wish I could have been with you!

  • carol chang says:

    they made the trainers safe with a barrier but what about the whales? I worked for 25 years training marine mammals and never experienced any aggression to the trainers but they had minor disagreements with each other, it was mostly a chase and yelling at each other then it was over we did not have orcas we had false killer whales, much smaller than the orca

  • I Am Happy to see the protesters at the parade. Sea Worlds feels that since that make millins of dollars that can do what ever they want. They do not care if they hurt the Orcas. it is time for people to hurt their pockets by not going to Sea World any more. I am asking that everyone please participate to stop the cruelty of animals at Sea world. Enough is enough. They have suffered much to long.

  • Marion Friedl says:

    Whales and dolphins just don´t belong into bassins!!!

  • Steven Gaylord says:

    Thumbs up activists… I noticed chemtrails too on the television.

  • Suzanne says:

    God bless the wonderful people who were willing to risk arrest to help the Orcas. SeaWorld should be shut down and it’s head honchos should be charged with animal cruelty. Only by taking a visible stand will people understand how terrible it is for orcas and other marine life to be held in captivity. No animal should be treated as such; especially in the name of “entertainment.” Keep up the good work, PETA!!!

  • Karen starling says:

    They should be FREE in the sea not
    in a tank

  • Thank you for giving a voice to ALL of God’s creatures who cannot speak for themselves!

  • N Milner says:

    I saw something on tv not long ago where they were talking to the man in charge of Sea World in Orlando and during the discussion he made the comment on how they were marketing their PRODUCT…….. it came across as cold and callous as though these living creatures are good for only money!!!!

  • Karen says:

    Thank you PETA , I will help spread the word.

  • Dale Hanson says:

    The sorrow, fear, despair these noble animals experience is obvious and should be illegal. Someday, it will be. Shame on you SeaWorld!!!

  • Ronnie says:

    Thank you to those protesting at the Rose Bowl Parade. They had to know they would be arrested for “civil disobedience.” I would take the risk too. For the animals who suffer. And shame on the Macy Thanksgiving parade. Sea World is big $ with high connections. But *Grassroots organizations always work. It just takes some time. We can do this!

  • Traci Berry says:

    Shame on Sea World, trying to project themselves for doing great things for Orcas, and there ridiculous publicity stunts. Thanks to all the protestors who attended and shame on the police for arresting them.

  • It is not only the Orcas it is the horses reigned with bits in their mouths at the rose parade,

  • lisa says:

    well done Peta ! keep it up

  • How is that a peaceful protest is considered an activity which allows cops to arrest participants? I thought the U.S. has a Peaceful assembly law? I am shocked.Good for Peta, good for the protesters, I hope the charges are dismissed.

  • Joy Keithline says:

    Bravo to tht brave women who interrupted more of the insanity of
    our culture of entertainment without

  • Webb Baker says:

    Obviously, if everyone was paying as much attention as the world of animal activists or animal compassionate people would like to believe, and every single person, school and family stopped attending SeaWorld, this message would be loud and clear to SeaWorld’s organizers and perhaps, just perhaps, all the Orcas and Dolphins would be released. This only true voice of compassion, through non attendance, would be a halt to SeaWorld’s cruelty and prevent further kidnaps from the blue seas. So the solution is simple. PEOPLE – STOP SPENDING YOUR HARD EARNED VACATION MONEY AND TIME AT SEAWORLD. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE.

  • Thank you PETA for once again doing the right thing.

  • Angela Mackey says:

    I love heroes for animals!! Way to go Peta activists 🙂

  • Louise Simmons says:

    How great for the orcas. Thank you PETA for arranging the demo and thank you, supporters, for telling it like it is. You really put your money where your mouths are!! Animals are not for humans’ ‘entertainment’ and the physical and mental abuse these wonderful creatures suffer cannot be overstated. THANK YOU AGAIN PETA.

  • Lee says:

    The protestors should have been featured on the news!



  • Cecelia Shannon says:

    I will never go see any mammal held in captivity.

  • Lauren K. says:

    I was booing the seaworld float from home and hoping that people were protesting. I would have protested if it were near me. Good job PETA!!!

  • Lee Nightingale says:

    It’s shameful this is still going on. I will NEVER go see any animal perform for entertainment. BOYCOTT SEA WORLD!!!!!!

  • rose you are so many peoples heros thank god for children like you.

  • Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!!! PETA really did make a big splash at the Rose Parade and made it all the more better… Sea World should never have had a float there in the first place, or quite frankly, anywhere… They should be named Sea World Torture. PETA made it into an L.A. Times article (and many others of course) which I read this morning in the paper. Good job. If I still used Facebook, I would have definitely made one of these pictures my cover photo. Cover photo! 🙂


  • Catherine Talavera says:


  • The float traveled further than the slave whales did. So heartbreaking…

  • anne dominguez says:

    Disgrace of the rose parade for hosting seaworld float. It just makes me so angry. That place needs to be shut down.